Thursday, September 27, 2012

Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN V-Series Safety Light Screens

As an addition to the EZ-SCREEN family, Banner Engineering's V-System provides a rugged, small profile, extremely “EZ-to-use” safety light screen that does not require configuration. The system is preconfigured for Trip Output, 2-channel EDM (that can be de-selected) and Scan Code 1.


  • A two-piece design optoelectronic safeguarding device.
  • Compact package for smaller production machines, robust for large power presses.
  • Ease of Alignment: Bi-color LED Zone Indicators identify areas of blocked beams.
  • Metal end caps and two-sided "T" slots for a variety of mounting options.
    • Easy set up, less wiring, and lower installation costs
    • Convenient setup without configuring DIP-switches, a PC, a hand-held programmer, or other device
  • Preconfigured for Trip Output, 2-CH/No EDM and Scan Code 1 (default configuration for EZ-SCREEN 14/30 mm systems)
    • Same wiring and cordset options as EZ-SCREEN 14/30mm systems
    • Can be used as the end system in an EZ-SCREEN 14/30mm cascade system
  • 30 mm resolution with a range of 18 m.
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash, and strobe light.
    • Robust operation and advanced diagnostics minimize downtime and troubleshooting 
    • Lower power consumption allows energy saving and fewer/smaller power supplies
  • Advanced Diagnostics: 7-segment display indicates error codes to simplify troubleshooting, and number of beams blocked.
    • Flexible interfacing options (e.g. Interface Modules, Mechanically-linked Contactors, Safety Controllers, Safety PLC input and Safety BUS node/gateway
  • FMEA tested to ensure control reliability and third party certified to Type 4 per IEC61496, Category 4 PLe per EN/ISO 13849-1, SIL3 per IEC61508.
  • Two solid-state OSSD safety outputs (+24Vdc @ 0.5A).
    • Compliance with the most rigorous world-wide safety standards

Phoenix Contact VALVETRAB-MS T1/T2 Lightning Protection

Phoenix Contact's VAL-MS-T1/T2 is varistor-based lightning protection unit with a high discharge capacity and low residual voltage for Type 1 or Type 2 lightning level applications. It accommodates most power systems worldwide, even systems with high mains voltage fluctuations.

Top Features
  • Choose from the comprehensive product portfolio of three to five wire power systems
  • At only 17.7 mm per individual slice, the VAL-MS-T1/T2 can safely discharge 12.5 kA I-imp (10x350) of lighting current
  • Comes in a compact package at a low price point
Features and Benefits:

  • The plugs
    • All arrester plugs have a visual status indicator triggered by an internal thermal disconnect device
    • Each plug is testable using the CHECKMASTER test device from Phoenix Contact
    • Snap lock plug insures secure connection even when subjected to high lightning currents
    • High continuous voltage tolerance for AC and DC power systems with strong voltage fluctuations
  • The base elements
    • DIN rail-mount
    • Compact design
    • Remote monitoring

Pepperl+Fuchs Series 61 Photoelectric Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces Series 61 Photoelectric Sensors. This comprehensive family of high performance sensors enables machine builders to benefit from the powerful optical performance without the cost traditionally associated with high optical power. These UL and cUL listed sensors are available in DC models with Pepperl+Fuchs' exclusive 4-in-1™ output and AC/DC models with SPDT relay output, for an all-in-one solution that satisfies any number of application needs. Easily accessible controls simplify set-up and adjustments, and color-coded labels make it easy to identify a given sensor’s sensing mode.

“Series 61 has a rugged IP67 industry standard housing style to make it a simple drop-in replacement in many applications, while delivering optical performance that is anything but ‘standard’ - in fact these sensors deliver the best optical performance available today in sensors with similar housing styles,” says Michael Turner, Product Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs. “And because each sensor has a one-piece design and comes standard with a multifunction timer, sensitivity adjustment and the choice of a 4-in-1 output or SPDT relay, selecting the right sensor for the application has never been easier.”

4-in-1 output automatically sinks or sources depending upon the load detected, simplifying set-up while reducing costs and stock requirements by delivering four output options from a single sensor. Both 4-in-1 output models and SPDT output models include Standard Diffuse mode with a 1 m or 4 m sensing range, Diffuse with Background Suppression mode with a 500 mm or 2 m sensing range, Polarized Retroreflective mode with an 18 m sensing range and Thru-beam mode with a 60 m sensing range.

AC/DC versions with SPDT relay output are capable of switching up to 3 Amps. For the harshest applications, Series 61 sensors are also available in fiber optic versions where the sensing range is dependent on the fiber cable. The fiber optic fitting is suitable for use with all “universal” glass fiber optic cables. 

AC/DC Series 61 connection options include a 2 meter fixed cable or a 5-pin, M12 mini-style quick-disconnect. DC Series 61 connection options include a 2 meter fixed cable or a 4-pin, M12 micro-style quick-disconnect. Each sensor can be mounted via front and rear slots, rear dovetail guide or M30 x 1.5 mounting base. Additionally, cabled sensor models provide 0.5 in. – 14 NPT internal threads for use with flexible conduit.

Series 61 sensors are an ideal solution for over-the-conveyor package detection in material handling industries, as well as automotive part positioning. Additional applications where these sensors shine are industrial door control, palletizing, reliable parts detection in hot environments, overhead conveyors and small or slotted object detection.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Pepperl+Fuchs Series 61 Photoelectric Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

SMC Pneumatics D-M9P-1047 Solid State Auto Switch

The new SMC Pneumatics D-M9P-1047 solid state auto switch combines two D-M9P auto switches on one end and both are connected to one M12, 4-pin connector. The D-M9P portion has the same specifications as a standard D-M9P.

SMC Pneumatics D-M9P-1047 Solid State Auto Switch

SMC Pneumatics Technical Datasheets

Red Lion Controls G3 Kadet Operator Interface

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation, today announced that the company has expanded its portfolio of industrial automation solutions with two new additions to its G3 Kadet series of operator interface panels. With high-resolution, wide-format screens, the new G304K2 and G307K2 panels provide complete for Human Machine Interface (HMI) functionality for PLCs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices to drive productivity in industrial environments through improved visibility, management and control.

Offering the same powerful multi-protocol conversion facilities as the previous generation, the following new G3 Kadet models provide enhanced functionality for both machine builders and end users:

  • 4” G304K2 includes an Ethernet port (10 base-T/100 base-TX) and supports up to four Ethernet protocols from a list of over 70 supported protocols. Two serial protocols – chosen from a list of over 150 – may also be assigned to the unit’s RS232 and RS485 ports, allowing it to communicate with an unlimited number of disparate devices simultaneously.
  • 7” G307K2 offers a WVGA wide screen with a resolution of 800x480 for organizations who require a larger display. The high-definition display supports 32K colors to provide superior clarity for detailed user interfaces. The panel supports up to four Ethernet and three serial protocols simultaneously.
Both models excel at protocol conversion, which allows integrators and system designers to seamlessly integrate disparate equipment. The ability to easily integrate devices from different manufacturers enables machine builders to select the most cost-effective PLCs, drives and motion controllers while end users leverage best-in-class components for the task at hand. End users are also able to use the Ethernet port to upgrade existing serial-based control systems, which avoids the risk and downtime associated with traditional PLC upgrades.

“Our new high-resolution 4” and 7” operator interface panels offer more capabilities at half the cost of many competing full-feature display panels,” said Jeff Thornton, director of product management at Red Lion Controls. “With the addition of these new models, Red Lion offers you a comprehensive range of HMIs for numerous industrial applications.”

Red Lion’s Crimson 3.0 software, which includes access to over 220 communications protocols, comes standard with either model for easy deployment and programming. This allows you to cost-effectively standardize on one HMI for all of their machines, regardless of the PLC or drive manufacturer used.

Red Lion Controls G3 Kadet Operator Interface

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets

Turck BL67 Multiprotocol Ethernet Gateway

TURCK announces the BL67 Multiprotocol Ethernet gateway for Ethernet/IP™ and Modbus™ TCP/IP. Designed to provide a reliable communication solution for on-machine, modular I/O applications, the BL67 is ideal for use in environments where conditions may not be conducive to traditional I/O. The BL67 satisfies applications requiring digital or analog inputs and outputs, specialty I/O such as SSI, RFID, and serial inputs to Industrial Ethernet networks.

Featuring TURCK’s unique Multiprotocol technology, the BL67 gateway combines multiple Ethernet protocols in a single device, yet only allows one Ethernet master to control the outputs while the input and diagnostic data is available to the other protocols. The BL67 offers isolated power for high density digital inputs and outputs, analog I/O including temperature inputs, the ability to elevate RFID, serial, encoder, and counter I/O to Ethernet for flexible application requirements. An integrated Ethernet switch allows a line topology between multiple gateways without using an external switch, eliminating the need for additional cable runs to the PLC.

“The TURCK BL67 Ethernet gateway with Multiprotocol technology offers users the exclusive advantage for their device to automatically configure itself based on the Ethernet host system that will be deployed,” said Matt Boudjouk, Product Manager. “This simplifies operations for our customers who manufacture or design equipment for an end-user base that has differing preferences between Industrial Ethernet protocols.”

The BL67 ensures durable performance with models available in IP67 rated housing.

Turck BL67 Multiprotocol Ethernet Gateway

Turck Technical Datasheets

Honeywell Sensing and Control PX2 Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

Honeywell is pleased to announce an extension to the PX2 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers which expands the PX2 Series offering to over 5,000 possible standard configurations. Two new connector types are included in this product line extension:

  • 1 Meter cable harness connector
    • Offers unlimited possibilities for electrical connections.
    • Simplifies design-in to the customers application .
  • Deutsch DTM04-3P sealed connector
    • Provides a mating connector that is IP69K rated.
    • For use primarily in Transportation applications.
The previous portfolio included the Packard Metripak 150 connector that is IP65 rated. With this product line extension, the cable harness and Deutsch connectors are IP69K rated. In addition, they are dust tight and able to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature wash-down applications allowing for use in tough environments.

Honeywell Sensing and Control PX2 Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

Honeywell Sensing and Control Technical Datasheets