Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs Multi-Pixel Array Photoelectric Sensors

RL31-8-H-800 series multi-pixel array sensors boast a sensing distance up to three times that of similarly sized photoelectric sensors, can reliably and consistently detect objects of varied colors without requiring any adjustments or the need to “re-teach,” and quickly and easily adapt to multiple and evolving application requirements. The result is a powerful and highly flexible solution that provides the simplicity of a single-switch point photoelectric sensor, but with the adaptability of a laser distance measurement sensor.

“Even when used in standard mode, the compact RL31-8-H-800 photoelectric sensor delivers a sensing distance that is up to three times that of similarly sized sensors enabling it to detect objects farther away while fitting into more space restricted areas. Additionally, these photoelectric sensors leverage an ultra high-intensity emitter called PowerBeam resulting in a visible and uniform light spot, even on dark and dull black materials, to simplify sensor alignment and detection,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager. “These multi-pixel array sensors also have extremely low sensitivity to objects’ colors, so if printed material changes or plastic parts fade or a new container is introduced, for example, they are still able to reliably and consistently detect the object without requiring re-adjustments or re-teaching.”

The multi-pixel array design enables the RL31-8-H-800 series to be highly insensitive to object color. These photoelectric sensors detect white and black test objects to less than 5 percent difference of each other even over the entire specified sensing range. Competitive models can see wildly varying ranges up to 33% or even 40% variance in sensing distance.

“With decades of experience, Pepperl+Fuchs specializes in the high-precision, color-insensitive science of background suppression. Multi-pixel array is an offshoot of this technology that delivers the same precision but with greater adaptability,” says Allison.

IO-Link technology
IO-Link technology enables the RL31-8-H-800 series to deliver an extremely high level of sensing flexibility. IO-Link configuration is an efficient and cost-effective way to customize sensors for their particular task. It enables users to configure more than twelve different specifications to suit specific application needs – that flexibility is a definitive difference over competitive models, even compared with those that are IO-Link enabled.

“IO-Link opens up an entirely new layer of available parameters that enable RL31-8-H-800 users to customize the sensor to any number of different applications. This means that one sensor model can be used multiple ways to adapt to changing applications requirements and new machines,” explains Allison. “The RL31-8-H-800 series can also activate two independent outputs in one sensor to provide two different sensing distances; in effect becoming two sensors in a single housing. Additionally, Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive 4-in-1™ output slashes inventory costs by replacing four output models with one sensor, and eliminates output-related errors by automatically detecting the connected load,” explains Allison.

cULus listed RL31-8-H-800 multi-pixel array sensors can be used with the simplicity and precise discrete switching of a background suppression sensor, or for the flexible, higher level measurement sensing commonly reserved for laser distance measurement sensors. This versatility makes them ideally suited to satisfying the demanding power, performance and flexibility needs of a wide range of material handling, packaging, printing and automotive applications, among others, including presence checking, trigger sensing, stack height detection, tension checking, web break monitoring and fill level monitoring.

Banner Engineering SureCross Wireless MultiHop Radios with I/O

SureCross MultiHop radios with I/O extend the range of an industrial wireless network up to six miles per hop.

  • Selectable transmit power levels of 250 mW or 1 Watt and license-free operation up to 4 watt EIRP, with a high-gain antenna, in the U.S. and Canada for 900 MHz
  • Self-healing, auto-routing RF network with multiple hops extended the network’s range
  • Serial and I/O communication on a Modbus platform
  • Message routing improves link performance
  • DIP switches select operational modes: master, repeater, or slave
  • Built-in site survey mode enables rapid assessment of a location’s RF transmission properties
  • FHSS radios operate and synchronize automatically; selectable network IDs reduce interference from collocated networks

Crydom DP Series High Current DC Reversing Solid State Contactors

Crydom, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) and global expert in Solid State Relay and Contactor Technology, introduces the DP Series of High Power “H” Bridge configuration DC output Solid State Contactors, including control features for Soft Start, Soft Stop, and Brake functions. Rated for General Use at 20, 40 or 60 amps and Motor Controller rated for 15 FLA from 1 to 48 VDC in a 40°C ambient temperature, the DP Series accepts logic supply and Input Controls of either 4.5 to 15 VDC or 18 to 32 VDC. Optional Soft Start/Soft Stop functions utilizing internal PWM are available with 0.2, 0.5 or 1.0 second ramps. An optional Brake function (not available with Soft Stop) is available with 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 seconds or continuous hold.

The DP Series Solid State DC Reversers are an all-solid-state design with 2.5 Kv Optical Isolation and incorporate low dissipation power FETs for fast and efficient Load control. Housed in an industry standard 75 x 105 mm Panel Mount package, Power and Load terminations are via screw terminal post, while Input Control is through an industry standard 4 conductor connector. DP Series Reversers are CE certified, RoHS compliant, UL/cUL recognized for both General Purpose and Motor Controller applications.

Monday, July 25, 2011

E-T-A 1620 Type II SAE J553 Circuit Breaker

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce the release of the Type II version of the 1620 MINI thermal automotive circuit breaker. After rigorous research, development and testing the E-T-A Type II circuit breaker with modified reset has the lowest operating temperature in the MINI circuit protection market.

The addition of the Type II version of the 1620 to the already existing Type I and III versions of the product, rounds out E-T-A’s MINI circuit breaker offering. E-T-A is now the only manufacturer in the market to provide the four type classes (I, II, III, and III*) of circuit breakers meeting all requirements of SAE J553 in the miniature package.

The Type II 1620 is available in current ratings from 5... 30 A with voltage ratings of 12 VDC. The product housings are color-coded consistently with industry standard current ratings and are designed to the form, fit and function of other MINI blade products in the market making the 1620 interchangeable with blade type fuses. The integration of the 1620 into designs allows for trouble-free retrofit capability, eliminates the need for spare fuses, saves space and
reduces vehicle downtime.

The Type II 1620 is intended for the protection of 12 V on-board electrical systems in passenger cars, trucks, buses, watercraft, specialty vehicles and extra low voltage wiring systems requiring modified reset capability (Type II).

Honeywell Sensing and Control HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors

Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors, HIH-6130/6131 Series, are digital output-type relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensors combined in the same package. Potential applications include HVAC/R, respiratory therapy, incubators / microenvironments, air compressors, weather stations, and telecom cabinets.

  • Wide operating temperature range of -25 °C to 85 °C [-13 °F to 185 °F] allows for use in many applications
  • Optional one or two %RH level alarm outputs provide the user the ability to monitor whether the RH level has exceeded or fallen below pre-determined and critical levels within the application
  • Multi-function ASIC provides flexibility within the application by lowering or eliminating the risk and cost of OEM calibration
  • Industry-standard package provides easy design-in
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant; halogen-free
  • Two configurations increase flexibility of use: HIH-6130: no filter, non-condensing; HIH-6131: hydrophobic filter and condensation-resistant allow use in many condensing environments

Honeywell Sensing and Control HSC/SSC Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors

Honeywell TruStability® Board Mount Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors, HSC and SSC Series, extend the TruStability® low- to mid-pressure product line originally launched in 2009. These devices make use of new Honeywell proprietary technology that combines high sensitivity with high overpressure and burst pressure that protects the sensor without sacrificing the ability to sense very small changes in pressure. They are intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids. Potential applications include ventilators, anesthesia machines, spirometers, nebulizers, hospital room air pressure, HVAC VAV control, HVAC static duct pressure, clogged HVAC filter detection, HVAC transmitters, and indoor air quality.

TruStability® Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors:
  • Sense ultra-low pressures from ±2.5 mbar to ±40 mbar [±1 inH20 to ±30 inH20]
  • Offer flexibility in sensor implementation and reduce design requirements for protecting the sensor without sacrificing the ability to sense very small changes in pressure
  • Provide high durability amid environmental factors such as temperature and humidity

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Panduit Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices

Two new universal circuit breaker lockout devices, designed to lock out miniature circuit breakers commonly found in industrial automation and motor control, are now available. The complete system of high quality universal circuit breaker lockout devices ensure that energy sources are isolated for optimal work place safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Quickly locks out miniature circuit breakers commonly used in industrial automation and motor control.
  • Allows circuit breaker to lock in the off position without the use of a tool to provide a quick and easy installation.
  • Accommodates single pole and multiple pole breakers to efficiently lockout most circuit breakers in the facility.
  • Provides strength, durability, added security, and corrosion resistance; ideal for industrial and harsh applications.
  • Convenient, easy to transport and store in a small lockout kit.
  • PSL-MCB can be installed using a screwdriver, PSL-MCBNT can be installed by hand with no tool required.
  • Multiple padlock orientations on PSL-MCBNT allow adjacent circuit breakers to be locked out individually.

Panduit Ferrules with Expanded Sleeves

Panduit now offers ferrules with expanded sleeves for use with thick wire insulation, which is common in high temperature and harsh chemical environments or where highly flexible cable is found. These new ferrules meet DIN 46228 requirements.

  • Expanded polypropelene sleeve provides a wider inside diameter to allow ferrules to fit easily over thick insulated wire, ideal for use in the U.S and for use with flexible wire.
  • Funnel wire entry forms a guide for easy insertion of wire strands into the crimp barrel to enhance the installation process and improve productivity.
  • Colored sleeves allows visual color designation of wire size to aid in identification and quality inspection.
  • Seamless crimp barrel design provides a consistent and reliable installation.
  • Meets DIN 46228 to ensure that the ferrules meet both dimensional and performance standards requirements for improved safety and product compatibility.

Panduit Raised Panel Labels

Panduit has expanded their popular line of raised panel labels to include a seventh color. The new orange labels are perfect for voltage marking, arc flash warnings and other safety identification applications.

  • Raised thermal transfer printable surface - Delivers the look of engraved laminated plates with the convenience of printing on demand
  • High-tack adhesive - Strong holding power for rough, textured, and powder coated surfaces
  • Variety of sizes and colors - Flexible and easy to implement for a wide range of applications
  • Thermal transfer print technology - Provides crisp, clear, and durable legends for reliable, high performance identification needs
  • Designed for Easy-Mark ™ Labeling Software - Assists in the creation of optimum identifiers and labels, enabling the generation of labels quickly, easily and with fewer errors resulting in reduced costs

Panduit Turn-Tell Labels

Panduit innovative Turn-Tell® Labels provide a unique identification solution to meet the application needs of data centers, industrial automation, and other structured cabling infrastructures. These new pressure-sensitive, self-laminating labels improve visibility, placement, aesthetics, and flexibility of the labeling application. The labels are unique because they can rotate on the wire/cable after installation to allow visibility from any angle. In addition, they allow repositioning along the length of the cable which further improves ease of installation and flexibility in high density or space restrained applications. Installers will save time and material by being able to reposition the label after pulling the wire/cable and cutting it to final length for termination.

Offered in a wide range of sizes, the new Turn-Tell® Labels are available in P1™ Cassettes for the PanTher™ LS8E and LS8EQ Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printers. They are also offered in computer printable rolls, ready to print on demand using Panduit® Easy-Mark™ Labeling Software and desktop thermal transfer printers.

Banner Engineering EZ-ARRAY Light Screens with IO-Link Output Receivers

Banner Engineering EZ-ARRAY models are a cost-effective two-piece measuring light curtain designed for quick and simple installations with the sophistication to handle the toughest sensing applications.

EZ-ARRAY models with IO-Link allow full configuration of the EZ-ARRAY operating parameters and beam status monitoring. When connected to an IO-Link Master, EZ-ARRAY configuration and measurement data can be communicated to a host controller on the field bus network.

  • Excels at high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection, profiling, and web-guiding applications
  • 6-position DIP switch for setting scan mode, measurement modes, analog slope, discrete output 2 option (complementary measurement or alarm operation)
  • Outstanding 4 meter range with 5 mm beam spacing
  • Excellent 5 mm minimum object detection or 2.5 mm edge resolution, depending on scanning method
  • Remote teach wire option for alignment, gain methods, inverted display, and DIP switch disable
  • Software interfaces available for advanced sensor setup functions. Complete configuration, alignment assistance, and process monitoring functions available through PC based software tools

Monday, July 11, 2011

Honeywell Sensing and Control TruStability NSC Pressure Sensors

The Honeywell Sensing and Control TruStability® Pressure Sensors: NSC Series, Uncompensated/Unamplified are pressure sensors that are designed for those who want to do their own compensation, calibration, and amplification in order to make use of the maximum resolution of the bare sensor output, or leveraging a custom algorithm required for their application. The NSC Series allows you the flexibility of self-calibration and self-calibration while still benefiting from the industry-leading stability, accuracy, and repeatability that TruStability® Board Mount Pressure Sensors provide.

The NSC Series offers:
  • Industry-leading stability
  • Industry-leading accuracy (±0.25 %FSS BFSL)
  • Industry-leading flexibility
  • Repeatability
  • Small size
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Insensitivity to mounting orientation

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs G11 AS-Interface Analog Modules

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces VBA-2E-G11-I/U/PT100-F G11-style AS-Interface Analog Modules. The new IP68/69k-rated and field-mountable G11 style housing features industry-standard M12 style connectors to enable quick installation and removal, even under power. The unit’s water-tight housing accepts two freely selectable analog inputs for 4-20mA, 0-10V or PT100 type signals. The overall analog conversion speed of these modules is just 8 ms. Including data transmission over the network, the module is more than 30% faster than competitive modules.

Additional features of these G11 AS-Interface modules include:
  • Automatic scaling to 4000-20000 for 4-20mA, 0-10000 for 0-10V, and -2000 to 8500 for -200C°-+850°C
  • User-selectable 0-20mA or 4-20mA input option
  • Inputs powered by AS-Interface or Auxiliary, dip switch (user-selectable)
  • Unique G11 O-ring sealing technique that makes these modules impervious to water, dirt and oils

“Size, quick connection, and mounting flexibility are just the beginning. With an innovative clean design, the G11’s smooth housing prevents dirt and oil from accumulating. It’s also the first AS-Interface module on the market to incorporate two radial O-rings that ride on precision conical housing components, with optimal O-ring mounting pressure guaranteed by design to deliver an impressive IP68/69k protection rating that is resistant to high-pressure washdown and cleaning solutions,” says Helge Hornis, PhD, Manager, Intelligent Systems. “These design features also provide exceptional protection of internal electronics without encapsulation. This reduces thermal stress on the internal electronics, making the module particularly well suited for applications where frequent temperature swings are present,” he says.

Sealing at the AS-Interface flat cable is another significant advantage. This is achieved by leveraging the same field-proven technology used on Pepperl+Fuchs passive splitters. The symmetric sealing contours around the gold-plated piercing pins provide a precise fit to the AS-Interface cable. The only externally exposed materials are impact resistant and chemically inert PBT and stainless steel. The sturdy mounting base attaches with just two M5 screws and further enhances the impact resistant round design.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a comprehensive family of AS-Interface networking solutions. The AS-Interface wiring system is one of the most useful and versatile networks available for automation applications. It replaces more complex and cumbersome wiring systems and drastically simplifies wiring and diagnostics.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

SMC Pneumatics LER Electric Rotary Actuator

Building on the success of their easy setting Series LE electric actuator range SMC, the world leading experts in pneumatics, have announced the launch of a new compact, high performance, electric rotary actuator with position, speed, acceleration/deceleration control – Series LER.

Particularly suitable for handling applications, Series LER actuators are delivered with their own controller with the actuator´s parameters already preset thereby dramatically reducing installation and programming time. With up to 64 positioning points, a 320º positioning angle and positioning repeatability of ±0.05º as standard, these actuators also feature an external stopper for applications requiring a higher positioning repeatability at the end of ±0.01º, with rotation angles of 90º or 180º and with an adjustment range of ±2º.

Available in both standard and high precision types, with a maximum rotating torque of 10N.m, these electric actuators can deliver smooth, shock-less, high speed actuation up to 420º/s and acceleration up to 3000º/s2 . Finally, if lack of available space is also a concern, Series LER are also extremely compact with a low profile design due to their inbuilt step motor construction.

SMC Pneumatics EX600 Fieldbus System

The new EX600 unit from SMC Pneumatics offers a maximum of 512 digital inputs and 512 outputs. Unlike the EX250 and EX500, the EX600 offers the function of analog input and output modules (16 bit resolution). It can either be used as a single node or as part of a distributed network or Gateway layout or indeed a combination of both. The EX600 is also compatible with the M12 SPEEDCON connectors allowing for quick installation. With an increased number of diagnostic functions this product offers short and open circuit detection, detects whether the supply voltage is out of range and also keeps an error log. The unit can also warn of impending failures by keeping a cycle count.

Product Features
  • 512 digital inputs/ 512 digital outputs
  • SPEEDCON compatible
  • Analog input and output modules available
  • Open and short circuit protection cycle count warns of impending failure
  • Applicable valves series are the VQC, SV, SY and S0700.
  • Applicable Protocols: Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link and EtherNet/IP

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crouzet/CST Millenium 3 AC7 Software Version 2.5

Products in the Millenium 3 range are simple to program using the new AC7 software workshop, available as a free download. In this way, professionals who are not automation engineers are able to install simple or even advanced control systems. Millenium 3 users should update their AC7 software workshop with version 2.5 (still free of charge). Only this new version can be used to program controllers manufactured after June 2011, as they will have new built-in electronic components, guaranteeing enhanced performance!

“The launch of the version 2.5 software workshop marks a major step forward in terms of user-friendliness, explains André Chovin, the Automation range product manager. The tabs are now organised so that the function blocks are more logically arranged. This is a significant advance as far as users are concerned“.

From now on, blocks are arranged in categories (calculation, logic, I/O, human-machine interface, etc). A new “Macro“ tab means macro enhancements can be arranged in the same way as function blocks. In addition, the user can rename 6 tabs as “favourites“ and for example place his most commonly used function blocks and macros in them. AC7 version 2.5 runs in Windows XP or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit).

SMC Pneumatics VBA/VBAT Booster Regulator/Air Tank

SMC Pneumatics has updated their VBA series of booster regulators with improved service life, reduced noise, and improved reliability.
  • Factory air pressure has been increased by up to four times.
  • Air-only operation requires no power supply or electrical wiring.
  • Installation is done by simply inserting the unit in the air line, requiring less space than installing the compressor.
  • Since there is no electricity used, very little heat is generated, eliminating any impact on cylinders, solenoid valves, etc.
  • Bumper on the impact part of the switch valve reduces noise by 13dB.
  • Built-in mesh filter at IN port prevents operation failure due to foreign matter.
  • Integrated air-feeding tube with the main tube mitigates condensation.
  • 1/8" gauge ports allows the use of standard fittings for remote pressure monitoring, etc.
  • Optional elbow silencer for more compact installation.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mersen SXDC Non-Fused Disconnect Switches

The new SXDC series of non-fused switches are IEC-rated for 1000VDC for 4-poles in series and 750VDC for 3-poles in series.

The small footprint and low profile allow for a secure mounting in the toughest applications! They are listed to UL98 at 600VDC for “service entrance” applications and are available in 3 or 4-pole configurations. The mounting feet are located on the corners and can swivel to accommodate design variations.

Flexible terminal barriers allow for wire bending.

  • Front Operation
  • Double-break silver-plated contacts
  • Clear On/Off indication
  • 3 and 4-pole versions available
  • Flexible terminal barriers


Volts : UL98 rated 600VDC; IEC-rated 1000VDC for 4-pole in series and 750VDC for 3-pole.
Amps : 100A, 200A, and 400A
SCCR : 20kA with A70P fuses

Mersen SX AC Non-Fused Disconnect Switches

The new SX series of non-fused switches have a 40% smaller footprint than their predecessors, and have a lower profile to allow for a secure mounting in the toughest applications! They are listed to UL98 for “service entrance” applications and are available in 3 or 4-pole configurations. The mounting feet are located on the corners and can swivel to accommodate design variations. Flexible terminal barriers allow for wire bending.

  • Front Operation
  • 200kA SCCR
  • High horsepower ratings
  • Double-break silver-plated contacts
  • Clear On/Off indication
  • 3 and 4-pole versions available
  • Flexible terminal barriers


Volts : 600VAC, 250VDC
Amps : 100A, 200A, 400A
SCCR : 200kA with class J fuses

Mersen FSSC Non-Fused Disconnect Switches

The new FSSC series of non-fused switches are considerably less expensive than their predecessors, and have a much smaller footprint. They are listed to UL98 for “service entrance” applications and are available in 3 ampacities, with a snap-on 4th-pole accessory.

  • Front or side operation via direct or external handle
  • 100kA SCCR
  • Double-break silver-plated contacts
  • Box terminals eliminate need for lugs
  • Lock-out / tag-out hasp on switch face
  • External handles rated for NEMA 4X and will accept up to 3 padlocks.
  • Auxiliary contacts and additional poles can be snapped on without tools


Volts : 600VAC
Amps : 30A, 60A, 100A
SCCR : 100kA @ 480V with class J fuses

Mersen FBJX Fused Disconnect Switches

The new FBJX series of fused switches are smaller than their predecessors, have several new features, and are built to last! They are listed to UL98 for “service entrance” applications and have a modular design, which allows for 2, 3, or 4-pole availability. Mersen has beefed up the FBJX’s mounting areas and added separate 14 AWG wire taps for parallel loads like control power transformers and/or surge protection. The gear box has a lock-out, tag-out provision, as well as a test position and can accept up to 2 auxiliary contacts.

This new design is almost 2” narrower than the old style and new box terminals on the 100A mean you won’t need to buy terminal lugs and shrouds!

  • Front or side operation
  • Up to 200kAIC
  • Three 14 AWG power taps on both line and load sides
  • Fuse pull-out handles on 30A and 60A
  • Box terminals up to 100A eliminates the need for terminal lugs and shrouds
  • Test feature – rotate handle counterclockwise
  • 30 and 60A are DIN-rail-mountable
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-pole versions available
  • Integral fuse covers
  • Lock-out / tag-out hasp


Volts :
600VAC, 250VDC
Amps : 30A, 60A, 100A, and 200A
SCCR : Up to 200kA with class J fuses

Mersen EJFS Enclosed Disconnect Switch

Mersen introduces two new NEMA 4X enclosed switches, the EJFS303RS0 (30A) and EJFS603RS0 (60A):
  • A rugged design at a competitive price
  • Heavy-duty polycarbonate NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Complements existing line of Mersen enclosed disconnect switches
  • UL listed, File E196672, Enclosed Manual Motor Controller
  • cUL for CSA standard 22.2 #14; RoHS compliant
  • The compact design is 30% smaller than comparable units
  • Designed with minimal indentations to facilitate easier cleaning. Great for the food service industry!
  • Drill points, vs. knockouts, allow user to choose the hole size
  • Integral handle can be locked-out with 3 padlocks
  • Metal shaft is designed for years of service
  • Accommodates 2 pairs of auxiliary contacts – Part #’s FSACNONC or FSACNONO, both UL listed for field installation
  • Switch accepts 2 wires per terminal
  • Dual Ground lug is standard
  • Switch can easily be removed for increased access to the terminals

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cooper/Bussmann CUBEFuse for UPS

The new Cooper/Bussmann Finger-Safe Fast-Acting CUBEFuse® offers superior protection for UPS and critical applications, in a footprint that is up to 75% smaller than other competitive models.

  • Fast-acting protection specifically for UPS and other critical applications
  • Finger-safe fuses minimize exposure to live parts, reducing hazard to personnel
  • Integral use with Compact Circuit Protector (CCP) or CUBEFuse holder minimizes panel space
  • Minimizes incident energy and reduces arc-flash hazards utilizing Class J electrical characteristics
  • Available in Cooper Bussmann Quik-Spec Coordination Panelboard for easy installation in the smallest fusible panel footprint

Pepperl+Fuchs Wireless Barcode Reader for Hazardous Locations

The Pepperl+Fuchs wireless barcode reader transmits the captured data to the base station. Both components are designed for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Power is provided by a charger located in the safe area. The system is suited for reading all market-standard barcode families and is optimized for capturing operating data under rough conditions. With the help of patented technology, it can recognize dirty or damaged barcodes. The targeting guide assists the user if codes are located in close proximity. Three green LEDs located on the top and back of the barcode reader are visible from any angle and confirm that the code has been read successfully. Successful reading is confirmed with an audible tone and the result is easily read in the display.

The wireless barcode reader is designed for rough industrial conditions. Even after a fall from a height of two meters, correct functioning of the device is guaranteed. The large reading distance of up to 1,100 millimeters as well as the distance up to 50 meters to the host meets customer requests. The PowerScan wireless barcode reading system can be used in combination with VisuNet industrial operator workstations, TERMEX operator terminals, or as a standalone solution.

Pepperl+Fuchs Wireless Barcode Reader

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets