Friday, January 29, 2010

Pepperl+Fuchs Robust Industrial Sensor Solutions for Mobile Machines

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of robust industrial sensor solutions for mobile machinery and equipment.

As an example, a mobile crane can use the following industrial sensors:

  • Magnetic sensor F32 for hydraulic cylinder
  • Inclination sensor F99 for tilt monitoring
  • Capacitive joystick sensor F46 for revolution speed control
  • Safety encoder for cable pull control
  • Position measuring system PCI for bearing angle control
  • Inductive sensor M18 for end position control on the cylinder

Pepperl+Fuchs also offers customer specific assembled cables and connector solutions for mobile machinery and mobile equipment.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

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Pepperl+Fuchs GLV18 Threaded Light Barrier

The sensor family of GLV18 light barriers offers an economic sensing solution suitable for all standard factory automation applications. Sensor characteristics, housing design and universal terminals conform to a wide range of international standards. Designed with a focus on essential features, GLV18 light barriers avoid over-engineering and combine superior durability with high reliability. Due to their overall characteristics, GLV18 light barriers are a truly cost-efficient solution. In this application, the GLV18 series is used to detect packages on a roller conveyor.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

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Crydom 3 Phase and Motor Reversing Solid State Relays

Crydom, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) and global expert in Solid State Relay Technology, announces the addition of 36 new models to its successful 53 Series of Panel mounted AC output 3Phase SSR Contactors. The expanded Crydom 53 series offer now includes models featuring IP20 touch safe covers with load current ratings of either 25 or 50 amps per channel at 530 VAC. Designed for harsh environments and available with either AC or DC input control voltages, the new 3Phase models also feature IEC emissions compliance to
CISPR 11 Class A, and EMC immunity per IEC 61000-4-2 through -6, level 3.

The 53 Series offer from Crydom now also includes 2 new 3Phase Solid State motor reversing Relays rated at either 25 or 50 amps per channel. The reversing models include the same IP20 touch safe design, Class A emissions and level 3 noise immunity as the new 3 phase SSR contactor models. Available with 3 to 32 VDC input control, Reversing models include a safety control interlock circuit which prevents simultaneous forward and reversing commands.

Harting Han-INOX Stainless Steel Housings

The HARTING technology group sets another milestone in the application of industrial connectors with the introduction of the new housing series Han-INOX®. The new series made of high-grade stainless steel has been introduced for applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and processing technology industries.

Han-INOX® IP 65/67 protected connections can be used under the harshest conditions for either data transfer or energy supply. The robustness of this new housing series together with its resistance against chemical and other aggressive substances ensures reliable operation in the toughest external environment. Han-INOX® is available in the sizes Han® 10B and Han® 3A.

Together with industry proven Han® inserts, Han-INOX® covers the complete spectrum of industrial requirements for professional connection technology. Han-INOX® opens up many new application areas for device and network connectivity.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New SMC Now! Catalog Available to Order

SMC Pneumatics currently offers over 11,000 basic products with over 610,000 variations. Continuous investment in production and supply chain improvements ensure that these products are available to you when you need them.

The SMC Now! program is an important part of this supply chain system. The program identifies product series and options that are commonly used in the local market. These products are then made available through aggressive local inventory of base components which can be quickly accessorized to offer a broad range of finished product options. Increased local production capabilities ensure that additional products and options as well as sudden increases in demand, are quickly manufactured and shipped.

Overall, this gives SMC the ability to offer and supply the most comprehensive product range available in North America.

2009-10 Phoenix Contact Catalogs Available to Order

Phoenix Contact's new 2009/10 catalogs list 22,000 different items across the company's six product lines. Two thousand new part numbers have been added since the last printing.

Available as six individual publications, the catalogues comprise of:

CLIPLINE - Industrial Connection Technology, Marking Systems & Mounting Materials

COMBICON - PCB Connection Technology & Electronic Housings

PLUSCON - Industrial Plug Connectors & Cabling

TRABTECH - Surge and Lightening Protection

INTERFACE – Signal Converters, Switching Devices & Power Supplies

AUTOMATION – Components & Systems

Order Phoenix Contact Literature

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turck D-Size powerfast Modular Wiring System for Motor Control

TURCK announces the availability of its new D-Size (1 3/8 inch) powerfast ® modular wiring system, designed to handle high current applications for machine power distribution and motor control. The complete D-Size system includes 3 and 4-pin cordsets, receptacles and tees that provide up to 600 Volts and 30 Amps of power. Additional product line components include field wireables, closure caps and a tee with an integrated cable drop that eliminates two connectors. With the use of standard and reducer tees, it is now possible to use a quick disconnect system to distribute power to multiple field devices along one main trunk cable, resulting in reduced costs associated with material and labor.

The D-size powerfast system may be used in place of traditional conduit installations and is compliant with NFPA 79 (National Fire Protection Association Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery) standards. This scalable, modular wiring system is easy to change, modify and maintain, and may eliminate the need for conduit and raceways. The cordsets are available with exposed run PVC flexlife ® cable in 10, 12 or 14 AWG wires. All connectors carry IEC IP67, 68 and 69k environmental protection ratings, along with NEMA 1, 3, 4 and 6P protection.

The D-Size powerfast line offers male and female, straight and right angle connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions. Nickel plated brass, stainless steel or clear anodized aluminum coupling nuts and encapsulated mating receptacles, in both 1/2”-14 NPT and 3/4”-14 NPT mounting threads, are also available.

TURCK’s complete powerfast product line includes A-Size (7/8 inch), M16, M23 and M40 cordsets, receptacles and tees ranging from 15-40 Amps to meet power distribution needs in most industrial applications.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Banner Engineering LED Ring Lights for PresencePLUS Pro II Mini Camera

Banner Engineering introduces an economically priced 62mm ring light that mounts to the PresensePLUS Pro II Mini camera.

  • Solid-state LED matrix
  • Continuous or strobed operation via sensor software
  • Direct connection to PresencePLUS Pro II Controller or to external power supply
  • Available with 2m (6.5') or 9m (30') cable lengths, with flying leads

Harting Han Q 2/0 Inserts

The Han® Q 2/0 inserts have been developed with solar power applications in mind. Each contact is rated for 70A working current and wires can be terminated without special tools using Axial Screw Termination Technology. We have new requirements for smaller wire sizes to suit other applications. New inserts are now available for 14 to 8 AWG to address applications in machinery, transportation, energy and telecom.

Pepperl+Fuchs DK50-UV Luminescence Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces DK50-UV Luminescence Sensors. The DK50-UV series provide a simple and reliable means of error checking, sorting, measuring, and positioning materials that blend into a background or are invisible. They detect marks such as inks, pigments, dyes, coatings, and adhesives, even on irregular backgrounds, and deliver an industry leading (luminescence sensor) sensing range of 600 mm in a housing that is 50% smaller than previous generation luminescence sensors. A small focal point of light spot means that even small parts such o-rings, pin-point leaks and invisible markings, can be detected down to 2.2 mm diameter targets. These sensors are UL and cUL listed.

“Because they do not operate based on visible light that radiates only from luminescent targets, color and contrast sensors are not able to detect many luminescent materials,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager. “And to bring more value to the user, DK50-UV sensors can even differentiate between multiple luminescent targets. So, for example, if a user needs to detect a clear luminescent protective seal over a bottle of aspirin with a white luminescent cap, the DK50-UV can distinguish between those two variables and deliver output accordingly,” he says.

DK50-UV luminescence sensors feature up to four automatic teach modes and one manual teach mode, enabling users to customize the sensor to the application (detecting targets, or distinguishing between targets), and to the user (hands-on, or hands-off). Additionally, the DK50-UV features a graphical, user-friendly 8-segment LED display that indicates luminescent signal strength, an output mode toggle for quick adjustments, and an integral timer that allows slower controllers to react to sensor output. They also deliver the industry’s best sensing range relative to housing volume; meaning that there are some smaller competitive models today, but with a significantly shorter available sensing range and limited functionality than is delivered with the DK50-UV.

DK50-UV luminescence sensors are well suited for use in any number of industries and applications, including packaging, with potential applications that include:
  • verifying the presence of tamperproof seals
  • aligning bottle sleeves to labels
  • sensing labels on cartons
  • measuring the amount of glue on a carton flap
  • confirming the presence of a packing slip in a carton
“Print and paper is another market where DK50-UV luminescence sensors could be used, to detect anti-counterfeiting invisible marks or marks on mass mailing envelopes or print media, for example. Automotive and tier-one suppliers might use luminescence sensors to measure the amount of grease or oil present on a gasket or bearing, and/or to determine the amount of thread-locking compound,” says Allison.

Additional potential markets of interest include carpet and textiles, lumber and error proofing, for applications such as:
  • detecting fluorescent threading stitched in a web of carpet or cloth
  • identifying lumber grades by chalk markings
  • checking the integrity of weld seams via a luminescent test liquid
Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Edwards Signaling Chameleon 103 Series Multi-Status Indicators

The Chameleon 103I Series features an onboard processor with an internal jumper that allows the unit to function as either a steady or flashing visual signal. The Chameleon is designed such that any one or all three lights can be activated by either a PLC or contact closure. The first light activated will illuminate either steady or flashing (set by an internal jumper). If a second light is activated, the Chameleon cycles between the two colors. A third activation causes the Chameleon to cycle between all three colors: red, amber, and green or red, amber, and blue.

The Chameleon 103 Series has all the functionality of the 103I with the exception of the onboard processor and internal jumper. While both series are PLC compatible, the 103 is designed such that all signal operation is controlled directly through a PLC's ladder logic rather than through the Chameleon's internal processor.

Either Series Chameleon may be panel or conduit mounted. An integral double-threaded (internal/external) mounting nipple accommodates 3/4" (19mm) or 1/2" (13mm) conduit mounting. Edwards long life multi-status visual indicators are ideal for use where smaller lights are specified and multi status indication is required.

Edwards Signaling Chameleon 108 Series Multi-Status Indicator

The Chameleon is designed to function as either a steady or flashing visual signal. It is designed such that any or all three lights can be activated by a PLC or contact closure. The first light activated will illuminate either steady or flashing (set by an internal jumper). If a second light is activated, the Chameleon cycles between the two colors. A third activation causes the Chameleon to cycle between all three colors: red, amber, and green or red, amber, and blue. One additional lens module and light source – strobe, halogen, incandescent or LED – can be added for a fourth signal.

The 108-DN Series Multi-Status Indicator utilizes the same DeviceNet interface as the 102 Series Triliptical Stacklight. It has been tested by ODVA's authorized independent test lab and complies with ODVA conformance test and software.

The 108I Series features a multi-tone base module that allows the installer to select one of the following eight available tone options: stutter beep, continuous, 3 pulse horn, rapid siren, hi/lo, fast whoop, yeow and beep. The selected tone can be operated as an additional signal or used in conjunction with any of the visual signals. The signal is rated at 85 dB at 5 feet (1.63m). The 108-DN features the same eight tones but allows all to be activated over the DeviceNet network. The 108 is also available without tone capability in direct surface and 2 inch (51mm) pipe mount bases. 3/4" (19mm) NPT conduit pipe mounting or surface mounting in non-hazardous dust and weatherproof applications.

For indoor applications, may be vertically mounted with lenses facing up or down. For weatherproof installation, it is recommended that the unit be conduit mounted vertically with lenses facing up.

Schneider Electric Data Bulletin: Safety Switches for DC and Photovoltaic Systems

All of the Square D heavy duty safety switches are UL listed for 600 Vdc applications including Photovoltaic (Files E2875 and E154282). Page one of the new data bulletin focuses on Square D UL approved heavy duty safety switch dc and PV wiring schemes. The wiring schemes are clearly explained and displayed for your customer’s education and use. When wired as shown, all of the Square D heavy duty products are UL listed for dc and PV applications.

However, the PV market’s dynamic and fast rate of application evolution has out paced certification agency’s ability to develop and release testing standards specific to PV applications. In conjunction with leading PV industry experts, we have developed a stringent and market responsive testing program to address special PV wiring applications. These special wiring classes are listed on page 2 of our data bulletin and are self certified by Square D and UL witnessed. This additional unlisted option provides a robust cost effective option for PV systems not needing UL listed products.

Schneider Electric Zelio RSL Slim Interface Relay Series

The Schneider Electric Relay Competency Center provides compact solutions with Zelio® RSL slim interface relays for general purpose relay requirements. At only 6 mm wide, the Zelio RSL frees valuable panel space for OEM panel builders. The Zelio RSL slim interface relay is ideally suited for densely populated automation control panels, assembly machines, packaging equipment, conveyors and food/beverage equipment.

“This is an exciting addition to Schneider Electric’s Zelio relay product offer,” says Terry Harmon, Schneider Electric product manager. “The Zelio RSL is an ideal complement to an already diverse product line. It is just one more way that Schneider Electric meets the needs of distributors and customers by providing complete solutions.”

The Zelio RSL is available as a pre-assembled relay and socket to reduce installation time, but both components also can be obtained individually to seamlessly replace worn out, competitive products. Optional accessories include bus bars and print labels to facilitate parallel wiring and provide quick identification. The relay has a 6A load rating and comes with reinforced printed circuit board (PCB) pins. The universal AC/DC socket has built-in surge protection and an LED indicator and arrives ready for DIN rail mounting. Sockets also are available as screw terminal and spring clamp models.

Schneider Electric Harmony Biometric Push Button

Schneider Electric's Harmony Biometric Push Button is the first fingerprint reading device designed for industrial environments, where customers need extra protection from harsh conditions. Biometric technology is a more effective and less costly tool for safety and security than passwords or swipe cards that can be lost, shared or stolen. As the technology has proven to be reliable, products using it have grown more popular.

This new push button is fully stand-alone – there’s no need for a supplementary interface – and it’s compact and easy to install. It fits in a standard 22mm push button mounting hole and comes with an optional protective cover and guard. And it can remember up to 200 fingerprints, for additional flexibility and precision.

The Biometric Push button is protected against EMC noise and UV light, and meets IP65 and NEMA 12 standards. It’s similar to a key operated selector switch because it has two operating modes. It can be left in on-off mode, or pulse mode for momentary action. Authentication takes less than one second, and the false acceptance rate is less than 0.1 percent.

Schneider Electric Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drive

The Altivar 312 is designed to make industrial and commercial machines more efficient while at the same time, simplifying its integration into a single control system architecture. With the highest overtorque and the only drive with a remote graphic keypad in its class, the Altivar 312 is ideally suited for a variety of machines

Available Ratings
  • 0.25 - 3 HP, 200/240 VAC, single-phase input
  • 0.25 - 20 HP, 200/240 VAC, three-phase input
  • 0.5 - 20 HP, 380/500 VAC, three-phase input
  • 1 - 20 HP, 575/600 VAC, three-phase input
Open Communication
The Altivar 312 comes standard with integrated communication ports for Modbus and CANopen networks and optional cards for CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet, Profibus DP.

Ultra Reliable
The Altivar 312 comes with coated cards (IEC 60721-3-3 Classes 3C2 and 3S2) and can withstand temperatures ranging from -10° C to 50° C without derating, even when installed side-by-side. Its integrated EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) also minimizes power disturbances and electrical interference.

Easy to Setup
Autotuning, multi-loaders and 50 pre-loaded application functions to manage common facility processes make setup and installation a breeze. The user friendly user interface built into the drive provides intuitive navigation and speed control with the dial as well as local start/stop control. Other options such as a remote graphical keypad and Bluetooth capability further enhance your ability to optimize machine control from day one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turck Gen. 2 AS-i Safety Gateways by Bihl+Wiedemann

TURCK announces new Gen. 2 AS-interface ® (AS-i) safety gateways manufactured by Bihl+Wiedemann and distributed by TURCK in the United States. The new gateways integrate AS-i safety monitors and slaves, allowing two safety at work networks and up to 16 release circuits to be monitored through a single gateway. Now, two independent AS-i networks can be powered by a single power supply, providing diagnostic data to the higher level controller and eliminating the cost associated with additional power supplies and gateways.

Bihl+Wiedemann AS-i masters monitor duplicate address detection, ground faults, EMC levels, error counter, emergency stop, safety light barriers – and more. The safety products are available with relay or electronic outputs with expanded programming that allows up to 256 functions without increasing the response time. Up to 31 Safety at Work networks can be easily linked and started together.

The Gen. 2 gateways are available for EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP and EtherCAT, providing the user with detailed diagnostic data and system status through the display and through the host network, and include a removable memory card that stores up to four ASIMON software programs where basic characteristics may be added.

E-T-A Demonstration of an Over Current Detector

This video demonstrates an over current detector (OCD) protection scheme during a low impedance short circuit condition in a brush DC motor drive circuit. The output terminals on the printed circuit board have been shorted to maximize the current rise time and demonstrate the OCD's effectiveness with a new worst case over current event.

E-T-A Technical Datasheets

Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Literature from Red Lion Controls

Crimson Programming Software CD
Crimson is your single programming platform for Red Lion’s range of HMIs, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers and more. With simple drag-n-drop configuration, complex tasks, from industrial protocol conversion to analog linearization, are made easy. Best of all, the Crimson CD is free, as are software updates, support, cabling instructions and communication drivers.

Open Platform for Extrusion Control
Historically, extruder control systems required a compromise of performance versus cost in order to simplify the integration of the necessary automation components. The combination of Red Lion’s G3 series of HMI and Modular Controller offers the most open and flexible extrusion control solution available on the market today.

Panel Meters Brochure
Red Lion Controls has more high quality solutions for your digital and analog panel meter requirements than any other supplier, with a wider range of models, sizes and capabilities – from their indicators to the versatile PAX process meters that let you add or change capabilities with plug-and-play, field-installable cards.

IDEC/Datasensor TL46 Contrast Sensors

Datasensor is second in the world when it comes to selling contrast sensors and TL46 registration mark contrast sensors make it easy to see why! This series is the fastest on the market (up tp 30kHz switching frequency) with superior performance and high resolution. Additional features include definition and precision of the RGB emission and dynamic settings.

These sensors are available in three different versions to better satisfy needs of your customers with the best price-to-performance ratio.

Basic version
TL46-W has only one set push-button, and two LEDs indicating the output status and sensor acquisition condition. The performance and ease-of-use have been optimized and are offered at a competitive price.

Standard version
TL46-WL has three push-buttons, four LEDs signaling the output status, sensor acquisition condition, delay output activation and push-button activation. A bar graph is also available for manual setting of the threshold to detect particularly difficult contrasts. This version supplies excellent performance at a 20 kHz switching frequency.

Enhanced version
TL46-WLF presents a 4-digit display for setting of the most advanced functions, such as dynamic acquisition of the contast mark. The sensor reaches the maximum market performance at 30kHz switching frequency.

Accessory lenses with 9 - 40 mm focal distance are available for all versions, as well as a high-resolution focusing lens and a PMMA plastic patent-covered lens particularly suitable to food applications with standard 9mm focal distance.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pepperl+Fuchs Econo-Vue Photoelectric Sensors Now Available in AC/DC Versions

Pepperl+Fuchs popular Econo-Vue family of photoelectric sensors are now available in AC/DC versions, in addition to the existing DC types. The Econo-Vue’s universal supply voltage is significant to machine builders and users in that it allows them to stock a single sensor that can be used for AC or DC applications. Additionally, AC supply sensors could result in longer runs of interconnected sensors than is otherwise possible for DC types only. As a whole, the Econo-Vue series is available in five sensing modes and over 100 models to suit varied application requirements.

“With DC versions that are up to 50% shorter than competitive models and AC/DC versions that are the shortest M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensor housings available on the market today, Econo-Vue sensors are more likely to fit into space-critical equipment or installations. For example, when mounted through the sidewall of a conveyor the Econo-Vue protrudes less than other M18 cylindrical sensors, so conveyors or equipment can be placed closer together and ultimately take up less space,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager.

Every Econo-Vue sensor includes a flush-mount bracket that allows for a simple, tool-less, unobtrusive means of mounting the sensor on a conveyor. Ball-and-swivel and half-clamp mounting brackets are also available to facilitate precise positioning of Econo-Vue sensors. The Econo-Vue series also delivers housing versatility with both straight optic and right angle optic models. Straight optics are best suited when mounting the sensor through conveyor side-walls, and right-angle optics are best suited when mounting the sensor on top of conveyor side-walls. With some competitive types, the only way to get right angle sensing is by using an additional deflector accessory which adds cost and installation time.

“In addition to having a cost effective price tag, Econo-Vue sensors consume up to 50% less current than other M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensors. This does not just mean the series is more environmentally friendly: it also means it costs less to operate each sensor. Lower power consumption means it is possible to power more sensors per power supply, potentially cutting in half the number of power supplies required in a given application,” says Allison.

Econo-Vue sensors are available in tamper-proof models that eliminate external adjustments and operate at maximum signal strength. This eliminates erroneous adjustments after the sensor is commissioned. Additionally, the status LED functionality is standardized meaning that the sensor’s status LEDs do not just indicate it is powered and sees a target, but it also indicates if the signal strength is lower than it should be. Status LEDs are also highly visible and placed in dual positions - 180 degrees apart on the housing - for increased visibility.

The Econo-Vue series is ideally suited for use in material handling applications, primarily as a conveyor sensor for the reliable detection of cartons, totes, or cases either through the side-wall of a conveyor or over the top of a conveyor. They are also well suited for use in packaging applications including, among others, web break detection and carton magazine low-level detection. The Econo-Vue is a very reliable general purpose sensors that can also be used in a number of other markets, including printing/paper and automotive.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Simple RFID Slices for Turck's IP67 Rated Modular Distributed I/O Systems

TURCK’s BL67 modular distributed I/O system is now equipped with a Simple RFID (RFID-S) slice that’s compatible with the company’s BL ident RFID product line. The RFID-S includes two channels of RFID per slice with the option of four slices per node, resulting in up to eight channels of RFID per node. TURCK’s IP67 rated BL67 system also allows discrete and analog I/O to be added to the same node.

The RFID-S slice is designed with digitized communication allowing up to 50 meters between transceiver and the slice without the induction of noise, and all channels operate in parallel so there is no time delay during communication between the tag and the read/write head.

The BL67 RFID-S slice is designed for use with PROFIBUS ®, DeviceNet™, Modbus, EtherNet/IP™ and CANopen networks. The base module includes M12 connectors that facilitate easy attachment of cables. The BL67 system may be mounted directly on the machine without requiring an enclosure, making it suitable for nearly any application that requires a rugged distributed I/O system.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Phoenix Contact Smart Managed Compact Switch Line Expanded

Phoenix Contact expands its Smart Managed Compact Switch line of Ethernet products with the introduction of two Fast Ethernet variants. The new SMCS models provide 10/100 Mbps connectivity. The fiber model, with its two Gigabit fiber interfaces, opens the network possibility of Gig fiber uplink/ring capability with Fast Ethernet downstream operation. These additional variants are suited to operate equally well within Profinet and EtherNet/IP installations, as well as standard Ethernet applications. Like the Gigabit versions of the SMCS, the new models also have ATEX Zone 2 certification.

The two new SMCS models offer the following features:
  • Integrated Web server enables easy access to switch functionalities and settings
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support for switch diagnostics and configuration
  • Available memory plug options enable saving switch configuration and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Ring Manager
  • Multiple configuration choices: Web browser, SNMP or serial connection
  • RSTP and fast ring redundancy for recovery times as low as 100 ms
  • Mode button selection for default EtherNet/IP & Profinet configurations
  • MRP client or manager capability
  • IGMP Snooping and Query for multicast applications and EtherNet/IP requirements
  • VLAN support to allow logical network segmentation
  • Port security, statistics and diagnostics
  • Broadcast/multicast limiter and port mirroring

Monday, January 4, 2010

Banner Engineering Universal Input Safety Modules

The Banner Engineering UM-FA-..A Universal Safety Module is used to increase the control reliability and safety integrity of a circuit and devices. The safety module is designed to monitor a 1-channel or 2-channel safety switches (e.g., E-stop or safety interlocking switches) or a 1-channel or 2-channel PNP output from devices such as a safety laser scanner (e.g. AG4-4E).

  • Monitors a wide variety of safety and non-safety input devices:
    • Optical-based safeguarding devices, such as Safety Laser Scanners
    • Positive-opening safety switches used for guard interlocking
    • Emergency-stop devices, such as palm buttons and rope/cable pulls
    • Standard sensors for non-safety applications, such as photoelectric monitoring position or end-of-travel
  • The safety inputs can monitor (selectable via DIP switch):
    • +24V dc solid-state (PNP) outputs in single-channel or dual-channel hookup,
    • +24V dc source that is switched by hard/relay contacts in single-channel or dual-channel hookup, or
    • Hard/relay contacts in a dual-channel hookup using terminals S11-S12 and S21-S2
  • Automatic reset or monitored manual reset, depending on hookup
  • Design complies with standards ANSI B11.19, UL991, ISO 13850 (EN418), and ISO 13849-1 (EN954-1)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 (IEC 61508/62061)
  • Category 4, Performance level (PL) e (ISO 13849-1)
  • For use in functional stop category 0 applications per ANSI NFPA 79 and IEC/EN 60204-1
  • Plug-in terminal blocks
  • 24V ac/dc operation