Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IEC LF1B-N Slim LED Light Strips

New LF1B-N slim LED light strips are the smartest choice to make the switch away from traditional lighting sources. With high reliability and more options than ever before, it’s time to say goodbye to fluorescent lights and hello to long-lasting LEDs!

Super-bright and energy efficient, LF1B-N lights are available in six different lengths with a choice of transparent or white covers and six colors (cool white, warm white, yellow, red, blue and green). Four mounting holes provide flexibility to locate these lights where needed and with a long lifespan, LF1B-N light strips are a bright choice now and in the future.

  • Compact design (27.5mm wide x 16mm high) with six lengths (134 to 1,080mm)
  • Six colors: Cool white, warm white, yellow, red, blue and green
  • Cover in clear or white
  • Energy saving: One-third that of a fluorescent lamp
  • Long life: Five times longer than fluorescent lamps
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • IP65 degree of protection(wet location rated)
  • RoHS compliant, mercury free

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs RFID Read Head

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces RFID Read Head IQT-F116-R4M-V1. These RFID read heads conform to the popular and open 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 standard. As a result, they promote simplified operation and enhanced productivity in stand-alone or multi-drop applications. In multi-drop applications users can connect up to 30 RFID read heads together on a single network and bring the data back to a PC or PLC.

These RFID read heads provide a read/write range up to 130 mm. They feature 2-wire RS485 connectivity and 200 mm M12 pigtail connectors to facilitate easy connection and removal. A continuous read option is available for point-to-point applications, and a low profile design makes the IQT series ideal for use on AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), or for mounting under shallow conveyor sections where conventional RFID heads are too large.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Pepperl+Fuchs RFID Read Head

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT TL50 Beacon Tower Light

The EZ-LIGHT® TL50 Beacon Tower Light is a cross between the TL50 tower light and the K50 beacon. This compact design is extremely intense and can even be used in outdoor applications.
  • Rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-install multi-segment indicators
  • Illuminated segments provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status
  • Displays up to 4 colors
  • Optional audible function with variable intensity
  • Available in black or light gray housing
  • Audible models available with standard or sealed audible element
  • Immune to ambient light, EMI, and RFI interference
  • 12 to 30V dc or 24V ac operation
  • No assembly required

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Schneider Electric OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor

Looking for a roller sensor that is fast and simple to install? The OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor from Schneider Electric is the perfect choice! With zero tools, you can mount the roller sensor between rollers. When mounting, you can choose between three mounting solutions: hexagonal 7/16", ΓΈ 8mm, or adhesive supports. This simple installation saves you up to 50% in installation and adjustment time.

With reliable infra-red sensing technology, the OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor is ideal for detecting all your package colors. In addition, the sensor is perfect for all types of packages including packets, boxes, pallets and letters of paper, and cartons or metallic material. The sensor employs convex lenses and LED power to prevent dust accumulation and interference.

Schneider Electric XUY Roller Sensor

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs ML100 Divergent Beam Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces ML100-8-W divergent beam sensors. Wide beam technology enables these sensors to reliably detect clear materials, very small objects over a large area, as well as glossy materials that can otherwise be a challenge to sense, without the need for a reflector.

“Most transparent object detection sensors are aligned to a reflector and taught the reflected light level of the reflector. But with the ability to independently detect clear shrink wrap film, PET plastic bottles, automotive glass and other transparent objects without a background, ML100-8-W divergent beam sensors eliminate the time, cost and machine space associated with installing reflectors, making them an ideal solution in material handling and packaging applications,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager.

ML100-8-W sensors are also well suited for use in assembly, automotive, printing and a wide range of other industries because they can reliably detect small objects such as wires, yarns or pins over a large area. This facilitates reliable parts detection with a forgiving set-up, and without the need to precisely align a laser or small light spot fiber optic head to the object. Additionally, these divergent beam sensors are an effective sensing solution for glossy materials such as foil pouches or shiny PCBs that are often difficult to reliably detect with diffuse mode sensors.

ML100 series sensors feature multi-color LEDs that are visible from 360° over long distances for immediate sensor status detection. They are also highly resistant to ambient light, and feature cross-talk protection to help ensure the integrity of sensor outputs. Unique PowerBeam alignment with an intense light spot and an industry-standard mounting pattern reduce set-up time, and fully metal bushings provide extremely durable operation even in extended temperature environments from -30° C to +60° C (-22° F to +140° F). These UL and cUL listed sensors also reduce energy costs by up to 43 percent compared with competitive models.

Divergent sensing, also known as wide beam sensing, covers a larger surface area of the target to optimize the likelihood that some part of the object is perpendicular to the light beam and minimize the occurrence of sensing voids.

Pepperl+Fuchs ML100 Divergent Beam Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Friday, November 11, 2011

Phoenix Contact WirelessHART Adapter

Phoenix Contact announces the addition of the RAD-WHA-1/2NPT to the existing WirelessHART product line. This WirelessHART adapter makes it easy to add wired HART devices to a WirelessHART network.

The RAD-WHA-1/2NPT can connect to up to four HART devices. This will lower the overall system node count and save on the cost of buying a new WirelessHART device. This concept makes it ideal for both retrofit and new installation applications.

The adapter offers rugged aluminum housing with a hinged compartment, which contains the HART loop contacts for easy programming. It also has a removable antenna which allows for remote mounting, or the ability to attach a higher gain antenna for better performance.


  • HART modem loops allow for an easy connection point for configuration of adapter
  • Connect up to four HART devices to allow wireless transmission of stranded HART data
  • Connect one standard 4-20 mA signal for easy integration of non-HART devices
  • May be mounted remotely or directly connected to instrument
  • Industry’s only removable antenna for connection of high-gain antennas or remote antenna placement
  • Rugged aluminum housing with hinged compartment

Red Lion Controls ZMH Heavy Duty Length Sensor

Red Lion expands their length sensor offering with the introduction of our new ZMH sensor. The ZMH, heavy duty length sensor is a versatile solution for speed, position or distance measurement over a wide variety of surfaces in almost any industrial environment. A spring loaded tension arm provides a simple-to-adjust torsion load allowing the ZMH to be mounted in any orientation, even upside down.

The all metal construction and dual sensing wheel capability takes ruggedness to a whole new level. This new heavy duty length sensor complements their existing line of light and medium duty sensors and provides a broad solution for applications.

Red Lion Controls ZMH Heavy Duty Length Sensor

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets

Red Lion Controls PAX2D Digital Panel Meter

Red Lion announces the latest addition to our rugged PAX2 Series of dual line display meters. The PAX2D Digital Panel Meter is a single package featuring a dual counter and dual rate meter, with a third counter and rate display that allows the user to perform math functions. With universal features and versatile programming capabilities, this single meter can suit virtually any digital pulse applications.  

Line one consists of a 0.7" high, 6-digit LCD display that can be programmed to show counters A, B, or C; rate A, B, or C; or the high or low values. The main display also offers three programmable, easy-to-read colors: red, orange and green. The color change can be tied to programmable setpoints. This feature provides the operator with a visual display of changing conditions—even when they are not close enough to read the meter value.

A second display line is a 0.35" high, 9-digit, green LCD that can also be programmed for any of the Line One parameters. The 9-digit display accommodates totalizing applications that exceed normal 6-digit displays. The meter also offers a programmable custom unit indicator for both displays.

In addition to the dual displays, the PAX2D offers features designed for maximum flexibility, allowing users to stock a single meter for numerous applications. The meter accepts inputs from proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, photo eyes, length sensors, rotary pulse generators, transistors and simple switches. A universal power supply accommodates both AC and DC inputs.

Red Lion Controls PAX2D Digital Panel Meter

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SMC Pneumatics CKG/CKP-X2095 Clamp Cylinders

SMC Pneumatics introduces their new CKG/CKP-X2095 Slim Style Clamp Cylinders for weld applications.
  • Smallest class of clamp cylinder in the world.
  • 25mm, 32mm and 40mm bore sizes are available.
  • Weight reduced by up to 48% and total length reduced by up to 18% when compared with conventional models.
  • Built-in rod coil scraper prevents weld slag from entering the cylinder and damaging the rod seal.
  • Designed for use in high magnetic field with high strength magnet and high magnetic auto switch, series D-P3DW.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN Low-Profile Safety Light Screens

Banner Engineering has expanded their EZ-SCREEN family to include models of the Low-Profile series that include an integral muting function. Seven muting configurations are available, including two sensor “L-configuration” exit only applications.

The Low-Profile models have continuous detection along the entire light screen length to eliminate the "dead zones" found on traditional safety light curtains. The EZ-SCREEN LPM provides increased mounting flexibility, hookup options and additional functionality at a lower cost.

  • Creates a screen of synchronized, modulated infrared sensing beams that extend from end to end of the housing (no “dead zone”)
  • Built-in muting function, no third box required
  • Seven different, pre-defined, muting configuration options, including Bypass, Mute-Dependent Override, Mute Enable, and Mute-cycle time extensions (4 seconds) for “L”-style cell exit applications
  • Mute Lamp and Status Outputs to EZ-LIGHT (or other indicating devices) with RD cordset and accessory end-cap mounting bracket
  • DIP switch configurable; many of the same features as a standard EZS LP (e.g. reduced resolution, fixed blanking, two scan codes, etc.)
  • Easy to see Status, Reset, Zone, Mute Device and Diagnostic indicators and displays to indicate number of beams blocked and detailed diagnostics
  • 1-Ch External Device Monitoring, which can be disabled by connecting EDM wire to 24 V dc
  • Low-profile, compact package for smaller production machines, yet robust enough for large power presses
  • 100 mm to 7 m (4 to 23') sensing range
  • Typical power consumption of 210 mA @ 24V dc for all models
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash and strobe light
  • Two OSSD safety outputs rated at 500 mA each

Pepperl+Fuchs PScan-D Barcode Readers

The Pepperl+Fuchs PScan-D cabled barcode readers are now certified for use in hazardous areas including Class I, II, III, Division 1 and Class I, II, III, Division 2. The PScan-D belongs to the PowerScan product family and is suitable for reading all common barcode types. One defining characteristic of the PowerScan barcode reader is the reliable detection of operating data in hazardous areas under harsh conditions.

The PowerScan D barcode reader is packed full of features:

  • Distinguishes all GS1 Databar™ linear barcodes - One handheld for all standard 1D barcodes 
  • Aim and click from up to 1 m (3 ft) away - Fast and accurate barcode reading at extended distances
  • Persistent scan quality - Rugged, industrial, IP65, handheld scanner for extreme conditions with drop resistance up to 2 m (6.5 ft)
  • Low reading error rate - Capture damaged or dirty barcodes with patented Puzzle Solve™ Technology
  • Confirmed scan - Accurate barcode reading with audible and LED feedback
  • Wide reading angle - Unaffected by ambient light or sunlight exposure
Using a cable with a maximum length of 150 meters allows the barcode reader to be connected directly to a host computer located in the safe zone via a connection module. Alternatively, it can be used in conjunction with VisuNet family of Industrial HMIs.

Pepperl+Fuchs PScan-D Barcode Readers

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets