Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tyco Electronics RZ Relays

Tyco Electronics presents the RZ relay, the next generation of the successful RT series product line, a relay delivering excellent performance.

The switching contacts of the RZ relay perform remarkably well. At 85°C ambient temperature and 16A switching current, 50,000 cycles are VDE approved and UL recognized. The RZ relay range is comprised of single-pole relays with normally open or changeover contacts, and it offers a choice of AgNi or AgSnO contact materials. Standard 85°C ambient temperature models are available, as are 105°C versions and models with transparent covers. The rated coil power is 400mW. The product fulfills the glow wire test according to IEC60335-1 and is RoHS compliant.

The RZ relay is suitable for a broad range of electronic applications in areas such as energy management systems, household appliances, boiler control, timers and garage door control.

Tyco Electronics RZ Relay

Tyco Electronics Technical Datasheets

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