Monday, June 30, 2008

IDEC LW Silhouette Switches

LW Silhouette switches from IDEC make a personal statement about style with sharp lines and stunning colors. Projecting only 2mm when mounted on a panel, these switches provide a sleek, updated look while maintaining the highest levels of reliability.  Don't miss this chance to add style and value to their applications!

These switches are perfect for customers in industries requiring a hygienic surface. LW switches are flush mounted, eliminating the need for accessories or additional parts. Not only that, but the smooth design cuts down on surface area preventing dust and other particles from accumulating on the machine.

Available in equally enticing round and square shapes (square switch guards also available), you get a complete selection of pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and key selector switches. Choose between PCB mount, solder tab/quick connect or screw terminals. Plus key selector switches offer a high-security lock mechanism
giving added safety to any application.

All LW switches are UL recognized, CSA certified and CE marked, as well as provide an IP65
degree of protection. Plus there are six brilliant colors to choose from.

New 80/20 Inc. Main Catalog

80/20 Inc.’s new Catalog 15, titled, “The Standard”, contains their complete product line of T-Slotted aluminum extrusions and accessories.  Replacing their “Big Book of Solutions”, this catalog not only contains details on all of their products, but also company and product overviews and a collection of applications created with 80/20 products.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pepperl+Fuchs VB6-240 Ultra-Compact Barcode Scanner

Effectively decodes damaged codes that can be difficult to read with other barcode scanners

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the compact VB6-240 Barcode Scanner.  With a footprint of just 22 mm x 30 mm x 40 mm, the VB6-240 is one of the smallest scanners available today.  Yet it delivers 0.15mm (6 mil) resolution to read very small labels, and operates at a speed up to 1200 scan/s to increase productivity by up to 30% when compared with competitive scanners. 

“The VB6-240 delivers efficient and inexpensive barcode scanning. Due to its compact size and high scanning speeds, it is ideal for applications where space is limited and demands are high.  High resolution and the built-in ACR (Automatic Code Reconstruction) embedded reconstruction software algorithm enable the VB6 to effectively decode damaged or normally unreadable codes,” says Mike Mendicino, Pepperl+Fuchs Product Manager.

Installation and configuration is simple and easy thanks to the unit’s compact size and test operating mode with a built-in bargraph display. Test mode is activated by means of a pushbutton on the scanner (an external PC not required), with an LED bargraph that indicates the real-time read percentage.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services.   Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 45 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensor Applications

Occlusion Detection in Infusion Pumps Using Force Sensors 

Honeywell Sensing and Control FSS Series force sensors are designed to provide reliability, accuracy, and repeatability for medical infusion pump applications. The sensor is designed to help ensure there are no blockages in the tube that delivers medication to the patient. It features a stainless steel ball in a plastic casing engineered to withstand 4.5 kg of force. The media-isolated FSS eliminates the need for sterilization after each use. The small device is easily installed and can be reused after tubing sets are changed. 

Sensors Used in Sleep Apnea Machines

Honeywell offers a number of solutions that may be used in Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machines which form a key treatment option for sleep apnea conditions. They include flexible heaters as well as pressure, airflow, and humidity sensors to help monitor, detect, or control machine performance and patient comfort. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

ABB Low Voltage/SSAC Improved PLMU Plug-In 3-Phase Line Monitor

ABB/SSAC's PLMU Universal Plug-In 3-Phase Monitor & Motor Protector is now easier and faster to install. A new design will be released approx. July 15th 2008. The new design not only protects against dangerous phase reversal, but it now indicates these fault events.

Accidental phase reversal is most common when the equipment is initially installed or replaced. The new PLMU with PR indication makes installation fast, easy and safe. The equipment does not have to be started, and possibly damaged, when using the PLMU to detect the incoming phase sequence.

The PLMU is the first and most popular universal plug-in line monitor. One part number can protect any size motor from 1 to 1200 Hp operating on 200 to 480 V AC. Called the universal replacement part, PLMU11 replaces over 100 competitive part numbers as it improves the phase fault protection provided. 

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Products from Advantech Automation

Advantech EKI-2701PSI Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Splitter

Advantech introduces the EKI-2701PSI Industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter, which offers the convenience of a single cable to supply both power and data to connected devices and equipment.


PoE (also known as IEEE 802.3af) is a relatively new technology to industrial and plant-floor environments, but has proven itself in commercial and enterprise applications over the past several years.  Using the unused wires in a 10/100Base-T cable, or by overlaying power on the data connections, PoE supplies 15.4W of power at 48VDC.


This technology is extremely useful for powering network devices and equipment, where it is inconvenient, expensive, or infeasible to supply power separately.  Connected between a standard Ethernet device and a PoE powered connection, the EKI-2701PSI operates as a “splitter”, separating the PoE connection into a standard RJ45 Ethernet port and a removable screw terminal block capable of supplying nearly 13W at 24VDC.


Packaged in a thin DIN-rail mount chassis, the EKI-2701PSI is ideal where panel space is limited.  It supports both standard 10/100Base-T and gigabit 1000Base-T connections.  It is also ruggedized for demanding industrial applications, with 4,000 VDC Ethernet ESD protection, power line surge (EFT) protection of 3,000 VDC, power isolation, and output power short circuit protection.  For maximum uptime, in unattended and remote locations, it features an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 75° C.


Harry Forbes of Boston-based ARC Advisory Group notes “The IEEE 802.3af PoE standard was designed to fit VOIP telecom applications, and 48 VDC device power is a global standard in telecom.  This Advantech product is the first off-the-shelf solution I have seen for adapting PoE to standard industrial automation devices, which expect 24 VDC power. This will prove very useful in manufacturing automation applications.” 

The EKI-2701PSI splitter is an ideal means to gain the benefits of PoE with standard Ethernet devices in harsh industrial environments.  For applications with two or more devices requiring a PoE power source, the EKI-2525P 5-port industrial Ethernet switch is a great match.

High Speed Quadrature Encoder and Counter Module

Advantech's ADAM-5081 is a high speed quadrature encoder and counter module for use with the ADAM-5550 series Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs). The ADAM-5081 has a high isolation of 2,500 VDC, a high speed frequency mode (5 Hz ~ 1 MHz), and a counter code at 1 MHz. There’s also an advanced digital filter to eliminate noise and interference (1 ~ 65000μ sec) which ensures accurate data collection and transmission. 
The ADAM-5081 features four counter modes (up/down, bi-directional, up and A/B phase modes), which counts precise data units in minute detail. The frequency mode of the ADAM-5081 supports up to eight channels and can control a wider range of electromagnetic wave status under certain conditions.
The ADAM-5081 supports four digital output channels, which can be triggered by a preset counter value, and can watch the position encoder of the machine while doing the position comparing. Once the preset value is reached, the system requires a digital output signal to trigger the camera. With built-in DO channels already in the ADAM-5081, the respond speed is maximized.
For applications requiring high speed data collection with high accuracy, such as facility automation and machine automation, and theability to withstand harsh environments, the ADAM-5081 module is the optimum choice.

ADAM-6000 Modules Now with Peer-to-Peer and Graphical Conditional Logic Functionality

Advantech has announced a new firmware update for ADAM-6000 Series modules which adds advanced Peer-to-Peer and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL) functionality. These new features have already gone through extensive beta testing, and are proven to save time and money where all ADAM-6000 products are used. Users can upgrade thier ADAM-6000modules through Advantech's support website (here) alongwith an extensive new manual for ADAM-6000 Series products. If you already own these product, waste no time and upgrade now!

Two Exciting New Features:

1. Peer to Peer: With P2P functionality the ADAM-6000 modules can actively update input channel status to specific output channels. In the past, a controller was needed to read data from Ethernet input modules to Ethernet output modules (without Peer-to-Peer). Now that the data will transfer automatically, with no extra controller or programming needed.

2. Graphic Condition Logic: GCL is a windows-based software utility to add control logic between input and output without extensive programming. GCL can easily create equivalent instructions to simple ladder logic instructions on PLC's. It also supports flexible logic cascade function locally or over Ethernet network.

List of ADAM-6000 Modules Compatible with Peer-to-Peer and GCL Firmware Update:

ADAM-60157-ch RTD Input Module
ADAM-60178-ch Analog Input with DO Module
ADAM-60188-ch Thermocouple with DO Module
ADAM-602412-ch Isolated Universal Input/Output Module
ADAM-605018-ch Isolated DI/O Module
ADAM-605116-ch Isolated DI/O with Counter Module
ADAM-605216-ch Isolated Source Type DI/O Module
ADAM-60606-ch Digital Input/Relay Module
ADAM-60666-ch Digital Input/Power Relay Module


Advantech Automation Technical Datasheets

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pepperl+Fuchs Safety at Work Emergency Stop Safety Switches

Field-mount and panel-mount versions provide significantly simplified installation, enhanced operation in AS-Interface networked applications

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a new family of Emergency Stop (e-stop) Switches with integrated Safety at Work (SaW) functionality.  These intelligent e-stop switches are powered by the AS-Interface network and offer fast, error-free installation in field or panel-mount applications.  Field and panel-mount models are available in high intensity, wide angle illuminated versions, as well as non-illuminated versions, to suit any e-stop application requirement.

“Illuminated models are lit with a high intensity LED to eliminate the need for auxiliary power, while reducing the number of required leads to two.  By reducing the number of leads it may be possible for users to operate their AS-Interface system solely on the networks popular flat yellow cable,” says Helge Hornis, PhD, Intelligent Systems Manager for Pepperl+Fuchs.  “For added flexibility, the LED is not activated by the button but is controlled by a PLC, which allows users to solve even the most unusual applications,” he says.  Non-illuminate e-stops provide safe operation at a lower price point than illuminated models.

The field-mountable versions eliminate all wiring to save time and eliminate the possibility of incorrectly wiring the e-stop switch, and feature an M12 connector that works in conjunction with Pepperl+Fuchs’ popular flat-to-round cable adapters to reduce installation time to less than 60 seconds.

Panel-mount versions include connection cable that is quickly cut to length, and easily connects to the AS-Interface network using Pepperl+Fuchs’ flat cable-to-terminal adapter, or the terminals of other nearby enclosure-mount modules.  Additionally, the AS-Interface node is an integral part of the panel-mount e-stop switch so only the e-stop  itself needs to be mounted.

“Most safety buttons use either a twist or a pull release, and both are effective so long they meet the users preferred mode of operation.  Pepperl+Fuchs’ new family of Safety at Work e-stop switches support both methods so whatever the preference, operators will feel right at home,” says Dr. Hornis.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services.   Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 45 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Phoenix Contact PLUSCON circular Catalog

Flush-Type Connector for Sensor/Actuator Applications

PLUSCON circular is Phoenix Contact’s family of circular connectors for use in automation technology.

New electromechanical requirements for connection technology are continuously emerging in the automation industry.  The wide variety of standard shapes available with the PLUSCON circular product range offers versatile solutions with serial products for device connection technology.

Innovative connection and assembly methods such as press-in technology, THR and SMD enable an ideal solution for every application.

Federal Signal Product Selection Catalog

In terms of light and sound output, Federal Signal products set the standards for quality and performance. There simply is no equal to Federal Signal when it comes to the optic and acoustic components or engineering expertise that goes into every product design.

Covered in this catalog are safety products such as visual and audio signals, outdoor warning systems, fire alarms and alarm initiating devices, along with audio communication devices such as intercoms, public address systems and telephony.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Turck M8 picofast Feed-Through Receptacles

TURCK announces new M8 picofast feed-through receptacles that provide a secure, sealed connection through a panel. Now M8 connectors may be connected on each side of the panel, saving installation time and money. The receptacles’ stainless steel construction also provides an IP 67 protection rating, making them ideal for washdown applications.

The feed-through receptacles are available in 3, 4 and 6-pin versions, and are rated for up to 125 Volts and 4 Amps (3-pin).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Phoenix Contact Literature

Control and Monitoring Solutions - Steeplechase VLC is available on the ILC 150, ILC 350 and S-MAX series of embedded controllers from Phoenix Contact.  Users now have complete scalability with one control environment – from simple ILC 150 VLC blind nodes to integrated panel S-MAX VLC controllers that support both Citect HMI and Iconics MachineWorX, to full PC-based control using the latest industrial PCs.

Fieldline Extension AS-Interface - AS-Interface reduces your installation costs by replacing error-prone and complicated parallel cabling with a single two-wire cable.  Phoenix Contact Fieldline extension AS-I M12 devices can be easily and quickly installed.  The new innovative locking mechanism allows for connection to the AS-I flat-ribbon cables without tools.

Signal Conditioning for the Control System - INTERFACE products from Phoenix Contact provide signal conditioning of digital, analog, serial and power signals for the whole control system.  Converting, switching, isolating, adapting, amplifying, connecting, supplying – these are all functions that Phoenix’s INTERFACE modules perform for you.

Steeplechase VLC - Accelerate design cycles, installation and system launch with Steeplechase VLC, the proven leader in flow chart control software.  It features lightning-fast logic scan and intuitive flow chart programming, as well as integrated diagnostics to improve troubleshooting and decrease downtime.  Steeplechase VLC is available on the ILC 150, ILC 350 and S-MAX series of embedded controllers from Phoenix Contact.  

VALVETRAB-SQ - VALVETRAB-SQ are NEMA-style, multiphase surge protective devices in compact enclosures.  This Phoenix Contact series includes VAL-SQ CC (control cabinet), VAL-SQ SP (sub-panel), and VA-SQ SE (service entrance).  When used together, these devices offer complete protection against damaging surges.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sola/Hevi-Duty Changes Name to SolaHD

Sola/Hevi-Duty, a division of the EGS Electrical Group, announced that it has changed its name to SolaHD. Complete with a re-designed logo, the new identity signifies SolaHD's mission of providing a comprehensive line of power-quality solutions for industrial facilities worldwide through extensive research and new technologies. The new name also better communicates the SolaHD promise to customers to improve efficiencies, preserve data and increase equipment longevity, according to the company.

SolaHD products include surge protective devices, power conditioners, transformers and power supplies that compose and support power throughout branch distributions. In addition, it offers line reactors, power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) control voltage to sensitive computer and production line equipment.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Heyco Products Full Line Catalog

Heyco is more than just the leader in strain reliefs.  Browse through their entire product line which includes liquid tight cordgrips,  flexible conduit and fittings, strain relief bushings, bumpers, feet, hole plugs, wire positioning devices and power components.

Heyco Products Push Lock and Snap Lock Cable Clamps

Heyco Products' new Push Lock and Snap Lock cable clamps securely hold cable or tubing in place, with quick and easy installation.  The locking feature allows for pre-assembly on wire for ease of installation.  These cable clamps resist corrosion, salt water, weak acids, grease and common solvents.

The Push Lock clamps feature push in arrows for easy installation with no additional hardware.  The Snap Lock clamps lock securely, but can be removed and reused.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Videos Added to Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

We have added three videos over the last week to our YouTube channel:

Phoenix Contact BLUEMARK Marking System

Phoenix Contact's BLUEMARK makes the quick labeling of plastic labels for terminal block, conductor and device marking as easy as a paper printout. The latest UV technology makes BLUEMARK an environment-friendly high-speed printer. It can print 10,000 labels per hour. The marking is extremely wipe-resistant and immediately usable.

Panduit QUICKNET Cabling System

Panduit's QUICKNET is a pre-terminated, end-to-end structured cabling system that supports high-density applications. Available in both copper and fiber, the network infrastructure can be installed in significantly less time than traditional field-terminated installation.

Phoenix Contact Space-Saving PCB Connections

Phoenix Contact is setting new standards in the miniaturization of device connections. Save valuable space with Phoenix's orthogonal base strip, twin-screw connector and compact spring cage pcb terminal block.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lapp Group Main Catalog 2008-2009

Lapp Group of North America's second full line catalog has been released, which combines all products offered from Lapp's companies and features the premier brands of Lapp.

Lapp's internationally successful branded products include: OLFLEX oil resistant control cables, UNITRONIC data cables, EPIC industrial connectors, SKINTOP strain relief cable glands, SILVYN conduit systems, FLEXIMARK marking systems, ETHERLINE cables and components for Ethernet networks, and HITRONIC fiber optic cables.

New features in this catalog include:
  • Complete your installation guide
  • Standard put-ups
  • Technical comparison charts in the front of each section
  • New products: OLFLEX tubing and sleeving, EPIC M23 connectors, EPIC EAB, EAC and EPT mil style connectors
  • Cable products that meet the new NFPA 79 2007 standards

Monday, June 2, 2008

Banner Engineering High-Intensity Area Lights Now with 5-Pin Connectors

Deliver high quality LED machine vision lighting with superior performance (brightness and range) at a competitive price. Select from four visible colors or IR in three rugged housing choices: IP50 anodized aluminum; washdown IP68 nickel-plated aluminum and washdown IP68 – 316 stainless steel.

Features for Standard Area Lights

  • Compact area light for PresencePLUS and other sensors.
  • Five extremely bright LEDs for illumination of targets from 0.15 to beyond 2 meters.
  • Evenly and intensly illuminates a 610 mm (24”) diameter at 1 meter.
  • Universal strobe voltage 5-24V DC.
  • Continuous or strobed operation.
  • Fixed or adjustable intensity, depending on model.
  • Maintenance-free, rugged construction.
  • Built-in constant current regulation and optically isolated universal voltage strobe control.

Features for Sealed Area Lights

  • Universal strobe voltage 5-24V DC.
  • Rugged, waterproof housing, rated IEC IP68.
  • Compact area light for PresencePLUS or other machine vision cameras.
  • Five extremely bright LEDs for illumination or targets from 0.15 to beyond 2 meters.
  • Optically isolated strobe signal.
  • Fixed and adjustable intensity models.
  • Maintenance-free, rugged construction.