Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crouzet SSR CNR AC Output DIN Rail Solid State Relays

Crouset SSR announces the new CNR series of AC output DIN rail solid state relays.  CNR SSRs are available in 20A and 30A versions, in relay or contractor configurations, both in a 22.5mm package.

  • Output rating 20 and 30 Amps
  • Output voltage 48-600 VAC
  • Integral heat sink eliminates the need for complex thermal calculations
  • LED input status Indicator
  • DBC substrate for superior thermal performance
  • Epoxy-free design minimizes internal component stress
  • AC or DC control
  • IP20 touch-safe housing
  • Relay or Contactor Configuration
  • C-UL-US Listed and TUV approved
  • Built-in over voltage protection

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crydom NOVA22 Solid State Relays

Crydom, the global expert in solid state switching technology, is pleased to announce the new NOVA22 AC and DC output solid state relays. NOVA22 solid state relays are available in both DIN rail (DR22 series) and Panel mount (PM22 series) packages.

  • DIN rail models rated up to 35 Amps and panel mount models rated up to 95 Amps
  • 22.5mm wide package
  • 4-32VDC, 90-280VAC/DC or 18- 52VAC/DC input control options
  • Relay or contactor configuration
  • Innovative “Elevator” screw for easy connection of ring terminals
  • LED input indicator
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on output
  • 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating
  • Maximum I2t value of 8320 A2sec
These features make NOVA22 SSRs unique in the market, outperforming competing products on each front with a broader working temperature range (-40°C to +80°C), and higher resistance to surge current (1290Amps x 20 msec). High I2t models (8320 A2S) allow use of the solid state relay in conjunction with circuit breakers instead of fuses allowing short circuit protection in Type 2 Coordination per IEC 60947-4-1. Contactor configuration models include a plug-in connector for the control input, available in either standard “screw” or “spring” terminals.

The DR22 series is available in either AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC) or DC output voltage (1 to 200VDC). Current rating at standard 40°C is 20Amps, 30Amps and 35Amps (only for AC output) and high I2t value (8320 A2S), making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm DIN rail mount solid state relay with 35Amps @ 40°C on the market!

The PM22 series is available with AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC). Current ratings include 25Amps, 50Amps and 95Amps and high I2t value (8320 A2S) making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm panel mount solid state relay with 95Amps on the market! Crydom also offers the new HSP-7 thermal pad available for purchase as an accessory or already assembled on the solid state relay to facilitate installation.

Crydom’s NOVA22 DR22 Series is cULus Listed and PM22 Series is cURus approved according to UL508 standard. AC Output devices are also TUV certified according to EN 62314 standard. Other certifications include; CE compliant to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives and to the RoHS and China RoHS Directives.

Crydom NOVA22 Solid State Relays

Crydom Technical Datasheets

Monday, November 9, 2015

Honeywell Sensing and Control Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs

Honeywell Sensing and Control's Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs, Standard Power Series, are sensitive devices designed for applications that need a durable and reliable speed or position sensor for large air gaps or small magnetic fields in standard power (3 VDC to 24 VDC) applications. Unlike reed switches and other magnetic sensors, Honeywell’s solid state design offers a sensitivity of 11 Gauss max., making it the highest sensitivity sensor in its class for standard powered applications.

  • Magnetic sensitivities:
    • Ultra-high sensitivity (SM351RT and SM451R): For applications requiring ultra-high magnetic sensitivity (7 G typical operate, 11 G maximum operate)
    • Very high sensitivity (SM353RT and SM453R): For applications requiring very high magnetic sensitivity (14 G typical operate, 20 G maximum operate)
  • Package styles:
    • SOT-23 (SM351RT, SM353RT)
    • Flat TO-92-style (SM451R, SM453R)
  • Supply voltage range 3 VDC to 24 VDC
  • Omnipolar sensing activates with either pole from a magnet
  • Temperature range -40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]
  • SOT-23 supplied on tape and reel (3000 units per reel)
  • RoHS-compliant materials meet Directive 2002/95/EC

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN LS Safety Light Screens

Banner Engineering's EZ-SCREEN® LS is a rugged, small profile, extremely easy-to-use safety light screen that incorporates the popular features of the original EZ-SCREEN 14 & 30 mm and EZ-SCREEN Low Profile systems. This cost effective light screen has been aggressively priced, coming in lower than the EZ-SCREEN Low Profile and up to 25% less than a similar EZ-SCREEN 14 & 30 mm system. 

The Lean & Simple design of the EZ-SCREEN LS combines Machine Safety and the notion of Lean Manufacturing by focusing on features that provide high-value for most applications while eliminating those that unnecessarily add cost and complicate the installation, use, and maintenance of the device.

Simple to use, but not lean on benefits, the EZ-SCREEN LS provides enhanced features that include intuitive bi-color alignment indicators, automatic cascade configuration, end-to-end sensing design for "no blind zone” installations, robust IP65/IP67 housing with metal end caps, and more. 

  • Two-piece design optoelectronic safeguarding device with convenient setup without configuring DIP-switches, PC software, hand-held programmers, or other devices
  • Three resolutions (detection capability) available: 14 mm, 23 mm, and 40 mm with a range of up to 12 m (39 ft.)
  • Sensor lengths from 280 mm (non-cascade) to 1820 mm in 70 mm increments
  • Cascade models combine up to four systems, any length, any resolution, any number of beams
  • Cascading adds 2 ms to overall response time for each additional segment (6 ms max.)
  • Alpha/Numerical diagnostic display and status indicators for concise troubleshooting and number of beams blocked
  • Flexible wiring scheme allows the emitter and receiver positions to be interchanged (swapped) without rewiring
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash, and strobe light using dual-scan technology
  • Compliance with the most rigorous world-wide safety standards. FMEA tested to ensure control reliability and third party certified to Type 4 per IEC61496-1/-2, Category 4 PLe per EN/ISO 13849-1, SIL3/SILCL3 per IEC 61508/IEC 62061

Moog Animatics Class 6 EtherNet/IP SmartMotor

Moog Animatics announces the release of the Class 6 EtherNet/IP™ SmartMotor™, which is available in both standard servo and hybrid (high pole count) versions.

The EtherNet/IP™ product represents the next step in the evolution of the Class 6 integrated motor design, which includes PROFINET™ and EtherCAT™ versions, and further extends the robust Industrial Ethernet SmartMotor™ feature list with EtherNet/IP™ Position Controller capability, providing:
  • Access to unique SmartMotor™ commands and parameters
  • Improved uptime with optional redundant cabling through Device Level Ring (DLR)
  • Optimal performance ensured through Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Simplified, modular programming through Add-On Instructions (AOIs)
Additionally, the EtherNet/IP™ motor includes specific Add-On Instructions for use with Allen Bradley PLCs, which will reduce development and implementation time, and improve speed-to-market. These AOIs can be used "as is" or modified for end-user-specific solutions.

Moog Animatics Class 6 EtherNet/IP SmartMotor

Moog Animatics Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering DF-G3 Fiber Amplifier

Banner Engineering's DF-G3 fiber amplifiers were developed to provide world-class long-range detection. The increased sensing power enables longer detection for all applications and detection of very small targets and features when used with very small core fiber assemblies. The extra power provides increased detection reliability for dark targets, and increases detection sensitivity when using array fiber assemblies for web guiding or area detection for part ejection applications. The DF-G3 is 1.33x longer range than the DF-G2 at 1 ms response speed, and 2.5x longer range than the DF-G2 at 24 ms response speed.

The DF-G3 is available with a single discrete output, or a dual discrete output configuration. The second output can be independently taught to trigger at different intensity values. This is useful for correct part-in-place or error-proofing applications, bottle down applications, and edge guiding. The multi-function remote input wire can be configured to control the LED, gate the amplifier's output, remote teach the amplifier, or to set-up a cross talk avoidance ring of up to seven amplifiers.

  • World-class long-range sensing capability, more than 3 m (10 ft) with opposed mode fibers or 1 m (3 ft) with diffuse mode fibers
  • Easy to read dual digital displays show both signal level and threshold simultaneously
  • Simple user interface ensures easy sensor set-up and programming via displays and switches/buttons or remote input teach wire
  • Cross-talk avoidance function allows seven inspections in dense sensing point applications
  • Energy efficient light resistance enables stable detection in industrial lighting environments
  • High power amplifier with small core fibers enables precise positioning of small components
  • Multi-function remote wire allows control of the LED, outputs, remote teach input, and cross-talk avoidance
  • Operator control of the sensitivity (hysteresis) provides additional detection sensitivity, or a stabilized output depending on the application details