Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 Series for Machine and Automation Networks

Phoenix Contact's new 2000 series managed switches provide a two-pronged approach to the continued demand for robust, high-function, economically priced managed Ethernet switches. 

The new FL SWITCH 2000 line bridges the gap between simple unmanaged switches and complex managed switches. The 2000 and 2100 versions provide a portfolio with an optimized range of functions for the series production of machines. 

The FL SWITCH LM 2200 and 2300 versions serve applications that require a broader scope of functions and industry-specific approvals. These managed switches provide a new product range for automation applications, ensuring the continued success of the “Lean Managed Switch” concept into the future. With these new 2000 series switches, you choose the ideal port combination for the application from a wide range of variants.


  • The cost-effective FL SWITCH 2000/2100 allows configuration and monitoring of the machine network in ways previously reserved for the more expensive managed switches.

  • The 2200/2300 series switches are a contemporary update of the Lean Managed Switch and are oriented toward the automation networks in a wide range of applications.

  • Full Gigabit options and up to four SFP fiber ports for extreme flexibility in network planning.

  • Approvals for hazardous location and maritime allow usage in varied application

  • Multiple available configuration options make for easy switch deployment and maintenance

  • Port-based DHCP ensures same IP address assignment when edge device replacement is needed

Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 Series Press Release

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Carlo Gavazzi Capacitive Proximity Sensors

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of the new CD34 Series liquid level capacitive sensors. The CD34 Series is designed to detect water-based liquids through non-metallic walls, i.e. plastic or glass. The sensors automatically account for the thickness of plastic or glass walls and compensate for any residual films, moisture or foam accumulation while reliably sensing the presence of the liquid to be detected. The sensor is packed with a universal bracket, which provides great mounting versatility for a variety of surfaces, circular (e.g. sight glass, round containers) or flat. 

The CD34 works out of the box for most applications, as it’s capable of detecting the media (liquid) with a conductivity of 50mS/cm. For the most demanding applications, the CD34 offers teach-in capabilities, which assists in solving the most challenging level applications. Through the teach-in function, the sensor can be calibrated to overcome highly conductive, viscous liquids or tanks with very thin or thick walls. 

What’s more, the compact and robust sensor housing with NEMA250 (1, 2, 4, 4x, 5 and 12), IP69K ratings and ECOLAB certification make it very suitable for wash-down applications and harsh environments typically found in the food and beverage industry or applications that are exposed to wind and weather. 

  • 10 to 30VDC supply voltage
  • NPN or PNP output function
  • N.O. or N.C. switching
  • LED to indicate output and power ON
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and transient protected
  • 2m cable or pigtail M8 connector
  • IP69K for wash-down applications
  • NEMA 250 (1, 2, 4, 4x, 5 and 12) ratings
  • cULus approved
  • ECOLAB Certified
Carlo Gavazzi Capacitive Proximity Sensors Press Release

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Banner Engineering New Protective Brackets + Vehicle & Collision Avoidance Tools

New protective brackets are now available for LE Series and LTF Series Laser Sensors. They are designed to protect the sensors from impact and other industrial hazards, including weld slag. They can also be used as a physical barrier for operator lockout (in addition to push button lockout on the sensors). 

Users can purchase the full assembly consisting of two windows and a heavy-duty, stainless steel bracket or purchase the bracket and windows as separate units. 

R-GAGE® Radar Sensors detect cars, trucks, trains, cranes, and other vehicles in extreme weather conditions. Learn more about these all-weather sensors in our new guide, Collision Avoidance & Vehicle Detection with R-GAGE Radar Sensors.  

Banner Engineering New Protective Brackets + Vehicle & Collision Avoidance Tools Press Release

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Turck Compact Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link Technology

To further diversify our ultrasonic sensor portfolio, Turck has released a compact ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link technology. The cost-effective design of this sensor still offers the advantages of a standard ultrasonic sensor as well as communication and advanced functions via IO-Link (Version 1.1). 

The new device can be taught as a standard sensor via teach-by-wire or programmed and used via IO-Link. Advanced functions such as synchronization allows multiple sensors to be synchronized together without the risk of interfering with each other. When used in this mode, all sensors will transmit and receive information together, which increases the coverage area and provides a single output from multiple sensors. 

Additionally, multiplexing mode allows several sensors to be mounted close together without interference while providing individual outputs. 

These sensors are offered in front and side sensing models, rated to IP67, and available with M18 threaded barrel housings and M12x1 Eurofast connectors. 

Turck Compact Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link Technology Press Release

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Phoenix Contact Right-angle, Spring-contact Connectors

Ideal for DIN rail-mounted devices
Wire management in control cabinets is easier with these new plug connectors from Phoenix Contact. When combined with DIN rail-mounted devices, wire positioning can be made from above or below the device.

Their push-in spring connections allow for quick and easy operation, and can be color-coded to reduce wiring errors. Integrated test points increase the convenience of installation and maintenance. In the image to the right, the FKCOR connector is on the top, and the FKCOW connector is on the bottom. 

