Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SMC Pneumatics Series TUZ Wear Resistant Tubing

TUZ wear resistant tubing from SMC Pneumatics is a standardization of the X73 option for series TU polyurethane. By incorporating fluoropolymer additives with their polyurethane resin, SMC has created a tubing that has the flexibility and other performance properties of polyurethane with an increased abrasion resistance. This feature can help extend the life of tubing in many dynamic applications where the tubing may come in contact with other tubing, wires, or fixtures such as in a cable carrier.

Another benefit of the additive and abrasion resistance is that the tubing is not "sticky" like normal polyurethane and can be easily pulled thru fixed conduit or other static passages.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Banner Engineerng SC22-3 Safety Controller Brochure with CD

The SC22-3 Safety Controller from Banner Engineering is a totally configurable and flexible safety module. Because it incorporates numerous input devices and manages multiple safety-related functions, it can easily replace several traditional safety modules to integrate light screens, E-stops, interlocking switches, safety mats, two-hand controls, muting functions and many others. The cost savings in design, safety modules, wiring and installation are significant.

This brochure includes demonstration software for the SC22-3.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harting Videos Uploaded to Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

Han Axial Screw Technology

Harting's axial screw termination technology guarantees a safe and reliable connection. Well proven in applications such as railcars, where the connector is exposed to shocks and vibration, the advantage of axial screw termination is the extremely compact contact which, unlike crimping, does not require any special tools to terminate to wires.

Han Easy-Hood Connectors

The growing trend in using different and complex cable variants in one connector poses a challenge for professional cable assemblers in regards of technique and pricing. HARTING has developed Han® Easy-Hoods, offering vertically split two-part shells with new assembling possibilities. The assembly process can now be changed to a more modular production approach.

The interior wiring can be easily managed. All manual movements are changed from axial to vertical processes leading to multiple automation possibilities. The Han® Easy-Hood offers a wide application range with easy access for maintenance.

Han-Quick Lock Terminators

Harting's new termination technology combines reliability and simple handling with the space saving benefits of crimp technology. Han-Quick Lock® is optimally designed for high contact densities and thus has a considerable advantage compared to other termination technologies. No other technology is this simple, space-saving and fast. Additionally, this vibration-resistant termination requires no special tooling.

Han-Power S with Han Q 8/0 Connector

Harting's Han-Power® S connector is suitable for the assembly of a serial power bus. Once the energy supply is assembled, the Han-Power® S can be inserted at any place along the power cable. The cable mantle is removed and the conductor is installed without interruption in the IDC.

The Han-Power® S is suitable for cables with single strands manufactured according to DIN VDE 0281/ DIN VDE 0295 with wire gauges of 2.5 mm² up to 6 mm². For the distribution of the device, Han-Compact® hoods or cable to cable housings are used.

Han M12 Crimp Connectors

The newly developed Han® M12 Crimp by Harting is smaller than comparable M12 connectors with IDC-termination currently available. The new type does not have any negative impact on handling and no special tools are required. Standard tools and contacts can be used. In addition, there are less single parts, to allow a quicker termination procedure.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Literature from Leviton

Power Solutions for Residential Applications
Leviton Power Solutions provide the power infrastructure you need to protect your critical home devices against power surges and outages.  Leviton provides an overview of the different types of products available for your home in this brochure.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Leviton’s Uniterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) deliver unsurpassed power quality for a variety of applications and budgets, ensuring your hi-tech equipment and systems will withstand momentary power interruptions, voltage sags, and other power quality problems.

Surge Protection Strips and Wall Plug-Ins
Leviton’s Surge Protection Strips and Plug-ins provide reliable support for offices, hospitals, industrial facilities and residences.  A small investment in these devices can prevent serious losses caused by over-voltage disturbances.

Surge Protection Panels
In both the home and the workplace, we are increasingly reliant on microprocessor-based electronic equipment.  Surges can damage, degrade, or destroy critical processing components in your business and home electronics.  Leviton’s surge protection panels are your first line of defense against common and costly disturbances and interruptions.

Surge Protection Receptacles
Leviton Surge Receptacles provide UL 1449 compliant, at-the-wall protection for demanding commercial, industrial, hospital, and residential installations.  The low cost of these receptacles, combined with their ease of installation, means they can be placed anywhere you have a normal electrical outlet.

Power Solutions for Enterprise Applications
In today’s 24/7/365 enterprise environment, Leviton Power Solutions provide the power infrastructure you need for critical business applications.  This brochure contains a diagram showing examples of Leviton Power Solution products that can be installed in a variety of enterprise settings.  Leviton offers a variety of product options to meet your specific power needs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Products from Tyco Electronics

High Voltage and EMC Shielding Inline Connector for Alternative Power Systems

Tyco Electronics has developed a 2-position HVA 400 plug and cap inline connector system that is designed specifically for handling high voltage and EMC shielding applications for alternative powered systems (APS). 

The new wire-to-wire, sealed connector system is based on a 4.0mm pin and socket terminal system and a robust and scalable compact package occupying approximately 111x41x50mm (LxWxH for an 8-position connector). The temperature class rating is -400C° to 1250C° (underhood); wire size ranges from 3.0mm2 to 6.0mm2. The 4.0mm terminal is capable of carrying 33 amps (continuous) @ 1250C° on 3mm2 wire and the nominal voltage rating is 300Vdc (550V max). 

The connector is uniquely designed to accommodate an optional High Voltage Interlock (HVIL) integrated into the system. The optional HVIL minimizes the risk of exposed live terminals or destructive arcing. Due to its flexible design, the connector is capable of employing multiple low-voltage terminals (depending upon OEM preference) or as a standalone high voltage connector. 

The Tyco Electronics 2-position HVA 400 connector is "touch safe" and is designed and built in accordance to USCAR-2 (on-engine vibration profile), ingress protection class (DIN 40-050 or IEC 60529), IP6K9K (mated), IP2B (unmated) AIAG, QS9000 and is RoHS ready.

Hot-Pluggable Connectors for Lighting Ballasts

A new connector for fluorescent ballast lighting applications provides a hot-pluggable disconnect to allow safe field servicing without exposing personnel to electrical shock hazards. Available in 2 or 3 positions, LIGHT-N-LOK connectors feature an integral strain relief to maximize wire retention by preventing inadvertent wire twisting and pullout. Wire retention exceeds 25 pounds (11.3 kg). Dual squeeze-to-release latches provide additional security by preventing unintentional disconnects. 

The connectors use a tool-less poke-in termination of 18 AWG (0.82 mm2) wire for fast, easy installation in the factory or field. With a rounded, snag-resistant design, the UL 94V-0-rated housings fit into standard 5/8-inch diameter (2 position) and 7/8-inch-diameter (3 position) knockout openings for easy use in both new and retrofit applications. 

The products can be supplied as assembled connector sets, with or without flying leads. LIGHT-N-LOK connectors are designed for commercial lighting per UL 2459 and meet the latest requirements of both the U.S. National and Canadian Electrical Codes. The housings are marked in English and French to support the Luminaire Labeling Requirements of the Canadian Standards Association. The ROHS-compliant connectors are rated for 5 A at 600 VAC. 

SOLARLOK Compact Interconnection System for Solar Applications
A new Tyco Electronics compact interconnection system for solar applications offers a very low profile. The Micro SOLARLOK system consists of a miniature, low-profile junction box with integral leads. Designed for emerging space-efficient thin-film and roof-shingle photovoltaic applications, the junction box's low 9.3-mm height saves considerable space compared to the 15- to 20-mm heights common in the industry. 

Available with or without a built-in diode, the junction box is overmolded and allows customization to customer requirements. Available in both standard and custom lengths, the leads are terminated with well-proven SOLARLOK connectors. 

The assemblies can be produced with photovoltaic cables in conductor sizes of 14 to 10 AWG for UL or 2.5 to 6 mm2 for TüV. The maximum current rating for the system is 10 A. The Micro SOLARLOK interconnection system is UL 1703 Component Recognized. 

The SOLARLOK family delivers a flexible system solution for easy and reliable interconnections from photovoltaic modules to the DC/AC converter. The entire system concept is based on cost effective and reliable processing of individual interconnection system components to significantly reduce installation costs of the solar energy system. 

VAL-U-LOK Connectors with Color-Coded Housings

Tyco Electronics has expanded its popular VAL-U-LOK connector family with a choice of red, black, or blue housings in addition to the standard white already offered. Color coding helps make identification of different circuits during assembly and maintenance simpler and clearer. The colored housings are available for both wire-mount and board-mount connectors. 

The VAL-U-LOK connector system is a low-cost, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connector system with 4.2 x 4.2 mm centerline. This connector system can be used in a variety of applications, including the HVAC, vending, gaming and appliance industries. VAL-U-LOK connectors are a lower cost, fully intermateable and interchangeable alternative to Molex Mini-Fit Jr. Series connectors and are also intermateable with AMP-DUAC connectors. 

Sizes range from 2 to 24 positions for double-row configurations and 3 to 5 positions for single-row versions. The header assemblies come with pre-loaded contacts and may be installed on the printed circuit board manually or automatically using robotic equipment. All housings are polarized for easier mating and locking latches help maintain reliable connections. 

This system is available in UL 94 V-2 or UL 94 V-0 flammability rated nylon with brass or phosphor bronze contacts with tin or gold plating. With a RoHS-compliant lead-free line to help promote a cleaner environment, the connector system is UL Component Recognized and CSA Certified. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Products from Omron

NP Series HMI Focuses on OEM Machine Builders

The new NP-Series of HMI (Human Machine Interface) products have been designed with the OEM machine builder in mind. They provide the right set of features and functions that OEM’s value and are competitively priced against other vendors of OEM-focused HMI’s. Machine builders can choose from NP-Series models with 3 or 6 function keys with 3.8” monochrome, 5.7” monochrome or 5.7” color displays.

By introducing this line of HMI’s Omron can now offer two classes of HMI.

  • The traditional NS-Series of terminals that keeps getting richer with features and functions. Watch for an upcoming announcement about the NS-Series and an even greater set of functions.
  • New NP-Series of HMI’s that offers basic essential HMI functions at a truly affordable price.
Improved Connectivity Advantages

Omron also offers a perfectly matched series of PLC’s that the NP complements perfectly. The CP1L and CP1H series of PLC’s are the perfect PLC for small to medium size machines. The pricing of the NP is more in line with the pricing of the CP1 PLC’s thus allowing customers to buy more of their control solution from a single vendor. When the PLC and HMI come from the same manufacturer customers also realize improved connectivity.

With Omron’s NP, customers can connect directly to Omron Temperature Controllers without a PLC in between. Additionally, there are pre-designed screens available that allow customers to connect, monitor, and control the Temperature Controllers. Customers can be up and running in minutes instead of hours or even days.

When connecting to an Omron PLC, customers can use Programming Console function to view ladder, change set-points, and even modify ladder from the NP HMI terminal. This helps customers to make necessary changes to ladder without connecting a laptop.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Replaceable battery - Provides longer service life
  • USB Slave and Host - Allows upload and download of applications and connection of devices
  • RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial ports - Communicate with two different PLC’s at once on separate networks. Use the RS-422 to communicate further distances.
  • Multi-Vendor PLC Communications - Connect to A-B, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Keyence, Modbus, GE, Modicon, LG and more.
  • Multi-language support - Switch between languages within an application and support multi-language workforces both domestically and abroad.
  • EJ1 & E5xN Temp Controllers direct connection - Pre-made screens that make connecting to Temp controllers a snap. No PLC needed in between the NP and the EJ.
  • Programming Console for editing PLC ladder logic - No need to connect a laptop to the PLC to monitor or change rungs of ladder logic.

CJ2 PLC Offers Built-In Ethernet/IP and Tag Based Programming
New CJ2 CPU’s offer built-in Ethernet/IP networking, and high-speed, high-capacity data exchange between PLC’s, HMI’s and I/O devices. Ethernet/IP can be used to perform both information (explicit messaging) and control (implicit messaging) networking, sharing up to
184,832 words over 256 nodes. CJ2 PLC’s can easily connect to Rockwell’s ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLC’s using Ethernet/IP tag data links.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Large Memory Capacity – The CPU program memory capacity has been increased up to 400K Steps, DM has increased up to 800K while Function Block Program, Symbol, Comment Memory has increased to 3.5MB. Large memory allows for larger more versatile programs. Well-documented programs make it easier and faster to troubleshoot.
  • Fast - Processing times are significantly faster. Faster production, faster development time, faster time to market and higher throughput means higher speed applications can be achieved.
  • IEC 61131-3 Programming – All 5 programming languages are supported with the CJ2 PLC. Ladder, Function Block, Structured Text, Instruction List and Sequential Function Chart. Hundreds of pre-built pre-tested Function Blocks significantly reduce design time. Standard programming languages allow for fast, flexible and powerful programming.
  • Easy Connection with USB or Ethernet - CX-One software applications can be easily connected using standard USB and Ethernet cables via USB and EtherNet/IP ports.
  • Tag Based Programming - CJ2 CPU Units have a tag name server to manage tag names and I/O addresses. This enables access from external devices using tag names, without needing to know the I/O addresses. The Common Tag Database between the PLC and HMI requires less design time, as HMI screen data and PLC programming can be developed in parallel, reducing development time.
  • One Single Programming Environment – CX-One is Omron’s single programming environment for PLC’s, HMI, Networks, Process Control, Motion Control and Simulation software. All existing CJ1 programs convert directly over to the CJ2 with the use of CX-One version 3. Legacy PLC’s are supported and single click conversion to new hardware makes for easy migration.
  • Improved Debugging - Online editing and data tracing have been improved, greatly increasing the efficiency of debugging. The data trace function is built into the PLC and can monitor and store I/O and data in 1 ms time increments. This allows for easy and faster debug time, which allows for faster time to market.
  • Fully Compatible with CJ1 Modules – Available modules include motion control, process control, RFID, Logic and networking, all usable on the same controller platform. All existing CJ1 modules are compatible with the new CJ2 family.

New Expansion Units for CP1L PLC Family

Complete with a standard-feature USB port, CP1L CPU Units are available for applications with as few as 10 I/O points. Whether you need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port, the CP1L PLCs give you an economical choice from among 10-, 14-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 60-point CPU Units.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Smart integration – All-in-one functionality includes high-speed counters, analog, motion and communications.
  • Quick modifications – PLC programs with online editing allows you to make changes quickly.
  • Maximize efficiency – Select the optimum CPU for your application: 10, 14, 20, 30, 40 or 60 I/O built-in.
  • Easily expandable – Expand CP1 to 320 I/O points using CP1W expansion I/O.
  • Save cabinet space – Compact size measures from just 90 H x 66 W x 85 D mm.
  • Solve complex programming issues – Built-in floating-point and trigonometric functions.
  • Function Blocks, Structured Text - Using the IEC61131-3 programming allow for easy software development that are standard in the industry and are included at no additional cost.
  • Save time - By having program comments and symbols stored locally in the PLC. Programs and documentation always stay up to date.
  • Simplified configuration – All Omron devices connected to CP1 can be configured, programmed and monitored through a single connection using CX-Programmer (or CXProgrammer Jr.) or the CX-One Software Suite.

CP1W Compact Display and Setting Device

Easily monitor or change data values in the PLC using the new LCD Option Board. This enables
visual checking of operation status, such as error occurrence and error details. Register in advance the functions you use often to quickly perform settings and confirm operation.

Functionality can also be expanded to items not included in the CPU Unit, such as calendars and timers.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Monitoring and Changing Data Values – All memory area values can be monitored and changed. Switch between decimal and hexadecimal or monitor 2-word hexadecimal data, such as high-speed counter values, in decimal.
  • Visual Checking of Status with Display of PLC Error Details – The backlight on the LCD screen will turn red when an error occurs to notify you of the error status. You can monitor the displayed error details and the error log.
  • Quickly display up to 16 registered messages – Up to seven fixed characters and the present value of word data can be displayed. Simply press the up and down keys from the initial screen to perform monitoring. Of course, you can also change the settings. Plus, up to 48 characters can be set in advance and then displayed when a specified bit turns ON. This makes onsite setting and confirming faster.
  • Expanded Functionality with Calendar Timers, and Other Items Not Included in the CPU Units – You can use calendar timers, weekly timers, and daily timers. Sixteen of each timer type can be set.

E3FZ/E3FR Compact Self-Amplified M18 Threaded Photoelectric Sensors

Omron’s E3FZ / E3FR series photoelectric sensors are low cost and designed for easy mounting, setup and operation. These new sensors combine compact, M18 threaded housings with the reliable optics found in Omron’s popular E3Z series. Additionally, the E3FZ series has a horizontal configuration with an innovative, fast mounting system called
“SecureClick” while the E3FR series has a right angle configuration, ideal for 90° mounting
applications. Both series also exceed industry standards for high temperature, high-pressure
wash-down applications by including IP69K housing protection.

E3FZ / E3FR Key Features
  • Compact, 40mm (E3FZ), 50mm (E3FR) length housings, ideal for confined spaces
  • The E3FZ has a “SecureClick” snap mounting mechanism (patent pending), providing a simple and fast installation method in just 2 steps (SecureClick snap holder included with each E2FZ model). Installation time is up to 3 times faster than conventional cylindrical sensors and up to 10 times faster than conventional square bodied sensors. E3FZ sensor housings are also threaded for optional M18 mounting
  • Includes proven E3Z Photo-IC chip design for reliable object detection in harsh environments
  • Individual models available for through-beam, retro-reflective, diffuse reflective (both standard and background suppression versions) sensing applications
  • High power LED for enhanced sensing distance
  • Separate models available with 2 m cable or M12 connector for choice of power and output connection
  • Separate models available for NPN or PNP to match desired output
  • Light-on/Dark-on selectable by wire
  • IP69K rated housing withstands high temperature (80°C) and high pressure 1450 psi (10,000 kPa) wash-down

E3ZM-V RGB Color-Mark Sensor

Omron’s new diffuse reflective, E3ZM-V sensor provides superior colormark detection in the same compact housing size as the E3Z family of sensors. Its cutting-edge optical design discriminates fine color differences at very high speeds while resisting typical sensing detection
difficulties associated with object movement. The new sensors include corrosion resistant stainless steel, IP69K rated housings for ideal protection in high temperature, high pressure wash-down applications.

E3ZM-V Key Features
  • Compact size (11 mm-W x 21 mm-L x 32 mm-H) less than half the size of competing models, ideal for confined spaces (see size comparison against key competitor at below)
  • Coaxial optical system design provides stable detection of moving objects to eliminate false detections
  • Discriminates fine color differences with white LED emitter and RGB receiving element
  • High speed detection at 50 μs for both ON and OFF operation
  • Easy setup by either using the sensor’s 2-point teach button or automatic teaching by sending a pulse to a remote control input
  • Separate models available with 2 m cable or M8 connector for choice of power and output connection
  • Separate models available for NPN or PNP to match desired output
  • IP69K degree of protection with a stainless steel housing resists the effects of detergents and disinfectants to withstand washing with high-temperature, high-pressure water
  • Laser etched part number and date code instead of sticker label to prevent contamination

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Products from Schneider Electric

Virtu 30 Analog Ultrasonic Sensor

Save installation time and money with the Virtu™ Analog Ultrasonic Sensor. Ideal for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, this sensor is offered at an economical price point and features a 30mm body style that can be installed in place of existing sensors. 

The ultrasonic sensing solution offers increased sensing distance of 4” to 39” with the option of being 0-10VDC or 4-20Ma for direct, inverse or auto-sloping functionality. The Virtu™ Analog Ultrasonic sensor allows for easy window setup, prevents tampering of the sensor while in operation, has a 30 mm cylindrical body style fits into existing mounting bracket, includes M12 connector that makes cable selection and installation easy, has durable body construction that allows the sensor to be used in harsh environments, and has a removable push button accessory.

The Virtu 30 Analog sensor features:
  • Sensing distance of 102 mm (4”) to 1 m (39”) 
  • Available in 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA 
  • 360° LED visibility status indicators 
  • Temperature ratings 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) 
  • IP67, NEMA 4X (indoor) 
  • UL, CSA Certified and CE marked 

Modicon M340 Expands Functionality
The Modicon® M340™ programmable automation controller (PAC) now offers expanded functionality! More powerful than any other PLC in its class, its modular design and networking abilities make it ideal for simple and complex applications. 

Supported by Unity-Pro V4.0, this robust midrange PAC will address more applications and provide more flexible, open solutions when remote I/O. It also facilitates connection to third party CANopen devices. 

Easy to operate and more user friendly, the expanded functionality of the Modicon M340 midrange PAC features:
  • ”Level 2 Performance” CPU with a Modbus serial port 
  • 128 MB SD-memory card for data storage 
  • Expansion rack to provide more flexible open solutions when remote I/O is required 
  • Unity Pro V4.0 for programming and operation 
  • Integration with motion applications 
  • Improved legacy hardware migration 
  • Flexible application configuration with expansion racks. 

Modicon Unity Pro V4.0 PLC Programming Software

The Modicon Unity Pro V4.0 “All-in-one” easy to use software offers you ingenuity, flexibility and openness for increased productivity of machines, industrial processes and infrastructures.

With Unity Pro V4.0 users can easy and quickly select features needed for applications, support application development and simplify legacy application migration to new Modicon automation hardware. 

Easy to operate with a user friendly interface Unity Pro V4.0 supports all IEC 61131-3 languages, has an expanded catalog of I/O modules, e-mail (SMTP) on Ethernet embedded port of the CPU and supports multiple versions of Unity Pro software.

Unity Pro V4.0 features: 
  • Programs Modicon Quantum™, Premium™ and M340™ PLCs. 
  • Simplified legacy application migration to new Modicon automation hardware and Unity Pro software
  • Offers extensions for architectures & services 
  1. Configuration, communication, application functions 
  2. 3rd party devices on CANopen
  3. Supports the new M340 Rack Expander
  4. Addition of Pulse Train Output (PTO) motion module to control a stepper or servo motor
  • Application-specific services for Premium & Quantum 
  1. Flying shear, Simulation on Premium 
  2. Simplified architecture for HSBY Quantum 
  3. EtherNet/IP support 
  • Services for installed base application management 
  1. Automatic update for un-located data 
  2. More flexibility to convert legacy projects to Unity Pro
  • Collaborative solution 
  1. Openness on all Unity Pro models 
  2. Vista Business Edition support 

Monday, October 20, 2008

IDEC LUMIFA Environmentally-Friendly LED Light Strips

IDEC continues to move towards a green future with the announcement of the LUMIFA series of LED light strips, LF1A and LF1B.

LF1A and LF1B LED light strips give you a way to save time, energy and money. These environmentally-friendly light units pay for themselves, you recoup their cost with savings over time. Perfect for narrow areas, those not easily accessible or that are dangerous to access, these LEDs have a minimum lifespan of 40,000 hours. Once it’s installed, you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues for a long time! Plus, these LED light strips provide a bright light source while producing very little heat (even less than a fluorescent lamp).


LF1A LED strips use super-bright multi-chip LEDs providing illumination equivalent to a 20W fluorescent lamp, while consuming only one third the power. They come in a thin housing available in three sizes with four color configurations (warm white, cool white, yellow and red). LF1A light strips have a rated voltage of 24V DC.


An internal waterproof gasket and transparent panel with thick reinforced glass make LF1A-D2F LED light strips perfect for use in a food processing line or outdoors where they might be immersed or sprayed with water or oil. These light strips are also RoHS compliant, mercury free. LF1A-D2F light strips have a rated voltage of 24V DC.


LF1B miniature LED light strips are housed in a thin light strip, and are available in four sizes with a choice of two covers (transparent or white). Customers needing an LED that can provide protection from dust, as well as from limited water spray, have their answer. LF1B light strips are white in color and have a rated voltage of 24V DC.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Products from Fortress Interlocks

Padlockable Dustcover

Fortress Interlocks introduces a stainless steel spring-loaded dustcover which incorporates padlocking facilities. It is designed to fit the CL(S), ML(S) and BL(S) locks and can be retro-fitted, if necessary. The large, polished front surface allows for customer text.

Two padlock holes are provided which are designed to suit padlocks with shackles which range from 3mm to 8mm in diameter. These can also be fitted with the lockout scissor hasp.

Fortress Interlocks Padlockable Dustcover

Lockout Scissor Hasp

Fortress Interlocks' lockout scissor hasp is intended to increase the number of padlock holes available to the user. This prevents the machine from restarting until all employees have unlocked and removed their padlocks from the hasp. This is particularly useful when there are a variable number of people requiring access to the safety zone, or where equipment has to be locked off unexpectedly or for long periods of time.

This stainless steel hasp can be used with the Fortress padlockable dustcover as well as other equipment. The hasp accepts padlocks with shackles from 3mm to 8mm in diameter. A version is available with a retaining stainless steel cable.