Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Banner Engineering K50 Pro Touch Buttons with IO-Link

Banner's K50 Pro touch buttons now have models that feature IO-Link communication.  IO-Link compatible models offer full Pro capabilities managed dynamically by the master, including customization of colors, animations, and touch sensitivity, plus individual LED control for full status customization.
Sequence mode, an option for all IO-Link models, can be used to indicate level, takt time, and more dynamic conditions.

Rittal lot Interfaxe for Blue e+ Cooling Units

Rittal introduces the New IoT Interface for Blue e+ Cooling Units. A great deal of information is generated when it comes to operating modern climate control solutions in enclosures. With modern devices like the new cooling units and chillers in the Rittal Blue e+ line, a multitude of values and other information can be measured and recorded. This includes temperature measurements, run-times, operating hours, system messages, and data for capacity utilization and current parametrization information.
To make communication of data possible, Rittal now offers its new IoT interface, which turns the cooling units and chillers in the Blue e+ line into IoT-compatible devices. The IoT Interface is a Linux-based operating system that has the most-used industrial communication protocols, including Ethernet (IPv4/IPv6), SNMP, PROFINET, and OPC UA.

Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Field Connectivity HEAVYCON B32 and B34 Housing

Phoenix Contact just released brand new housings in sizes B32 and B48.These housings can fit two fixed position contact inserts side by side, saving you space when wiring. These products have reliable EMC protection, IP66, and IP67 certifications.

  • Designed to minimize connection points  
  • Reliable EMC protection, thanks to conductive surface and seals
  • Housing material: corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum  
  • Degree of protection IP66, IP67
Phoenix Contact IC Industrial Field Connectivity HEAVYCON B32 and B34 Housing Press Release

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Phoenix Contact IMA Solutions Ice Detection

Don't let ice buildup damage your wind turbine. Phoenix Contact's new ice-detection system uses wireless sensors to transmit ice thickness readings and other important data, so you can improve safety and reduce maintenance.

  • Wirelessly measure ice thickness and surface temperature
  • Provide blade intelligence for minimum downtime
  • Easily retrofit with no drilling or wires needed in the blades
  • Operate independently or integrate into the wind turbine host controller
Phoenix Contact IMA Solutions Ice Detection Press Release

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Phoenix Contact IE Power Supplies TRIO DC UPS FLASH

Looking for a cost-effective DC UPS that takes up minimal space? The new TRIO DC UPS, designed specifically for use with industrial PCs, can ensure secure DC power for critical electrical loads even in the event of power interruptions.

  • Three versions: 5 A, 10 A, and 20 A
  • Push-in connection
  • Comprehensive signaling
  • Dynamic boost up to 150% for 5 s
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +70°C
  • Integrated USB interface

Pro-face NEW 12" and 12" Wide Displays for PS5000 Series iPCs

The PS5600 12" and 12" Wide iPCs are now available for purchase! Get details on the Pro-face America web site and get specific part numbers through the product configurator. There are four units available: PS5600W (wide screen | capacitive touch) with Core i7 processor or Celeron processor, and the PS5600T (single touch) with Core i7 processor or Celeron processor.

Phoenix Contact IE Power Supplies QUINT DC UPS

Network enabled UPS solutions are here! The new QUINT DC UPS platform provides UPS solutions that are easy to integrate directly into Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT programming environments. Pre-built configuration files are downloadable for the most popular control platforms.

Wireless Solutions for Monitoring Tanks and Totes

Simplify the monitoring of remote and mobile tanks, totes, and containers using Banner’s Wireless Solutions Kit for tank monitoring and the Q45UA all-in-one tank level sensor (sold separately). The wireless solutions kit makes it easy to setup a wireless network, establish warning and alarm thresholds, and collect data from up to 16 assets. The Q45UA tank level sensor combines an ultrasonic sensor and wireless node in one compact, easy-to-deploy package.

  • Simple Setup Saves Time & Costs: Setup your tank monitoring system in a few simple steps: plug in the box, bind the nodes through the HMI screen, install the sensors, enter tank depth, and set thresholds for warnings and alarms. Use the collected data to create more accurate forecasts and direct decisions.
  • Reduce Downtime & Increase Efficiency: Access to accurate, timely data makes it easy to monitor multiple assets and reduce unplanned downtime by allowing staff and supervisors to strategically plan site visits to refill, remove, or replace tanks based on actual need, as well as staff and resource availability.
  • Local & Remote Monitoring: Visualize tank levels, create alerts, store, and analyze critical data from multiple assets using the Wireless Solutions Kit for Tank Monitoring and Q45UA tank level sensors (sold separately). Or create your own solution using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions cloud software in combination with Q45UA sensors and an independent DXM wireless controller.
  • Versatility: Easily monitor and collect data from multiple assets. A Q45UA sensor can move with a container or easily be redeployed on a new container. Assets can be moved, removed, and replaced without altering the wireless infrastructure. Tanks can be monitored while in place or in motion at a site.
Banner Engineering Wireless Solutions for Monitoring Tanks and Totes Press Release

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Harting ix Industrial

HARTING is enabling miniaturization with the launch of two “Little Giants”, the ix Industrial® and M8 D-Code.  These two new products offer smaller alternatives to the RJ45 and M12 that permit the development of smaller devices.

The ix Industrial® is 70% smaller than the standard RJ45 which allows device manufacturers to use this technology in much smaller devices. The ix Industrial® features stable latching through the use of two metal hooks, and together with the new socket ensures an absolutely secure and vibration-proof connection from the cable to the circuit board. 

Harting M8 D-Code

HARTING is enabling miniaturization with the launch of two “Little Giants”, the ix Industrial® and M8 D-Code.  These two new products offer smaller alternatives to the RJ45 and M12 that permit the development of smaller devices.

The M8 D-Code offers Fast Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) via an individual miniaturized interface directly connected to the circuit board.  This results in big space savings for the end device.   

Banner Engineering K50 Pro Touch Buttons

Banner Engineering's new K50 Pro touch buttons provide more flexibility with RGB technology and Pro Editor configuration capabilities. The easy-to-use Pro Editor software offers a wide variety of color and animation options, adding versatility to a wide range of applications.

  • Flexibility with Pro Editor: Easily customize touch buttons with a wide variety of color and animation options. In addition, give your machine more flexibility with additional features like adjustable touch sensitivity, which allows users to optimize sensitivity levels to avoid false trips in washdown areas. 
  • Reliable Operation in a Wide Variety of Environments: The rugged IP69K design means reliable actuation in a variety of conditions, including harsh environments. The touch buttons operate in wet or dry environments and with gloved or bare hands. Models made with FDA-approved materials are available for use in the food and beverage industries.
  • Increase Production Efficiency: Thanks to a wide range of colors and animations, each change in status or step in a process can be assigned its own unique color or animation. This helps users learn and interpret signals quickly and make fewer errors, saving time and money.
  • Streamline Your Supply Chain: K50 Pro touch buttons can be programmed in the field to meet the needs of any application. Users can standardize on the K50 Pro Series, reducing inventory requirements.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Red Lion Crimson 3.1 Cloud Connectors

Red Lion Controls announces embedded Crimson® 3.1 support for Sparkplug, Amazon® Web Services (AWS™) and Microsoft® Azure® MQTT connectors. 

Connect Directly to IIoT Platforms 

Now CR3000 HMIs, Graphite® HMIs and Edge Controllers– with Crimson 3.1's new cloud connectors – can communicate directly with Amazon AWS, Inductive Automation’s Ignition! SCADA, or Azure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms with the same point-and-click, easy to use configuration that customers value. 

Easily Communicate Critical Operational Data

By enabling direct communication to some of the industry's most popular IIoT platforms, companies can do things like quickly analyze historic maintenance data across multiple locations to help increase uptime and reduce costs by detecting symptoms of potential failures ahead of time.

Red Lion Crimson 3.1 Cloud Connectors Press Release

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Red Lion NT24k DHCP Server & Port Security

Red Lion NT24k® DHCP Server & Port Security: Simplify Installation, Accelerate Recovery and Secure Network

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
DHCP simplifies network configuration by automatically assigning IP addresses from a DHCP server to connected DHCP-capable devices (clients).

NT24k® firmware version 2.1.5 offers the following DHCP configuration options:
•    DHCP Client with IP fallback
•    DHCP Server
•    DHCP Relay Agent

DHCP Client with IP Fallback
The switch will automatically obtain an IP assignment from a DHCP Server, or optionally fallback to a default IP assignment if unable to get an IP assignment from a connected DHCP server.
DHCP Server Configured as a DHCP Server, the switch will respond to IP address requests from DHCP client devices with an IP address assignment. IP assignments can be set up as a dynamic range of IP addresses or with a specific IP address assignment based on the device Client ID (Option 61) or Relay Agent connection (Option 82).

Option 82 allows for a device on a specific port to receive a specific IP address assignment. As a result, devices can be replaced by maintenance personnel without the need to program an IP address in the unit, as long as it is configured as a DHCP client and connected to the same port.

MAC Address-Based Port SecurityWhen enabled, the NT24k’s Port Security feature provides enhanced security by restricting port access to devices that have an authorized MAC address. MAC address authorization can be learned dynamically or entered manually.

The new features are available with NT24k firmware version 2.1.5 and are available to existing NT24k customers at no additional charge by updating the firmware of their NT24k hardware.

Red Lion NT24k DHCP Press Release

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Proface GP4000VM series

Proface GP4000VM Series Mount a Video unit or show analog camera images on a GP unit. Review information on the video unit module and RGB Input Unit. 

Visualization on manufacturing floors has become increasingly important to manage product development and avoid potential line errors. Utilizing camera monitoring allows machine operators to view and track activity, and address any hazards quickly. To address the needs of these customers, Pro-face has expanded the GP4000 Series with a video unit compatible HMI.

IDEC SE2L Safety Laser Scanner

IDEC's smallest, most advanced laser scanner just got even better! Certified for use in safety applications found in industrial facilities, the SE2L Safety Laser Scanner is competitively priced and already offers master/slave functionality and a scan-skip feature to reduce false triggers.

  • Enhanced Teaching Function
    • Users determine how long teaching will last and set the area/zone to be configured.
    • When minimum distance is detected during teaching time, zones will be configured automatically.
    • Areas with moving parts during teaching time will be excluded from the automatically-configured zone.
  • Import and Export area/zone information
    • Users can import and export area/zone information in XML format
  • Optical window contamination warning notice
    • A notice indicates when the optical window is contaminated, before the OSSD signal is switched to OFF.
  • Ethernet communication command
    • With this new command, logged data can be obtained through Ethernet communication.
  • Ø40mm minimum detection
    • At a maximum protection distance of 2.8m, a minimum detection width of 40mm will be added.
  • Multi-line toolbar
    • New toolbar allows users to easily configure protection zones.