Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Phoenix Contact IMA IO and Network FL EPA 2

Phoenix Contact's new adapters combine Bluetooth and WLAN transmission in a single robust module with degree of protection IP 65. Depending on the application, these compact modules can continue to be used with internal, but also with external antennas. The connections for Ethernet and power supply are established via M12 connections. Since these new wireless modules have the same dimensions, mounting holes and connections as the previous versions, replacing them is simple. Only the configuration needs to be adjusted. 

With the Ethernet Port Adapter, your Ethernet-capable automation devices can communicate wirelessly with the control network in harsh industrial environments via Wireless LAN or Bluetooth. Protocol-transparent communication makes it easy to transmit different protocol types, such as Profinet, Modbus TCP, or EtherNet/IP. Even safety-related data signals can be wirelessly transmitted safely and reliably.

Phoenix Contact DC PCC Twin Design Print Terminal (TDPT)

Same size, different connection technologies: thanks to identically shaped PCB terminal blocks, you can develop market-specific devices with a uniform design. Thanks to their identical size, you are free to choose either the screw or the Push-in spring connection – without changing your PCB or device design.

Your main advanages:
  1. Easy to adapt, thanks to their identical size and the same pinning for Push-in spring connections as for screw connections
  2. Consistent connection technology for conductor cross sections from 0.2 mm² to 16 mm² for a broad range of applications
  3. Comprehensive portfolio for power connections with pitches of 5.08 mm, 6.35 mm, and 10.16 mm
  4. Vibration-proof screw connection enables maximum reliability
  5. Acceptance worldwide, thanks to the familiar screw connection
  • TWIN design
  • Currents up to 76 A
  • Voltages up to 1000 V
  • Conductor cross sections: 0.2 to 16 mm²
  • 2-pos. to 12-pos.
  • Pitch: 5.08 mm, 6.35 mm, 10.16 mm
  • Increased touch proofness in accordance with IEC/UL 61800-5-1

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Banner Engineering TL50 Tower Lights with IO-Link

TL50 Pro Tower Lights with IO-Link provide you with an almost limitless capacity for standard and custom indication. These versatile tower lights combine the vast color options provided by RGB LEDs with the dynamic control capabilities offered by the IO-Link communication protocol. They are available in standard, beacon, and compact models and support up to 10 light segments with the option to add an audible segment, for a total of 11 segments possible with each tower light.

  • Customized Indication: IO-Link enables full control of color, flash, rotation, and light intensity. Users can access millions of colors and create unique animations that attract attention and effectively communicate status.
  • Versatile Display: TL50 Pro Tower Lights can be used for standard indication applications where each segment displays a unique status. They can also be used as an advanced indicator for a dynamic condition, such as fill level or temperature monitoring.
  • Simplified Wiring: Tower lights are connected using standard unshielded 4-wire cables, which reduces the time and expense required for installation and simplifies inventory requirements.
  • Drop-in Installation: An IO-Link master device saves configuration data and automatically updates new indicators, enabling quick, easy replacement of indicator lights.
Banner Engineering TL50 Pro Tower Lights with IO-Link Press Release

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Pro-face by Schneider Electric loT Gateway

The new Pro-face IoT Gateway, GP4G01, relays data communication between the HMI and the PLC. No ports and no program changes are required, and it retains communication of the connected devices even when Pro-face IoT Gateway is powered off.

  • Connect without serial communication I/F available.
  • Relay data between the HMI and PLC communication with existing connection.
  • Connect without changing programs of HMI and PLC.
  • Change Pro-face IoT Gateway settings on a Web browser after installation.
The new Pro-face IoT Gateway, GP4G01, relays data communication between the HMI and the PLC. No ports and no program changes are required, and it retains communication of the connected devices even when Pro-face IoT Gateway is powered off.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

IDEC LF1D/2D-EN Light Strips

IDEC is now offering intense, optimized luminescence at a more cost-effective price, these high-quality, rugged units are perfect for machine lighting in harsh environments. LF1D/2D-EN LED lighting units use a proprietary optical structure to reduce glare, reflection and multi-shadows, making them ideal for machine tools, food & beverage processing equipment, automotive, pharmaceutical/chemical applications in harsh environments and more. Plus, a high degree of protection ratings means these units can be mounted in applications where high-pressure and high-temperature wash downs are utilized.

  • IP67, IP67F, IP67G and IP69K protection ratings
  • Durable polycarbonate or reinforced glass options
  • Stainless steel front housing
  • M12 quick disconnect option
  • Range of sizes and lengths
  • 24V DC rated voltage

Friday, May 18, 2018

Phoenix Contact's IE Interface VIPER Universal Marshalling NPL

Phoenix Contact’s new VIP-ER with Input/Output Accessories (IOAs) system, optimized for Honeywell Experion Universal I/O, helps process engineers get the most out of Universal I/O. The system combines high-speed marshalling with the ability to configure wiring functionality on a per-channel basis.

The VIP-ER with IOAs consists of a base, along with several function-specific input/output modules and compatible accessories. The VIP-ER base serves as a universal foundation to connect any signal and easily marshal it back to the controller. The individual Input/Output Accessories can accept a wide variety of signal types, including:

  • Passive feed-through
  • Fusing with BFI and disconnects
  • Digital relay
  • Analog signal isolator with HART transparency
  • 24, 120, or 240 V digital signals
  • 2-, 3-, or 4-wire analog signals
Phoenix Contact's IE Interface VIPER Universal Marshalling NPL Press Release 

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Banner Engineering Wireless Switches and Push Buttons

New to Banner Engineering’s  Sure Cross Q45 Series of wireless sensors, serial nodes, switches and push buttons are two-button push buttons, non-contact magnetic sensors, and new models of their remote discrete input nodes and one-button push buttons. These models all feature a user-configurable multicolor LED indicator for local display of status.

  • Remote Monitoring & Control: Plug-and-play wireless solution is easy to setup, use, and reconfigure. Many Q45 models enable the monitoring, management, and actuation of devices in applications where access, infrastructure, movement, or mobility make wired solutions impractical, ineffective, or cost-prohibitive. 
  • Simplified Ordering & Stocking: Red, yellow, green, and blue LED indicator color options (user selects two) are standard in these new Q45 models. The LED indicator can be configured for a solid or flashing two-color display. This versatility makes it easy to meet the specific indication needs of any application. 
  • Local Indication of Status: Each LED indicator can be linked to the function of the Q45 or to other inputs within the Sure Cross wireless network it is a part of, providing at-a-glance status information.
New Models
  • Two-button push buttons enable remote control of a wide range of industrial devices with multiple operational modes. They can be configured for toggle and momentary operation to support OPEN/CLOSE or ON/OFF applications. They can also be used for simple notification or acknowledgement applications. 
  • Non-contact magnetic sensors are discrete switches that use a reed switch and magnet to determine the position of doors, levers, valves and other moving devices relative to that of the Q45. 
  • Remote discrete input nodes are now available in models with a multicolor LED indicator and a quick disconnect at the base of the device. 
  • One-button push buttons are now available in models with a user-configurable multicolor LED indicator.
Banner Engineering Wireless Switches and Push Buttons Press Release

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Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 6500 SIL

Pepperl+Fuchs is proud to announce a major portfolio development for the Bebco EPS® 6500 purge system: SIL 2 certification from exida.

Product Enhancement 

The 6500 is an innovative automatic system delivering all the features you need for reliable, safe, hazardous location protection in a small, streamlined solution. Engineered for simple and functional safety operation, the Bebco EPS 6500 Series Ex pxb/pyb purge and pressurization system sets a new standard for SIL 2 global certified purge solutions. 

All Certifications Are Not Equal 

Unlike other solutions available today with claims of SIL-rated products, the 6500 SIL 2 approval certifies the entire system. Its hardware and firmware are all SIL 2 certified. This includes the electrical power control unit, user interface, and EPV-6500 vents. 

Existing 6500 Systems 

The current version of the 6500 will be obsoleted, and the 6500 SIL-rated version will be its direct replacement. Only the part numbers will change. The model numbers will remain the same for OEMs that have this listed with their system.  
  • The SIL 2 certification is not backwards compatible with the installed units.
  • The functionality of the SIL-rated version is no different than the non-SIL units. It will be a direct drop-in replacement for existing customers.
  • There is no price increase for the SIL-rated 6500.
  • The SIL manual for the 6500 will be available on the Pepperl+Fuchs website and will be shipped with every unit.
  • Stock of SIL-rated 6500 units will be available in about 3 weeks.
  • On-demand training materials will also be available in a few weeks.
When it comes to placing electrical equipment in hazardous locations, few protection methods offer the versatility and efficiency of purge and pressurization. When compared to other methods of protection, purge and pressurization delivers an unmatched combination of cost-effectiveness and simplicity for hazardous location protection.

Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 6500 SIL Press Release

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Banner Engineering R-GAGE Q240R Radar Sensor

R-GAGE™ Q240 Series Radar Sensors have a long 100 meter range and a very narrow beam pattern. They are available with dual discrete outputs or with an analog and a discrete output.

  • Extended range enables earlier detection of targets traveling at higher speeds
  • Narrow beam pattern detects distant targets without detecting adjacent objects
  • Analog output can provide location information and track objects
Banner Engineering R-GAGE Q240R Radar Sensor Press Release

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Banner Engineering Protective Brackets for LE Series & LTF Series Laser Sensors

Banner Engineering's new protective brackets are now available for LE Series and LTF Series Laser Sensors. They are designed to protect the sensors from impact and other industrial hazards, including weld slag. They can also be used as a physical barrier for operator lockout (in addition to push button lockout on the sensors). 

You can purchase the full assembly consisting of two windows and a heavy-duty, stainless steel bracket or purchase the bracket and windows as separate units.

Banner Engineering Protective Brackets for LE & LTF Series Laser Sensors Press Release

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Telemecanique's Wireless and Battery-less OsiSense XCKW Limit Switch

Telemecanique's new, wireless Osi Sense XCKW Limit Switch is a breatkthrough devcie serving a vast number of applications.

Simplify machine communication where cabling is difficult, expensive, or unwanted. It’s also the perfect way to give mobile machines more freedom of movement.

Easy to install 
To further simplify the installation process, the device comes in a plug & play kit, and is also offered in out-of-the-box compatible packs comprising an OsiSense XCKW Limit Switch and a receiver.

Proven design and robustness 
OsiSense XCKW has been designed with simplicity in mind. It uses a head that is 100% compatible with XCKS and XCKM Limit Switches to make update to wireless seamless. Like our standard range of limit switches, we guarantee the robustness of our products. The new OsiSense XCKW also benefits from an excellent waterproofness thanks to a complete sealed body

  • No cables means no cabling cost at installation
  • No internal contacts significantly reduces maintenance cost
  • 328' (100m) wireless range
  • Range can be doubled with a dedicated antenna
  • Self-powered, so there is no battery replacement or recycling costs
  • Wireless communication eliminates cables, reducing material usage

Telemecanique's XCKW Limit Switch Press Release

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Telemecanique's RFiD Safety Sensors

The new, contactless RFiD safety sensor from Telemecanique Sensors provides a high level of protection in a compact, highly tamper-proof, and easy-to-install device.

High safety level 
The new XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor from Telemecanique Sensors is TüV certified with a Cat4/PL e - SIL3 rating and can help you achieve an exceptionally robust safety solution. 

Highly tamper-proof 
The new XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor not only has a Cat4/PLe - SIL 3 rating, it is also virtually tamper-proof. The ready-to-use transponder and reader are factory-paired and sold together with a unique, high-level coding. It is extremely difficult to tamper with this safety sensor.  

Easy mounting and flexibility 
Installing the new XCSR contactless RFiD safety switch is as easy as the decision to take advantage of its benefits. The XCSR allows different mounting configurations, comes with an adjustable transponder sensing face, and allows three different connection types (STANDALONE, SERIES, and SINGLE). A highly-rated safety solution in a highly adaptable, easy-to-implement package! 

  • TüV certifi ed
  • Cat4/PL e - SIL3 rating
  • STANDALONE models for possible direct connection to the contactors (embedded start/ restart and EDM monitoring)
  • SERIES models with integrated M12 connectors for direct series cabling. No need for T or Y connectors. Possible connection to a simple safety relay. Series diagnosis is available thru a diagnostic module
  • SINGLE models for point to point connection to a safety controller
  • Transponder comes with two possible orientations of the sensitive face
  • Numerous possible mounting confi gurations
  • Three different connection types (STANDALONE, SERIES, and SINGLE).

Telemecanique's RFiD Safety Sensors Press Release

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Telemecanique OsiSense XX for Mobile Equipment, Material Handling & Conveying

Highly immune to electromagnetic interference 

Telemecanique's OsiSense XX new OsiSenseTM ultrasonic sensors are E2 - certified for mobile equipment. This entails a higher immunity to electromagnetic interference even in the most demanding environments. 

Detection of small targets and curved surfaces 

Telemecanique's A powerful transducer and superior electronic design have made it easy to detect small objects. The high sensitivity level of these new OsiSenseTM sensors enables them to detect many poorly refl ective and curved surfaces.

Detection over a large coverage area 

Telemecanique's In the past, attempts to detect objects over a large area with multiple ultrasonic sensors would sometimes fail due to the fact that the sensor signals interfered with each other. With the ‘synchronization’ feature of the new XX Ultrasonic sensors, it is now possible to reliably detect objects over a large area with minimal risk of cross-talk, even when the ultrasonic sensors are installed closer together. 

  • M18 cylindrical: straight and 90° angled
  • M12, 5-pin connector
  • Available in plastic, Nickel-plated brass & SS316L
  • Tilt angle of up to +/- 35° at 500mm
  • Detect a Ø1mm cylinder at up to 600mm
  • Switching frequency up to 10 Hz
  • Synchronization capability up to 8 sensors
  • Set near or far limits
  • Set output function: NO/NC or direct/inverse
  • Digital output: Select between Window / Refl ex / Proximity / Pump modes
  • Operating range: 105...1000mm
  • Operating temperature: -25°...70°C
  • Certifi cations: E2, cULus, RCM, EAC
  • Degree of protection: IP67

Telemecanique OsiSense XX for Mobile Equipment, Material Handling & Conveying

Thursday, May 3, 2018

IDEC Heavy-Duty 30mm Industrial Switches

Since 1958, IDEC has developed control switches that provide users with the highest levels of safety and reliability. The latest addition to their family of industrial control switches, with diecast zinc mounting threads, the TWND series of 30mm switches is a complete line of non-illuminated and illuminated pushbuttons, non-illuminated and illuminated selector switches, key selector switches, pilot lights and E-stops. This heavy-duty switch is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments including automotive, food and beverage, metal working, textile machinery, papermill, packaging machinery, farm and agriculture equipment, transportation and more. Users can rely on TWND switches to endure and last even in the toughest and most extreme environments, as these switches meet the highest standards for UL, TUV, CSA, CCC, and are also CE marked.

  • Type 4X rated for outdoor use
  • Universal contact blocks with IP20 finger-safe protection
  • Red or blue contact block for easy visual identification
  • Snap-fit for easy installation and removal
  • Captive spring-up terminals
  • Ability to accept ring or fork connections, along with bare wire
  • Flexible wiring with two-way wire entry points
  • Reliable contacts with wiping action