Monday, February 29, 2016

Turck Capacitive Sensors with Teachable Capabilities

Turck is expanding its portfolio of capacitive sensors, now offering 18mm and 30mm capacitive barrel sensors with teachable capabilities. The new offering comes in two variants – teach by wire or teach by button.

The teach by button variant can be taught by a single press of a button, saving valuable installation and configuration time. Both present and absent media can be taught for a higher sensitivity teach. The variant without a push button can be taught either by a teach adapter or teach by wire (pin 5), which allows for a tamper-resistant installation. Each variant is available in either PNP or NPN.

The 18 mm housed version offers a 5 mm sensing range when flush mounted and a 7.5 mm range when not flush mounted. The 30 mm housed version offers a 10 mm sensing range when flush mounted, with a sensing range of 15 mm when not flush mounted. The expanded offering can be switched between NC and NO, and provides optical programming feedback through LEDs.

Turck Capacitive Sensors with Teachable Capabilities

Turck Technical Datasheets

Friday, February 26, 2016

Phoenix Contact MINI Analog to Frequency Transducer

Phoenix Contact introduces a new configurable, freely adjustable, analog-to-frequency transducer with additional switching output and limit-value functionality. This latest addition to the MINI Pro Analog family can convert standard analog signals to frequency signals or to pulse-width-modulated signals (PWM signals). Current signals between 0-24mA and voltage signals between 0-12V can be processed on the input side. Frequency signals between 0-11kHz and PWM signals between 0-100% are possible on the output side.

In addition, the output can also be operated as a switching output, which means that two switching thresholds can be set independently of one another. The minimum measuring span is 1mA and 0.5V. Full accuracy is maintained with a measuring span greater than 10mA and 5V. You can configure the device using one of the free software solutions. Default settings can also be made directly on the device by simply using the DIP switches. The measuring transducer supports fault monitoring and NFC communication.


  • MINI Pro housing features
  • Frequency output can be used as second switching output as an option
  • Freely adjustable input and output
  • Screw or push-in connection available
  • Can be supplied with customer-specific configuration or default configuration
  • Reinforced Safe isolation (3kV) according to IEC 61010-1
  • Wide power circuit input range of 9.6 to 30VDC makes for easy implementation into 12V battery-powered or remote systems
  • Conformance and Approvals: CE, UL CID2, ATEX, EAC

Friday, February 19, 2016

Phoenix Contact Radioline Wired Multiplexer

Phoenix Contact's RAD-RS485-IFS head station enables multipoint I/O multiplexing or Modbus RTU bus coupler operation over a dedicated wired network using Radioline platform I/O. The small form factor, hardened I/O, and the hot-swap functionality make this platform ideal for harsh environments that may not be suited for Inline systems.

In addition, the RAD-RS485-IFS is easy to configure for multipoint I/O mapping using the same method as the wireless Radioline products. No software is required for simple setups, and it uses PSI-Conf software for diagnostics or advanced setups.

  • Easy setup via thumbwheels -- no software required
  • Advanced setup and diagnostics available using PSI-CONF software
  • Multiplex up to 99 stations over a wired RS-485 network
  • Radioline platform compatibility

  • Extended temperature (-40° to 70°C)
  • Isolated, hot-swappable, modular I/O
  • Hazardous location approvals, including ATEX, IECEx and Class I, Division 2

  • Process monitoring and control for level, temperature, and flow
  • Consolidation of remote I/O signals
  • Simple I/O replacement

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Carling Technologies A-Series Circuit Breakers w/ Recessed Paddle Actuator

The A-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers from Carling Technologies are now available with a recessed paddle actuator for a clean, contemporary design.

Well known for their proven reliability, the A-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers are compact, temperature stable and designed for precision operation in OEM markets requiring general purpose as well as full load amp applications. When front panel operation and aesthetics demand a clean, contemporary design, the visi-rocker or paddle actuators are ideally suitable. Sealed, toggle actuator style is ideal for harsh environment applications requiring additional sealing protection. Optional rocker-guard and push-to-reset bezels, which help prevent inadvertent actuation, are also available.

A-Series circuit breakers are available with 1-6 poles; ratings from 0.02 to 50 amps, up to 277VAC or 80VDC; UL Recognized, UL Listed, UL1500, UL1077, TUV, VDE & CSA

Carling Technologies A-Series Circuit Breakers w/ Recessed Paddle Actuator

Carling Technologies Technical Datasheets

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Banner Engineering DXM100 Wireless Controller

Banner Engineering's DXM100 Controller is an industrial wireless controller developed to facilitate Ethernet connectivity and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Available with an internal DX80 Gateway or a MultiHop Data Radio, this powerful Modbus communications device connects local wireless networks with the internet and/or host systems.

  • ISM radios available in 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz for local wireless network
  • Converts Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP or Ethernet I/P
  • Logic controller can be programmed using action rules and ScriptBasic
  • Micro SD card for data logging
  • Email and text alerts
  • Local I/O options: universal inputs, NMOS outputs, and analog outputs
  • Powered by 12-30VDC, 12VDC solar panel, or battery backup
  • RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet communications ports; and a USB configuration port
  • LCD display for I/O information and user programmable LEDs

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Schmersal AZM400 Safety Switch

The AZM400 is a safety rated, motorized bolt lock with an integrated RFID based electronic safety sensor. It is a unique addition to our family of solenoid interlocks and complements our already successful, patented pulse-echo technology and RFID components. The AZM400 meets stringent North American and European Standards, are cUL and CE approved, and can be used in the highest level of machine safety circuits, PLe to ISO13849-1 and SIL 3 to IEC61508 as well as the latest ISO14119 standard.

  • Bi-stable motorized locking bolt which maintains the last locked status in event of power failure
  • Intelligent locking function will autonomously retry if the bolt is obstructed during extension
  • 10,000 N holding force
  • Visual diagnostics via 3 integrated LEDs
  • Rugged aluminum die cast housing
  • M12 quick-connect connector
  • Integrated RFID sensor
  • Individual coding variants available – providing enhanced protection against tampering
  • Manual release (M5 triangle key) or emergency release (T) to manually retract the locked bolt
  • Electronic manual release (E) is available via connection to auxiliary power supply

Red Lion Controls E3 High-Density I/O Modules

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the availability of its new rugged E3 I/O™ module platform, a set of 17 high-density I/O modules with hardened metal enclosures and powerful communication options. This versatile platform marks Red Lion’s first rugged I/O modules configurable using Crimson® 3.0 software.

Designed to withstand the critical demands of localized and distributed I/O applications, Red Lion’s Crimson-enabled E3 I/O modules feature robust networking capabilities with redundant Ethernet ports and built-in serial communication. With one RS-485 terminal block and dual Ethernet ports that include user-selectable Ethernet modes for ring, pass through and two network, the easy-to-deploy E3 I/O modules can eliminate the need for additional switching devices. In addition, these modules offer up to 34 mixed I/O points including input/output, analog/discrete and temperature I/O for complex industrial applications.

“Customers today are demanding both more I/O connectivity and mixed I/O types – digital, analog or temperature – because of the variety of sensors and inputs needed to monitor complex systems,” said Paul Bunnell, director of automation product management at Red Lion Controls. “To keep industrial operations running smoothly, organizations require easy-to-configure equipment with multiple connectivity options and rugged enclosures that enable reliable performance in harsh environments.”

Available in DIN-rail and panel-mount form factors, Red Lion’s E3 I/O modules feature rugged metal enclosures to support wide environmental tolerances and enable seamless integration into any industrial environment. Wide -40° to +75°C operating temperature, high shock and vibration ratings coupled with industry certifications that include UL Class I, Division 2 listing, ATEX* and IECEx* approvals make each E3 I/O module safe for use with industrial control equipment in hazardous locations around the world. Developed for industries including oil and gas, water, utilities, marine, transportation and mining, the E3 I/O module platform is ideal for critical-uptime applications that need to expand I/O for devices such as Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) or standalone deployments.

* Model specific, see documentation for details

Red Lion Controls E3 High-Density I/O Modules

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets

Crydom DRH AC Output Solid State Contactors

Crydom is pleased to announce the new DRH Series of AC Output Solid State Contactors. Based on the same technology and compact 45mm size of the SOLICON DRC, the most innovative compact DIN Rail Mount, IEC standard based contactors in the market, combines all the advantages of a solid state design with the functionality and simplicity of use of an electromechanical contactor.

While the DRC series was intended for motor applications, the DRH Series, thanks to the enhanced power of 20 Amps on each channel, is intended to switch any resistive as well as inductive loads; it is the perfect solution in any heating application in market segments such as Plastic, Packaging, HVAC, Food & Beverage, Printing and Medical. This product is an ideal replacement of electromechanical contactors when higher reliability is needed or when fast cycling is frequent. Their compact size and easy installation make these devices an optimum solution in commercial and industrial applications, especially when retrofitting. Reliable operation is ensured by means of the integrated over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, high I2t and surge current ratings and immunity conformance to industrial standards.

  • Rating up to 600 VAC, 18 A (3 controlled legs), 20 A (2 controlled legs)
  • Integrated over-voltage protection
  • Integrated over-temperature protection
  • Alarm output in case of over-temperature
  • Enclosed heat sink eliminates the need for protective earth connection
  • 4-32 VDC or 90-280 VAC control input

Thursday, February 4, 2016

E-T-A X3120-A Filtered Power Entry Module

E-T-A's new X3120-A power entry module, in combination with E-T-A’s 3120-F double pole thermal circuit breaker, combines a C14 IEC appliance inlet, line filter, on/off rocker switch and resettable overcurrent protection in a single component.

  • ON/OFF switch
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Trip indication with optional illumination
  • C14 filtered inlet (general performance, general performance medical and high performance medical)

  • Reduces overall equipment costs
  • Streamlines component selection
  • Saves design space and wiring
  • Allows engineers to design more compact and competitive products

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Turck Extended Range Stainless Steel-Faced Sensors

Turck is pleased to announce the addition of a 2-wire, DC stainless steel-faced sensors with an extended sensing range. With the extended range additions, Turck furthers its most complete line of stainless steel-faced sensors in North America.

Stainless steel-faced sensors are an ideal fit to be used as substitutes for traditional plastic faced sensors in applications where the sensors are routinely damaged by impact. The one piece housing is made from high grade stainless steel which resists corrosion and is rated IP67 against moisture ingress. The standard temperature rating for the line is -25°C to +70°C.

The rugged construction and design of the stainless steel sensor line allows it to fit the needs of a wide variety of applications. PTFE or WeldGuard® coating is available upon request.

Turck Extended Range Stainless Steel-Faced Sensors Press Release

Turck Technical Datasheets