Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tyco Electronics TUV Approved Low Profile Junction Box

A new four-rail compact medium junction box for terminating foils of a PV panel has recently been released by Tyco Electronics. Featuring an extremely low profile and a segmented solder area, this junction box saves potting material for the solar industry OEMs when connecting the foils on their solar panels. In addition to the low profile, overall dimensions have also been optimized to reduce necessary bonding material for mounting onto the back sheet.

Benefiting from its overmoulded low profile (only 13mm height), the compact medium junction box can easily be applied on the back sheet of solar panels with silicon glue or double-sided adhesive. The connecting pads are located in separate rectangular openings for defined and easy soldering of the cross connects on to the pads. The low-profile design has been achieved by using flat SMD diodes mounted on extremely wide inner rails to provide excellent thermal management capabilities. The overmoulded cables feature a standard length of 1m and are terminated with unique and proven Tyco Electronics SOLARLOK connectors.

The compact medium junction box meets IEC 61215 ed.2 (VDE V0126-5) specifications. A version featuring USE-2 cables is currently awaiting UL approval.

Tyco Electronics Low Profile Junction Box

Tyco Electronics Technical Datasheets

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