Friday, August 31, 2018

Banner Engineering HLS27 LED Strip Light Illuminates Division 2 Hazardous Locations

Banner's HLS27 bright, sealed strip light is a versatile illumination option that improves visibility, safety, and efficiency in Division 2 hazardous areas such as cabinets, machines, or shelters. The rugged, water-resistant IEC IP66 and IP67 construction means they can be used indoors, outdoors, and in wet environments. UL certified for use in North America.

  • Easy-to-Install Design: The HLS27 does not require an additional enclosure and has a slim, robust design that fits easily into new and existing applications. Two bracket options simplify installation. The LED lights are bright enough to replace bulky fluorescent fixtures.

  • Versatile for a Wide Range of Applications: Eight different lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm mean that the HLS27 can work in a wide variety of Division 2 applications. The integral ITC-ER rated cable is also available in multiple lengths for direct connection to the junction box without expensive conduit.

  • Tailored Illumination for New Solutions: Dimming and color options make the HLS27 an ideal fit for advanced lighting applications such as signaling or inspection. Light intensity is controlled with Hi/Lo/Off wiring or PWM dimming. Single- and dual-color models are available for purchase.
Banner Engineering HLS27 LED Strip Light Press Release  

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Banner Engineering OS80 Buttons and Switches

Banner's OS80 Operator Stations are self-contained, one-piece push buttons and key operated selector switches with a one- or two-color illuminated base. They enable non-safety run/start, stop, and bypass functions on a wide range of equipment in applications where mechanical feedback and high-visibility status indication is desired.

  • Easy installation and reduced costs: The one-piece design combining actuator and indicator in the same housing reduces overall cost and simplifies deployment by eliminating the need to purchase and install separate devices

  • Reliable operation: OS80 push buttons are available with momentary or latching operation. OS80 key switches are available in two-position (OFF/momentary or latching) and three-position (momentary/OFF/latching) models. OS80 Operator Stations are easily actuated by a gloved or bare hand without worry of false actuation.

  • Clear confirmation of device actuation: The tactile action of these operator stations provides unmistakable mechanical feedback to the operator when the device has been actuated. The bright illuminated base provides clear, at-a-glance indication of device status that is visible to all staff in the area.

  • Use in challenging and washdown environments: A washdown cover made of clear, FDA-grade silicone is available for OS80 push buttons. The cover provides additional protection against environmental hazards without compromising device actuation or visibility. It raises the product rating up to IP69K and Type 4X and is both UL and ECOLAB approved

Banner Engineering OS80 Buttons and Switches Press Release

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Banner Engineering Compact Tower Lights for Small Machines and Close Range Installation

Banner’s new TL30 Basic is a compact, cost-effective tower light designed specifically to provide easy-to-see operator guidance and status indication on small machines and in areas where staff work in close proximity to equipment. It has a slim 30 mm cylindrical body and supports two to five color segments and an optional audible segment for a total of up to six segments in each tower light.


  • Compact Design: The compact size of the TL30 Basic is more appropriate and proportional to the design and operational needs of smaller machines and equipment. Its slim 30 mm cylindrical body fits easily in space-constrained areas where larger tower lights can interfere with staff movement and machine operation. 

  • Cost-Effective: The TL30 Basic is Banner's most cost-effective tower light. This completely self-contained device requires no controller and comes fully assembled, enabling rapid deployment in small- or large-scale applications. The rugged IP65 and IK07-rated build and LED lights ensure long-term, maintenance-free operation.

  • Comfortable Light Output: The light output provided by the TL30 Basic is more comfortable on the eyes in applications where staff may work in very close proximity to a tower light over a prolonged period of time.

Banner Engineering LMS Series Compact Precision Laser Measurment Sensor

Banner Engineering's new LM series sensor offers best-in-class performance with superior stability, reliability, and precision for real world targets. With the introduction of the LM, Banner has developed the optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD) for simplified sensor set up, recipe control, and configuration storage


  • Precise Measurement: The LM provides reliable quality and process control with 0.004 mm resolution and repeatably measures real-world targets with varying colors and reflectivity.
  • High-Speed: With response speeds as fast as 0.5 ms, the LM can reliably solve high-speed applications with fast-moving targets.
  • Real-World Stability: LM sensors feature a thermally stable design that resists temperature changes, as well as enhanced mounting stability, for high accuracy in the toughest environments. The LM has a temperature effect of ±0.008 mm/°C. This is imperative for high precision applications since even a few degrees of temperature change can cause other sensors' measurement error to double.
  • Quick Setup and Replacement: The optional RSD remote display stores up to 6 configurations for product changeover and easy device replacement.
Banner Engineering LMS Series Compact Precision Laser Measurment Sensor Press Release

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

E-T-A Industry 4.0 with REX12D-T

As the divide between physical and digital technologies continues to converge, are your systems aligned to collect data, communicate results and make decisions? 

E-T-A's new REX12D-T Smart Electronic Protection System will bring systems one step closer to Industry 4.0 by offering machine transparency and system consistency through condition monitoring & predictive maintenance via MODBUS-RTU communication protocol. 

E-T-A Industry 4.0 with REX12D-T Press Release

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Banner Engineering Wireless Solutions Kit Simplies Vibration Monitoring

Banner’s new Wireless Solutions Kit for vibration monitoring is a fully integrated and easy-to-use solution for monitoring assets with rotating motion. It is designed to make it easy for users of any experience level to setup a wireless network and collect data from motors, fans, pumps, compressors, and similar equipment.

  • Reduce downtime & increase productivity: Avoid unexpected downtime and make more informed decisions about maintenance schedules by detecting problems early before a failure can occur.
  • Simple setup: Plug in the box, bind the nodes through the HMI screen, install vibration sensors and nodes on the equipment, and start collecting data. Performance baselines and thresholds are automatically generated and no programming is required.
  • Visualize data & alarms: HMI clearly displays alarms and graphs of raw vibration data along with baseline, warning, and alarm values.
  • Local & remote monitoring: Access raw data right on the HMI or via the cloud from any network accessible location.
  • Scalable solution: Monitor and collect data from up to 16 assets
Banner Engineering Wireless Solutions Kit Simplies Vibration Monitoring Press Release

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Banner Engineering QS18 Electronic Adjustable Field with Barrel Mount Housing and IO-Link

Banner Engineering’s newest addition to the popular QS18 Series product family is an electronic adjustable field background suppression sensor with barrel mount. Electronic adjustment provides a more robust optical design by eliminating moving parts, such as lenses. The industry standard housing provides simple and consistent installation and bracket standardization.

  • Adjust Background Suppression Limits Electronically: The new QS18 uses a photodiode array that allows sensing ranges to be adjusted with a potentiometer, or remotely via IO-Link. The array replaces traditional mechanical lenses for more robust sensing in high-vibration applications.
  • Standard Housing: The QS18 electronic adjustable field sensor uses industry standard barrel mount housing for easy installation into new or existing applications.
  • IO-Link Compatible: IO-Link communication allows operators to remotely teach the setpoint and lock the potentiometer for added flexibility and ease of use.
  • Two Different Versions for Best Application Performance: The new sensors come in both a 250 mm maximum range model and a 120 mm maximum range model.

    • 250 mm is optimized for higher excess gain and long distances
    • 120 mm is optimized with a smaller, rectangular spot size for better performance on targets with many color transitions

Banner Engineering QS18 Press Release

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Banner Engineering Very Compact Safety Light Curtains for Smaller Machines & Tight Spaces

Banner's SLC4 is the latest addition to Banner’s line of compact, low-profile safety light curtains, which includes the full feature LP Series and cost-effective LP Basic Series. These safety light curtains are now available in lengths of 160 mm up to 1250 mm, including new 410 mm and 690 mm models of the LP Basic safety light curtain.

The new SLC4 is Banner’s shortest, most compact safety light curtain. It has a low-profile design and a sensing area that extends the entire length of its 160 mm housing. This Type 4 safety light curtain system is available in models for finger detection or hand detection

  • Compact Design: The low-profile and short 160 mm length of the SLC4 enables an unobtrusive installation in space-constrained areas and on compact machines.

  • End-to-End Sensing: The sensing area of the SLC4 extends across the full length of the device, eliminating blind zones and maximizing sensing capabilities in a minimally sized package.

  • Affordable Price Point: With the lowest price per millimeter of any Type 4 safety light curtain from Banner Engineering, the SLC4 is an extremely cost-effective solution for simple machine safeguarding applications requiring only redundant, self-checking safety outputs.

  • Ease-of-Use: SLC4 safety light curtains can be configured quickly and easily with no PC software, DIP switches, or other devices required. Bicolor zone and status indicators reduce downtime by simplifying system alignment and troubleshooting.

Banner Engineering SLC4 Safety Light Curtains Press Release

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