Thursday, June 13, 2019

Banner Engineering QCM50 Series High Performance Color Sensor

Banner Engineering QCM50 Series High Performance Color Sensor provides reliable color verification across the entire range of the sensor, even in extremely challenging color- and contrast-based applications.

  • Reliable color detection across the entire range of the sensor

  • Reliable color detection across the entire range of the sensor

  • Available in an anti-glare model to reliably detect reflective targets

  • Intuitive configuration with integrated LCD display and on-board buttons

  • IO-Link communication for remote configuration and monitoring

IDEC Enhanced High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7" to 15"

IDEC Enhanced High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7" to 15", you will gain application solutions that maximize display space and improve visibility. Enhanced specifications include better resolution, brighter screens, larger user memory and a wider range of operating temperature. Plus, you can have up to 4 protocols simultaneously, as well as utilize remote access, monitor and control functionality; FTP, email, mobile app and custom web page capabilities; an audio/video interface; and support for expansion modules. These HMIs are built for endurance and are backed by an industry leading three-year warranty.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model

Now with more options from the RSX extreme force actuator family, Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model has added the capability of replacing hydraulic cylinders.

  • Hydraulic-class electric actuator with forces up to 40,000 lbf (178 kN)

  • Features Tolomatic planetary roller screw technology for long life and consistent performance

  • Design optimized for force in extend direction

  • Ideal choice for pressing, punching, stamping and more

  • Your Motor Here® compatible
Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model Press Release

Tolomatic Technical Datasheets

Rittal TS8 316L Disconnect Module

Rittal's new TS8 316L Disconnect Module converts the standard TS8 into a fully functional disconnect enclosure. The new unit fits TS8 316L and 304 stainless steel enclosures and is available in 5 standard sizes. You have the ability to mount on either the left or the right side, and the module, when installed, maintains the UL Type 4X environmental seal of the system.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Turck Analog Version of RU50 Eco Ultrasonic Sensors

A new analog version has been added to Turck's RU50 Eco family of ultrasonic sensors. With both switching and analog versions of these sensors now available, you will have more options for reliable object detection applications requiring ultrasonic technology. Even though the price point is low, no sacrifices were made in functionality. Ultrasonic sensors are ideal in applications where photoelectric sensors have difficulty such as target objects with reflective/glossy surfaces or areas with poor lighting conditions.

Turck Analog Version of RU50 Eco Ultrasonic Sensors Press Release

Turck Technical Datasheets

Rittal Blue eWall-Mounted AC UL Type 3R/4

Rittal Blue e, Wall-Mounted, UL Listed Type 3R/4 air conditioning units are an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor enclosures such as waste water facilities, transportation and toll booths, solar and alternative energy applications, outdoor kiosks and food and beverage facilities. These air conditioners provide protection from the harmful effects on equipment due to the presence of water and external formation of ice.

The addition of the new Blue e UL Type 3R/4 units provide outdoor solutions as part of the Rittal air conditioner climate line.

  • Type 3R/4 for either indoor or outdoor use and provides protection from water, rain, sleet and snow

  • Save up to 45% in energy consumption

  • Vandal-resistant Comfort controller located inside enclosure

  • Functionality and capacity tested before shipment to ensure trouble free operation

  • UL and cUL Listed
Rittal Blue eWall-Mounted AC UL Type 3R/4 Press Release

Friday, May 24, 2019

Carlo Gavazzi SCTl55 Series IO-Link Smart Configurator

CARLO GAVAZZI is excited to announce the launch of a game-changing new product, the SCTL55 Series IO-Link Smart Configurator. It provides a means to configure any IO-Link sensor with a wireless device that, in essence, replaces the need to program via a USB IO-Link Master connected to a PC or via a network connected master device. The only thing required is the IO-Link Smart Configurator. 

This device is portable and could be used anywhere such as on the plant floor or in the office. The device is battery powered and equipped with WiFi for IODD files download. Hence there’s no need for power or a laptop. It is truly a user friendly, wireless solution.

SMC Pneumatics JSXFS 2 Port Dust Collector Pulse Valve

SMC Pneumatics' new JSXFA series is a high performance pulse valve for reverse jet dust collector applications. The JSXFA has variable port sizes and available in threaded and compression fitting connections. The JSXFA also has reduced air consumption and increased peak pressure. The heavy elastomer diaphragm allows the JSXFA to achieve its 10 million cycle life.

  • 10 million cycles

  • Threaded and compression fitting connection

  • Reduced air consumption

  • Increased Peak pressure

SMC Pneumatics JSXFS Series Press Release

SMC Pneumatics Technical Datasheets

SMC Pneumatics HRS200 Series - Air-Cooled 460 V Type Thermo-Chiller

SMC Pneumatics HRS200 Series - Air-Cooled 460 V Type Thermo-Chiller is a high capacity standard chiller with a 20.5 kW capacity specifically for North American applications. UL certification and a 3-phase, 460 VAC power requirement are standard features. The refrigeration circuit is air cooled by a single large fan, with the overall package rated at a 75 dB(A) noise level. Set temperatures are PID controlled, while the system is monitored for 39 alarms. Additional features include a heating function, serial communication, and IPX4 ingress rating for outdoor installation.

  • Cooling capacities: 20.5

  • Temperature range setting: 5 to 35°C

  • Temperature stability: ±1°C

  • Power supply requirement: 3-phase 460 VAC (60 Hz)

  • Waterproof specification: IPX4

  • Circulating fluid: Tap or deionized water, or 15% ethylene glycol solution
SMC Pneumatics HRS200 Series Press Release

Banner Engineering Non-Contact RFID Safety Switches

Banner Engineering Non-Contact RFID Safety Switches utilize RFID technology to monitor doors, gates, and other movable safeguards that separate personnel from a hazard.

  • Achieves Category 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety ratings alone or in a cascade chain

  • Status and performance data from each sensor in a cascade chain is available using In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) and can be accessed with an HMI or similar device

  • Tamper resistance for any application with unique, high, and low code models

  • High tolerance to misalignment prevents nuisance trips on high vibration equipment

Banner Engineering New Features & Capabilities for LTF-Series Laser Sensors

Banner's new features and capabilities for LTF-Series laser sensors are now compatible with our Remote Sensor Display (RSD). The RSD stores up to six configurations to facilitate product changeover and simplify device replacement. It can remain in-line to monitor sensors or it can be removed after configuration. This affects LTF sensors with the date code 1419 and after. You can also check the information menu for firmware version 4.0 or newer.

  • Increased Immunity to Shock and Vibration: LTF Series laser measurement sensors now feature a fully potted inductor which increases the shock specification from 30 G to 100 G. This upgrade ensures that the LTF will perform reliably when used on heavy-duty equipment and in rigorous environments.

  • User Configurable Hysteresis: You can now set the switch point hysteresis for all LTF Series sensors for web tension, fill level, pump-in / pump-out applications.

Banner Engineering Small Spot Diffuse Models of Q20 Photoelectric Sensors

Banner Engineering Q20 Photoelectric Sensors provide a compact, cost-effective alternative to laser sensors for contrast detection of features in error-proofing and inspection applications.

  • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, fixed-field, adjustable-field, and diffuse models

  • Available in small spot diffuse models for small feature detection in error-proofing and inspection applications

  • Offers visible red beam for easy alignment on most models

  • Features bright LED status indicators visible from 360

  • Provides water-tight, IP67 and NEMA 6 rated enclosure for rugged, reliable sensing

  • Rated to 1200 psi for washdown environments

  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with complementary NPN or PNP outputs, depending on model

  • Provides versatile mounting options, including M3 (3 mm) threaded inserts with 25.4 mm hole spacing

  • Includes single-turn gain potentiometer for easy configuration, depending on model

Banner Engineering Q20 Photoelectric Sensors Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering Small Spot Diffuse Models of QS18 Photoelectric Sensors

The QS18 photoelectric sensors are now available in diffuse models with a small, visible spot for detecting the presence/absence of small features (for example screws or tabs) on a larger part. The new models provide a compact, cost-effective alternative to laser sensors for contrast detection of features in error-proofing and inspection applications. Universal housing design with 18 mm threaded lens an ideal replacement for hundreds of other sensor styles


  • Features a universal housing with an 18 mm threaded lens or side mounts

  • Replaces hundreds of other sensors

  • Meets IP67 and NEMA 6 standards for harsh environments

  • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, convergent, regular and wide-angle diffuse, small spot diffuse, laser, ultrasonic, plastic or glass fiber optic, fixed-field and adjustable-field sensing modes

  • Offers easy push-button TEACH-mode setup in Expert QS18E and ultrasonic models

  • Ranges up to 20 m

  • Features bright LED operating status indicators visible from 360°

  • Available in models with IO-Link communication for simplified wiring, installation, preventative maintenance, and sensor backup

  • Select between mechanical and electronic adjustable field

Banner Engineering QS18 Photoelectric Sensors Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact 12V DC QUINT AC/DC Power Supply Additions

Phoenix Contact’s premier QUINT POWER family now includes two new 12 V DC power supplies. These QUINT low-wattage additions include advanced functionality in a compact form factor. Designed for critical applications that may have space limitations, these 12 V DC power supplies have an adjustable signal output, which enables LED and remote digital monitoring to detect critical operating states before faults occur.

  • Output power LED and solid-state output for preventative signal monitoring

  • Dynamic power boost for reliable starting of current-hungry loads

  • Permanent power boost for easy system expansion without the need to switch to a larger power supply (2.5 A version)

  • Compact form factor for space saving

  • High efficiency allowing for energy savings, lower selfheating, and an increased service life of the power supply

  • Push-in connection technology (PT) for easy installation

  • UL Listed Class I, Division 2 for use in HazLoc applications

  • NEC Class 2 rated (2.5 A version)
Phoenix Contact 12V DC QUINT AC/DC Power Supply Additions Press Release

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Leviton VerifEye Monitors

Leviton's VerifEye Series 7000 and 7100 Advanced Branch Circuit Monitor is a cost-effective solution for electrical load management. The Series 7000 and 7100 platform is ideal for high density, branch circuit monitoring applications in both new construction and retrofit applications and monitors up to 48 branch circuits with one single meter board.

Leviton Single Receptables

Leviton's single receptables come in heavy-duty industrial specification grade, weather and tamper-resistant and tamper-resistant grade. With brass self-grounding clips, this is permanently staked on for secure and reliable performance. The face is made of impact-resistant engineering polymer and has wrap-around, galvanized steel strap for excellent support.

  • Accommodates back and side wiring

  • Contains tamper-resistant shutters

Schmersal SATECH Guarding Systems

Schmersal SATECH Guarding Systems 

Schmersal is proud to partner with SATECH to provide guarding solutions in the US and Canada.

These guarding systems are of low carbon steel construction. Upright posts and panel frame members are a solid extrusion for extra durability. Fence mesh is constructed by 2 mm diameter steel wire, arc welded at each junction. The construction methods utilized make the assembled system impact resistant up to1600J in ISO 14120 dynamic resistance tests – exceeding the standard set by many automotive manufacturers. 

Fencing mesh is spaced 19 mm apart with cross members every 100 mm. This predominantly vertical slot opening reduces interference when trying to view processes on the far side of the fence. The design also deters workers from climbing the fence by providing no toe holds, when panels are installed with the cross pieces inside the hazardous area. 

Components are finished using hard-wearing epoxy polyester powder paints. Typical constructions consist of yellow (RAL1021) upright posts with black (RAL9005) panels and accessories. Components can be produced in custom colors to meet individual customer requirements. 

These systems are custom designed for each client. We collaborate on the design to meet the specific requirements of each customer. SATECH’s patented 3D AutoCAD program with a built in library of parts enables the design of complex layouts in a very short time. A layout can be designed directly onto a customer’s drawing – which immediately picks the optimal modular components. This service also provides a 3D drawing and a complete parts list which can be easily understood by assembly personnel. 

The custom designed solutions will include all of the necessary installation hardware. Panels and posts can be directly bolted together, or use patented adjustable clip systems. The system utilizes patented captive fastening systems, in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE; if a panel needs to be temporarily removed, the fastening hardware will remain in place so pieces will not be lost. 

The modular panels of each series are available in a wide range of sizes. Besides the standard fence mesh, panels are also offered as sheet panels, either opaque steel or transparent heavy duty plastic. Panels can also be of mixed materials, such as top fence mesh/bottom sheet panel, or have custom apertures. Systems also offer several types of doors for access to the protected areas. Additional accessories to finish off the system include kick plates, cable duct supports, and reinforced linear joints. 

We also offer a wide range of compatible safety sensors, locks, and door handle assemblies for the complete safety solution.

Schmersal SATECH Guarding Systems Press Release

Schmersal Technical Datasheets

Schmersal SLC440COM Compact Safety Light Curtains

Schmersal's SLC440COM product series is an efficient solution for automated process cycles, offering the highest protection for user and machine. It provides a smooth and flexible adaptation to any machine concept by means of the integrated functions, which can be configured without any tools (PC / software). The protective targets can be smoothly and effortlessly implemented if changes to the process lead to modified settings such as fixed and floating object blanking with variable periphery (movable edge). The integrated set-up tool and status indication (7 segment display) reduce installation expenditures and keeps the operator informed of the current operating status when the machine is running.


  • Process safety with highest availability

  • Reliable safety concept in case of interferences (EMC, welding sparks)

  • User-friendly parameter setting, no tools required

  • Integrated set-up too

Schmersal aSLC440COM Compact Safety Light Curtains Press Release

Schmersal Technical Datasheets

Friday, April 26, 2019

Phoenix Contact PLT-SEC Surge Protection Family

Phoenix Contact PLT-SEC Surge Protection Family Phoenix Contact continues to expand its product portfolio of reliable surge protection products. The latest additions are redesigned versions of our PLT-SEC product family. This product family has been revamped, and the 120 V AC product now has a UL Type 2 Listing. The UL Listing will enable much smoother integration of products into new and existing applications while also saving time and money. This is a big advantage for UL 508A panel shops. 

This new design maintains its slim 17.7-mm DIN rail footprint. In addition, this product still offers both local and remote status indication. The remote status contact is also now terminated on a pluggable connector for easier wiring and installation. The popular pluggable, hot-swappable capability is also a key feature for this new design, which enables easier maintenance.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Banner Engineering's SC10 Series Safety Controllers

Banner Engineering's SC10 Series Safety Controllers are cost-effective, easy-to-use safety controller for smaller machines replaces the functionality of two or more safety relay modules and features an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

  • Intuitive, icon-based programming with drag-and-drop PC configuration simplifies device setup and management

  • Supports a wide range of safety devices, eliminating the need to buy and stock safety relay modules dedicated to specific safety devices

  • Two safety six amp relay outputs each with three N.O. sets of contacts

  • Ten inputs, including four that can be used as non-safe outputs

  • Automatic Terminal Optimization (ATO) can increase inputs from 10 up to 14

  • Industrial Ethernet two-way communication enables 256 virtual non-safe status outputs and 80 virtual non-safe inputs (reset, on/off, cancel off-delay, mute enable.)

  • SC-XM3 external drive for fast swap and quick configuration without a PC

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Phoenix Contact Modbus TCP/RTU to EtherNet/IP gateway

Phoenix Contact Modbus TCP/RTU to EtherNet/IP gateway makes migration painless, with easy and intuitive web-based configuration for mapping Modbus data over the EtherNet/IP. RSLogix integration is a breeze thanks to the “write-to-tag” feature, allowing you to quickly set up the transfer of data into the programming environment. Variants are available with one, two, or four serial ports and one or two RJ45 Ethernet ports. The devices feature a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius and hazardous-area approvals, making them suitable for use in any industry.

  • Support for common industrial protocols including EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Profinet, and HART

  • Multiple variants with different interfaces to meet your application needs

  • Simple and intuitive web-based configuration and easy control system integration

  • Industrial grade with wide input supply voltage range 10.8 V DC ... 30 V DC

  • Hazardous location approvals Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D

Phoenix Contact Modbus TCP/RTU to EtherNet/IP gateway Press Release

Banner Engineering TL50 Pro Tower Light

Banner Engineering TL50 Pro Tower Light are self-contained tower lights that provide you with custom indication by combining the vast color options provided by RGB LEDs with the versatile control capabilities offered by either Pro Editor software compatibility or IO-Link communication.


  • The TL50 Pro series allows users to configure color, flashing, rotation, and light intensity

  • Pro Editor-compatible models allow users to choose from predefined colors and program devices in the field without requiring IO-Link

  • Models with IO-Link communication enable almost limitless capacity for custom indicatio

  • Rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-install

  • High-visibility, at-a-glance operator guidance and status indication

  • Available in black or light gray housing to match different machine styles

  • Audible models available with standard, sealed, or omni-directional audible element

  • Compact and beacon models are shorter and have a more intense display than standard models

  • Pro series tower lights provide classic segment control as well as advanced status indication that adds nuance to the visual factory
Banner Engineering TL50 Pro Tower Light Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering PTL110 Series

Banner Engineering PTL110 Series pick-to-light devices are multifunctional indicators with options for touch button, optical sensor, and three-digit display, connected in series to create a powerful picking system. With fast response times and flexible installation options, PTL110 systems improve speed, productivity, and quality in picking, kitting and related applications.

  • Models available with optical and touch sensor capabilities.

  • Optional 3-digit alphanumeric display can be used to indicate part count or provide other instructions.

  • M12 connectors for quick and secure installation of multiple devices with no additional cables required.

  • Indicator provides fourteen colors and multiple animation functions to differentiate multiple conditions.

  • Powered by PICK-IQ™, a purpose-built, Modbus compatible serial bus protocol that uses a Common ID to reduce the typical latency that results from polling multiple devices.

  • Can be paired with the DXM700 wireless controller for deployment on carts and mobile picking stations.
Banner Engineering PTL110 Series Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Banner Engineering All-in-One Pressure Sensor and Wireless Node

Banner Engineering All-in-One Pressure Sensor and Wireless Node make it easy to monitor critical pressure levels on systems and equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations without the hassle and expense of installing, altering, or expanding wired infrastructure to connect devices.

  • Combines a media isolated pressure sensor, a Performance Series wireless node, and a battery power supply

  • Compact, one-piece design simplifies installation and eliminates the need for ordering multiple components

  • Integrates easily in applications where infrastructure, movement, or mobility make wired solutions impractical, ineffective, or cost-prohibitive

  • Field-proven, Sure Cross wireless architecture ensures secure, reliable communication between devices

Carling Technologies ST Series IP68 Sealed Toggle Switch

Carling Technologies ST Series IP68 Sealed Toggle Switches are one and two pole sealed toggle switches, featuring a toggle seal composed of dynamic silicone material that bonds to the metal toggle, pin and bushing, providing ideal sealing and protection against the environment, vibration and shock, while withstanding extreme temperature variations. It also utilizes up to three terminal seals per pole and an optional o-ring assures additional under panel sealing protection. All silicone seals on the ST-Series comply with A-A-59588 for silicone rubber performance specifications and, together, these features meet the international IEC 60529 standard for sealing performance to an IP68 level, and comply with MIL-DTL-3950G requirements.

Carling Technologies ST Series IP68 Sealed Toggle Switch Press Release

Carling Technologies Technical Datasheets 

Banner Engineering new capabilities for iVu Series Vision Sensors

Banner's new capabilities for iVu Series Vision Sensors comes with the latest version of Vision Manager software and is packed with new capabilities that make it easy to build better inspections and solve more applications.

  • Match Eraser: Remove pixels from a taught pattern without stopping inspections to teach a new image. Imperfections and unnecessary details, like the scuffs inside the Banner logo (above left) can be erased from the taught pattern. During inspection they are ignored (above right) and will not affect the pass/fail criteria.

  • Match Search ROI: Find a specific part or feature in a specific location in the region of interest (ROI). Use this tool to verify presence and position in one inspection.

  • Motion with Match: Expands Motion capabilities by making it possible move or rotate ROIs by either Match or Edge.

  • Area Sensor Total Area: Measures the total area of objects in the ROI to verify that parts and features are within specific size guidelines. Available with the Area and Color Area sensor types.

  • Average Color Tests: Pass or fail inspections based on specific RGBI/HSI color values. This builds on the ability to export color values over Ethernet or serial.

Banner Engineering new capabilities for iVu Series Vision Sensors Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Pro-face Atom Box IPC

Pro-face PS5001b Atom Box IPC unit offers an efficient, yet high performance processor. It can used as a node box unit, or paired with any of our PS5000 series displays to create a high quality visualization, application management system.

  • Fan-less design

  • Modular Flexible Design

  • Can be used with multiple screen sizes
Pro-face Atom Box IPC Press Release

Pro-face Atom Box IPC Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering K50 Pro Compact Indicator

Banner Engineering K50 Pro series programmable indicator lights come in a 50 mm dome or flat window provides bolder, brighter status indication and is available with either Pro Editor software compatibility or IO-Link communication for additional versatility and customization.


  • The K50 Pro Series multicolor indicator allows you to configure color, flashing, dimming, and advanced animations like rotation, strobing, 2-color display, 2-color rotation, 2-color flashing, and chase.

  • Pro Editor-compatible models allow you to choose from predefined colors and program devices in the field without requiring IO-Link.

  • Models with IO-Link communication enable almost limitless capacity for custom indication.

  • Standardize on fewer models that can be customized in-field, saving costs and inventory requirements

  • Rugged IP66, IP67, and IP69K polycarbonate housing protects against impact and withstands high-pressure, high-temperature washdown

  • Models constructed from FDA-grade materials available for use in food and beverage applications

  • Simple wiring plan enables easy setup and reduces the time and expense required for installation

  • An optional audible alarm provides a distinct, loud notification of status

Banner Engineering K50 Pro Compact Indicator Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Friday, March 15, 2019

Phoenix Contact Robust FINEPITCH series board-to-board connectors

Phoenix Contact Robust FINEPITCH series board-to-board connectors benefit from reliable solutions for connecting PCBs within devices. The innovative ScaleX contact system provides vibration-proof board-to-board connections. Thanks to the flexible device design and numbers of positions from 12 to 80, you can utilize PCB space optimally. Stack heights from 6 mm to 12 mm are possible with various heights of female and male connectors.


  • The FP 1.27 and FP 0.8 allow space saving board-to-board connections for signal and data transmission

  • Up to 500 insertion and withdrawal cycles

  • Test voltages up to 500 VAC at 1.4 A

  • Tape-and-reel packaging allows easy integration into automated assembly processes

  • Data rates of 3 Gbps for the FP 1.27 and 16 Gbps for the FP 0.8

  • Double contact system enables vibration proof connections

  • Agency approval in accordance with UL 1977
Phoenix Contact Robust FINEPITCH series board-to-board connectors Press Release

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact IE Power Supplies QUINT 4 20 with LLW

Phoenix Contact's QUINT POWER now offers a single device solution approved for functional safety applications up to SIL 3. The strict safety requirements of SIL 3 are associated with a low probability that a system will fail to preform properly. We have designed a fully loaded QUINT 20+ power supply with an integrated decoupling MOSFET to meet rigorous SIL 3 safety regulations without the need of any external components.

The new QUINT 20+ power supply introduces a single, conformally coated device solution with ATEX, IEC 61508, and IEC 61511 approvals, allowing the power supply to be mounted within potentially explosive areas (Zone 2). The safety function limits the output voltage to 30 V DC. If the voltage rises above 30 V DC, the device will switch off within 20 milliseconds (ms), creating a safe state of no output voltage. Designed with an integrated decoupling MOSFET the QUINT 20+ has a Hardware Fault Tolerance (HFT) = 1.

  • Conformal coated and ATEX/IECEx/Class I, Div. 2 approval

  • SIL 3 certification in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511

  • Hardware Fault Tolerance =1

  • Integrated decoupling MOSFET

  • Easy system expansion with static and dynamic power boosts

  • Selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology

  • Configurable signal monitoring using

  • Real-time monitoring capabilities using the analog contact

  • Wide temperature ranging from -40°C to +75°C
Phoenix Contact IE Power Supplies QUINT 4 20 with LLW Press Release

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering Dual-Color WLS15 LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS

Banner Engineering dual-color WLS15 low-profile strip light is a durable yet lightweight device that now features EZ-STATUS® capabilities for illumination and indication in one light fixture. These cascadable lights are a cost-effective alternative for machines or workstation bin and shelf lighting.

  • Dual-Color EZ-STATUS Technology: Combining illumination and indication in a single device enhances the versatility of WLS15 LED strip lights and expands possible application uses. Select from six different colors to create a dual-color indicator strip to indicate machine status, alert operators, and improve visibility.

  • Professional Quality at Affordable Price: WLS15 Series strip lights provide professional grade lighting at a price point that is accessible for a variety of applications. The sealed IP67-rated lights are constructed with sturdy aluminum frames in a shatterproof polycarbonate housing making them resistant to wet or dusty environments as well as impact and breakage. Each WLS15 also uses a fraction of the energy of many comparable light fixtures for additional cost-savings.

  • Easy Installation in Tight Spaces: The slim 15 mm low-profile design allows for quick installation in areas with limited space. The small strip light does not obstruct sightlines or impact any existing application framework. Flexible mounting options and a wide range of brackets keep setup quick and simple. Cascadable models require only a single electrical installation for additional ease-of-use.

  • Low Power Draw: WLS15 dual-color strip lights have low power consumption and a low current draw, an ideal solution for mobile equipment or battery-operated applications, such as cart indication.

Banner Engineering Dual-Color WLS15 LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering Cost-Effective Relays for Primary Safety Devices

Implement cost-effective safety solutions that protect at the highest levels of safety. SR-IM Series interface modules are specifically designed to be used with safety light curtains and other primary safety devices with External Device Monitoring (EDM). These compact relays provide an interface between the devices and the machines they safeguard. Used properly, they will achieve Category 4 PLe safety.

  • Increased Machine Uptime: Users can get their system up quickly and keep it running with little to no maintenance. Terminals are clearly labeled and located on the front of device. Fixed position push-in style spring clamp terminals ensure secure connections, even in applications with heavy shock and vibration.

  • Simple, Cost-Effective Safety: The simple design and basic functions offered by the SR-IM Series make them our most affordable interface modules.

  • Solid Build, Compact Design: SR-IM Series interface modules are housed in a solid polycarbonate enclosure that mounts securely to the DIN rail. It has a sleek, compact form factor that saves space on the DIN rail and in the control panel.

Banner Engineering Cost-Effective Relays for Primary Safety Devices Press Release

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

SMC 3 Port Solenoid Valve/Residual Pressure Release Valve VP/VG Series

SMC's VP/VG Series - 3 Port Solenoid Valve/Residual Pressure Release Valve with Detection of Main Valve Position:

  • Base-mounted type (VP544-X536, VP744-X536) residual pressure (New)

  • Safety Standard ISO 13849-1 Certified (Corresponding to Categories 2 to 4)

  • With main valve position detection function

  • With easy-to-construct redundant system

  • Highly reliable construction

  • A variety of safety limit switches can be selected.

  • With soft start-up function (-X555)

SMC 3 Port Solenoid Valve/Residual Pressure Release Valve Press Release

SMC Technical Datasheets

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays and Contactors with Integrated Monitoring

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the launch of their new RG..M Series of single-phase solid state relays and contactors with integrated monitoring features. The RG..M consists of solid state switches that integrate monitoring features for quick and timely failure detection, besides the switching function. Timely failure detection eliminates the need for re-work and prevents scrap, leading to better production throughput and better quality products. Detection for mains loss, load loss, SSR open and short circuit, SSR internal fault and supply out of range are now possible without a need for external components. The RG..M of solid state contactors and relays is equipped with an Alarm LED for visual indication of fault presence, and an alarm transistor output for remote signaling.

The RG..M solid state relays are available with either an integrated heatsink, RGCxM or without the heatsink, RGSxM. Ratings go up to 660 VAC, 65 AAC (for the RGCxM) and 90 AAC (for the RGSxM). The RG..M Series is controlled with a 4 to 32VDC input signal, and must be supplied with 24 VDC. 

Typical applications for the RG..M include plastics machinery, packaging, semiconductor wood-processing, and drying equipment, in a situation, when an immediate detection of load or relay failure is required. 

The RG..M adds to the portfolio of RG SSRs with monitoring, which already includes single-phase SSRs with partial load loss detection and 2 and 3-phase devices with system monitoring.