Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Schneider Electric M171/M172 Logic Controllers

Maximize profitability and energy efficiency for HVAC and pumping control applications using Schneider Electric's Modicon M171/ M172 logic controllers with the intuitive software SoMachine HVAC.

The Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers are available in 3 controller types:
  • The Modicon M171 optimized logic controller for simple and compact machines is the smallest programmable controller on the market. The Modicon M171 optimized unit can also be flush mounted and requires minimal installation effort, while offering tremendous versatility.
  • The Modicon M171 performance logic controller for complex and BMS-connectable machines. This controller provides more powerful memory, I/Os, connectivity and an embedded web server.
  • The Modicon M172 performance logic controller for large and connected machines. For more performance, connectivity and scalabity.

Everything you need is embedded:
  • Wide choice of digital or analog I/Os, software configurable
  • Communication protocols: Modbus SL, Modbus TCP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, CAN, Profibus, ASCII, LonWorks
  • The embedded WebVisu function lets you read and write data from the equipment and make corresponding adjustments to its operation from any location
  • With or without display and buttons, or flush-mounted
  • Power supply: 12VDC or 24VAC/DC or 48VDC or 100 to 240VAC
  • Simplicity and performance

Thanks to a high degree of flexibility, installing additional modules is very easy - while keeping everything in a single configuration:
  • Remote displays
  • Expansion modules
  • Wall thermostat
  • Electronic expansion valve driver
  • Wide range of humidity and temperature probes
  • Communication plug-in for adding a communication port

Reduced Time to Market
The Modicon M171/M172-based solutions are faster and easier to deploy thanks to SoMachine HVAC 2.0, Schneider Electric’s single platform for programming, visualization, and commissioning. SoMachine HVAC 2.0 offers intuitive, ready-to-use application function blocks (AFB). When implemented together with the Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures (TVDAs) from Schneider Electric, it greatly reduces design time.

Improved Efficiency
SoMachine HVAC 2.0 provides advanced algorithms for greater energy efficiency in Modicon M171/M172-based automation. Dedicated AFBs include energy management, compressor management, fan management, coefficient of performance (COP) monitoring, and floating high pressure control as well as other HVAC- and pumping-related software libraries. Machine builders can simply apply the AFBs while freely developing codes and functions specific to their needs. Additionally, the USB ports on Modicon M171P and Modicon M172P make programming and debugging even easier.

Simplified Integration and Maintenance
The new Modicon M171/M172 series offers a wide choice of connectivity options to support integration with a variety of BMS. A ready-to-connect device, the new Modicon M172P embeds Ethernet, Modbus and BACnet protocols as standard and LonWorks protocol as optional. Furthermore, maintenance is simplified thanks to the built-in WebVisu, visualization screens that are compatible with standard Web browsers to enable remote control of the applications from mobile devices.

The Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers are part of MachineStruxure.

Schneider Electric M171/M172 Logic Controllers

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

Schneider Electric Altivar 660 Process Drives

The Schneider Electric Altivar Process 660 enclosed drive system offers a platform of standard, engineered and special features to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and municipal process applications where high functionality of features is required.

From basic design to a customized offer the Altivar Process enclosed drives offer extensive flexibility in Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Mining, Minerals & Metals, and Food & Beverage applications. Depending on your requirements, wall-mounted and floor standing solutions are available.

Available from 1 hp to 1100 hp, these low voltage engineered drives provide a high level of performance focusing on higher horse power ratings in a Type 1, Type 12 and certain ranges at Type 3R enclosure.

The Altivar Process enclosed drives solutions are:
  • Pre-engineered ready-to-use solutions in highly efficient designs
  • Tested and validated before shipment to ensure smooth installation
  • Modular and compact to maximize space utilization
  • Easy to set up and commission with intuitive operator interface
  • Flexible

Optimum Monitoring of Your Process
  • Instant reaction if pump efficiency drops thanks to the embedded pump monitoring 
  • Notification of critical operating points without additional sensors 
  • Process integration with pressure, flow and level control including compensation of flow losses 

The Energy-Saving Drive Solution
  • Up to 60% energy saving when on standby due to the innovative ‘‘Stop & Go’’ operation without additional costs
  • Smart control of the internal fans depending on operation
  • Optimum energy efficiency over the whole life cycle
  • Data logging and graphic display of the power consumption

Web Server and Services via Ethernet
  • Embedded web server interface based on the Ethernet network gives you process monitoring with your daily working tools
  • Local and remote access to energy use and customized dashboards means your energy is visible anywhere, any time, on PC, tablet or smartphone

Simple integration in PLC Environments
  • Easy integration thanks to standardized FDT/DTM and ODVA technology
  • Supported by predefined Unity Pro libraries 
  • Easy access via PC, tablet or smartphone 
  • Secure connection via ‘‘Cyber-secure Ethernet’’ 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Banner Engineering Vibration and Temperature Sensors

New features on the Banner Engineering QM42VT1 enable you to access additional vibration data and more effectively monitor equipment in your facilities. The QM42VT1 can now detect vibration along its X-axis in addition to its Z-axis to enable earlier and more accurate detection of potential problems associated with vibration. Additionally, multiple vibration parameters are now available using the Sensor Configuration Tool.

The QM42VT2 is a new Modbus vibration and temperature sensor acting as a Modbus slave via RS-485. It can be connected through a wireless or wired Modbus network. Like the QM42VT1, the sensor can measure vibration in two axes and provides you with access to multiple vibration measurements using the Sensor Configuration Tool.


  • Now senses in two axes
  • Additional vibration parameters available: peak velocity, peak frequency, RMS acceleration and more
  • Configuration tool enables easy access to enhanced functionality

  • Functions as a Modbus slave via RS-485
  • Can be connected via a wireless or wired Modbus network
  • Senses in two axes
  • Multiple vibration parameters available: peak velocity, peak frequency, RMS acceleration and more

Monday, March 14, 2016

Honeywell Sensing and Control PX3 Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

Honeywell is pleased to announce the efficient, affordable and durable PX3 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers, designed primarily for system pressure monitoring in HVAC, refrigeration, air compressor, pump and valve systems.

  • Pressure range: 1 bar to 46 bar | 15 psi to 667 psi (absolute and sealed gage)
  • Ratiometric output: 0.5 VDC to 4.5 VDC
  • Fully calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Total Error Band: ±1.0 %FSS from -20°C to 85°C [-4°F to 185°F]
  • External freeze/thaw resistance: 6 cycles from -30°C to 50°C [-22°F to 122°F]
  • Insulation resistance: < 100 MOhm, 1500 VDC
  • Dielectric strength: AC1500V, 1 min. or AC1800, 1 s
  • Current consumption: 3.5 mA max.
  • EMC Radiated Immunity: 200 V/m per ISO 11452-2 
  • Ingress protection up to IP67
  • Response time: < 2 ms
  • RoHS, REACH, and CE compliant
  • Service pressure: 10 bar
  • Burst pressure: 40 bar
  • Wire harness (with or without a connector) or other sensing elements (PTC or RTD) available upon request

Friday, March 4, 2016

Phoenix Contact CUTFOX-SP Bolt VDE, SE and SE LM Hand Tools

Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of the TOOL fox product line with the release of the Cutfox-SP Bolt VDE, SE, and SE LM.

The Cutfox-SP Bolt VDE cutting tool, made with inductively hardened blades, is suitable for precise cutting of bolts, nails, rivets, steel wire, or similar hard materials.

The Cutfox SE and SE LM are hardened and tempered diagonal cutters for superior performance when subject to particular strain. The SE LM diagonal cutters offer stripping, crimping, and bending functions, as well as screw pincers up to M3.5/M4.

Phoenix Contact CUTFOX-SP Bolt VDE, SE and SE LM Hand Tools

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact PTRV Marshaling Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces the PTRV terminal block, allowing up to 32 connections in an 8.3mm profile. The compact PTRV marshaling terminals are used to marshal signals in automation applications in a clearly arranged manner. The wiring of a large number of conductors is simplified through levels, which can be designed individually based on color. Together with the front wiring, this helps to prevent errors in connection.

  • Current rating - 10A (UL)
  • Voltage - 300V (UL)
  • Wire range - 26-14 stranded/solid

  • Maximum signal density and up to 20% less space required, thanks to the compact design
  • Freely configurable color assignment terminal points, enabling intuitive and safe installation
  • Convenient testing by means of freely accessible 2.5mm test connections
  • Large-surface, pitch-free marking for matrix identification
  • Potential distribution versions, with up to 32 connections on the same block

E-T-A 18Plus Power Distribution System

E-T-A is pleased to announce the introduction of the Module 18Plus Power Distribution System. The 18plus power distribution system is a complete mounting and power distribution system with state-of-the-art push-in technology for DIN rail mounting that provides panel builders with:
  • Modularity: Engineers specify the system configuration based on their application
  • Flexibility: Side by side mounting of single pole plug-in circuit breakers with various technologies
  • Efficiency: Integral power distribution – additional connecting terminals and connection cables

Pepperl+Fuchs BULLET Loop-Powered WirelessHART Adapter

Pepperl+Fuchs extends its WirelessHART portfolio with the "BULLET”. This loop-powered WirelessHART adapter enables new and existing wired 4 mA … 20 mA and HART field devices to communicate measurement, diagnostic, and parameterization data wirelessly. It is the only WirelessHART adapter on the market with an explosion proof Ex d housing and is suitable for use in explosion hazardous areas up to Zone 1/21, Class I, Div. 1 (also available as an intrinscally safe version for use in Zone 0 and a general purpose version).

An extremely rugged aluminum housing contains all electronic components, including the antenna – the unit is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions in process plants. The BULLET is permanently installed by attaching it directly or via conduit fitting to an Ex d field device or by being mounted on a junction box. Additionally, the Ex i version of the BULLET is also suitable for use with intrinsically safe field devices.

When using the BULLET, no additional battery is needed. Connection of HART devices is possible as well as connection of 4 mA … 20 mA devices, enabling flexible adaptation to changing application requirements.

The BULLET supplies itself with energy from the 4 mA … 20 mA current loop, using a special technology called “StepVolt”. This technology allows users to set insertion voltage from 1 V to 2.5 V in order to optimize the usage of available loop power and wireless communication bandwidth.

The BULLET provides reliable performance even under worst case low-current conditions, where there is very little power available – when using transmitters on very long cable runs or with intrinsically safe barriers. In scenarios where more power is available, the BULLET provides a higher amount of WirelessHART packets per second, leading to an increased performance of the overall WirelessHART network.

The BULLET is equipped with a powerful multidrop feature that significantly lowers the cost of adding devices to an existing WirelessHART network. With a single BULLET, up to eight field devices can be multidropped. This is especially useful for monitoring tank farms and pipelines.

  • Only Ex d certified loop-powered WirelessHART adapter on the market, suitable for use in explosion-hazardous areas up to Zone 1/21, Class I, Div. 1
  • Rugged Ex d aluminum housing with fully encased antenna for harsh environments
  • Handles both 4 mA … 20 mA and HART field devices, giving flexibility in applications
  • StepVolt technology makes very low voltage drop possible
  • Multidrop of up to eight field devices with a single BULLET saves network extension costs