Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Products from Tyco Electronics

Modular Connector Line Now Accepts Optical Termini

The new Raychem MTCT high-performance modular rectangular connectors accept standard ARINC 801 LuxCis™ optical termini in a compact, lightweight design. Since many common applications in aerospace and military applications use four optical fibers, the four-position MTCT connector eliminates the need to plug or seal unused contact cavities as would be required with common 12-termini systems. The result is significant space and weight savings. 

The connectors are available with either aluminum or corrosion-resistant steel shells, quarter-turn bayonet quick disconnect or jackscrew mating hardware, keying, and a fluorosilicone interfacial seal. An enhanced mating interface ensures optical alignment of the termini. Only commonly available tools are required for installation. 

The MTCT connector is based on the popular Raychem MTC product family of compact modular connectors. For high-density application, the MTC family uses a rectangular geometry that saves space compared to circular connectors. The MTCT uses the family's 1-inch shell size.

Hermetically Sealed 50-Amp Relays

The new FCA-150 and FCAC-150 series of relays from Tyco Electronics are designed to perform under the most demanding environmental conditions of temperature, altitude, shock, vibration, and salt spray. Meeting the requirements of Mil-R-6106, the hermetically sealed, non-latching relays offer a 50-A switching capability in a compact package only one cubic inch in size and weighing less than 90 grams. This compact package size offers considerable size and weight savings over other 50-amp devices on the market. 

Rated for temperatures from -70° to +125°C and operation to 300,000 feet in high-vibration and high-shock environments, the FCA-150 and FCAC-150 series are available with optional diode for transient protection. The FCAC-150 series offers auxiliary contacts with single-pole, double-throw operation at 2 A. Excellent isolation is maintained between main and auxiliary contacts. All current paths are welded and free of mechanical fasteners for additional robustness. 

A polarized, single-side stable design results in appreciably increased contact pressure in both states compared to that of a spring-return non-polar design. The relays are configured as single-pole, single-throw devices with normally open contacts. A choice of three coil voltages is available: 6, 12, and 28 VDC. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON 4-in-1 Contactor

The new CONTACTRON 4-in-1 solid state reversing contactor from Phoenix Contact combines four functions in one narrow package. Designed for three-phase AC motors up to 4 kW/5 HP in size, the 4-in-1 provides forward, reverse, overload protection and redundant emergency stop contactor functionality in a 22.5 mm-wide module.

The compact size reduces the necessary DIN rail space by up to 75 percent, saving space and wiring costs as compared to a contactor-based solution. The CONTACTRON's life expectancy is up to 10 times longer than traditional electromechanical contactors, which results in reduced maintenance costs.

Integrated input/output surge protection circuits reduce system downtime, and 16 separate motor overload settings reduce inventory requirements. LED and remote indication acknowledge motor status. The CONTACTRON 4-in-1 is rated for safety category 3, SIL 3 and ATEX zone 2.

For more information on Phoenix Contact products, please visit http://stevenengineering.com/tech_support/phoenix_contact1.htm

Phoenix Contact QUINT Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Phoenix Contact's classification of Uninterruptible Industrial Power Supplies includes both the QUINT UPS and the MINI UPS. The QUINT DC to DC UPS is a family of 24 V DC uninterruptible power supplies.

The QUINT DC to DC UPS is a flexible, modular, industrial grade UPS which is designed to be powered by a QUINT 24 V DC power supply. The QUINT DC to DC UPS ensures uninterruptible 24 V DC power to mission critical devices, even in the event of a complete power outage.

For more information on Phoenix Contact UPS, please visit http://stevenengineering.com/prod_serv/phoenix-contact/power-supplies.html

Phoenix Contact QUINT Power Supplies

The QUINT industrial power supply from Phoenix Contact features Selective Fuse Breaking Technology, (SFB Technology) allowing for defective current paths to be disconnected selectively. Additionally, the QUINT series industrial power supplies also offer both single and three phase modules.

For more information on Phoenix Contact power supplies, please visit

Phoenix Contact INTERFACE Wireless

Wireless I/O solutions from Phoenix Contact offer flexible and reliable data transmission for your applications. Monitoring and controlling your processes is reliable with point to point, and multipoint to point industrial radios. These industrial interface radios can be incorporated into controlling pump stations, monitoring tank levels and sensors as well as a variety of additional industrial applications.

For more information on Phoenix Contact products, please visit Steven Engineering at

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pepperl+Fuchs M8 Multi-Port Junction Blocks

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces M8 Multi-Port Junction Blocks.  These IP67 rated junction blocks feature 3-pin M8 connectors (v3 style) in 4-, 6- and 8-port models, all available for immediate shipment from stock.  They reduce cabling expenses and simplify wiring by allowing multiple sensors to be wired to a single block with a single cable run back to a controller.  They are smaller than typical M12 multi-port junction blocks, so they take up less control panel space.

M8 multi-port junction blocks provide reliable 24VDC operation in temperatures ranging from -30° to 80°C.  Home run connections can be made either via integral cable (with 8-port models) or a V19-style 8-pin M12 connector.  LED indication is provided for PNP sensor outputs.  Additionally, these junction blocks feature a compact footprint; 8-port models are 5.6 in. x 1.2 in. x 0.8 in., 6-port models are 4.4 in. x 1.2 in. x 0.8 in., and 4-port models are 3.7 in. x 1.2 in. x 0.8 in.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services.   Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Turck 4-Wire PROFINET Cordset Line

TURCK introduces its new 4-wire PROFINET cordset line, developed to provide plug-and-play connectivity for applications using PROFINET protocols. PROFINET, the fastest industrial Ethernet I/O network, is compatible with existing fi eldbus systems and the only network that can accomplish a line topology – especially ideal for long conveyor systems. These cordsets connect to TURCK’s BL67 Ethernet gateways for PROFINET – which can be connected to up to 32 I/O modules per gateway – to allow smooth integration into current fieldbus structures.

The PROFINET cordset line offers both M12 Ethernet D-coded and RJ45 connector options, allowing users the option to mix-and-match any connector combination to meet unique application needs. Cordsets are also available with color-coded field wireables to convert hard wiring to quick disconnect.

TURCK’s PROFINET cordset includes cable that meets IEC 11801:2002 Cat 5 and TIA 568B:2001 Cat 5e requirements. Like most TURCK cordsets, the PROFINET line offers standard and custom lengths, as well as pigtail or extension cordset options.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Products from Advantech Automation

UNO-1170 Embedded Automation Computer
The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the UNO-1170, an embedded automation computer which features an Intel Celeron M or Pentium M CPU and 512MB/1GB DDR SDRAM. The UNO-1170 provides higher computing power than other device-level controllers and comes in a compact aluminum chassis with fanless and diskless design. The UNO-1170 can operate in temperatures up to 60°C and has a 512KB SRAM battery back-up system in the event of sudden shut down.

There are two Ethernet, three serial (RS-232/422/485), three external USB 2.0 ports and one internal secure USB port. The UNO-1170’s front-accessibility makes it convenient for wiring and its DIN-rail design allows easy installation. With rich OS and driver support, such as Windows XP Embedded, WinCE 6.0, and embedded Linux, users can integrate applications easy. The UNO-1170 is available with a pre-configured Windows CE and XP Embedded image with optimized onboard device drivers. 

With all these great features, the UNO-1170 is an excellent choice for machine builder applications, such as Electronic Discharge and Industrial Textile machines.

IPPC-7158B 15" Industrial Panel PC
The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the IPPC-7158B, a 15” XGA TFT LCD. The IPPC-7158B features a passive backplane with up to 12 ISA/PCI expansion slots, a front-accessible design with water resistant cover, a flat-sealed front-panel, and can be bundled with high performance PICMG 1.0 Core2 Quad/Dual or Pentium 4 Single Board Computer (SBC). An aluminum detachable side-open front panel (NEMA4/IP65 compliant) allows for easy installation and maintenance. 

For user interface considerations, this model has a front-accessible USB 2.0 port, programmable membrane macro keys, function keys, cursor keys and touchpad, OSD control behind the panel, and an optional analog resistive touchscreen through USB interface.

The IPPC-7158B is resilient enough to resist harsh conditions of any industrial environment such as testing and quality control in automotive industry and measurement, control applications, and vision applications in Machine Automation.

BAS-3000 Full-Featured Building Automation Controller Series
The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech launches its BAS-3000 series; designed for Facility Monitoring & Control Systems and Energy Management Applications. With web-enabled devices, the BAS-3000 series provides easy access & remote management capabilities through an Ethernet connection with a friendly browser-based interface, offline simulation, and online debugging. In addition, all control modules in this series support both local and remote I/O expansion to increase flexibility and offer auto-tuning PID control allowing engineers to operate much easier.

The BAS-series consists of the BAS-3512/3520 Direct Digital Controllers; these are stand-alone programmable controllers delivering various onboard I/O, which provides flexible options to satisfy versatile application requirements. Secondly, the BAS-3520/3521 expansion I/O modules can be stacked on the DDC controller or can serve as a remote stand-alone I/O through an RS-485 network. Lastly, BASpro, is a free programming software package integrated with BAS-3520/3521 DDC. 

Developers can benefit from BASPro’s ease of use, allowing them to develop programs quickly, mainly due to user-friendly GUI. BASPro delivers powerful and flexible function blocks, such as scheduler, HVAC calculation, sequential control, PID control, alarm, message, etc. thus, eliminating the need to write program code.

32-Channel Isolated Digital I/O Modules for the ADAM-5550 Series

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the ADAM-5053S and 5057S, two new 32-channel high density digital input/output modules. Both support high isolation and up to 2,500 VDC to avoid damage from different channels and protect system operation stability.

The ADAM-5053S is a digital input module providing an over-voltage protection of 35 VDC, while the ADAM-5057S is a digital output module and features operation time of 15ms, insulation resistance of 1G ohms @ 500 VDC, and over-voltage protection with 70 VDC.

For critical environment applications requiring a high stability product with individual channel isolation protection, such as in Factory Automation, Machine Automation, and Intelligent Automation, these ADAM modules are the optimum choice. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IDEC XA Unibody Compact E-Stops

IDEC XA (16mm) series of emergency stop switches are now available in a new compact unibody with only 19.5mm depth behind the panel, saving valuable space, while providing unparalleled safety. Available in 29mm and 40mm mushroom operators, these E-stops are easy-to-spot in either red, yellow or gray.

16mm XA and 22mm XW E-stop switches are now available with engraved EMO markings. When used in combination with switch guards, these E-stops comply with SEMI S2 standards, while only being 27.9mm behind the panel (XA series) with up to four contacts.

In today’s automated world, more customers are requiring E-Stop switches with at least three contacts. (two of the contacts trip the power and the third contact is used to alert a safety-monitoring relay.) XA E-stops offer up to four “safe-break” contacts with a depth behind the panel that is less than half of a conventional E-Stop switch.

IDEC’s E-Stop switches are secured from the rear of the control panel, so the buttons cannot be removed from the front. Another feature of the XA and XW E-stops, push-to-lock and pull- or turn-to-reset, eliminates any possible confusion for operators when resetting the switch. XA Unibody E-stops are available in 1NC and 2NC contact configurations are available, as are solder terminals in standard size or #110 terminals with gold-plated crossbar contacts.

The XA and XW (with removable contact blocks) series incorporate an innovative “safe break action” concept. This unique, revolutionary design uses the spring-pressure to assure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks break off due to excessive force.

XA Emergency Stops are UL/c-UL, TUV and CE recognized, as well as IP65 and IP40 rated, and CCC certified (except Unibody style). XW E-stops are UL, c-UL listed, TUV recognized and EN compliant, as well as CCC certified. In addition, an optional accessory is available to customers, which when mounted makes the contacts fingersafe.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Phoenix Contact INTERFACE GPRS/GSM Wireless Cellular Modem

Phoenix Contact announces the addition of a GPRS/GSM cellular modem to the wireless product family. The PSI-GPRS/GSM-MODEM/RS232-QB-USA has the necessary PTCRB and AT&T approvals for legal use on GSM and GPRS networks within the U.S., where coverage is available. The modem’s pre-installed SIM card allows for quick and easy activation with Phoenix Contact’s cellular service partner Stanza Systems.

  • GPRS/GSM service partner Stanza Systems eliminates the need to interact or contact AT&T or other carriers for modem service
  • PTCRB and AT&T modem approvals allow legal use in SCADA telemetry and mobile-to-mobile (M2M) applications
  • Pre-installed SIM card and web based registration makes modem activation fast and easy
  • Quad band operation for international use
  • Two digital alarm inputs via COMBICON connector
  • One digital output via T-bus connector
  • Extended temperature range: -25 C to 60 C

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Lights

The EZ-LIGHT™ TL50 Tower Lights from Banner Engineering are preassembled and preconfigured multi-segment indicators that are simple to install and provide highly visible operator guidance and indication of equipment status. With multiple LED color options and a robust housing, the TL50 replaces conventional stack lights, which require time-consuming assembly and complex wiring.

  • Delivers real-time operational status indication for workers and supervisors.
  • Installs directly on machine quickly and easily with prewired or quick-disconnect options; no assembly required.
  • Features a completely self-contained design - no controller needed.
  • Displays up to 5 colors in a single tower; choice of green, yellow, red, blue or white LED colors.
  • Allows multiple lights to be on simultaneously.
  • Promotes high visibility from all angles.
  • Eliminates false indication from ambient light; indicators appear gray when off.
  • Provides excellent yet non-aggressive light brilliance and visibility at long distances.
  • Includes models with audible alert; intensity adjustable.