Friday, December 12, 2014

Phoenix Contact VAL-SQ NP Surge Protective Device

Phoenix Contact introduces its first pluggable surge protective device (SPD) that mounts directly in a standard load center in place of two 1-inch circuit breakers: the VAL-SQ NP.

The VAL-SQ NP is an SPD that provides whole-house surge protection in a panel-mount, pluggable form. It contains a high-energy suppression circuit that provides 32 kA (8/20 μs) of surge current protection per phase. Each surge suppression mode also has over-current and thermal fusing for safety.

The VAL-SQ NP has the same footprint as two standard 1-inch pitch circuit breakers, operating status lights to provide verification of protection, and allows homeowners to safely replace the plug themselves. Similar products in the industry require the skills of an electrician to replace the surge component at end-of-life.

  • 32 kA (8/20 μs) surge current capacity per phase protects against high-energy lightning strikes and transient voltages
  • Initial installation by a certified electrician; plug replacement by homeowner
  • UL nominal surge discharge current (In) rating of 10 kA
  • LEDs provide continuous feedback on the status of each phase
  • UL 1449 3rd edition classified

Phoenix Contact PTU Hybrid Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces a new size of push-in spring technology hybrid terminal block.  The PTU 2.5-TWIN and PTU 4-TWIN hybrid blocks offer one screw connection and two push-in connections.  These hybrid blocks give the best of both worlds: fast, simple push-in connection for factory wiring, and familiar screw-connection for field wiring.

The PT terminal blocks allow easy and fast termination of ferruled wires by simply pushing the wire into the block. Stranded wire is terminated by pushing the orange actuator, opening the spring for the insertion of the wire.  All new versions are compatible with the Clipline Complete system of bridging, marking, test accessories, and plug-in components.


  • Push-in connection of ferruled wires to save time
  • Double-bridging channel between technology types for easy power distribution
  • PT 2.5-TWIN - 26-12 AWG; 20A @ 600V
  • PT 4-TWIN - 24-15 AWG; 30A @ 600V

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Carling Technologies RR / LRR Rocker Switches

Carling Technologies’ RR and LRR-Series round rocker switches feature a unique sculpted rocker design, and electrical ratings up to 12A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC. The RR Series is available with custom imprinting, and the lighted LRR-Series can be wired to accommodate dependent or independent illumination, neon or incandescent lamps, with red, green, amber or white translucent rockers. Installation is a snap, as this switch fits industry standard cutouts.

RR/LRR-Series switches are ideal for many applications including Appliance, Vacuum Cleaners, Office Automation, Food Service, Audio Visual, and Test & Measurement.

Carling Technologies RR / LRR Rocker Switches

Carling Technologies Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Newport Electronics LCR S-Beam Load Cells

Newport Electronics' LCR series S-Beam load cells offer high accuracy measurement for industrial applications.

  • High Accuracy Industrial Applications
  • 0.25% Interchangeability
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction Ranges to 1000 lb
  • Rugged Stainless Steel on Upper Ranges
  • Load Buttons and Rod Ends Available
  • 5-Point NIST Traceable Calibration (in Tension) Included

Newport Electronics LCGB Button Load Cells

The Newport Electronics LCGB Series comprises miniature low-profile compression load cells with excellent long-term stability. An all stainless steel construction ensures reliability in harsh industrial environments. These cells are designed to be mounted on a flat surface using cap screws to secure them to the base. A load button is integral to their basic construction for even force distribution.


  • Stainless steel
  • High accuracy
  • Low profile
  • Miniature size

Monday, November 17, 2014

Phoenix Contact VL BPC 3000 / VL PPC 3000 IPCs

Phoenix Contact's addition of two models, the VL BPC 3000 (PN 2400183) and the VL PPC 3000 (PN 2400184), provides you with increased performance as well as a migration path from current models. This advanced product offers numerous features and configuration options that have never been offered before in the Valueline series.

  • DisplayPort++ with support for up to three displays
  • 1 x USB 3.0 port, 3 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Benefits of a modern chipset and updated processor
  • Intel Core i3 - 4010U processor
  • Fanless design
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Mass storage options (CFast, HDD and SDD formats)
  • Two PCI expansion slots are available
  • Compact rugged housing
  • Flexible mounting options (panel, wall, bookshelf)
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with independent MAC addresses
The VL 3000 series features the fourth-generation Intel Core i3-4010U processor, which benchmarks twice as fast as our Core2Duo L7400. This IPC is the same form factor as the rest of the series, making the VL 3000 a drop in replacement for current Phoenix Contact installations.

Phoenix Contact VL BPC 3000 / VL PPC 3000 IPCs

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact Basicline Configurable Box PC

The Basicline BL BPC 2000 is a configurable box PC that can be mounted either directly on a wall or on a DIN rail. The BL BPC 2000 utilizes the Intel® Celeron® quad-core N2930 2.16 GHz processor, chosen for its balance of processing power and energy efficiency. The small footprint, fanless design and rich I/O capability make the BL BPC 2000 a product that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The three built-in COM ports enable connections to legacy RS-232 devices. One of the COM ports can also be configured for RS-422 or RS-485 protocols.

The BL BPC 2001 is built on the exact same platform as the BL BPC 2000. While the BL BPC 2000 is configurable, the BL BPC 2001 has a fixed configuration that does not include mass storage or operating system.


  • Energy-efficient Intel Celeron quad-core processors
  • Fanless design
  • DIN rail- and wall-mounting options
  • CFast® card, hard-disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) options
  • Embedded operating system support
  • Three COM ports
  • USB 3.0
  • Two DP++ display ports

Pepperl+Fuchs ENA58IL / EN361IL Rotary Encoders

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces ENA58IL and ENA36IL magnetic absolute rotary encoders. These next-generation encoders combine precision and high-speed resolution in a compact design. They are packed with features and options that maximize process reliability, efficiency and service life ideal for a wide range of OEM and plant automation applications.

“Positioning tasks in high-speed machine applications require a high degree of accuracy, resolution, and durability, and rotary encoders are key in these applications, guaranteeing reliable production processes,” says Robert Pasho, Product Line Manager. “Increasingly challenging installation conditions, the trend for smaller housing designs, and growing demands on process reliability are shifting the focus to encoders that are compact and extremely durable, and offer a longer service life with reduced maintenance. Pepperl+Fuchs new generation of magnetic rotary encoders, ENA58IL and ENA36IL, are engineered to satisfy these changing requirements by offering extremely precise technology in a rugged, compact housing.”

Redefining Boundaries
Typically, applications with more stringent requirements in terms of accuracy and high-speed resolution use optical rotary encoders. However, tough ambient conditions such as dirt, vibrations, or extreme temperatures present major challenges for this technology. By combining the high precision and resolution of optical rotary encoders with the extremely durable, compact design of magnetic rotary encoders, Pepperl+Fuchs redefines the boundaries of magnetic encoder technology. Boasting accuracies up to 0.1°, resolution up to 16 bit single turn and 32 bit multiturn, and a signal processing time < 100 µs, these ENA58IL and ENA36IL encoders are taking flexibility and performance to new heights.

Sophisticated Magnetic Field Technology
Developed specifically for use in ambient conditions that pose challenges for mechanical systems, these encoders demonstrate their performance in the most adverse application environments such as offshore wind turbines or in the mobile equipment industry. The key advantage of magnetic rotary encoder technology is its noncontact detection principle, which eliminates the need for glass disks used in pulse generation. Magnetic rotary encoders have no mechanical gearing, so there's no unpredictable wear therefore they are unaffected by environmental influences.

Uniquely Compact
Pepperl+Fuchs absolute rotary encoders are based on a magnetic detection principle and use a two-axis Hall sensor, which measures changes in the magnetic field allowing the angular measurement to be generated by the encoder electronics. In addition to the Hall sensor, Pepperl+Fuchs added a Wiegand sensor, turning these single-turn absolute rotary encoders into multiturn absolute rotary encoders. When a permanent magnetic field near the Wiegand sensor is rotated, it generates a change in the direction of the magnetic field in the core of the Wiegand sensor, and in turn, creates an induction voltage in the coil around the sensor. In this way energy is transformed and used to supply power to the electronics to enable counting of the shaft revolutions. This eliminates the need for an internal battery to supply power to the electronics and means that the rotary encoders will not lose full-turn rotational data when power is removed. Therefore, accurate position values are available after power is reapplied.

In addition to high reliability and a long service life, this Wiegand multiturn sensing technology enables more compact designs compared to conventional technology. The integrated Wiegand sensor can replace the multiturn mechanical gears, saving space and creating a unique, compact multiturn magnetic rotary encoder with housings as small as 36 millimeters in diameter.

Maximum Performance
This new generation of encoders provides state-of-the-art 14-bit Hall sensors, optimized magnet technology, and special software modifications that permit accuracies of up to 0.1° with single turn resolutions up to 16 bit and multiturn resolutions up to 16 bit.

With the addition of this new family of magnetic absolute rotary encoders Pepperl+Fuchs can now offer magnetic encoders with accuracies of 1° to 0.1°, providing solutions that deliver new capabilities for general machine engineering scenarios and plant automation. Optimized precision and performance keep processes moving, improving production reliability even in difficult industrial environments. What's more, these rotary encoders ensure improved performance when matched to the application in question because the sophisticated magnetic technology virtually eliminates maintenance and service costs and prolongs the encoder's service life even in dusty, dirty environments and at extreme temperatures. For applications where mounting restrictions and environmental conditions play a role, the compact, robust sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs offer the ideal solution for a wide range of applications regardless of the market sector.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Pepperl+Fuchs ENA58IL / ENA36IL Rotary Encoders

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Harting Han High Temp Connectors

HARTING’s new Han® High Temp connectors are designed to circumvent the limitations of deploying connectors in hot manufacturing applications up to 200ºC like mold machines and casting equipment. Conventional connector solutions involve locating the connectors well away from high temp areas of the machinery, requiring additional cabling. The Han® High Temp can be located right at the machine, saving on cabling and potentially simplifying machine design and wiring. The connector can be mated and unmated at temperatures up to 200ºC due to a special non-adhesive seal HARTING implemented in the connector.

The Han® High Temp is based on the well-established Han® B and Han® E series, using the same panel cutout dimensions. The aluminum die-cast hoods and housings feature a highly compressed surface with excellent non-stick properties, allowing the connector to be unmated without the gasket sticking. The Han® High Temp series features very rugged inserts made of injection-molded, liquid crystal polymer plastic (LCP) that deliver outstanding temperature resistance coupled with excellent mechanical stability. New temperature-resistant contacts (crimp or screw termination) ensure reliable connections with minimal contact resistance even at extreme temperatures.

Harting Han High Temp Connectors Press Release

Harting Technical Datasheets


HARTING’s new game-changing Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® travelling wave UHF antenna makes it possible to create a passive RFID reading zone with a single antenna for applications like smart shelving systems, wireless sensor networks, door and window pass-throughs and tool identification processes in machines. It overcomes the challenges in trying to create a viable, large transponder reading zone the conventional way, which typically involves using multiple patch antennas with their fixed radiation patterns.

LOCFIELD® stands for LOCalized FIELD. The antenna generates a localized electromagnetic field along the contour of the antenna cable. A single Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® coax cable, which comes in standard lengths of up to three metres or custom lengths up to 10 metres, becomes the antenna itself when connected to a high-power RFID reader. Two such antennas can be plugged into a dual port reader creating a reading zone up to 20 metres in almost any shape desired. The cable can be adapted to the layout or contours of any building, door, vehicle or machine interior or warehouse racking system, making it suitable for warehousing and logistics, transportation, as well as applications in the processing and manufacturing sectors. The LOCFIELD read range on FCC frequencies 902-928 MHz can extend from a few centimetres to over two meters, depending on the power of the RFID reader. This outstanding product, the first of its type, has been extensively field-tested by large systems integrators in North America, Europe, and Asia, with excellent results. Many of these customers are finding that the LOCFIELD® concept allows them to think of new opportunities to exploit the full potential of RFID tracking technology.

Harting Ha-VIS LOCFIELD RFID Antenna Press Release

Harting Technical Datasheets

Turck M12 X-Code Ethernet Connector

With the ability to transfer up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) of data, TURCK’s new M12 X-Code connector increases throughput and efficiency in high-end systems and applications. The M12 X-Code connector offers superior signal strength for high-speed Ethernet data transfers, compared to traditional M12 connectors that support up to 10/100 megabits per second (Mbps) Ethernet. Its ability to handle high bandwidth files and minimize transfer time reduces data bottlenecks and improves performance. 

To achieve 10 Gbps Ethernet transmission speed, the M12 X-Code connector features advanced shielding design paired with Category 7 copper cable. Each of the four data pairs are shielded from each other within the connector, providing increased isolation against cross talk, or unwanted signal coupling from one balanced twisted pair to another.

“Newer applications for video, camera and vision systems, as well as high-speed data acquisition, demand a network cable that can handle more than 10/100 Mbps data transfer,” said Laura Schweitz, product manager at TURCK. “Gigabit Ethernet can provide the speed and capacity needed. Using the TURCK M12 X-code connector, our customers now have a dependable communication solution for these high-speed applications.”

Featuring a robust, compact design, the IP67-rated M12 X-Code connector reliably operates in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. The overmolded construction eliminates time-consuming hand-wiring and misconfigurations, and is ideal for Industrial Ethernet applications requiring high speed and greater bandwidth.

Turck M12 X-Code Ethernet Connector Press Release

Turck Technical Datasheets

Finder 70.61 3-Phase Monitoring Relay

Finder has added the new 70.61 model to its line of 3-phase monitoring relays.  These relays reliably detect the loss of phase or incorrect phase rotation.  A compact, 17.5mm wide DIN-rail housing offers a cost and space saving solution.


  • Universal voltage monitoring (208 - 480V, 50/60 Hz)
  • Phase loss monitoring, even under phase regeneration
  • Positive safety logic - make contact opens if the relay detects an error
  • 1 CO (SPDT) relay output, 6A (17.5mm wide)
  • 35mm DIN-rail mount
  • European patent pending for the innovative principle at the root of the 3-phase monitoring and error survey system

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

IDEC FT1A Touch 14 I/O HMI+PLC Unit

IDEC announces a new model in its FT1A Touch micro programmable controller series of combo HMI+PLC units, the FT1A Touch 14 I/O. New features make the FT1A Touch 14 I/O suitable for advanced analog monitoring and control, allowing users to economically perform both operator interface and control for a much wider range of applications.

Many small scale applications such as simple machines could benefit by using a programmable graphical interface along with a discrete and analog controller and I/O, but don’t have the panel space or the budget for separate components. The FT1A Touch 14 I/O addresses this need by combining operator interface and control in a single compact package, all programmable with IDEC’s PC-based software.

The FT1A Touch 14 I/O provides up to 158 discrete and analog inputs and outputs (using FT1A controllers as Remote I/O slaves), PID control, Ethernet communications and a built-in 3.8-inch touchscreen HMI in a compact package costing less than $500. These features make it a good fit for applications requiring a graphical user interface along with discrete and analog control at an affordable price.

Responding to market demand, the following features were added to the updated FT1A Touch 14 I/O from the existing FT1A Touch:
  • The two-point built-in analog inputs now accept 4-20mA in addition to 0-10VDC
  • Two built-in analog outputs were added, each configurable as 0-10VDC or 4-20mA
  • Can now expand up to two additional analog two-point I/O modules
  • RTD/Thermocouple analog input module available
  • PID control
  • Can be configured as Remote I/O Master, allowing additional FT1As to be used as Remote I/O Slaves for additional discrete I/O
The device has 14 I/O consisting of eight discrete inputs of which two can be configured as analog, four discrete outputs and two analog outputs. The discrete inputs can handle switching frequencies up to 10KHz. The analog inputs and outputs can be configured as either 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA.

Two analog expansion adapters can be added, each with either two inputs or two outputs. Remote I/O capability allows up to three FT1A controllers to be configured as remote I/O slaves with 24, 40 or 48 I/O, for a maximum of 158 I/O on a single control system.

PID control functions include auto-tuning, anti-reset windup and bumpless transfer. Programming of the control functions is accomplished via IDEC’s WindLDR, and the HMI is programmed using IDEC’s WindO/I-NV3 software. The WindLDR software allows users to simulate ladder and function block programs to test software without requiring connection of hardware.

Communications includes RS232C and RS485 ports for serial networking; an RJ45 Ethernet port for remote Ethernet and Modbus TCP communications; and a USB port for entering recipe data, performing program updates and data logging.

Critical data can be logged to a USB memory stick and then retrieved by removing the USB stick, or by accessing the data stored on the USB stick via Ethernet. Project files can be transferred between a USB memory stick and the FT1A Touch14 I/O. The USB port is a quick and convenient way for an OEM to program multiple units, and for users to quickly update ladder and HMI programs.

The built-in Ethernet ports allow the FT1A Touch 14 I/O to be configured as a Client (Master) or Server (Slave) on the Modbus network. Modbus RTU (Master or Slave) is also supported. With these capabilities, the FT1A can communicate with other PLCs or devices using the Modbus protocol. It also contains native drivers for communication with PLCs from a wide range of manufacturers using various protocols.

With 47.4KB of logic control programming memory, complex PLC programs can be constructed without undue restriction. And with 5MB of configuration memory for the display, a full-featured display interface can be easily configured.

The new FT1A Touch 14 I/O is CE, cULus, Class I Division 2 for hazardous locations, and has a -20 to 55°C operating temperature. 


IDEC Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Turck Stainless Steel Passive Junction Boxes

TURCK’s new passive junction boxes with stainless steel ports help plants integrate multiple devices into a single unit, and consolidate the number of cables on the plant floor. The newly designed stainless steel M12 port connections allow the junction boxes to be used in harsh environments.

TURCK’s passive junction boxes are available in 4-, 6- or 8-port configurations, with one to two discrete signals per port capability, so plants can consolidate multiple discrete devices in an area to a single product. A single cable then connects the junction box to a controller, eliminating the tangle of cables when individual lines are run from each discrete device. Discrete signals can be either inputs or outputs from the controller; each box includes port and unit labels, and integral homerun cables.

With a compact, low-profile housing, these passive junction boxes can be used in a variety of industrial and factory automation applications. The new boxes fit on the same mounting platform as the non-stainless steel junction boxes.

TURCK’s passive junction boxes are available in PNP LED, NPN LED and no LED options. All feature fully encapsulated nylon housings with stainless steel connectors to ensure strength and ingress resistance, and include IP68 and IP69k ingress protection. Specifications include 2A of current per signal, up to 9A total current per box, with 10V-30V operating voltage. TURCK’s passive junction boxes are certified for temperatures -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.

Turck Stainless Steel Passive Junction Boxes Press Release

Turck Technical Datasheets

Monday, November 3, 2014

Phoenix Contact PT 16 N Push-In Spring Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces a new size of push-in spring technology terminal blocks. The PT 16 N adds larger size conductor capability from 20 to 4 AWG to the most innovative line of terminal blocks. 

The PT terminal blocks allow easy and fast termination of ferruled wires by simply pushing the wire into the block. Stranded wire is terminated by pushing the orange actuator, opening the spring for the insertion of the wire. All new versions are compatible with the Clipline Complete system of bridging, marking, test accessories, and plug-in components.

The PT 16 N series has an angled design to better accommodate the bend radius of larger size conductors to optimize spacing. A twin version is also available for three-wire connection. The PT 16 N size is rated per UL for 85 A at 600 V using 20 to 4 AWG wire sizes.

Phoenix Contact PT 16 N Push-In Spring Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact HEAVYCON EVO D-Series Rectangular Connectors

The Phoenix Contact Heavycon EVO heavy duty connector line now includes the HEAVYCON EVO D-series. Continuing the use of the innovative bayonet-locking gland, the Heavycon EVO D-series offers the same inventory cost-reducing advantage as the Heavycon EVO B-series, but in a smaller package. With a hood width of just 30mm, the Heavycon EVO D-series saves space when compared to the 44mm wide B-series hoods. Offered with a single latch and the M20 or M25 bayonet gland, the EVO D-series accepts the fixed inserts designed for the D15 or D25 housings. The EVO D-series is made from polyamide plastic material and offers high reliability even in applications with high impact and vibrations. Designed with cost-savings in mind, the Heavycon EVO D-series can reduce inventory up to 70 percent inventory, thanks to the patented bayonet gland system. Built for harsh environments, Heavycon EVO D-series meets the requirements of IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12.


  • Cable exit direction can be determined on-site
  • 70% inventory reduction savings
  • Two bayonet locking glands in M20, M25 for both the D15 and the D25
  • Accepts A10, A16, D15 and D25 fixed inserts
  • Meets IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12 protection requirements

Phoenix Contact 4000 Series Ethernet Switches

Phoenix Contact's addition of five models, designated as the 4000 series Ethernet switches, provides you with Gigabit capability, numerous fiber options, and various port-count combinations. By operating on the same firmware platform, both the 4000 series and the previously released 3000 series ensure seamless network interoperability and easy deployment and maintenance.

Phoenix Contact 3000 and 4000 series managed Ethernet switches are specially tailored to the requirements of today’s infrastructure applications. Models are available in various five-to sixteen-port Fast Ethernet and now, Gigabit configurations. Support for up to four fiber ports with different fiber types, speed, and connectors enables flexibility in any deployment, while the extended temperature range enables universal use even under extreme environmental conditions. The switches support a comprehensive suite of IT-compatible functions, IEEE security policies, various high-performance network redundancy methods, and numerous network performance management options that enable consistent integration into IT network structures.

The 3000/4000 Ethernet switches offer a wide range of security functions to assist in protecting the network:

  • MAC-based port security
  • 802.1x port-based (RADIUS) authentication
  • SNMPv3 encryption
  • User accounts for switch web page access

Multiple redundancy options afford fle xibility for any industrial network topology. Support for the IEEE redundancy standards Spanning Tree Protocol, Rapid Spanning Tree, and Multiple Spanning Tree ensure IT-compatibility in a system.

Additionally, for critical infrastructure applications that might require more complex redundancy schemes, the proprietary Extended Ring mechanism offers quick redundancy switch-over in the event of connection failure. Communication recovery time of 15 milliseconds for up to 134 3000/4000 devices in a sing le ring is possible. Up to three linked rings with more than 300 switches can be supported, with dual homing, redundant ring-to-ring coupling, or linking of rings possible.

With the 3000/4000 switch family, special attention has also been given to the user-friendly operation and configuration of the switches. The ability to customize switch web page access by user account allows configurable web pages to be displayed based on user roles. Access to switch information and modifications can be structur ed by “need-to-know” basis, to address the requirements of different job functions or security levels.

Phoenix Contact 4000 Series Ethernet Switches

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Panduit Panduct PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

PanelMax™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct from Panduit is an innovative wire management solution that maximizes space utilization within industrial enclosures for flexibility in panel layout and reduced material and installation costs. The unique design raises components from the panel surface for easier access and faster terminations. DIN rail wiring duct is compatible with common DIN rail and DIN mount components to satisfy a wide range of applications.

The Industrial Automation Solution from Panduit meets the most demanding requirements and applications with a broad range of product systems that aid in reducing design and assembly time, creating valuable panel space savings, providing easier installation and maintenance, and improving reliability.

Panduit Panduct PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

Panduit Technical Datasheets

Pro-face SP5000 Enhanced HMIs

Pro-face recently launched its new enhanced SP5000 Smart Portal HMIs, offering sophisticated machine performance, production management, and predictive maintenance utilizing operation data.  The modular, interchangeable design allows you to fit the exact HMI configuration to your application. Display options include 10", 12", or 15" premium displays and 7", 10", or 12" wide advanced displays.  Rear module options include the power box and the open box (coming soon).

Pro-face SP5000 Enhanced HMIs

Pro-face Technical Datasheets

Thursday, October 30, 2014

DF-G2 High Speed Fiber Amplfier Now with Several LED Colors

Banner Engineering's high speed DF-G2 fiber amplifiers now offer several LED colors to maximize contrast in challenging low-contrast applications. For example, a green LED generates more signal difference (i.e. contrast) when detecting a red mark on a white background than a red LED can generate. White, green, blue and infrared LED colors are available to cover the broadest range of applications. The IR LED model is especially useful with “T5” terminated glass fiber assemblies and provides almost two times more detection range than the red LED.

The DF-G2 series is the high-speed version of the DF-G fiber optic amplifier family. The DF-G2 was designed to achieve the world’s fastest response speed and precise repeatability for fiber optic sensing applications. A much brighter LED and a more effective coupled optical system was designed to extend sensing range and improve speed. The result is a sensor that can achieve 10 microsecond response time with 5 microsecond repeatability.

Banner Engineering DF-G2 Fiber Amplifiers

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

IDEC EF1A Hazardous Location LED Flood Lights

With UL Class I, Zone 1 and Type 4X ratings, the EF1A series of LED flood lights from IDEC can be used in hazardous locations, making it well-suited to handle applications in oil & gas industries, water treatment, chemical plants, painting booths and more. This design also allows for increased mounting versatility with mounting options including adjustable, fixed angle, or no mounting bracket. And with major international certifications, EF1A can even be used in applications worldwide.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing with reinforced glass lens
  • Narrow-angle and wide-angle beam models available
  • Clear or translucent lenses
  • Available with adjustable, fixed angle or no mounting bracket
  • Four conduit sizes available
  • Type 4X (IP67) without switch
  • Type 3S (IP65) with switch

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pro-face GP4000M Rear Module

Pro-face America has launched the new GP4000M series rear module for their GP4x01M series of HMIs. The GP4000M Rear Module offers two unique data management architectures.

  1. Thanks to the large library of 3rd party protocols supported, the GP4000M Rear Module can be deployed as a "Factory Gateway". As a Factory Gateway, the GP4000M can bridge devices from two different networks, each network operating on a different industrial communications protocol.
  2. For applications where operator interaction is not required or infrequent and data collection is necessary the GP4000M operating as a "blind node" makes for a cost effective solution. Coupled with our Remote HMI app, screens that are normally displayed through a display unit, can be viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or any device that can support a web browser.

  • Supports a large selection of Serial or Ethernet protocols (set up to 2 protocols)
  • USB interfaces can be used for project transfer to connect BCR scanners, printers and memory devices
  • Connectivity to EZ-Series USB solutions
  • Programmed with the versatile GP-Pro EX Screen Development software
  • Quick mounting into a standard 22mm hole without he need to create a larger panel cutout.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pepperl+Fuchs PS3500 High Integrity Power Supply

Pepperl+Fuchs PS3500 universal power supply supports 90-230VAC and 90-300VDC inputs with a 15A @ 24VDC adjustable output.  The PS3500 backplane comes in two different sizes, a 3-unit and a 6-unit backplane.  Best of all, the PS3500 is completely backwards compatible and interchangeable with the previous generation PS2500 in case your application needs it.

The PS3500 can be used in Class 1, Div 2 and ATEX Zone 2 installations, and is ETL listed for US and Canada.  It also has UL approvals for US and Canada.  The PS3500 offers improved diagnostics capabilities and will be easily integrated into overall system diagnostics in the future.  An optional diagnostic module can be added to the backplane to provide real-time input and output power monitoring.

Oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries benefit from the PS3500's system integrity and prevention of downtime, which could be very expensive even for a short period of time.  With the N+1 feature, cabinet space is kept to a minimum.  The PS3500 is also hot swappable from the backplane.


  • Highly reliable design
  • N+1 redundancy configuration
  • High MTBF
  • Higher efficiency (91%)
  • Fanless design
  • Improved system integrity
  • Lower life cycle cost

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pepperl+Fuchs R2000 Detection Laser Scanner

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the R2000 Detection Laser Scanner. Smaller than most coffee mugs, these 2D laser scanners feature a 360-degree gapless measurement angle with angular resolution within 0.071 degrees, scan frequency to 30 Hz and object detection down to 1 mm. An eye-safe visible red laser simplifies alignment and, because the light spot is up to 15 times smaller than competitive technology, it enables precise detection of very small objects or reflectors. R2000 Detection Scanners can also detect objects up to 10 m away and reflectors up to 30 m away, with measurement repeatability that is always within 12 mm of true distance value. A 360 degree LED display provides quick visual status indication.  

“R2000 Detection scanners set a new standard for intuitive, user-friendly and precise laser scanner performance. They come equipped with discrete I/O and four user-configurable detection fields that can be edited and assigned to a specific, discrete output with intuitive and free software,” says Michael Turner, Product Manager – Photoelectric Sensing. “Additionally, these scanners measure distance with true time-of-flight Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), which means distance measurement is not limited by the geometric layout of the sensor optics. Consequently, compact PRT sensors deliver significantly greater detection ranges than is attainable with triangulation based sensors, while still providing a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.”

High angular resolution and positioning accuracy combined with simple setup make R2000 Detection well-suited for use in material handling applications as well as building automation and transport management. In fact their innovative features provide significant advantages for use in many other areas, too, regardless of the industry.

Potential applications include, but are not limited to, detecting protrusions or obstacles over large area, collision avoidance on overhead monorails, detecting small overhangs such as damaged pallets, monitoring entryways and exits, controlling the height of pallets on palletizers, and verifying empty, full, or overfilled cartons on conveyors.

These IP65 rated scanners have an anticipated operating life of 20 years in operating temperatures from -10 ... 50 °C (14 ... 122 °F). R2000 Detection offers 4 digital I/O channels. Each channel can be configured as an input or as an output (NPN or PNP).

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Pepperl+Fuchs R2000 Detection Laser Scanner

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Monday, October 20, 2014

Banner Engineering TL70 Modular Tower Light

Banner Engineering's TL70 Tower Light is a 70mm, modular LED indicator with extremely bright and uniform light.  The modularity gives the user flexibility to customize tower lights as needed and change positions in the field.  The TL70 is also available pre-assembled for easy installation.


  • Light segments have user-selectable solid ON or flashing
  • Up to five colors plus audible in one device
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing with UV-stabilized material
  • Bright, uniform indicator segments appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light
  • Several connection options to choose from, including M12/Euro-style quick-disconnect, cabled and terminal-wired

Monday, October 13, 2014

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K90 Large Multicolor Indicators

The K90 family of indicators by Banner Engineering is rugged, highly uniform and very bright.  These indicators can withstand high levels of impact as well as washdown with an IP67 enclosure rating.  The key differences between the K90L and K90TL are highlighted below:

K90L - Available in 1- to 5-color models.  Only one color can be activated at a time.  All models include a flashing input wire that will trigger any active color to flash at a rate of 1.6 Hz.

K90TL - Meant for use when there is a possibility of more than one color being activated at a time.  When more than one color is activated, the indicators will alternate between all active colors at a rate of 1 Hz.  Models are available with two to five colors in one device.


  • Bright, uniform indicator light
  • Models are available with up to five colors in one device
  • Rugged IP67-rated design
  • 12 to 30VDC operation

Friday, October 10, 2014

Phoenix Contact PTPOWER 95 Push-In Terminal Blocks for High Power

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of push-in spring technology terminal blocks for high power applications. Screw-type connections have long dominated larger wire terminations, because a suitable spring version was not available. More customers have requested a spring-type version for the added benefits it offers, including a faster, reliable termination, as well as consistent connection technology among all connections within their cabinet. PTPOWER fulfills these requirements with a fast, safe and reliable connection for wires up to 4/0 AWG.

These high-power blocks have similar accessories and design as their smaller counterparts in the CLIPLINE Complete line, including marking and testing adaptors.

The PTPOWER 95 is the first in a series of high-power spring terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact featuring Power Turn technology. This is a short lever movement to open and close the termination area. When the termination area is opened, the springs are now loose and not kinetically charged, achieving an extra level of safety. This feature makes the PTPOWER 95 the only finger-safe spring terminal block for these larger conductors. In addition to this quick and safe Power Turn feature, Phoenix Contact's unique push-in capabilities allow direct wire termination. This is the world’s fastest way to connect wires greater than 2 AWG. With the terminal block in the “closed” position, the user simply pushes a wire in until it stops, for the same reliable connection.

All PTPOWER terminal blocks are also side entry for optimum large conductor routing without the need to accommodate a bending radius. The PTPOWER 95 has multiple accessories for maximum flexibility. These include two- and three-position bridges, individual 2.3mm test point with optional 4mm test point, DIN rail or panel options, and the AGK 10-PTPOWER pick-off terminal, which allows up to four 6 AWG wires added to each block . There are 17 different versions, including blocks prebuilt with three to five positions, black/yellow functional earth (FE) and potential earth (PE) versions.

PTPOWER 95 is rated per UL for 230A at 1000V using 4 to 4/0 AWG wire sizes.

Phoenix Contact PTPOWER 95 Push-In Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Newport Electronics zED-H2 High Power Wireless Sensor/Transmitter System

The rugged high-performance, high power NEWPORT® zSeries wireless sensor/transmitter system provides Web-based monitoring of Analog Voltage and Current, Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure.

The radio is a high power IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transmitter operating at 2.4 GHz designed to transmit over greater distances and through more obstructions than the standard transmitter.

These wireless sensors transmit 1000m (3280') - without obstructions or interferences - to a zCDR coordinator or wi8/wiDR meter-controller. The coordinators and controllers connect directly to an Ethernet network and the Internet and serve active Web Pages to display and chart the data.

You can monitor and record analog voltage and current, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure over an Ethernet network or the Internet without any special software - just your Web Browser.

These zSeries wireless sensors are designed for demanding industrial applications indoors and harsh outdoor environments. The electronics are protected in a rugged weatherproof polycarbonate NEMA 4 (IP65) rated housing. The rugged industrial sensors are supplied with 3m (10') of cable.


  • Wireless transmitters available with external probes appropriate for an almost unlimited variety of industrial and commercial applications.
  • Triggers an alarm if variables go above or below a set point you determine, sent via e-mail or text message.
  • Award winning iServer technology with an embedded web server requires no special software.
  • Serves active web pages to display real time readings and charts.
  • Data can be logged in standard data formats readable in Excel or Visual Basic.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Banner Engineering XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller

The XS26-2 and associated expansion modules continue Banner Engineering's development of a new safety controller platform that began with the SC26-2.  With up to eight I/O expansion modules, the XS26-2 platform allows you to address larger scale machines.  The XS26-2 is designed to be easy to use, flexible and efficient.


  • Allows up to eight expansion modules
  • Configuration software free of charge
  • Real-time live display feedback
  • Intuitive functional diagram configuration: logic function blocks including AND, OR, NAND, NOR, SR Flip-Flop, RS Flip-Flop
  • Several pre-configured safety function blocks and configurable safety input attributes
  • Controller and input modules allow safety inputs to be converted to status outputs for efficient terminal use
  • PNP safety outputs can be split into two single channel status or safety outputs for up to Category 3, PL d per ISO 13849-1
  • 64 virtual outputs (Ethernet version only)

Phoenix Contact HEAVYCON EVO EMC Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connectors

The HEAVYCON EVO heavy-duty connector line from Phoenix Contact now includes the metal EVO-EMC version. With its patented, innovative bayonet locking gland, the HEAVYCON EVO-EMC provides the same inventory cost-reducing advantage as the HEAVYCON EVO plastic.

Designed for applications that require shielding, the HEAVYCON EVO EMC is compatible with similar B-series connectors from Phoenix Contact and similar models from other manufacturers. Like the HEAVYCON EVO plastic, HEAVYCON EVO EMC accepts both the fixed position inserts and the modular inserts. 

Designed for harsh environments, HEAVYCON EVO EMC is manufactured from salt-water-resistant aluminum and meets the requirements of IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12.


  • HEAVYCON EVO EMC metal is designed to meet high shielding requirements
  • Cable exit direction can be determined on-site
  • 70% inventory reduction savings
  • Four bayonet locking glands in M20, M25, M32 and M40 for all size hoods
  • Accepts fixed or modular inserts
  • EVO is fully compatible with standard B-series housings from Phoenix Contact or other rectangular connector manufacturers
  • Meets IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Littelfuse 777 Series Axial Lead Fuses

Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has introduced the compact 777 Series Fuse to provide protection for higher-wattage wall-mount chargers for battery-powered electronic equipment. Although chargers for earlier generations of mobile phones had relatively low wattage (typically about 5W), today’s highly compact chargers must often be able to handle 10-15W of power, which requires withstanding higher levels of current. The axial lead, 3.6mm x 9mm 777 Series Fuse incorporates an innovative type of filler material that provides a finely tuned balance between the surge tolerance necessary to prevent nuisance fuse tripping with the fuse’s ability to open safely when a short-circuit occurs. The 777 Series’ robust design lets it withstand up to 24 hits of 7.5kV ringwave surge; it will open safely on a direct short condition without producing soot, sparks, and sounds. Typical applications include wall-mount smartphone and tablet chargers and 10‑20W power supply modules for other battery-powered consumer electronics.

“From the consumer perspective, everybody wants their mobile electronic devices to recharge quickly, so they can get back to using them in the way they were intended. The 777 Series Fuse allows circuit designers to engineer fast, compact, and economical chargers that don’t compromise user safety,” said Daniel Wang, product manager for the 777 Series Fuse line. “Circuit designers can count on Littelfuse for robust fuse design and superior manufacturing quality.”


  • Its high interrupting rating design ensures the fuse will open safely under short-circuit conditions without producing soot, sparks, or popping noises.
  • The high surge withstand capability prevents nuisance tripping of the fuse caused by transient surges.
  • The fuse’s 3.6mm x 9mm footprint conserves board space, which makes it suitable for use in compact wall-mount charger designs.
  • Its epoxy coating provides insulation on the vertically mounted fuse body.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Schneider Electric Magelis Rack PC

Schneider Electric's new Magelis Rack industrial PCs easily install into standard 19" racks in control room applications.  Choose between Optimized, Universal or Performance platforms for the best cost and performance to suit your needs.  The Rack PC can serve as an engineering and SCADA server or an operator station. Supported software includes: Vijeo Designer Run-time, Vijeo Citect, and PlantStruxure PES Distributed Control System. 

Schneider Electric Magelis Rack PC

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets