Monday, December 10, 2018

Banner Vibrations Sensor and Wireless Node

Identify equipment problems early before a failure can occur by monitoring the health of motors, fans, pumps, and similar equipment. Banner's wireless Q45VA vibration sensor has a compact, all-in-one design that makes it easy and cost-effective to monitor any asset with rotating motion for a variety of vibration characteristics and send that information to a wireless gateway.

  • One Cost-Effective Device for Rapid Deployment: The Q45VA combines a QM42VT1 vibration sensor, a Q45VT wireless node, and a battery power supply in one compact and completely wireless device that costs less than purchasing the sensor and node separately. The all-in-one design eliminates the time, labor, and expense of installing separate sensors and nodes—a significant advantage for large-scale deployments.

  • Reduce Downtime and Increase Efficiency: Use one or more Q45VA wireless vibration sensors with a DXM wireless controller running Banner’s machine learning algorithm for a solution capable of establishing a vibration baseline for each machine being monitored and alerting operators when parameters are outside established thresholds.

  • Local and Remote Monitoring: View graphs of vibration data, create alerts, store, and analyze data from multiple assets using the Wireless Solutions Kit (sold separately) for Vibration Monitoring and Q45VA wireless vibration sensors. Or create your own solution using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions cloud software in combination with Q45VA sensors and a DXM Series wireless controller.

Phoenix Contact IMA Industry Solutions Phoenix Data Recorder PDR-1000

Phoenix Contact's PDR-1000 can be used to visualize, alarm, store, and convert data from analog devices such as a thermocouple, RTD, digital inputs, and remote Modbus devices. Local data can be collected and communicated in real-time to the PDR-1000, which can be used with an existing system that requires field signals to be monitored locally, or with a telemetry system using a wireless radio. 

  • Intuitive webpage configuration
  • Monitor voltage, current, digital inputs, and temperature inputs
  • Alarms are stamped with time of activation and time of acknowledgments
  • Data can be downloaded as a CSV file or transferred to remote storage via FTP
  • Includes Modbus client/server capabilities

Phoenix Contact DC PCC PTCM

  • White design: Stable color when welding and during use
  • High current carrying capacity of 6 A in very compact dimensions
  • Inverted connector with pin contacts for touch-proof device outputs or free-hanging cable/cable connections
  • Cost-effective connection of crimped conductors in large quantities
  • Tools for manual and automatic crimping available as an option

Parker G7 Series Solenoid Valves

Protect and enhance your operations with corrosion and thermal shock-resistant G7 Series Solenoid Valves from Parker. Industry-leading performance, a value-packed feature set, and a trusted Skinner® pedigree make these 2-way and 3-way general purpose solenoid valves the preferred choice for your critical applications. And thanks to innovative new features, success has never been easier. 

  • 1/8" - 3/8" NPT

  • High Pressures and Flows

  • 303 Stainless Steel, Lead-Free Brass

  • IP67-rated Solenoid Coil

  • Parker Tracking System (PTS)

  • Durable Laser Marking

  • Simplified Installation and Service

Parker G7 Series Solenoid Valves Press Release

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Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Cabinet Connectivity PTFIX NPL

Phoenix Contact's out of the box, ready-to-connect PTFIX distribution blocks can be configured to satisfy multiple applications. With different mounting options, number of terminal points, and size variants — as well as Phoenix Contact’s own Push-in Technology — PTFIX blocks make voltage distribution as simple as ever.

Flexible Mounting 

Multiple mounting options including: DIN rail, adhesive, and flange options. Experience up to 50 percent space savings on the DIN rail, thanks to transverse mounting.

Time Saving

Save time and wire with ease using Push-in-Technology. Reduce manual bridging with assembly-ready blocks right out of the box.

Minimize Wiring Mistakes

Color-coded assignment of conductors and terminal points for intuitive and safe installation. Available in eleven color options.

  • Can be bridged and aligned with standard plug-in bridges

  • 1.5 mm2, 2.5 mm2 and 4 mm options

  • Additional feed-in options available in each cross section

  • 2, 6, 12, or 18 terminal points

  • Testing option for all common test probes

Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Cabinet Connectivity PTFIX NPL Press Release

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Red Lion Data Station Meet Crimson 3.1

Red Lion’s DA10D and DA30D protocol conversion and data acquisition devices are designed to act as a key part of any plant’s industrial data collection, visualization and management system, allowing for operational decisions that have meaningful business impact. 

The Data Stations offer all the protocol conversion and alarming capabilities that the original Data Station Plus (DSP) offered, but with significant, updated features, including cloud connectivity, the ability to act as an OPC UA server, and are configured using Red Lion’s powerful, easy-to-use software, Crimson® 3.1. 

  • Streamline data transfer to management and enterprise systems

  • Easily integrate multi-generational systems into your IIoT strategy

  • Automate and manage remote assets

  • Harness the value of industrial information

Red Lion Data Station Meet Crimson 3.1 Press Release

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Phoenix Contact DC Industrial Case System (ICS) NPL

The Industrial Case System (ICS) is a new, comprehensive enclosure series aimed at covering a vast range of IP20 cabinet applications. Different sizes, numerous interface options, T-bus connectors, and heat sinks make it especially suitable for IoT devices such as communication interfaces, gateways, controllers, and power supplies. 

ICS enclosures allow OEMs the flexibility to meet the diverse and ever-changing requirements of intelligent industry, process, and building automation with a single product series. For the first time, standardized device connections such as RJ45, DSUB, USB, or antennas can easily be integrated while maintaining a seamless device design.

The Industrial Case System will extend the existing portfolio of modular enclosures for control cabinet applications. Compared to the already well-established range of ME and ME-MAX enclosures, the ICS series features a new, appealing design, new form factors, and even more options for adapting it to different market needs.

Phoenix Contact DC Industrial Case System (ICS) NPL Press Release

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Red Lion HMIs 15" Touch Screen

In a market of ever-changing customer requirements and increasing rates of innovation, having equipment that can adapt to meet these needs is important. Red Lion’s CR1000 and CR3000 automation HMIs enable integrators and system designers to cost effectively plan for future reconfiguration or feature upgrades without scrapping existing equipment.


The breadth of screen sizes and options available with CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs enables you to reduce risk from human error by delivering a consistent user experience across platforms. With 16M colors and widescreen options available, train new operators faster and with greater comprehension by offering full-color visual guides to shorten downtime during changeovers or for troubleshooting common issues.


Red Lion’s protocol communication capabilities are among the most powerful in the industry. With an ever-expanding library of over 300 industrial drivers and the drag-and-drop simplicity of protocol conversion with Crimson®, the CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs ensure your equipment stays relevant and connected for years to come.


Added connectivity in the HMI means less burden on the system PLC, reducing complexity and cost. The CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs have up to two (2) 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports and up to four (4) serial ports. A USB device port, standard on every model, speeds program download time versus serial connections. For those applications needing significant human input, USB host ports enable you to speed data entry by adding peripherals like keyboards, a mouse or bar code scanner to your operator process. In addition, optional modules expand the CR3000 HMI communications capabilities, removing the need for third party external communication gateways – saving time and money by simplifying the programming and installation costs.

Crimson 3.1 Software 

Shorter product lifecycles mean integrators’ and OEMs’ end customers expect them to design and build or quickly retrofit highly customized machines faster than ever before. The easy-to-use import utility in Crimson® 3.1 enables users to upgrade existing Crimson databases for these displays with a just a few clicks. 

Enhanced primitives offer smoother edges and more fill options with an anti-aliased rendering for a more natural appearance. More updated symbols and primitives mean less importing and formatting of custom elements. And Crimson’s smart conversion utility allows developers to quickly repurpose key elements or entire databases to scale capabilities between systems.


Features like data logging and web serving enable equipment manufacturers and operations management to evaluate machine usage and operation and offer service recommendations like preventive maintenance before bigger problems arise. Data can be acquired from any or all connected devices and compiled into CSV files which can be stored, displayed, emailed or automatically synchronized with a server. 

Further maximize production efficiency by tapping into upstream systems using SQL Queries. The SQL Queries feature available on our CR3000 HMIs automates the downloading of data from Microsoft SQL Server to populate values in a process. Typical applications include recipes for batch applications, production expectations (KPIs) per shift, or to set user IDs eligible to log in to specific equipment.

Remote Monitoring and Control 

The web server available on the CR3000 HMI offers a full-screen display option, mobile-responsive pages, HTTPS operation with certificate provisioning and features like HTTP redirect, CSS and Java Script support. 

Offer multi-channel alerts to personnel about existing or pending issues both on-screen and via email or SMS to ensure problems are addressed quickly to maximize uptime.

Red Lion HMIs 15" Touch Screen Press Release

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Field Connectivity RJ45 USB Socket

Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Field Connectivity RJ45 USB Socket has a maximum possible flexibility for various applications: use the service interface from Phoenix Contact in control cabinets, infrastructure components, and devices in harsh industrial environments.

  • Rugged and temperature resistant, thanks to versions with IP65 protection
  • Space saving, thanks to the modular design
  • Comprehensive product range: large choice of data and socket inserts
  • Reliable signal transmission – 360° shielding in environments with electromagnetic interference

Various connection options

Front plate with socket, USB, and RJ45 inserts Service interfaces make maintenance, servicing, and diagnostics even easier. The rugged mounting frames with IP65 protection enable use in harsh industrial environments. The front plates offer numerous connection options in a confined space, as different contact inserts can be freely combined. 

Service interfaces are available with the following inserts:
  • D-SUB 09
  • RJ45
  • USB
  • Sockets
  • SCRJ coupling

Control cabinet sockets for universal use

The EO control cabinet sockets can be used internationally with eleven different plug geometries for control cabinet or systems manufacturing. Additional functions such as LED displays, fuses, switches or circuit breakers expand your usage options. 

You can choose to wire the sockets with Push-in or screw connection technology. The procedure for mounting the sockets is also extremely flexibly: either latch them onto the DIN rail, or use screws or adhesive. In combination with the adapter plate, sockets can also be built into the service interfaces.

Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Field Connectivity RJ45 USB Socket 

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Phoenix Contact IE Interface RIF EX HazLoc

The first 4PDT ice cube relay with TRIPLE ratings for hazardous locations 

Phoenix Contact is pleased to introduce our new four-pole, double-throw (4PDT) triple-rated hazardous location (HazLoc) relay. The RIF-2..EX relay is an ice cube-style relay offered as a fully-assembled module with either screw or Push-in (PT) connection. 

The triple ratings include UL Class I, Div. 2 for use in North America, ATEX for use in Europe, and IECex, for HazLoc applications around the globe. 

Phoenix Contact continues to innovate hazardous location relay technology by offering a triple-approved, replaceable relay at roughly half the cost of traditional competitors. With only six new part numbers that can cover dozens of applications, having the right-priced relay in stock just became a lot simpler. 

Why develop it? 

Hazardous locations can broadly be defined as areas that are at risk of being exposed to flammable or combustible gases, dusts, or vapors. Hazardous locations exist virtually everywhere in industry – from oil and gas applications, to wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical production, grain handling, and many more. 

Potentially explosive areas in the industry are subject to stringent requirements that ensure the reliability and safety of electrical equipment installed within them. Generally speaking, hazardous location safety approval systems require that all equipment that could be exposed to flammable or combustible atmospheres be of a type suitable for installation in these areas. This includes switching components such as relays. 

The IECEx, ATEX, and UL Class I, Div. 2 approval systems all exist to ensure the safety of electrical devices located within hazardous locations. There are, however, nuances that prevent the three from being considered completely interchangeable with one another. To complicate matters, jurisdictions around the world continue to implement these standards independently of one another, creating a regional patchwork of approval requirements.  

Phoenix Contact IE Interface RIF EX HazLoc Press Release

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Phoenix Contact Intelligent Motor Starter

Concept description 

By combining CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters with the IFS gateway, you can monitor motor statuses and alarming via EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Profibus, Modbus TCP, CANOpen, and Modbus RTU. Being protocol-friendly allows the Intelligent Motor Starter to talk to a wide variety of controllers and control systems. 

Conveyor systems can vary depending on what loads they are moving, speed, and frequency of stopping and starting. Since these systems can vary in application, the Intelligent Motor Starter can be tailored for your customer’s application based on number of motors, the size of the motors, I/O, and what industrial protocol they prefer to use. 

Managing motor data via HMI 

The customer has the ability to create an HMI utilizing the data that is collected from the IFS gateway. For example, if a package or product were to get jammed on the conveyor line, the motor starter would sense an overload and force a fault condition. With the networkable motor starters, the fault can be recognized where it has occurred and can be reset remotely. This decreases downtime, maintenance costs, and recognizes any issues that can be addressed in a preventive manner. 

Hardware information Hardware design and specifications will change based upon customer needs, but at minimum have the following: 
  • Pre-wired connections for 24 V DC In/Out, 480 V AC In/Out, network connections In/Out
  • Option to select 3 A or 9 A motor starters
  • Choose up to 16 motor starters
  • Panel feed-through for quick install
  • IP65 rated
  • Ability to view overloads and faults remotely
  • Control start/stop and motor direction
  • Verify/change overload settings
  • Quickly reset faults

Phoenix Contact's Universal Conveyor Controller

The Universal Conveyor Controller (UCC) is a flexible hardware solution that can be used in a wide variety of conveyor control applications.
The UCC utilizes PLClogic, a relay-based controller that can be integrated with any of Phoenix Contact’s 6.2-mm PLC mechanical or solid-state relays. For more switching power, CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters can be integrated as well.
The programming environment for the PLClogic controller is an intuitive free software that uses simple relay logic functions and variables.
The enclosure can be designed to use field-wired connections for power, signals, and data, making installation quick and easy.

  • Free and simple PLClogic programming
  • Have up to 48 I/O points available
  • Integrate CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters
  • Integrate PROFINET, Profibus, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, Modbus RTU, or     Modbus TCP

Phoenix Contact Universal Conveyor Controller Press Release 

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Phoenix Contact PRC and IP-protected AC circular connectors

Phoenix Contact's new 3 and 5-pos. power connectors in the PRC series enable you to reliably and conveniently connect AC cables to your inverters. The device connectors with crimp connection are supplied pre-assembled with punched-on stranded wires. Alternatively, they can be self-assembled.

  • Currents: up to 35 A (3-pos.) and up to 30 A (5-pos.)

  • Voltages: up to 600 VConductor cross sections: 1.5 to 6 mm²
  • Cable diameter: 8 to 21 mm
  • Degree of protection: IP65/68
  • M25 panel cutout
  • UV resistant
Phoenix Contact PRC and IP-protected AC Circular Connectors Press Release

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Phoenix Contact CBMC family expansion

Phoenix Contact's CBM and CBMC multi-channel electronic circuit breakers provide greater functionality in a small amount of space. Thanks to Push-in connection technology, they are particularly suitable for use in machine building and control technology.

  • Versatile use, thanks to fine nominal current levels
  • Space-saving, easy installation, thanks to the compact design and Push-in connection technology 
  • Increased system safety, thanks to electronic locking of the set nominal currents
  • Various fields of application, thanks to the wide temperature range and high resistance to shock and vibration
Phoenix Contact CBMC Family Expansion Press Release

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Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Field Connectivity HEAVYPORT

The use of Phoenix Contact's HEAVYPORT, also referred to as a programming port, allows software modifications to be made without opening the control panel door. The protected port eliminates downtime resulting from opening any enclosure and reduces risk from exposure to environmental conditions.


  • Provides an access point for software modifications without the need to open the control cabinet door.
  • Eliminates downtime resulting from the extra safety procedures that would be required to open the enclosure.
  • Reduces the risk of damage that could occur to the internal components of the enclosure by minimizing the exposure to environmental conditions.
  • Eliminates risk of arc flash and additional safety concerns that would be associated with opening a panel door in a harsh environment.
  • Safely provides power to laptop during long updates.
  • Custom configurations are available through the Phoenix Contact Solution Center.