  • Push-in spring connection technology for fast wire termination
  • Available with screw flange, and lock and release lever system for secure connector mating
  • Keying options to prevent mismating
  • Compatible with popular MSTB connector family
  • Rated up to 12 A and 300 V UL
  • 5.08-mm pitch
  • 2 to 24 positions per connector
  • 26 to 12 AWG
  • Automation technology
  • Distributed power supplies
  • Energy technology
Phoenix Contact Right-angle, Spring-contact Connectors Press Release

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Littlefuse Bluetooth Relays

Unlike anything on the market today, the MP8000 Bluetooth® Overload Relay features advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Our team of experts have put together a handy FAQ for this revolutionary relay to help address specific questions you might have.

Littelfuse Bluetooth Relays FAQ Press Release

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Harting Slim HPR EasyCon Connectors

HARTING, a leading supplier of connectivity solutions for the rail industry, has expanded its rugged Han® HPR connector series for harsh environments with more options to help manufacturers of rolling stock assemble the increasingly complex electrical systems of modern equipment. The new Han® HPR 22 Slim connector can accommodate up to four 250A contacts, yet its flat profile is ideal for height-restricted spaces like the underside of a rail car and its ultra-slim profile leaves room in wiring pathways for other critical systems. Its design was optimized in conjunction with a Viennese customer that needed a connector to fit a roughly eight centimeter gap between a tram body and bogie.

HARTING also has added new sizes 16 and 34 to the Han® HPR EasyCon line that was launched originally with size 24. EasyCon stands for easy to connect. The two-part hood and mounting housing is ready to be screwed together in a few quick, simple steps, with ample space inside for cables for car-to-car or motor connections, making it easier on installers working right on the equipment.

The dimensionally optimized EasyCon connectors also offer more high current carrying capacity and configuration possibilities than standard Han® HPR interfaces. The size 16 can house 2-4 high current contacts (up to 2 x 650A), suitable for connecting compressors, single wheel drives, and ventilation systems. It also can be configured as a hybrid with power, signal or data modules from HARTING’s Han-Modular® lineup, with over 100 inserts to choose from. The size 34 comes in a straight version for traction motor connections and angled version for car-to-car jumper connections. They can accommodate up to four 650A contacts each and as a hybrid can house up to 12 Han-Modular® inserts.  

Harting Slim HPR EasyCon Connectors Press Release

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Phoenix Contact Quint Power Low Wattage

Phoenix Contact introduces low wattage power supplies to our premium QUINT POWER product line. The newest members of this family deliver ultra-high reliability in new compact housing designs with power ranging up to 100 W. The low wattage devices feature maximum functionality with a diverse list of application worthy benefits. These compact low wattage power supplies accommodate critical applications utilizing the advanced technology of QUINT POWER.

For the first time, power supplies in the power range from 30 W can o er advanced functionality and capabilities such as a powerful dynamic boost and preventative function monitoring. All of our new QUINT POWER low wattage power supplies highlight the current robust QUINT POWER dynamic boost of up to 200 percent the nominal current for up to 5 seconds. The 30 W and 60 W devices also have the ability to provide a continuous static power boost of up to 125 percent of the nominal current. All of our new QUINT POWER low wattage power supplies are NEC Class 2 approved.

These new models are designed for critical applications that may have spacing limitations. The compact housing and premier features of the new QUINT POWER additions provide innovative opportunities for analytical and strategic applications. Connection options include push-in or screw technology for easy installation.

  • Preventative function monitoring with adjustable signal output for DC OK or power thresholds, which enables LED and remote digital monitoring to detect critical operating states before faults occur
  • Dynamic power boost of up to 200 percent the nominal current for up to 5 seconds, o ering the option to reliably start inductive loads without interrupting the output voltage
  • Permanent static power boost of up to 125 percent the nominal current, giving users the option to easily power the application without switching to a larger power supply (1.3 A and 2.5 A options only)
  • High e ciency provides energy savings, lower self-heating, and increased service life of the power supply
  • Two connection technology options: screw or push-in connections
  • A compact design, creating space savings for size restricted applications
  • Cold start at -40°C, ensuring reliable operation under extreme ambient conditions
  • UL-approved DC-input voltage range, guaranteeing safe operation on battery-operated and emergency power systems
Phoenix Contact Quint Power Low Wattage Press Release

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Banner Engineering SGS Safety Grid Systems

Banner’s next generation of safety grids is now available. SGS Safety Grid Systems cost less than EZ-SCREEN® Grid Systems, offer more features and capabilities, are available in a wider range of models, and are certified for use in North America and the European Union. These Type 4 safety devices use 2, 3, or 4 beams to detect a body or torso entering a hazardous area and are NOT intended for hand or finger detection. 

SGS Safety Grid Systems are available with or without integral muting. Emitter/Receiver models are capable of safeguarding over very long distances. Active/Passive models are easy to deploy and offer additional cost savings. 

  • Cost-Effective Price Point: SGS Grid Systems cost approximately 30% less than EZ-SCREEN Grid Systems and are priced competitively with similar grid systems from other manufacturers.
  • Integral Muting: Muting sensors can be directly connected to models featuring integral muting, eliminating the expense of adding an external module or controller to enable muting.
  • Muting Arm Kits: Available in four configurations with pre-mounted hardware and Q20 retroreflective sensors and reflectors, muting arm kits make it easy to add muting capabilities to any application
  • Reduced Wiring: Active/Passive systems consist of a mirror assembly and an active transceiver that houses both the emitter and receiver: only one side of the deployment requires power and wiring, simplifying installation and reducing costs.
Banner Engineering SGS Safety Grid Systems Press Release

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