Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Banner Engineering iVu Barcode Reader

The iVu Series Barcode Reader (BCR) package consists of lighting, sensor, lens, and display. Appropriate cables and mounting brackets can be ordered for each application. Additionally, other lenses, brackets, filters and external lights are available. Installation, setup, and configuration can be done quickly without requiring a PC to configure the sensor.
  • No external PC required to configure the sensor
  • USB 2.0 compliant host provided for easy updating and diagnotistics
  • Image processing expertise is not required
  • Integrated color touch screen display
  • High speed processing
The iVu SeriesTB Barcode Reader reads the following barcode types:
  • DataMatrix (ECC 200) barcodes
  • Linear barcodes
    • Code128
    • Code39
    • Interleaved 2 of 5
    • EAN13
    • EAN8
    • UPCE
    • Postnet
    • IMB
    • Pharmacode

Honeywell Sensing and Control SS351AT and SS451A Omnipolar Hall-Effect Digital Position Sensors

Honeywell has expanded its Hall-effect sensor portfolio with the new SS351AT Series and SS451A Series Omnipolar Hall-effect Digital Position sensors that are designed to respond to either a North pole or a South pole. These products join the recently introduced SS311PT, SS411P, SS30AT, SS361RT, SS461R, SS340RT, and SS440R Series digital Hall-effect sensors that utilize a downsized integrated circuit, resulting in lower costs for customers.

The SS351AT and SS451A are small, versatile digital Hall-effect devices that are operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. They are designed for high-volume, cost-sensitive motion control, lid closure detection, and displacement sensing applications.

Two package styles:
  • SS351AT: Subminiature SOT-23 surface mount package; supplied on tape and reel (3000 units per reel)
  • SS451A: Small leaded, flat TO-92-style package; available in bulk package (1000 units per bag)

The new SS351AT and SS451A provide value by:

Price competitive: Honeywell has downsized the integrated circuit, saving on manufacturing costs while still meeting customer requirements; these savings result in lower costs to customers

Helps reduce total system cost: Because they can be operated by a North pole or a South pole, they do not require the magnet polarity to be identified, thus making the installation easier and potentially reducing system cost

Reduces manufacturing costs: SS351AT is supplied on tape and reel, often allowing for automated, lower-cost pick and place assembly which can help the customer reduce manufacturing costs

Subminiature size: SS351AT’s subminiature package size requires less printed circuit board (PCB) space, allowing for use in smaller assemblies

Promotes energy efficiency: Low 3 Vdc supply voltage capability allows for use in low voltage applications, promoting energy efficiency

Versatile: Omnipolar capability allows for use in a variety of potential applications, including motion control, lid closure detection, and displacement sensing

Prevents damage during installation: Built-in reverse polarity protects the device from potential damage during installation


  • Speed and RPM sensing in fitness equipment
  • Magnetic encoder for building access
  • Damper or valve position control in HVAC equipment
  • Flow rate sensing in appliances and water softeners
  • Printer head position sensing

  • Flow rate sensing in industrial processes
  • Robotic control (cylinder position monitoring)
  • Float-based fluid level sensing

  • Displacement sensor in hospital beds and medical equipment
  • Medication bin monitor on portable drug carts

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TURCK Class I, Division 1 Submersible Pressure Transmitters

TURCK introduces a new submersible pressure transmitter to meet the increasingly difficult level detection challenges presented in industrial environments, like tanks containing liquids such as gas and diesel, or wastewater and irrigation systems. TURCK’s PT4510 submersible pressure transmitter was designed for low level applications of up to 400 inches, while the PT4500 is available in ranges up to 100 psig.

The PT4500 and PT4510 submersible pressure transmitters are used to detect the level of water or other media with similar density by placing the transmitter at the bottom of the tank holding the liquid. These transmitters convert the pressure reading to an analog 4-20 mA output signal. The electrical connection to the transmitter is routed through the top of the tank and contains power and signal wires, as well as a breathing tube used as a reference port to determine the atmospheric pressure outside of the tank.

These IP 68 rated stainless steel pressure transmitters may be used in industrial applications, as well as hazardous classified areas. The sensor carries a UL/cUL 913 approval for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D locations when installed with an approved barrier, such as TURCK’s IM33 series.

Phoenix Contact TOOL fox Tooling Product Line

Phoenix Contact's new industrial-quality hand tools reduce hand and forearm strain. The comprehensive TOOL fox line includes tools for all work related to control cabinets, including cutting, stripping and crimping, as well as screwdrivers and test equipment.

The tools' ergonomic handles are made of both hard and soft plastic, which creates a slip-proof grip. Improved leverage makes working easier and requires less force. The crimping pliers, for example, require 25 percent less exertion force than traditional models. This prevents hand and forearm strain and reduces fatigue.

Available tools include:
  • Crimping pliers
  • Stripping tools for standard and special conductors
  • Screwdrivers with standard drives
  • Torque screwdrivers (adjustable)
  • Hand pliers
  • VDE tools
  • Measuring devices/voltage testers
  • Automatic cutting, stripping and crimping devices

All products in the line feature black and teal handles to create a uniform, professional appearance. Applicable products were tested in accordance with DIN EN 60352-2 and DIN 50018.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pepperl+Fuchs ML8 Miniature PCB Photoelectric Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces ML8 Series Miniature PCB Photoelectric Sensors. Available with 30 or 50 mm detection ranges, ML8 PCB sensors provide consistent, reliable printed circuit board detection regardless of holes, indentations and components on the circuit board, while delivering more precise detection of board edges by virtue of customized light beam patterns. These sensors come with factory-optimized settings that eliminate the need for sensitivity adjustments for true plug-and-play set-up, while eliminating erroneous and unauthorized sensitivity adjustments.

“Unlike many miniature photoelectric sensors that can miss some portions of a PCB due to slots or other irregularities, the ML8 PCB series delivers more consistent detection of irregular objects, more precise and repeatable detection of edges, faster set-up and change-over, and more versatile mounting and visibility by virtue of their slotted mounting pattern and two position status LED’s,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager.

ML8 sensors are available in convergent mode with a narrow sensing strip for “better” optical performance, and background suppression mode with an array of two or three light spots for “best” optical performance. Because the light spot(s) are more than 80% narrower than comparable diffuse mode models, it is possible to precisely identify the edge of a PCB so its position is more accurately known. The technology behind the ML8 PCB series also enables a sharp sensing range cut-off, so that even reflective mirror-like machine panels behind the PCB are ignored.

The compact 23 mm x 31 mm x 11 mm housing fits into tight confines. An additional status LED that is visible when the sensor is mounted looking upward to see objects passing overhead. Additionally, it has enhanced ambient light protection that is critical for upward facing photoelectric sensors. This allows ML8 PCB sensors to ignore the effects of overhead lighting, even from high frequency fluorescent sources.

In addition to PCB detection in semiconductor applications, they are well suited for use in solar industry applications, as well as packaging and material handling applications where thin, irregular targets such as CDs or flat pouches must be reliably detected.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Phoenix Contact Security Solutions for Industrial Automation Catalog

When Ethernet-based production systems are directly connected to a company network, they must be protected against unauthorized access and destructive programs. Phoenix Contact offers simple access locking devices for mechanical protection, managed switches with integrated IEEE security functions, and security devices with firewall and router function suitable for industrial applications to provide you with the optimum security solution for every requirement.

Schneider Electric 2009 Electrical South Repair Services Catalog

With more than 30 years of experience and 1.6 million repairs performed, Electrical South (a division of Schneider Electric) has continually set the standard in the industrial electronic repairs business. This catalog contains repair prices for all of the manufacturer part numbers that Electrical South services.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Banner Engineering QS18AF Adjustable Field Sensors

The QS18AF series of sensors has been updated with new technology which triples the maximum detection range. A new detection algorithm allows the sensor to see further and continue providing the excellent background suppression performance Banner sensors are known for. These sensor improvements and new models fill out the Banner product offering and set-up a powerful group of adjustable field sensors in a compact plastic housing.

  • Tripling of scanning distance in the same QS18 housing.
  • Enhanced immunity to fluorescent lights.
  • Cross talk immunity so sensors can be used in close proximity to each other.
  • Reduced color sensitivity and hysteresis compared to the existing QS18AF100 mm sensor at comparable range.
  • Short range background suppression model for precise background suppression, allowing detection of thinner objects closer to the background.
  • Models with foreground suppression mode:
  • Foreground suppression or “Background Detection” can be more reliable when a fixed background is present, and the object color or shape varies.
  • Familiar housing with bright indicator lights, compact and rugged construction, and a wide variety of connector options.
  • Packaging machines - Box cutting and folding equipment
  • Glass Panel processing - Conveyor equipment for solar panels, Conveyor equipment for LCD flat panels
  • Packaged food detection on conveyors - Foreground suppression especially useful for detecting baked goods or chocolates on a white food grade conveyor
  • Label placement and cap verification in pharmaceutical packaging
  • Linen and textile detection in laundry machines
  • Through the roller tote detection

Friday, October 16, 2009

E-T-A X482R Standard Power Management System

E-T-A's X472R Standard Power Management System is a high performance solution for DC applications, containing two breaker modules each accommodating 8, 482 thermal circuit breakers up to 50A. Eight standard configurations are available offering 1 to 4 supply feeds at an operating voltage up to 72 VDC.

  • Dimensions: 17.30" W x 1.75" H x 9.14" D
  • Rack Mounting: 19" or 23"
  • Input Feed: 1 or 2 x 240A
  • Current Carrying Capacity: 8 X 50A
  • Operating Voltage: Up to 72VDC
  • Input Terminals: 2 X M6 Stud Terminals
  • Output Terminals: M5 Stud Terminals

E-T-A Remote Power Controller with Smart Circuit Breaker Technology

E-T-A's new E-1048-800 smart circuit breaker is designed with solid state technology to provide relay control and is the first device of its kind to combine solid-state switching, electronic circuit protection, analog signal output and diagnostics functions all into one package. Now design engineers using relays and circuit breakers (or relay and fuses) can replace those two devices with a single compact unit, plus get the benefits of emerging "smart" circuit protection technology. The E-1048 saves space and time, increases reliability, and provides unprecedented protection.

The E-1048-800 power controller is suited for switching DC loads in automotive and automation applications, and for low voltage DC or multiplex systems used in power circuits on boats and other vehicles.

Unique Smart Relay Control
Its most unique feature is a 0-5 V analog output that is proportional to the current flowing through the device. Of this output is connected to a control system such as a programmable logic controller (PLC) or ASIC microcontroller, the signal can be used to provide intelligent relay control. For example, a PLC may be programmed to turn off the device if the circuit current reaches a predetermined and programmable threshold.

Programmable Trip Point
Normally, the trip point of a circuit breaker is defined as a range, but with the help of a PLC, the trip point of the E-1048-800 device can be used form any current rating from 1 to 25A. Traditional circuit breakers do not offer this flexibility or this degree of precision. Whether remotely controlled or not, the E-1048-800 will trip off automatically at its current rating. If higher current ratings are required, multiple units may my mounted in parallel.

Unique Current Limiting Technology
A traditional circuit breaker will respond to a short circuit within milliseconds, but in that brief time, high amperage may pass through the circuit. In contrast, the circuit protection inside the E-1048-800 is current limiting. Solid state technology limits the maximum short circuit to approximately 50A. This feature is especially important for sensitive control components. Unlike some competing products, it provides precise delay that prevents nuisance tripping caused by inrush currents associated with solenoids and motor loads.

Transistor Diagnostic Signal
In addition to the analog output, the E-1048-800 provides visual indication and a transistor output that can be used in a control system as the input for an alarm. In this way, the device can alert operators to problems such as overload, no load, or a broken circuit caused by broken wires or resistive elements. In addition, the unit provides LED indication of overloads, wire breakage detection and status of load and line. Not all SSRPCs supply detailed diagnostic information, which is increasingly required by control systems as a way to reduce downtime.

Amplifies PLC Outputs
The E-1048-800 protects PLCs from overloads and short circuits while it also provides power amplification of PLC output signals, without the need to change the PLC output cards. It minimizes costly downtime by protecting PLC output status.

Convenient Form Factors
The E-1048-800 is available is three forms. The CUBIC and the DICE versions are a direct replacement for relays that plug into standard automotive relay sockets. The INLINE version is a plug-in style commonly used in industrial applications. Industrial uses include process control and automation equipment used in the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and power utility industries. OEM applications include buses, trucks, boats, and off-road vehicles.

Because of the functions of relay, circuit protection, diagnostics, and current sensing are combined in one unit, the E-1048-800 installs in one-tenth the time it takes to integrate these components separately.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Literature from Schneider Electric

22mm Plastic Pushbuttons, Selector Switches and Pilot Lights Selection Guide
Schneider Electric has produced a number of look-up tables to quickly find the correct pushbutton, selector switch or pilot light for your application. Accessories such as mounting bases, contact blocks, legend plates and LED lamp modules are also listed.

Alternating Relay 8501KA
The new Schneider Electric/Square D 8501KA alternating relay is designed to minimize pump and motor wear by equalizing run time between parallel components in a multi-pump system.

Altivar 71 Drive
Featuring the industry’s best reaction times (2ms ±0.5ms) and operation speeds up to 1600Hz, Schneider Electric’s Altivar 71 drive can move your business without missing a step. This includes a choice of speed or torque regulation, built-in safety functions for emergency stops, overspeed detection, veering and load holding in case of brake failure.

Magelis Family of HMI Products
Schneider Electric’s Magelis HMIs are the world’s most popular family of human machine interfaces. Easy to install, setup and operate, Magelis HMIs provide a simple and effective means of connecting systems, collecting data and presenting information in a meaningful format.

Electrical South Remanufactured Industrial Electronics
Electrical South, a division of Schneider Electric, has continually set the standard in the industrial electronic repair business. Each reconditioned item is inspected and certified to perform as good as new and comes with a no-nonsense, comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Pumping Equipment Solutions
In today’s complex market, to meet the challenges ahead, you need more than an equipment supplier – you need a solutions provider. When you’re concerned about energy efficiency, pump controls design or bidding and specification processes, Schneider Electric has the resources available to help.

PowerPact D-Frame Circuit Breakers
Schneider Electric PowerPact D-frame electronic trip molded case circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. The D-frame circuit breakers use an electronic trip system to signal the circuit breaker to open automatically.

Magelis XBT GT Touch Screen
The Magelis XBT GT range of touch screens by Schneider Electric provides users with a combination of elegant displays and impressive power. Designed for multimedia, the Magelis XBT GT offers more realistic and detailed images and also supports video. View and record real-time images from a camera connected to the Magelis XBT GT.

Terminal Blocks
Technical information on Schneider Electric’s 9080 series of fuseholders and power distribution blocks. 9080 fuseholders accept types H, R, CC, M and J fuses up to 200A and come in 250V and 600V versions. 9080LB power distribution blocks can be used to splice or distribute wires within a control panel.

TeSys GV2-GV3 Manual Starters and Protectors
Ingenuity and simplicity are the key words of the Schneider Electric/Telemecanique GV3 P range of 9 to 65A manual starters and protectors. Its new EverLink power terminals are designed to maintain a constant tightening force on the wire and assures a strong, safe and long lasting connection in the most demanding environments.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pepperl+Fuchs SLCS and SLCT Safety Light Curtains

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces SLCS and SLCT Series Safety Light Curtains. Available in IEC 61496-compliant Type 4 or Type 2 versions, these high resolution and ultra-slim safety light curtains reduce the safe mounting distance with respect to the point-of-operation hazard enabling them to be installed with a “built-in” look and feel, even in the most space restrictive applications. The small footprint (just 20 mm wide x 30 mm deep) and optional quick-release mounting bracket facilitates fast, flexible mounting.

SLCS Type 4 and SLCT Type 2 series safety light curtains use standard M12 micro connector cordsets, and feature completely integrated control electronics and solid state OSSDs for a fully self-contained 2-box system that delivers simplified wiring and setup. No separate control module is necessary, nor is a synchronization cable connection required between the transmitter and receiver. The provide a maximum sensing range of 8 m (26 ft.), are available with beam spacings for finger (14 mm), hand (30 mm) and body detection (60 and 90 mm) configurations, and are tested to provide reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -22° F to +140°F (-30° C to +60° C).

An innovative quick-release clamp bracket facilitates fast installation, removal or replacement of individual light curtains without requiring any tools or other mounting hardware. In most cases light curtains can be replaced without disturbing transmitter and receiver alignment. The mounting brackets can be attached to any of the three sides of the light curtain for flexible 3-sided mounting. SLCS and SLCT safety light curtains also facilitate the option to have top-to-top mounting with no dead zone.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crydom UPD Series AC Output Solid State Relays

Crydom presents the UPD Series of AC output Solid State Relays. The UPD Series feature Panel or PCB mounted Single Channel, Dual or 3 Phase SSRs rated at either 15 or 25 amps per channel, 280 VAC. The UPD Series SSRs are available in Single-in-Line package configuration and now also in a new unique compact Low Profile mount package with .25” (64 mm) male quick connects.

The official release of the UPD Series will be on October 16th.

Schneider Electric Digest 175 CD

Technical data for all of Schneider Electric’s products are now available on one CD! This data CD not only contains the entire Digest in PDF format, but it also includes the Supplemental and Obsolescence Digest, the Alphanumeric Price Book and other product-specific catalogs.

LAPP USA Core Products for Industrial & Factory Automation Catalog

LAPP USA’s Core Products catalog covers the main products in their OLFLEX power and control cable, UNITRONIC data cable, ETHERLINE industrial Ethernet component, EPIC connector and SKINTOP cable gland product lines.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rittal TS8 Disconnect Door

Rittal's TS8 Disconnect Door, also referred to in Rittal's Innovations 2008/2009 Catalog as the TS Isolator Door Cover, is a 100mm wide cover that may be mounted in place of a side panel on our TS8 modular enclosures. With this cover, all standard single-door TS8 enclosures can be configured as disconnect enclosures utilizing switches from Schneider Electric/Square D, Allen Bradley, Siemens, General Electric and Moeller.

Use of this cover also ensures that the complete installation surface of the enclosure is still available. When used in conjunction with the integrable TS8 mounting plate infill, the mounting surface of the main enclosure can be enlarged by approximately 14 percent.

Rittal Compact Fluorescent Light Kit

Rittal's new Compact Fluorescent Light Kit is slimmer and brighter than conventional lights and installs quickly using clips, screws or optional magnets.


  • Slimmer: Around 50% less height and depth and also around 75% less volume than conventional lights.
  • Faster: Universal fast attachment via clips, screws, or powerful magnets (optional). Simply slide in at the side or rear, fit the light, and it’s done!
  • Brighter: Up to 75% greater luminous efficiency from the lamp with the same power helps to cut electricity costs.
  • Door-operated switch can also be connected via a 2-pole connection.

Phoenix Contact PSR-TRISAFE Safety Controller

The PSR-TRISAFE is the new safety controller from Phoenix Contact. A single TRISAFE controller can monitor an entire safety circuit, from emergency stops to safety doors, in a machine or plant.

The slim 67.5 mm safety controller can monitor up to 20 safety input signals. For example, the TRISAFE can monitor up to 10 dual contact emergency stops. It also provides four safety category 4 outputs, as well as outputs for a test pulse, alarm (aux) and ground switching.

Configuration is simple using the "Safe Configure" (SAFECONF) software package. The fully functional software requires no programming knowledge. A drag-and-drop interface makes it possible to integrate new safety equipment with just a few mouse clicks. SAFECONF software's simulation mode allows testing of the safety design without connecting the hardware. The software is available at for free download.

Phoenix Contact PSR-TRISAFE Safety Controller

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets