Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Carling Technologies BD-Series Battery Disconnect Switch

Carling Technologies BD-Series battery disconnect switch is designed to minimize battery drain, ensure maintenance personnel safety, and when used in conjunction with a padlock, provide vehicle theft protection.


  • 100-300 Amps

  • 12VDC/24VDC

  • IP67 Sealing Protection

  • Lock Compatible

Pro-face GP4000VM Series Video Unit Compatible HMI

Pro-face introduces the GP4000VM series, a video unit compatible HMI. Like all Pro-face hardware, the Pro-face GP4000VM series offers extensive connectivity with a wide range of industrial controllers. This series includes the 12.1” PFXGP4621 and the 10.4” PFXGP4521 displays, both of which allow for a video unit to be mounted on the back with minimal effort.

Visualization on manufacturing floors has become increasingly important to manage product development and avoid potential line errors. Utilizing camera monitoring allows machine operators to view and track activity, and address any hazards quickly. To address the needs of these customers, Pro-face has expanded the GP4000 Series with a video unit compatible HMI.

  • Best in class connectivity

  • Compatible with Pro-face Remote HMI

  • Compatible with EZ Series

  • Compatible software: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.07.300 or later

Harting Steel M12 INOX Connector

HARTING’s new M12 INOX connectors are made of high grade stainless steel to provide superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments, indoor or outdoor. M12 connectivity is standardized and reliable, widely used in industries like transportation, factory automation and robotics. M12 connectors stand up well in most applications, even outdoors, but when the operating environment is especially harsh – for example, extreme salt spray or mist – a stainless steel connector like the IP 65/67-rated M12 INOX is required.

Today’s connectors for such environments are expected to feature adequate encapsulation against salt spray and mist, which in turn requires more resistant materials. HARTING tested especially durable materials in developing the M12 INOX. It settled on superior V4A grade stainless steel rather the widely used V2A grade, and adapted its manufacturing processes to suit the raw material. The connectors are made with V4A that’s free of flaws to ensure that the connectors meet the IEC 60068-2-52 severity 4 standard.

The M12 INOX is designed for an ambient temperature range of -40oC to +85oC, and up to 500 mating cycles, rated for up to 4A and 250V with crimp termination. HARAX termination (IDC technology) also is supported. The M12 INOX is available in A (5 pole male), B (5 pole male and female) and D codes.

Harting Steel M12 INOX Connector Press Release

Harting Datasheets

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Schneider Electric Detached Servo Drives Lexium 62 ILD

Schneider Electric's Lexium 62 ILD detached servo drives complies with the IP 65 degree of protection. The drives can be controlled with all PacDrive LMC motion controllers of the Pro and Eco series via Sercos communication. All main components of the system are equipped with electronic name plates, so the controller recognizes the drives and configures them automatically.

SoMachine tools are the base for engineering, commissioning and diagnosis of Lexium 62 ILD servo applications.

Two types of detaches are available:
  • Lexium 62 ILD single drive for one axis
  • Lexium 62 ILD triple drive for three axes
By moving the servo out of the control cabinet and into the field, Lexium 62 ILD is reducing the significant efforts for the servo solution:
  • Plug & Play technology with pre-assembled hybrid cables
  • Up to 90% less wiring time
  • Up to 70% less cabling
  • Less wiring and cabling requirements in the control cabinet by up to 90%
  • Detached IP65 drive electronics unit, in comparison to Lexium 62 ILM more flexibility in the selection of motors
  • Quick interconnects and hybrid cables for signal and power level (same network infrastructure as used for Lexium 62 ILM
  • Automatic network configuration
  • Diagnostic functions
The Lexium 62 ILD detached servo drives can be mounted directly in the machine frame. This needs less space in the cabinet and permit modular design of mechanics, software and even electronics. It makes ILD servo modules a key element in modular machine design. Therefore Lexium 62 ILM is an ideal solution for machines with a variety of optional mechatronic modules.

Lexium 62 ILD is fully software compatible with Lexium 52 stand-alone servo drives, and with all drives and integrated drives of the Lexium 62 multi axis servo system. All together form the base for one of the most flexible servo drive solutions available on the market. The Fast Component Replacement concept with easy mechanical and electrical installation/removal, electric name plates in each drive for automatic configuring and as well the automatic motor detection offers you maximum reliability.

Schneider Electric PM8000 Power Meter

Schneider's new features for the PM8000 meter include low voltage control power capabilities as well as enhanced cybersecurity and web pages. The PowerLogic PM8000 series delivers superior revenue accuracy, and power quality compliance and analysis ideal for industrial and critical power facilities.

  • Improved cybersecurity: New features include strong password implementation and the ability to enable/disable any communication port. The PM8000 will log cybersecurity related events such as successful and unsuccessful log-in attempts, configuration changes, and resets along with date/time stamps in its event log. Data is then pushed to a network server from the meter using Syslog protocol, which enables IT managers to consolidate event information from across their entire network to better manage network availability and identify potential threats. This capability is essential for enabling NERC/CIP monitoring compliance.
  • Web page waveform data: Fully customizable web pages that show meter data will now display waveforms. All three phases for voltage and current can be viewed in any combination, with the ability to zoom in or out on the entire waveform. Access power quality data, including captured waveforms, in the meter’s web interface without the need for additional software
  • Expanded logging capability: With ~350MB of memory, each individual log is capable of logging up to 10MB allowing more data to be captured over a longer period of time or more frequently.
  • DHCP for IPv6: As facilities and campuses implement more Ethernet connected devices, the limited number of available IPv4 addresses are being quickly consumed. IPv6 provides a much larger address space and is now being utilized by governments, telecommunications, data centers and other critical power facilities. It also provides better end-to-end connectivity, faster routing, automatic device discovery and improved security.

Engineered on a compact, modular and flexible platform, the PowerLogic PM8000 series meters have the versatility to perform nearly any metering job at key points throughout a facility. Available in panel-mount and DIN rail-mount form factors with high-visibility color displays, the meters are additionally compliant with ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2, IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S (real energy), and IEC 61557-12. This accuracy combined with the meter’s extensive I/O options makes the PM8000 series meters ideal for unified metering of all WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam) utilities.

Schneider Electric PM8000 Power Meter Press Release

Schneider Electric Datatsheets

Schneider Electric Lexium 32i PROFINET Module

Schneider Electric is proud to launch the latest addition to the Lexium Line – the Lexium 32I PROFINET module. This new module increases the communications capabilities of their industry-leading motor drives, opening opportunities for better integration with common controllers, including those by Siemens and other manufacturers. 

With servo motor and drive integrated in one housing, the Lexium 32i is designed for application areas requiring high precision and advanced motor control. Unlike traditional servo drives that are installed in a cabinet, the Lexium 32i servo drive is installed directly on the machine to help you improve cost, energy, and can reduce cabinet space by up to 60%. 

Thanks to standard safety functions (STO), communication options, backup memory card, and its modular design, the Lexium 32i sets itself apart in the marketplace to meet the needs of today’s machine builders.

Schneider Electric Lexium 32i PROFINET Module Press Release

Schneider Electric Datasheets

Banner Engineering Exceptional Performance and Precision in a Miniature Sensor

Banner's VS8 Series Miniature Sensors fit into the smallest spaces and provide exceptional sensing performance and precision. They reliably detect very small parts and other challenging targets, such as dark, multicolored, or reflective objects. These miniature sensors are ideal for use in small spaces and near moving parts on machinery. They are also an easy-to-implement and cost-effective alternative to fiber optic systems in some applications. 

  • Versatility: Sensors in the VS8 series have a space-saving form factor (21.1 mm x 14.6 mm x 8 mm). They are available in laser and LED models and in four different sensing modes. You can match the sensing technology to the application without altering equipment design.

  • Rapid Integration: Industry standard side mounting holes with 15 mm spacing simplify installation on new or existing equipment. The dovetail mounting option allows ±10° tip/pivot adjustments for quick, precise alignment. High-visibility status LEDs, electronic push-button and remote input teach make it easy to program the sensors.

  • Precision: Models with a red laser sensing beam have a bright, precise spot for detecting small objects and multicolored targets. Red laser models with adjustable or fixed-field background suppression can detect an object with a diameter of 0.5 mm at a distance of 70 mm. 

  • Reliable Detection of Challenging Targets: Models with a blue LED sensing beam reliably detect difficult targets with dark or reflective surfaces and transparent objects, like foils, thin films, glass, and plastic. These models do not require a reflector, ideal for use in space-constrained applications.
Banner Engineering Miniature Sensor Press Release 
Banner Engineering Datasheets

Phoenix Contact Limited Lifetime Warranty

Phoenix Contact USA customers now have access to the automation industry’s most extensive limited lifetime warranty policy. The warranty applies to a wide range of Phoenix Contact products and is exclusive to U.S. customers who register and use Phoenix Contact power supplies and surge protection to protect electronics in their applications. Phoenix Contact is a world leader in automation and industrial connection technologies, electronic interface systems, and low-voltage power products. 

“For almost 100 years, engineers and automation professionals have relied on Phoenix Contact,” said Jack Nehlig, President of Phoenix Contact USA. “With this exciting new Cabinet Confidence initiative, we are elevating our customer commitment to the next level—our goal is to be our customers’ most trusted partner by improving the long-term reliability of their systems and applications.” 

To qualify for coverage under the Cabinet Confidence Limited Lifetime Warranty, customers must first register at and appropriately power and protect all Phoenix Contact electronic products with Phoenix Contact power supplies and surge protection. Certain restrictions apply. Coverage is limited to Phoenix Contact products sold in the USA. See complete terms and conditions for full details. 

Banner Engineering's Cost - Effective Wireless Nodes for Price Sensitive Applications

The popular Performance Series of wireless Nodes adds two new cost-effective models for use in large deployments and price-sensitive applications. Like other Nodes in the Performance Series, the new Basic Nodes offer the same performance capabilities, options for integrated I/O, and include an internal battery and antenna. Unlike other Performance Series Nodes, they do not feature rotary dials or an LCD screen. 

  • Cost-Effective Price Point: Basic models in the Performance Series cost approximately 25% – 30% less than standard models, making them a cost-effective solution for monitoring multiple points in large installations.

  • Solve Simple Applications: Performance P6L Nodes have a 1-wire serial interface, making it easy to add wireless connectivity to Banner’s temperature and humidity sensors, vibration and temperature sensors, ultrasonic and similar sensors.

  • Monitor Multiple Devices: With one configurable discrete input, one configurable analog input, and one thermistor input, Performance P14L Nodes can provide wireless connectivity to multiple devices at the same time, including ultrasonic sensors, thermistors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, and more. 

  • Banner Engineering's Cost - Effective Wireless Nodes for Price Sensitive Applications Press Release 

Banner Engineering's New 14 Color & Display Options in One Tower Light Segment

The newest light segment for TL70 Series Tower Lights utilizes new LED technology to support 14 color choices in a single modular segment. The versatility offered by this high-visibility LED light segment makes it easy to create custom indication solutions, modify existing tower lights, and simplify stocking requirements.

  • Versatility: An RGB14 segment will display any one of 14 standard colors with either continuous ON or flashing/strobing display. It can be used with a standard or wireless TL70 base as well as other RGB14 segments, one-color segments, an audible segment, and a wireless communication segment. Users can easily create custom indication solutions or modify an existing tower light.

  • Easy Installation & Configuration: Segments stack one on top of the other and lock into position with a turn and click: up to six segments in one tower light. One DIP switch determines segment position in the tower and a second DIP switch bank determines color, animation, and intensity. 

  • Simplified Ordering & Stocking: With 14 color options embedded in a single segment, you can standardize stock on the RGB14 segment and configure the color and display to meet the specific needs of any application in real time.

Banner Engineering's New 14 Color & Display Options in One Tower Light Segment Press Release
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