Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Lion Controls GSM Cellular Connectivity for Data Station Plus and Modular Controller Series

Red Lion announces the release of the GSM Cellular Modem card for the Data Station Plus and Modular Controller Series. This new expansion card allows the Data Station Plus or Modular Controller to communicate via cellular technology, providing unprecedented connectivity for remote and mobile applications.

The Data Station Plus and Modular Controller series already provided cellular connectivity, but only through the use of external third-party modems. By embedding the technology within the interface, Red Lion has created a reliable, easy to configure data management system for remote applications. The expansion module requires a standard network provider "SIM card", allowing you to choose their own cellular plan.

Once connected to a cell network, you can take advantage of the powerful feature set. The built-in web server allows you to monitor and control their processes, while the advanced messaging function dials out to provide early warning of process failures via text messages and email. The integrated IT-Ready data logger records system performance and events for later review. The powerful port-sharing feature even allows many PLCs and other devices to be remotely reprogrammed through the Data Station Plus or Modular Controller for the ultimate in remote system management.

The XCGSM card is configured via Red Lion's free Crimson® 2.0 software.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Lion Controls PAXLT Temperature Meter

Red Lion is pleased to announce the latest release in our new PAX® Lite Series, the PAXLT Temperature Meter. Like the earlier releases of the PAXLA and PAXLCR, the meter features a universal power supply and easy PAX style programming. Also included is dual setpoint control, allowing the PAXLT to provide users with an upper and lower control limit via two 5 Amp Form C relays.

The PAXLT can accept up to 14 different RTD and thermocouple inputs. The user programmable meter offers cold junction compensation, temperature scale, decimal point display, display offset and filtering. In addition to temperature, the PAXLT can display the minimum and maximum temperature for a given period.

The PAX Lite Series allows users to address a wide range of applications with one meter to reduce inventory and simplify unit programming.

Banner Engineering SSM Safe Speed Monitoring Module

Banner Engineering has produced the SSM Safe Speed Monitoring Module to provide a solution to identify when hazardous motion has stopped or reached a “safe” speed in which there is no longer a hazard to individuals. The SSM modules can also identify under-speed or over-speed situations.
  • Dual-channel redundancy
  • Monitors 2 sensors with PNP outputs
  • Monitors rotation (rpm) or linear movement
  • LED indication for power, input 1 and input 2
  • 24V ac/dc operation
  • Feedback input monitors external machine control elements
  • 2 redundant, forced guided output contacts rated at 4A, plus one auxiliary N.C. output contact
  • Stop Category 0, per ISO 13850 (EN 418)
  • Category 3, per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1)
  • DIN-rail mountable 45 mm wide housing with removable terminal blocks
  • Energizes output relays (closes N.O. contacts), when speed drops below set value, for "standstill" (under-speed) monitoring
  • De-energizes output relays (opens N.O. contacts), when speed rises above set value, for over-speed monitoring

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turck FM Approved Quick Disconnect Sensor-Cordset Combination

TURCK has expanded its offering of FM approved 12, 18 and 30 mm 3-wire DC barrel sensor and cordset combinations. Now, quick disconnect sensors may be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D environments when equipped with a TURCK lokfast™ guard. TURCK sensors with potted-in cable for use with conduit are also FM approved for these locations.

TURCK’s lokfast guards render quick disconnections not “normally arching” by eliminating access to the coupling nut and requiring a tool for removal. The ability to use quick disconnect technology enables customers to install sensors faster and at a lower installed cost than traditional conduit methods. All TURCK sensors that carry FM approval also carry IEC IP 68 degree of protection.

TURCK’s ITC rated M12 eurofast ® or 7/8 16UN minifast ® connectors and cable are also FM approved when used with the lokfast guard.

Turck FM Approved Quick Disconnect Sensor-Cordset Combinations

Turck Technical Datasheets

Friday, May 22, 2009

Schneider Electric Supplemental and Obsolescence Digest 175

A vital complement to Schneider Electric’s Digest 175, the Supplemental and Obsolescence catalog contains additional information on domestic and international products, along with technical information on obsolescent and obsolete products.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Schneider Electric Digest 175

Schneider Electric's Digest 175 contains critical selection, pricing and ordering information for all of their products. Separated into 27 product sections, this digest is a valuable resource for all of your energy management needs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New 80/20 Design DVD

The 80/20 DVD includes all of the tools and information you need to design your project in one handy DVD. NEW in this version - drawing files in 6 different formats easily download to your machine for your design! Included on this DVD are:

Design Tools:
  • Drawing files for use with SolidWorks
  • AutoQuoterX Design Software
  • Deflection CalculatorX
  • Over 13,000 2D and 3D drawing files
Reference Library:
  • 80/20's Catalog #15
  • Made with 80/20 Stuff books
  • Software Tutorials
  • Aluminum vs. Steel

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Schneider Electric Literature: Altivar & Altistart Line of Drives and Soft Starts

The Altivar family of variable speed AC drives and soft starts from Schneider Electric presents the most advanced and user-friendly solutions in the marketplace.  Featuring proprietary motor control algorithms to achieve optimal reactions times and complete scalability to match your application requirements for speed, size and protection, the complete line of Altivar and Altistart products provides the flexibility and performance to:

  • Meet the needs of a broad range of industries including HVAC, pump, material handling, hoisting, packaging and many more.
  • Reduce your energy costs using proprietary energy saving technologies available only from Schneider Electric.
  • Improve your up-time by simplifying installation, configuring and maintenance by providing advanced diagnostics, industry leading voltage ride thru capability and seismic qualified products.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Literature from IDEC: Safety One FS1A Safety Controller

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) environments, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is given the top priority.  Enabling switches, emergency stop switches, light curtains, and other safety products are used to provide safety, and the IDEC SafetyOne can monitor and evaluate the safety information from the safety products most effectively.

The SafetyOne satisfies the highest requirements of key safety standards, such as category 4 of EN 954-1, SIL3 of IEC 61508, and performance level e of EN ISO 13849-1.  The new safety controller of innovative concept helps you implement applications without requiring any programming.  All you need is to select one of the eight logic functions; operation starts simply by connecting safety inputs and output equipment.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pepperl+Fuchs AS-Interface Safety Switches

The doors and safety cages in active machinery areas have to be monitored to ensure worker safety. For this application Pepperl+Fuchs offers accessories to their AS-Interface safety switches. Accessories include a door handle and installation plate, which makes mounting simple and economical. In this example, the door closure, the guard-locking function and the enabling switch on the protected work-cell is monitored by AS-Interface.

The latching function signals to the control system whether the door is open or closed and protects personnel from direct contact with the machine. The guard locking function ensures that the protective doors cannot be opened during operation. Enabling switches ensure safe working conditions in the machine area during setup and maintenance work.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

Pepperl+Fuchs Reduction Factor 1 Sensor w/ 12mm Sensing Range

The Pepperl+Fuchs NRB12 inductive proximity sensor recognizes all types of metals with the same sensing range.

The NRB12 inductive sensor with reduction factor 1 is ideal for automotive applications.

In this application, the sensor's high sensing range of 12 mm detects the placement of automobile doors on a robotic assembly line.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

Pepperl+Fuchs VDM54 Laser Distance Measurement Sensors

Distance control is important along a continuously-moving overhead conveyor to ensure safety and avoid collisions. The Pepperl+Fuchs VDM54 laser distance measurement sensor monitors and measures the distance between products to keep equal spacing and positioning. VDM laser sensors provide an analog output (4-20mA) proportionate to how close or far an object or reflector is from the sensor, which makes them an ideal solution for most types of measurement and inspection applications, i.e., in the automotive industry. During turns the beam can be switched to the right or the left. This enables the preceding vehicle to be "seen" in a turn.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

Pepperl+Fuchs Automatic Crane Positioning

Automatic cranes are a typical application for the Pepperl+Fuchs WCS2 position encoding system in combination with aluminum profile system and command car which guarantees the perfect position between read head and code rail at every position, and decouples potential vibrations of the crane. For cranes that are used outdoors, read heads are available with an optional heating, increasing the temperature range from -40 to 60°C.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

Monday, May 11, 2009

Banner Engineering PresencePLUS Sealed P4 Omni Vision Camera

Banner Engineering's IEC IP68-rated P4 Omni vision camera was developed for applications where ruggedized and/or washdown products are required. These applications include implementations in the Food and Beverage industry, the Packaging industry, Material Handling, and Automotive.

  • Ruggedized housing and connectors
  • Washdown rating of IEC IP68
  • Available for standard, high-resolution 1.3 megapixel, and Color OMNI
  • Supports wide range of lighting
  • Supports standard C-mount lenses
  • Choice of lens enclosure or integrated IP68 Ring Light LED..R90S Series
  • Supports Banner Engineering's standard PresencePLUS user interface, image processing, and communications

Friday, May 8, 2009

Phoenix Contact QUINT SFB 12VDC/20A Power Supply

The new Phoenix Contact QUINT SFB 12 V DC/20 A power supply is the latest offering in the QUINT SFB power supply line. This power supply makes Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology available for a wider range of applications.

  • Worldwide input voltage range − 85-264 V AC
  • Adjustable output voltage of 5-18 V DC − Wide range of applications
  • Power Boost − 26 A Power Boost provides ample current for starting additional loads
  • Extended diagnostics − Indication of both DC OK and Power Boost modes

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Turck M8 Cordsets with EMI/RFI Protection

TURCK is now offering the option to completely shield M8 picofast ® cordsets by connecting a braided shield directly to the coupling nut. This provides a cost-effective and reliable connection with 100 percent cable and connector shielding, which protects against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

The 3 and 4-pin cordsets are available with flexlife ® PVC or PUR jacketed cable. All connectors deliver IEC IP 67 protection.

The M8 picofast line, like most TURCK cordsets, provides male or female, straight and right angle connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions. Fully encapsulated mating receptacles are also offered, completing the system.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CST / Crydom Evolution Dual Output Solid State Relays

Crydom, an operation of Custom Sensors and Technologies (CST) and global expert in solid state relay technology, introduces a new line of AC output Dual Solid State Relays featuring new IP20 “touch safe” covers and LED input status indicators.  

Evolving from Crydom’s successful “D” and “H12” series Dual SSRs, the Evolution Duals offer an improved mechanical and thermal design providing higher capacity outputs and significantly increased power density.  Screw termination suitable for rated load currents to 50 amps/ 660 VAC per channel is standard in either “SSR” or “Contactor” configurations.  Each AC output channel features high power SCRs with high surge ratings and is available with either zero voltage or random turn on.

Four different input termination options (pin, locking connector, detachable barriers w/screws, and direct wire) are available with three different input voltage ratings including a wide range 4 to 32 VDC current regulated version.  LED input status indicators for both channels are standard. 

Evolution Dual SSRs are UL and cUL recognized, TUV approved, RoHS compliant and CE certified.  Optional clear IP20 touch safe covers are available allowing a clear view of the power lead terminations while providing touch safe operation.  Crydom’s new Evolution Duals are for use in a wide variety of applications including Heating, Lighting and Motion Control due to its industry standard footprint.