Thursday, October 22, 2015

Leviton Rhino-Hide LZ Multi-Pin Connectors

The Rhino-Hide LZ Series connectors are heavy duty, environmentally sealed plugs and receptacles used for control and instrumentation applications in the harshest environments. These devices are designed to meet or exceed the electrical performance characteristics of MIL-C-5015, making them suitable for a variety of industrial environments, such as onshore and offshore drilling operations, aerospace, marine, and land transportation applications, factories, refineries, and more.

  • Black nickel plating standard for superior durability and shell conductivity
  • IP68 rating suitable for wet locations
  • Reversible inserts for maximum flexibility - suitable for use in all cable-mount, panel-mount and conduit-mount applications
  • Wire terminals are easily accessible for quick assembly
  • Cable housings provide ample room for wiring
  • Silver plated contacts provide excellent conductivity
  • UL & CSA listed to UL 2238; a more stringent performance test than UL 1977 which makes these connectors suitable for both factory and field installation
  • Intermateable with other brands

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Banner Engineering WLS27 LED Strip Lights

Banner Engineering’s WLS27 LED strip light was developed to solve tough lighting problems in harsh environments. This rugged LED light fixture is designed to withstand exposure to high-pressure, high-temperature water, solvents, cutting oils and a broad range of chemicals.

The WLS27 has a compact, low-profile design and a cylindrical shape, ideal for deployments where laminar airflow is a requirement. It is available in a range of lengths and color illumination options, including single- and dual-color options, as well as dimmable models. Combined with flexible mounting and cabling options, the WLS27 can be deployed in areas and applications where other
lights simply cannot go.

  • Rugged, impact-resistant, UV stable polycarbonate construction
  • Superior light output
  • IP66, IP67, IP69K
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Round, slim shape
  • Cascadable
  • Dimming capabilities (ON/50%/100% or PWM)
  • Single and Dual-Color models
  • Easy installation with a variety of mounting and cabling options

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nexen Compact Ring Drive System

Based on Nexen’s innovative Roller Pinion technology, the Compact Ring Drive System (CRD) comes complete with a precision grade, high capacity bearing and drive mechanism in a sealed housing.

Freely programmable, the three drive design configurations allow the CRD to be optimized for high speed, high torque or both depending on the application. With a 250 or 350 mm dial plate bolt circle diameter and a large open center, you can optimize performance in a small space.

  • High Indexing Precision - With an indexing precision up to ± 30 ArcSec and repeatability up to ± 5.1 ArcSec, Nexen’s CRD offers unmatched mechanical system capabilities.
  • Zero Backlash - Unlike other mechanical drive systems, the CRD offers zero backlash options from the motor through the driven load.
  • High Output Load Capacity - With the precision grade, high load capacity cross-roller bearing, the CRD can handle loads up to 108 kN.
  • High Speed - The CRD can handle speeds up to 225 RPM.
  • Smooth in Motion - Combining Nexen's RPS technology with an integrated bearing and motor/ gearhead gives a rigid, smooth system.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Banner Engineering M18-3 Photoelectric Barrel Sensors

Banner Engineering announces the new M18-3 series of nickel-plated brass photoelectric sensors.  Housed in the common 18 mm diameter barrel shape, these sensors present enhanced features while being competitively priced to serve global factory automation markets requiring high volume, low cost sensors.

  • Cost effective nickel plated brass housing is well protected against industrial fluids and mechanical damage
  • Greatly increased sensing range in all modes
  • Advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology is resistant to fluorescent light and offer higher level of crosstalk avoidance
  • Powerful and bright visible red emitter beam for easy alignment and set-up
  • Highly visible output and dual-function power and stability indicators
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to 70° C
  • Robust 250° sensitivity potentiometer on diffuse and some polarized retro models
  • M18-3NAEJ-2M emitters feature beam inhibit to allow the sensing beam to be turned ON/OFF as needed

Carling Technologies MS Sealed Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Designed and tested to operate flawlessly in the harshest of environments, the MS-Series sealed toggle circuit breaker from Carling Technologies is ideally suited for COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) military applications. The space saving envelope meets IP68 requirements and features a durable metal and sealed mounting bushing with MIL-PRF-39019F ingress protection when mounted in a panel.

This class-leading, affordable circuit breaker was designed in accordance with the requirements of MIL- PRF-55629 and MIL STD 202, making it the best choice for those applications where shock, vibration, moisture resistance, salt spray and thermal shock are of the utmost consideration. The MS-Series’ compact size and reliability make it ideal for crucial communication equipment and other mission critical components.

1-3 poles; 0.02-30 amps; 65VDC, 240VAC, 120/240VAC; UL, cUL recognized and TUV pending. 

  • Sealed Toggle Actuator
  • MIL-PRF-39019F Ingress Protection
  • MIL-PRF-55629 and MIL STD 202 Compliant
  • Compact Design

Friday, October 2, 2015

Banner Engineering S18-2 Fixed Field Barrel-Style Sensors

Banner Engineering's S18-2 series in the common 18 mm diameter barrel shape photoelectric sensors are ideal for cost sensitive and high volume installations. These self-contained, powerful sensors now include a comprehensive set of Fixed-Field sensing mode ranges from 30 mm to 200 mm.

  • Six detection ranges from 30 to 200 mm diameter barrel.
  • Bright red LED spot for easy alignment of the sensor to the target.
  • Detects targets reliably with only a small effect due to color or printed patterns on the target.
  • Highly visible output and dual-function power and stability indicators.
  • Ignores the effect of energy efficient lights.
  • Eliminates the need to adjust range and reduces machine downtime.

Turck QR24 Stainless Steel Contactless Rotary Position Sensors

In order to meet the demands of harsh applications, TURCK has expanded its QR24 line of contactless rotary position sensors to include a version with stainless steel housing. Available in SSI or with incremental outputs and equipped with 316 stainless steel housing, the new variant is built to withstand harsh environments such as those involving chemicals or high-pressure water sprays. The wear-free performance of the existing QR24 line combined with the stainless steel housing makes the stainless steel QR24 variant an ideal solution for applications that encounter extreme environmental conditions such as in the food and beverage and off highway equipment industries.

The stainless steel QR24 sensor features a fully potted and sealed IP69K/IP68-rated housing to protect against moisture and dust. It also offers flexible parameterization via IO Link or easyteach, allowing the sensor to easily adapt to specific application requirements.

While rotary feedback is crucial in many installations, many rely on their mechanical bearings to provide proper tolerance and position of the internal system. After time, mechanical wear, vibrations, potential leaks in bearing seals, etc. can contribute to premature failure. The QR24 provides customers with contactless position detection, executing the same functions but without the need for contact or bearings, allowing for longer and more reliable solution that saves installation time and costs.

The TURCK QR24 series is part of the company’s industry-recognized Q-track family of sensors, which utilize resistance inductive capacitance (RLC) measuring technology. Unlike potentiometric or magnetic technologies, the sensors incorporate precisely manufactured printed emitter and receiver coil systems. The emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The element is inductively coupled with the receiver coils, which are arranged so different voltages are induced in the coils, depending on the position of the actuator. The voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal.

Turck QR24 Contactless Rotary Position Sensors

Turck Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering L-Gage LE Sensors with Class 1 Laser

Banner Engineering's new L-Gage LE sensors offer the same robust housing, intuitive user interface and linear array technology as earlier LE models. They are an alternative for those concerned with using Class 2 lasers. The biggest advantage for this offering has been for automotive applications in Europe.

Class 1 laser versions of the LE250 and LE550 offer the same range and spot size options as the Class 2 laser versions. In order to provide the same range and measurement repeatability with a lower power laser, the standard, medium and slow response speed options for the Class 1 laser models have been doubled. For those that need measurements as fast as 2 ms, the LE’s fastest response option has not been changed. As a result, the repeatability from 600 – 1000 mm is slightly coarser than the Class 2 models when using the fastest speed.

  • Ready to measure from 100 up to 1,000 mm out of the box
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets
  • Priced below competition with similar performance
  • Easy to set up and use with a two-line, eight-character display
  • Visible laser for small spot size and easy alignment

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Schneider Electric TeSys LR9D Electronic Overload Relays

In today’s world, we rely on electric motors to ensure the continuity of key processes. Choosing the right motor protection affects not only your infrastructure, but also your overall business performance.

New TeSys TM LR9D electronic overload relays from Schneider Electric™ provide advanced, flexible, and reliable protection to your motors. Adaptable to diverse needs, they fit a wide range of applications, including pumping, HVAC, hoisting, material working, and packaging.

With the new relays from the TeSys LR9D range, you can provide reliable protection to your assets, improving both motor life and cost savings.

By incorporating multiple functionalities in a single space-saving design, the new relays simplify control architecture as well as selection and stocking of motor protection devices.

  • Selectable trip class (5, 10, 20, 30) lets you set the desired level of protection
  • 5:1 adjustment range makes new relays a natural choice for a wide range of applications, from 0.1 A to 110 A
  • Flexible to use in single- and three-phase applications for reduced inventory
  • Ambient insensitivity allows accurate current measurement
  • Close couple configuration reduces installation time and simplifies control architecture (available for relays up to 32 A)
  • Fewer catalog numbers reduces inventory costs
  • Compact size saves space in control panels
  • Self-powered eliminates the need for an external power supply
  • TeSys LR9D electronic overload relays are compliant with the following certifications and standards: IEC, CCC, CSA, UL, TÜV

Banner Engineering Q4X Sensors for Clear Object Detection

Banner Engineering's Q4XCOD sensor utilizes the same dual mode (dual intensity distance window) functionality to detect transparent and challenging objects regardless of angle or shape as the standard Q4XTBLAF. Similarly, no retro reflector is needed for operation, allowing users to simply teach the sensor the background of the application and go.

To provide a faster and easier installation solution for clear object detection, the clear object detection mode (also known as dual mode) is the default setting for this sensor, eliminating 2-point, dynamic, foreground suppression, and background suppression mode. The simplicity of this model is ideal for applications that deal with clear or transparent objects, such as:
  • Thermal formers and blow molding
  • Bottle filling and bottle handling
  • Shrink wrapped package detection and clear bottle (glass or PET), jar, or tray detection

  • Simplified menu options targeted at the detection of clear and challenging targets
  • No reflector required
  • Peak detection performance from 25 to 300 mm; longer ranges may be achievable depending on the application
  • FDA grade IP69k stainless steel housing withstands aggressive cleaning procedures
  • Angled four-digit display is easily viewed from multiple vantage points with easy to view output indicator
  • Highly visible Class 1 laser provides a very small, bright red spot for easy alignment
  • Rated to IP67, IP68 and IP69K
  • Superior ambient light resistance

Red Lion Controls NT24k Ethernet Switches Receive ABS and Rail Approvals

Red Lion’s compact NT24k™ Ethernet switches have recently received ABS approval as well as EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 61373 certifications to ensure safe operation on railway rolling stock. With over 100 mixed-media configuration options, their rugged NT24k platform combines the benefits of noise-immune fiber with the versatility of 10, 100, 1000Base copper connectivity to provide a robust migration path across varying industrial applications.

Red Lion Controls NT24k Ethernet Switches

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets

Red Lion Controls ABS Approvals for Graphite HMIs

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced that its rugged Graphite® Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels have been tested to meet ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) standards. ABS approval assures equipment is safe for operation in a manner that protects life, property and the marine environment when used in shipboard and offshore settings.

Red Lion’s modular Graphite HMIs have been ABS tested and approved to monitor and control equipment in maritime applications that range from workboats to offshore energy and gas vessels. In these marine environments, Graphite HMIs provide reliable functionality that helps drive operational efficiencies as well as adhere to international standards for environmental performance.

“Following the success of Graphite HMIs in land-based oil and gas applications, ABS approval now enables us to meet the demands associated with maritime and offshore markets,” said Jeff Thornton, director of product management at Red Lion Controls. “With support for more than 300 industrial protocols, our rugged HMIs enable customers to confidently integrate powerful monitoring and control functionality into multi-vendor maritime environments.”

Red Lion Controls Graphite HMI ABS Approval Press Release

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets