Friday, May 28, 2010

Turck AS-interface Speed Monitor

TURCK introduces a new AS-interface (AS-i) speed monitor that monitors safety speed and stop conditions on up to two axes. The speed monitor, manufactured by Bihl+Wiedemann, is part of the large range of AS-i safety products distributed by TURCK in the United States.

The speed monitor may be quickly programmed using a confi guration push-button or by using AS-i control tools. When the speed falls below the designated threshold, the device sends a signal to AS-i. An integrated chip card records the programmed parameters so the device does not require reprogramming when accessing the machine after a controlled stop.

Turck AS-interface Speed Monitor

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Turck CANopen Gearless Compact Absolute Encoders

TURCK has recently added a CANopen version to its line of F36 absolute encoders. The K├╝bler by TURCK F36 encoder series is characterized by its compact size, high performance and robust design, making them well suited for drive engineering or medical technology applications.

The F36 series is the first optical multiturn encoder without gears on the market, making them completely insensitive to magnetic fields. These encoders feature a hollow shaft diameter up to 10 mm in a device of only 36 mm. Despite its compact design, it is IP67 rated and has a wide temperature range of -30 to 85°C. Using OptoASIC technology enables the F36 encoder to reach a high resolution of up to 16 bits for singleturn applications; the multiturn version has a resolution of up to 32 bits.

Turck CANopen Gearless Absolute Encoders

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Banner Engineering 2010 Product Catalog

Banner Engineering’s 2010 Products Catalog showcases products from all divisions, including Sensors, Vision, Wireless, Indicators and Machine Safety. The catalog features multiple navigation options, applications and product comparisons, and detailed specifications for brackets, cordsets and other accessories. 832 pages printed on full color, divided into five product categories.

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Panduit Industrial Automation Brochure

Whether the solutions is for electrical, networking, or control systems, Panduit is uniquely qualified to understand the complexities of plant-level networks and controls. From monitoring production processes to optimizing pathway design, Panduit’s Industrial Automation Solutions ease the deployment of industrial networks and automation control systems to enable expansion of operations, increase collaboration, and enhance productivity.

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Phoenix Contact 16-Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Phoenix Contact expands the SFN and SFNT lines of unmanaged Ethernet switches with the introduction of six new models suitable for standard industrial use, as well as for applications in harsh environments. Both the SFN and SFNT products offer superior price and functional value while providing highly reliable industrial Ethernet connections for a wide range of applications.

The new switches have the following features:

  • 14 – 16 10/100 mbps ports
  • One or two multimode fiber (100 mbps) ports with SC connection
  • Plug-and-play simplicity with no software configuration
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to +75°C (SFNT), 0°C to 60°C (SFN)
  • Redundant power supply inputs
  • Alarm contact for power monitoring
  • Individual port LEDs to indicate communication activity and data rate
  • 12 V DC to 48 V DC voltage range
  • UL 1604 Class I, Division 2 certification (pending)
  • Increased noise immunity: exceeds IEC 61000-4
  • Superior shock (25 G) and vibration (5 G) ratings
  • Compact size (70 mm housing width) for space-sensitive applications

Phoenix Contact Nanoline GSM Modem

The NLC-COM-GSM communication expansion module allows the Nanoline controller to communicate using the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network. This wireless network is the same network that supports cellular phones, providing communication access from virtually anywhere (except Japan). The NLC-COM-GSM allows easy and cost-efficient communication via SMS to remote locations that require simple control capabilities. Examples include: remote pumping or monitoring sites, or any location that has cell phone coverage but does not have pre-existing phone land lines or Ethernet lines.

The Nanoline GSM communication expansion module connects to the left of the Nanoline base station and is configured with the Nanonavigator software. The GSM modem’s non-volatile memory holds up to eight 18-digit phone numbers. These numbers are then transferred to the SIM card installed in the NLCCOM- GSM modem. The modem’s phone book can store up to eight phone numbers that can be configured to receive program messages and/or fault or warning messages. The phone book may also be used to limit access of incoming SMS messages.

The introduction of the GSM modem adds a unique feature to the Nanoline programmable controller family. There is no other nano PLC with an integrated GSM modem. Sending an SMS message is just as easy as sending a message to the optional Nanoline LCD operator panel.

The GSM modem offers an innovative approach by integrating the modem directly into the Nanoline system, rather than through a serial connection to a third party radio. In addition, the GSM modem will automatically send fault and warning messages and respond to SMS commands to read and write registers, flags, timers, counters and I/O, independently of the application program, completely eliminating this development task.

For the U.S. market, a version with an integrated STANZA SIM card is available (NLC-COM-GSM-USA - part number 2701345).

Phoenix Contact Nanoline GSM Modem

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IDEC Force Guided Relays

IDEC Force Guided Relays are used in safety circuits to detect failures such as contact welding and damage to the contact spring. Contacts of a force guided relay are forced to open and close by a guide connected to the armature. Due to requirements of standard EN50205, a force guided relay has independent NO and NC contacts. If a NO contact welds, a NC contact will not close even when the relay coil is turned off (de-energized) and must maintain a gap of at least 0.5 mm. Furthermore, if a NC contact welds, a NO contact will not close when the relay is turned on (energized) and must maintain a gap of at least 0.5 mm.

  • Response time of 8ms ensures safety by turning the load off quickly (200 m/s² minimum).
  • Compact size enables size reduction of the PC board.
  • High shock resistance suitable for use in machine tools and in environments subjected to vibration and shocks.
  • Available with a built-in LED.
  • Force guided contact mechanism complies with international standards (EN50205 Type A TUV approved).
  • PC board mount and DIN rail mount sockets are available.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IDEC MicroSmart Pentra RS485 Communication Module

Create even more powerful and flexible control systems with the new RS485 communication module for IDEC's MicroSmart Pentra PLC. MicroSmart Pentra is the only micro PLC on the market that allows your customers’ controls systems to seamlessly communicate with up to 7 serial devices via RS232C or RS485. With the new FC5A-SIF4 RS485 communication module, MicroSmart Pentra can even talk multiple communication protocols on the same system, making it simple to create a subsystem network using IDEC Datalink protocol or the standard Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol.

Only IDEC offers a communication module that enables you to configure up to seven communication ports! Connect your operator interface, PC, temperature controllers, VFDs and printer, or create a Datalink or Modbus network with up to 95,000 I/O points.

Not only does it support the standard Maintenance and User’s protocol, but also Modbus and Datalink protocol. For fast transmission speed, the FC5ASIF4 also supports communication baud rates up to 115Kbps. Up to five FC5A-SIF4 modules can be configured on the MicroSmart slim CPU, and up to three on the All-in-One CPU.

IDEC MicroSmart Pentra RS485 Communication Module

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Crydom CTR Series Three-Phase AC Solid State Relays

Crydom, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) and global expert in Solid State Relay Technology, announces the introduction of the CTR Series of 90 mm wide three-phase DIN Rail mounted AC output SSRs. The new Crydom CTR series offers UL approved AC output ratings of 25 amps per channel at 600 VAC, AC or DC input control, zero voltage or random turn on, and IP20 touch safe construction with integral heat sink. Mounting to industry standard 35 mm DIN rail, the CTR Series also includes compliance to the IEC CISPR 11 Class A emissions requirements, IEC61000-4-2 through -6, level 3, transient susceptibility standards, RoHS compliance, and CE Certification to the Low Voltage Directive.


  • Ratings 25A per phase @ 600 VAC
  • DIN-RAIL or Panel Mount 90mm (width) package
  • 100K-cycle UL 508 Endurance Rating for Enhanced Reliability
  • SCR output for heavy industrial loads
  • LED input status indicator
  • AC or DC control
  • Zero-crossing (resistive loads) or random-fire (inductive loads) output
  • UL Recognized, CE, RoHS and EMC Compliant

Crydom CTR Three-Phase AC Solid State Relays

Crydom Technical Datasheets

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phoenix Contact Push-In Technology Brochure

Push-In Technology is the new generation of modular terminal blocks in Phoenix Contact’s CLIPLINE complete system. It is now possible to wire conductors from 0.34mm² directly and without tools. The special contact spring makes plugging easier than ever and provides high contact quality.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT Traffic Lights

Banner Engineering’s EZ-LIGHT high-intensity traffic lights prevent collisions and/or injuries in both indoor and outdoor application environments such as loading docks, parking facilities, car washes and airports.

  • Pre-assembled indicators for signaling and traffic control
  • Intense levels of light output for outdoor applications
  • Sun shield included
  • Controlled field of view for signage and narrow lane use
  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install
  • Compact and completely self-contained – no controller needed
  • One, two or three indicators
  • Immune to EMI and RFI interference
  • NPN or PNP input, depending on models
  • 5-30V dc or 85-130V ac operation

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pepperl+Fuchs Miniature Inductive Proximity Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs has expanded its family of Miniature 3 mm and 4 mm diameter Inductive Proximity Sensors. These inductive sensors are available with a smooth or threaded barrel and deliver a sensing range up to 1.0 mm. Their small size and longer sensing range make them ideally suited for use in applications that require detection of small and narrow metal targets that are otherwise difficult to detect with larger body sensors.

“In applications like semiconductor and electronics machinery, grippers, counting and sorting, and other applications that are implemented in a compact machine environment, detecting metallic targets smaller than 3mm can be a significant challenge. These new miniature 3 and 4 mm inductive proximity sensors are the solution,” says David Rubinski, Product Manager.

These new inductive proximity sensors boast an all-stainless steel housing, LED indication and a 2 meter PUR cable. They feature 3-wire, 10-30 VDC connectivity, have a maximum switching frequency of 1300 Hz, and are available with normally open NPN or PNP outputs.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Honeywell Limitless Wireless Global Limit Switches

The new Honeywell Sensing and Control Limitless™ product line combines the best of MICRO SWITCH™ global switches with wireless technology. Limitless™ WGLA Series limit switches feature the latest commercial off-the-shelf wireless technology, especially beneficial for remote monitoring applications where wiring, or wiring maintenance, is not physically possible or economically feasible.

Honeywell SMART Position Sensor

Honeywell Sensing and Controls SMART Position Sensor is the most accurate and durable linear position device available in the industry (0,05 mm [0.002 in]), enabling highly accurate motion control, and improving operation efficiency and safety. Its simple, non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reducing wear and tear, improving reliability and durability, and minimizing downtime.

Honeywell Sensing and Control TruStability Silicon Pressure Sensors

The new Honeywell Sensing and Control HSC Series and SSC Series of plastic silicon pressure sensors offer different accuracies and compensated temperature ranges that address specific segment needs. These devices offer customers three key benefits not found in competitive silicon sensors:

Stability: These sensors are the most stable silicon pressure sensors available.

Accuracy: They are designed to provide an extremely tight accuracy specification.

Flexibility: Their modular and flexible design offer customers a variety of package styles and options, all with the same industry-leading performance specifications.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Turck IP20 Rated Ethernet Switch

TURCK’s new IP20 rated Ethernet switches simplify and reduce traffic on Ethernet networks. The SE20 5-port unmanaged Ethernet switch stores and forwards wirespeed switching and automatically learns up to 1,024 MAC addresses. The switch is UL approved and requires a 24 VDC power supply. The SE20 Ethernet switch also compliments TURCK’s complete line of BL20 IP20 rated products.


  • Store & forward wire-speed switching

  • Automatic address learning, aging and migration

  • Full duplex operation with fl ow control (no collisions)

  • All IEEE 802.3 Ethernet protocols supported

  • 1024 MAC addresses supported

  • Degree of protection IP 20

  • Memory bandwidth 3.2 Gbps

  • 10/100 Mbps - Auto Negotiation

  • Ethernet isolation 1500 VRMS 1 minute

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honeywell Sensing and Control XYR Wireless Position Sensors

The OneWireless™ XYR™ 6000 Position Sensor allows remote, reliable valve position monitoring in a variety of applications to avoid the time and safety risk of manually monitoring valves in hazardous areas and remote installations.

The XYR 6000 Position Sensor is based on the proven and reliable MICRO SWITCH™ CX series hazardous location limit switch available for more than 40 years.

By combining the proven functionality of MICRO SWITCH technology with an enabler like the OneWireless network, position sensors can now be used for remote monitoring applications, including: positioners, manual process valves, safety shower notification, tank level indication, door position, louver/damper position, or any other presence, absence or position sensing application where installing wires is inefficient or cost-prohibitive.

The XYR 6000 Position Sensor delivers the following benefits:

Reliable Operations - Accurately monitor process parameters in real-time and enhance disaster recovery capability.

Enhance Safety - Reduce need for human site monitoring in areas that pose a safety risk.

Reduce Environmental Risk - reduce the potential for environmental incidence through the explosion-proof packaging of the sensor mechanism and identify true valve position to minimize risk of unwanted fluid release.

Achieve Higher Efficiency and Productivity - Increase process efficiencies through accurate valve position monitoring, electronic tagging of all valves in system, improve efficiency of scheduled maintenance by targeting valves that have degraded and enhance scalability and flexibility with the ability to add/move valve position sensors.

Lower System and Commissioning Costs - Easily and quickly retrofit existing equipment, reduce system complexity and eiminate the need for conduit easements.

Honeywell Sensing and Control BX2 Hazardous Area Limit Switches

Honeywell's MICRO SWITCH™ BX Hazardous Area Limit Switch family has been expanded to include the new MICRO SWITCH™ BX2 Series featuring a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing. The BX2 Series delivers corrosion resistance and provides both cost and time savings to the end user. The stainless steel housing helps protect the switch mechanism from corrosion often present in chemical processing plants, off-shore/near shore sites, and other hazardous areas. The MICRO SWITCH™ BX2 can also save up to four-weeks down time when replacing rusty, unsafe switches along with minimizing unplanned down time.

To comply with explosion-proof switching requirements, the flame path within the switch housing is designed to contain and cool escaping hot gases and fumes that could cause an explosion outside of the switch.


  • Control valves and actuators
  • Offshore drilling
  • Gas recovery units
  • petrochemical plants
  • Grain elevators
  • Waste treatment
  • Paint booths
  • Mining conveyors
  • Pulp and paper handling
  • Hazardous waste handling

Honeywell Sensing and Control Limitless Series Wireless Global Limit Switch

The Limitless™ series of switches is based on 802.15.4 point-to-point communications and can be configured to potentially allow up to sixteen devices to communicate with one receiver module. The products are based on Honeywell's proven harsh duty and medium duty limit switches. They have the same mechanical life, temperature ratings, and sealing as standard switches, but they're wireless. Wireless functionality is implemented through an 802.15.4 open protocol RF board operating in the 2.4 GHz globally license-free frequency band. The wireless signal is received by either a panel-mount receiver, or an industrial DIN-rail module, that then converts it to an output. Outputs can be LEDs, buzzers, or electrical signals. The capability also exists to provide CAN, ProfiBus, and standard Ethernet communications.

The Limitless™ switches eliminate the need for maintenance of equipment's wiring. Because there is no actual wiring to install, no wear-and-tear to mend, no frayed cord to ever replace. Which interprets into a better bottom line and increased uptime.


  • Enables presence/absence detection in remote parts of application/machinery, where wiring is an issue or not feasible
  • Reduced installation/maintenance costs with no wires, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors, connection boxes, etc.
  • Eliminates issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment
  • Consumes ultra-low power to prolong battery life

Friday, May 7, 2010

Turck BL Compact CANopen Modules

TURCK’s BL Compact system is now available for CANopen networks, including modules with analog, digital and RFID signals. Rather than routing all signals through a control cabinet, this device makes it possible to obtain analog, digital, thermocouple, RTD, serial, RFID or a mixture of signal types in a compact, machine-mountable device.

The BL Compact system may be customized to suit a user’s specific needs, so that devices may be added to an existing network and signals may be gathered on the machine without an enclosure. This drop-in solution can be used to connect up to 16 devices—drastically reducing the time it takes to run wires for each device back to the control cabinet and the potential for wiring errors.

The BL Compact system is currently available with four, eight or 16 ports in an environmentally hardened package that is rated for IP 67, 68 and (M12) 69k protection. M8 or M12 connectors facilitate easy installation into any application, existing or new.

Turck BL Compact CANopen Modules

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Banner Engineering Productivity Solutions for Lean Manufacturing Brochure

Banner Engineering produces thousands of products for your lean manufacturing needs. Banner offers the industry’s most complete and integrated line of sensors, machine vision solutions, wireless I/O networks, safety products, and indicator lights available worldwide. This brochure illustrates Banner products in typical applications such as operator guidance/pick-to-light, semi-automated assembly, automated assembly and material handling, and package/inspect/identify/verify.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

IDEC LD6A SignaLight Towers

IDEC's LD6A SignaLights utilize the latest LED technology to provide a bright solution for supervising workstations or indicating the status of a process. These light towers were specifically created with a modern design and unique lens shape, which diffuses light to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility.

Super-bright LEDs with a life of over 30,000 hours provide an intense indication, visible from long distances. Lenses are available in red, yellow, blue, green and pure white, which work with 24V DC base units. Optional clear lenses provide a sharper contrast to help avoid confusion about whether a signal is on or off.

You can also choose between Black or Light Gray housing colors to fit your specific needs.

LD6A light towers are available in steady and steady/flashing/alarm models that pulse at 1.75Hz (105 flashes per minute). Plus two alarm styles are available — Intermittent short sound and Intermittent long sound — both of which provide 360-degree sound and volume adjustment between 70dB and 90dB. These light towers have an ellipse shape and are offered in five different mounting styles including wall mount, frame mount, direct mount, pole mount with base and pole mount with L-shaped bracket. This enables them to be mounted in difficult areas.

All LD6A light towers come prewired and preconfigured, eliminating timeconsuming wiring needs. All colored tiers come with color-coded wires, ready to operate right out of the box without additional assembly and wiring. All units also come with mounting screws and washers.

Steady units are rated IP65 and flashing units are rated IP54, except pole mounted units with L-shaped bracket, which provide IP23 degree of protection. LD6A light towers are UL/c-UL recognized and CE marked. For detailed specifications please see the brochure.

IDEC LD6A SignaLight Towers

IDEC Technical Datasheets

Monday, May 3, 2010

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K80 Call Light

Banner Engineering’s EZ-LIGHT K80 Call Light is a portable, battery-operated Andon light that can be used in locations where access to power is limited or unavailable. Andon lights on machine or production lines indicate operation status, often located overhead for workers or a supervisor to view them.

  • Illuminated dome provides easy-to-see call-for-assistance indication
  • Battery powered
  • Flashes ON/OFF
  • Switch activated
  • For “Andon” applications
  • No assembly required
  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install

Turck FM Approved Rotational Speed Interface Module

TURCK has enhanced its interface module (IM) family with the FM approved IM21 rotational speed interface module with push button and PC programmable functionality. The ability to program the modules using a PC makes device set-up easier and saves installation time. Additionally, FDT/DTM software, together with PACTware, allows multiple parameters to be set and saved.

Keeping in-line with the current IM series, the new models also incorporate the universal supply voltage feature and removable terminals, which make these easy to install in new or existing systems. The ease of use and structure of this function now allows asset management ability with trending and data logging of values. The IM21 module is also equipped with a two-line transflective LCD display that is easy to read even in bright lighting conditions.

Turck IM21 Rotational Speed Interface Module

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Banner Engineering AG4 Series Safety Laser Scanner

The Banner AG4 is a two-dimensional optical measuring safety laser scanner that emits pulses of infrared light to locate and measure the position of objects in its field of view. A single unit that works on the principle of diffuse reflection (i.e., reflected light), the AG4 is an excellent choice for irregularly shaped safeguarding in applications where a standard two- or three-piece safety light screen will not work.


  • Two-dimensional laser scanner effectively protects personnel, as well as stationary and mobile systems within a user designated area.
  • Persons or objects entering the protection field will be detected and a protective (safety) stop signal will be generated.
  • The highly flexible protective and warning fields can be set to match the shape of the work area.
  • Compact design, simple installation and easy-to-use software provide efficient integration into work zones.
  • Two solid-state OSSD safety outputs (250 mA) and two solid-state auxiliary outputs (100 mA).
  • Low power consumption (420 mA @ 24V dc) and a very forgiving supply range (24V dc +20%/-30%) require fewer or smaller power supplies, reducing power consumption.
  • Five LED diagnostic display presents system status and diagnostics of devices without connecting to a PC.
  • Rugged, die-cast aluminum housing withstands the rigor of factory floors.
  • System meets all requirements for Type 3 per IEC 61496-1/-2 Category 3 PLd per EN ISO 13849-1, and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 per IEC 61508.

Banner Engineering AG4 Series Safety Laser Scanner

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets