Friday, August 9, 2013

Phoenix Contact PSD 
(Phoenix Signaling Devices)

The modular stack light system from Phoenix Contact provides clear indications for machine and system status. The PSD can be customized to your application with an endless combination of optical, acoustic and mounting accessories. The optical elements are available in permanent, xenon flash, single-blink, double-blink, random and rotating in all common colors. The acoustic elements can vary from siren, buzzer and even programmable voice output unit with options up to 105 db output.

  • 70-mm diameter elements
  • IP65 rating for use in harsh environments
  • -20 C to +50 C operating temperature
  • Tool-free construction through the use of bayonet connections 
  • Single stack light can support up to five optical elements or four optical and one audible unit

The PSD-S WIN (Wireless Information Network) is a wireless based machine data acquisition system. It enables the wireless monitoring of up to 50 stack lights to a central location on the plant floor. This data can then be easily visualized and trended. It’s even possible to load this
information into a database and send e-mail alerts when certain conditions occur. 

The PSD-S MUX SET allows you to mirror the state of one stack light wirelessly to a second location on the plant floor. Both elements in the set come paired, requiring no software configuration. 

  • Wireless monitoring of 50 stack light from a single location
  • Options to wirelessly mirror the status of another stack light
  • Line-of-sight range of up to 300 meters 
  • Uses the 900 Mhz frequency band
  • Repeater for increasing range integrated into each wireless element


Phoenix Contact 40 A DC Buffer Module

The new 40 A QUINT buffer module is a complementary
product to the existing 20 A module, providing standby
power for short-term losses of power. It is based on
high-quality capacitor technology providing a long
service life and a wide operational temperature range
(-20 C to 80 C).

The new module is also equipped with SFB (Selective Fuse
Breaking) technology, which provides the ability to trip
standard circuit breakers reliably, preventing DC bus
fault conditions.

This buffer module also contains an active 24 V DC/20 mA
feedback signal, providing indication back to a control
system as to the status of the power system. The amount
of back-up time available depends on load currents
connected to the buffer module. It can support a maximum
load current of up to 40 A for 200 milliseconds.

Phoenix Contact 40 A DC Buffer Module

Phoenix Contact 40 A DC Buffer Module - datasheet