Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Emerson IA / SolaHD SVL Power Supplies

The SolaHD SVL Series provides the essential features needed for high volume applications where the power supply will be installed in a controlled environment. Typical examples include ATMs, vending machines, building automation, industrial machinery, life sciences and other applications protected from excess shock, vibration or temperature extremes.

  • High power density in a small frame - Compact footprint and light weight to fit your machine.
  • Universal input voltage - Adapts to locally available power. 
  • Simple to wire - Easy screw clamp connections.
  • Trouble free mounting - Clips on DIN rail for easy installation.
  • Reliable power - Overload, over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Power factor correction - Reduces harmonic emissions that can waste energy and affect power quality.
  • Visual verification - LED indicator for DC status and blinking over current protection.

Red Lion Controls PXU PID Controllers

Available in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN models, Red Lion Controls' PXU PID controllers accept a wide variety of thermocouple and RTD sensor inputs to meet varying application requirements. Featuring one of the industry’s largest dual line 4-digit displays, the PXU allows for simultaneous viewing of temperature/process and setpoint values. The PXU also offers on demand auto-tuning for easy set up and provides two control outputs, which can be individually configured for reverse or direct applications using front panel push-button or Crimson® software.

With IP65 ingress protection, flush-mounting installation and easy-to-read displays, these robust PID controllers deliver the reliability and ease of use required for temperature and process control applications.

  • Universal Inputs
    • Thermocouple
    • RTD
    • 0-10 VDC
    • 4 – 20 mA (0 – 50 mA)
  • Full PID Control
    • On demand auto-tuning
    • Independently configured outputs
  • Easy Programming with front panel push-button or Crimson software
  • AC or DC Powered Models
    • 100 to 240 VAC
    • 24 VDC
  • Reduced Case Depth
  • IP 65 Ingress Protection 

Red Lion Controls PXU PID Controllers

Red Lion Controls Technical Datasheets

Monday, April 18, 2016

Honeywell Sensing & Control Intrinsically Safe Pressure Sensors

Honeywell is pleased to introduce its Industrial Pressure Sensors, Intrinsically Safe, Model IP IS (Global Approvals), a new platform designed to provide repeatable, reliable and accurate pressure measurements over time. These rugged, stainless steel, all-welded devices are configurable with the most commonly requested industry options. They may be used in many demanding, harsh environments and with a variety of media. Each sensor is fully temperature compensated and calibrated.

  • All-welded, 300 series stainless steel and Hastelloy® 
  • Pressure range 7 bar to 350 bar [100 psi to 5000 psi]
  • Standard compensated temperature range -10°C to 85°C [14°F to 185°F] 
  • Accuracy: Standard accuracy of ±0.25% BFSL (optional enhanced accuracy of ±0.15% BFSL)
  • 4mA to 20mA current output
  • ±2% FS Total Error Band
  • IP65 rated protection
  • < 2ms response time provides accurate, high-speed measurement
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Intrinsically safe: cFMus/ATEX, IEC Ex certification

Honeywell Sensing & Control Wing Union/Hammer Union Pressure Sensors

Honeywell is pleased to introduce Model 434, an addition to its Model 435 and 437 Wing/Hammer Union Pressure Sensor portfolio that allow for use in demanding oil and gas applications as well as stimulation and circulation systems.

Model 434 allows for use in applications requiring high pressure (up to 20,000 psi) due to its Weco® size 2002/2202 Wing Union-compatible fittings. Models 435 and 437 are Weco 1502-compatible, which allows for a maximum pressure of 15,000 psi. Additionally, with this launch, Models 434, 435, and 437 offer optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718, which allows for use in sour gas applications where natural gas or any other gas containing high amounts of hydrogen sulfide exist.

  • Pressure range 0 to 5000 psi; 0 to 6000 psi; 0 to 10000 psi; 0 to 15000 psi; 0 to 20000 psi; 0 to 350 bar; 0 to 400 bar; 0 to 700 bar; 0 to 1000 bar; 0 to 1350 bar
  • High accuracy ±0.1 %FSS BFSL (Model 435); standard accuracy ±0.2 %FSS BFSL (Models 434/435/437)
  • Standard aperture (Models 434/435) and wide aperture (Model 437) pressure ports support media blends with high viscosities
  • Inconel® X-750 or optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718 wetted parts
  • Multiple electrical connectors supported
  • Pressure connections: WECO® 1502, 2002, 2202
  • High accuracy 1- or 2-wire shunt calibration option allows ability to validate the offset signal in the field, ensuring the sensor is actively plugged into the system
  • Protective cage option
  • All-welded, stainless steel assembly
  • RFI/EMI protected
  • Intrinsically safe: CFMUS/ATEX/IEC Ex certification
  • CE approved

Honeywell Sensing & Control S-Beam Tension and Compression Load Cells

Honeywell is pleased to introduce its S-Beam Tension and Compression Load Cells, Models 151/152, designed to provide a reliable and stable force sensor with bi-directional (tension and compression) calibration to meet essential product development, testing and verification needs.

Material and component testing is important to most manufacturers, from a steel maker ensuring the mechanical strength and property of the metal, to a food and beverage manufacturer ensuring the texture of food and strength of packaging. Force testing through the use of load cells in development and production enables the manufacturer to provide consistent quality and performance of products for forces necessary to meet the specification/functional property. The purpose of this testing is to collect force data versus time and displacement of the test specimen.

Models 151/152 combine a one-piece, compact structure with enhanced precision and rigorous testing to form a reliable and durable tension and compression force transducer. Higher capacity Models 151 (250 N to 50K N) are made with nickel-plated alloy steel. Lower capacity Models 152 (50 N and 100 N) are constructed from aluminum.

  • Tension and compression load/force measurement
  • Wide capacity range: 50 N to 50K N
  • Accuracy: ±0.03% FS
  • Metric thread
  • One-piece, nickel-plated alloy steel or aluminum construction
  • Overload capacity: 150% FS
  • IP67 sealing
  • Integrated cable: 1.5 m [4.92 ft]

Monday, April 4, 2016

Banner Engineering K70 Wireless Touch Buttons

Banner Engineering's recently released K70 Touch Button is now available in models featuring Banner’s reliable and field-proven SureCross® wireless technology. These wirelessly-enabled touch buttons provide vivid, easy-to-see visual status indication and are capable of sending and receiving operator-actuated outputs in hard to reach locations where wired connections are cost prohibitive, cumbersome, or simply not possible.

The wireless K70 touch button is available in 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz models and is designed to be used with a matching Banner wireless gateway. A wireless node is embedded in the 30 mm base and integrates easily into any SureCross wireless network. Users can combine wireless K70 touch buttons with wireless TL70 tower lights to further leverage wireless networks with indication and actuation.

  • Smart electric field sensing technology provides excellent immunity to false triggering caused by foreign material buildup and exposure to direct water spray
  • Rugged, compact, highly visible multicolor button
  • 5 color options, up to 3 colors in one device
  • IP65 polycarbonate construction
  • Superior noise immunity
  • Supply voltage: 12 - 30VDC
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
  • Custom laser surface marking available