Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Schmersal RSS260 Compact RFID Safety Sensor

Schmersal has applied Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in the new RSS260 series electronic safety sensor. The RSS260 is designed for application in safety circuits monitoring the position of hinged, sliding or removable guards using a specifically coded, passive RFID tag in the actuator.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to provide a wireless data exchange of a coded identification number between a target (tag, label, or chip) and a reader – a device which transmits an encoded radio signal to the target. Schmersal has applied this technology to the RSS260 series non-contact safety sensor. In this application the RFID actuator target is attached to the safety guard door and sensor is attached to the machine frame. The non-contact sensing allows for longer switch life - Since there are no moving parts there is little to no wear on the components. As safety guard panels age, the sensor will also tolerate misalignments, up to 10 mm.

The clear advantage of using RFID technology is enhanced tamper resistance. Since the RSS260 uses a special frequency, the sensor will disregard non-actuator RFID signals, and the passive RFID tag in the actuator will not interfere with other RFID systems such as product trackers. The RSS260 is also difficult to by-pass because it has the option of individual coding: The basic version of the sensor responds to any RST target actuator; The “I1” version only accepts the coded ID number of the specific target actuator which is taught in during the first start-up; The “I2” version allows the teach-in process to be repeated, allowing replacement of a lost or damaged actuator.

The RSS260 series has several actuator targets and accepts two approach directions which allow for mounting flexibility. The standard actuator (RST-260-1) matches the body profile of the switch which fits to regular aluminum profile systems, the RST-16-1 is a very flat, elongated actuator suitable for mounting on Plexiglas safety gates, and the RST-U-1 an extremely compact rectangular target designed for integration into the surrounding construction of the guard door. Any of these targets can approach the sensor from either the front face or the long side.

The RSS260 also features all of the diagnostic advantages of our other electronic safety sensors and solenoid interlocks. It comes standard with LEDs to indicate various errors. For more advanced indication the RSS260 is also available with serial diagnostics to communicate its status via serial data packages for use in various network protocols. Because of an integrated dual monitoring microprocessor, only one switch is required to meet PLe per ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 per IEC 62061. The RSS260 can be connected in series with other electronic sensors and locking switches, up to 31 devices, without loss of signal or safety level when monitored with a number of standard Schmersal safety controllers.

Schmersal RSS260 Compact RFID Safety Sensor

Schmersal Technical Datasheets

Schmersal PS116 Compact Safety-Rated Limit Switches

The PS116 from Schmersal is an extremely versatile yet compact and robust limit switch for determining the position of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated.

For ease of installation, these limit switches are prewired with either a M12 connector or a 2 meter cable lead, on the bottom or side of the housing. Since the housing is symmetrical, the switch can be mounted with the cable or connector to the left or right. The PS116 is available with 10 actuator elements - plungers, roller levers, and a rod lever - which are field adjustable, to be set in one of 8 positions (45° steps) to meet application requirements.

The PS116 offers 2 and 3 contact options, in several configurations. The contacts are either snap action (Z) with optional latching (manual reset), or slow action (T) with overlapping, simultaneous or staggered contacts. All normally closed contacts are positive break, according to IEC 60947-5-1.

The compact body design of the PS116 series measures only 1.25” x 2.25” x 0.65”, perfect for use in confined spaces to monitor the position or presence of moving parts, work pieces or conveyed materials. The housings are die-cast zinc and heavy duty thermoplastic and are dust tight and sealed to withstand strong water jets (IP66) and submersion in water (IP67), suitable for use in all industrial environments.

In conjunction with an appropriate safety controller, a single position switch can be used up to PLd, while using two can achieve PLe, according to ISO 13849-1.

Elevator Industry

The PS116 limit switch also fulfills the requirements for use in elevators according to EN 81-1, because all available switching elements have a contact opening of 2 x 2 mm.

Schmersal PS116 Compact Safety-Rated Limit Switches

Schmersal Technical Datasheets

Truck Deutsch DT Connectors

To reduce installation time and increase reliability of Deutsch connectors, TURCK developed its new Deutsch DT series of overmolded connectors for the mobile equipment industry. The newly designed connectors ensure longevity in demanding environments where shock, vibration, cold temperature, moisture and oils can affect performance.

Deutsch connectors are widely used in the heavy equipment sector, and TURCK developed its two-wire, pin and socket DT connectors to address the environmental needs of the industry. The overmolded design, TPE jacketing and IP67 rating provide additional reinforcement, abrasion and oil resistance, and superior performance in a ready-to-use solution. The connectors are ideal for wiring harness assemblies in vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, or any application which requires a cost effect quick disconnect solution.

“TURCK’s history in overmolding connectors, coupled with our vast knowledge of designing jacketed cables, provided a natural opportunity to improve an industry standard,” said April Ankrum, Senior Product Manager for TURCK. “This Deutsch DT series is the first of a new overmolded Deutsch line we look to expand in early 2015, to improve low-cost and durable solutions for harsh applications.”

TURCK’s Deutsch DT series connectors feature a fully encapsulated rugged overmold which is IP67 rated. The cable performs well in low temperatures with a -40 degrees Celsius cold bend rating, is sunlight resistant and Oil Res II rated.

Turck Deutsch DT Connectors

Turck Technical Datasheets

Monday, February 23, 2015

IDEC EU2B Hazardous Location Switches and Pilot Lights

The EU2B series of 30mm hazardous location switches and pilot devices from IDEC feature contact blocks and lamps that are fully sealed to prevent the release of enough electrical energy to cause an explosion.

Available devices include:
  • Pushbuttons
  • Pilot Lights
  • Emergency Stop Switches
  • Selector Switches
  • Key Selector Switches
  • Analog Meters
This series complies with the latest hazardous location ratings, including those issued under UL/NEC 505 and ATEX, making these devices ideal for UL 698A panel builders and applications with panels in hazardous locations that require specific safety ratings, and enclosure manufacturers.

IDEC EU2B Hazardous Location Switches and Pilot Lights

IDEC Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact PTSPL 6 PCB Connector

Phoenix Contact has added the non-insulated PTSPL 6 push-lock spring-cage PCB terminal blocks to its comprehensive line of power products.  With the new PTSPL 6 terminal block, Phoenix Contact offers a reliable alternative to soldering wires directly to printed circuit boards.  Since this terminal has no plastic insulator, it is 50 percent lower in height compared to other PCB terminals in its power and performance class and offers an unrestricted voltage rating at currents up to 30A.  The product is available in both an open and closed configuration and is compatible with through-hole reflow (THR) soldering processes.  Parts are packaged on tape-and-reel for automatic placement on the PCB.


  • No special tools are needed to open the spring
  • Tape-and-reel packing for automated assembly in reflow process
  • Two PCB pin lengths: 2.1mm and 2.9mm
  • Available in open or closed configuration
  • Product can be used multiple times

Phoenix Contact PT-SG/1 PCB Connector

Responding to the need for products in the photovoltaic market, Phoenix Contact introduces the new PT-SG/1 "grapple contact".  The grapple contact is a THR-solderable, single-position metal contact without an insulating housing.  It is primarily used for internal device wiring in device manufacturing.  The PT-SG/1 offers a spring-cage contact system, and is a cost-effective, tool-free way to terminate flat ribbon and other conductors.  This product is ideal for manufacturers of solar inverters and photovoltaic module outlet boxes as a method of making DC/AC connections that are led outside of the box, as well as connections to built-in chokes and coils.


  • No special tools are needed to open and terminate the spring
  • Tape-and-reel packing for automated assembly in reflow process
  • Two PCB pin lengths: 2.1mm and 2.9mm
  • Product can be used multiple times
  • Easy termination of flat ribbon conductors

Phoenix Contact Crimpfox 4-in-1 Tool

Phoenix Contact's newest addition to the TOOL fox product line offers an all-in-one solutions for cutting, stripping, twisting, and crimping.  The Crimpfox 4-in-1 crimping pliers is a multi-functional tool for processing conductors and ferrules from 20-14AWG, with minimal adjustment required.

The Crimpfox 4-in-1 will strip a wire, twist the loose strands caused by the stripping, then crimp a ferrule with a four-stage pressure lock system.  The complete process takes less than a minute, using strips of 50 ferrules in an interchangeable magazine system.  The tool is balanced, compact, and comfortable for small hands.  It is made of a strong, durable GF50 plastic and annealed metal and displays a pictogram for easy operating instructions.  The Crimpfox 4-in-1 can also be purchased in a set that includes two additional magazines, for easy AWG changeover, packaged in a small handy carrying case.

Phoenix Contact Crimpfox 4-in-1 Tool

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact DIN-Rail in 1-Meter Lengths

Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of its cable management with the release of 1-meter DIN-rail.  The additions include both the perforated and unperforated NS 35/7.5 and NS 35/15.  The benefit of this one-meter offering is significantly reduced shipping costs compared with the 2-meter sticks.

Phoenix Contact 1-Meter DIN-Rail

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pro-face FP5000 Series Industrial Flat Panel Monitors

In addition to cutting-edge functions such as gesture operation and a brightness sensor, the FP5000 Series of industrial flat panel monitors from Pro-face provides a high level of environmental resistance with features like a maximum ambient operating temperature rating of 60°C and an IP67F protection rating.

The FP5000 Series employs a 12.1" or 15" analog resistive multi-touch touch panel that allows multi-touch gestures, even when wearing work gloves.  Gesture operation greatly prevents unintended operation and the multi-touch panel film prevents display glass fragments from contaminating the processed goods, essential in the food and beverage industry.

The 12VDC power supply support is beneficial for mobile and solar powered applications.  Used together with the PE4000B Series industrial computer, the FP5000 Series suits the requirements of low power supply applications such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles) or others.

The FP5000 Series can be used as a display for existing equipment running Windows XP.  It also supports Windows 8.1, the latest version of Windows, allowing you to use the latest operating system when upgrading equipment.  The front-mounted USB port allows data to be exported easily using a USB flash drive.

The panel cutout dimensions are the same as the FP3000 Series (10", 12" and 15"), making replacement simple.

Pro-face FP5000 Industrial Flat Panel Monitors

Pro-face Technical Datasheets

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Pick-to-Light Sensors

The latest addition to Banner Engineering's K50 line of pick-to-light sensors offer Modbus communication, minimizing cabling and system programming requirements.  The Modbus registers provide a common method of configuration that gives the user more flexibility and an overall simple, potentially lower cost installation.  Wiring is reduced by using double-ended cabling and tee connectors.

The K50 serial sensors are the first rugged, industrial rated Pick-to-Light devices using a common industrial protocol for communication and programming.


  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions for error-proofing and parts-verification applications
  • Illuminated dome provides easy-to-see job light status
  • Choose either polarized retro-reflective or fixed field models
  • Fully encapsulated IP67 rated construction
  • Customize or select standard function configurations
  • Modbus communication minimizes the cabling and system programming requirements

Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Serial Indicators

The new K50 Serial Indicators from Banner Engineering provide you with improved ways to program and install a system.  They use industry standard Modbus RTU protocol for communication and set-up of a single device or multi-port application.

The Modbus registers provide a common method of configuration that gives you more flexibility and an overall simple, potentially lower cost installation.  Wiring is reduced by using double-ended cabling and tee connectors.

The K50 Serial products are the first rugged, industrial rated indicator devices using a common industrial protocol for communication and programming.


  • Rugged, compact multi-color indicators in several package types
  • Configurable flashing and strobe functions
  • High intensity models for outdoor applications
  • Rugged IP67/IP69K rated construction
  • Modbus communication minimized the cabling

Schneider Electric Magelis GTU Open Box Module

The Magelis GTU HMI line from Schneider Electric now includes a new Open Box module, which offers Windows functionality with the HMI.  This Magelis GTU addition now allows you to choose from two boxes and six screens to create the ideal HMI for your application.


  • Windows 7 32-bit embedded OS
  • Ability to open/view the following types of files: audio, video, Word, Excel, PDF, images, drawing files and more
  • DVI port for multi-display capabilities
  • Ability to instal 3rd party software

Schneider Electric Zelio RXG Plug-In Interface Relays

Schneider Electric's Zelio RXG plug-in interface relays are the adaptable, space-saving solution for your PLC interface and automation panel needs.


  • Full-Feature cover simplifies installation and maintenance with a simple, lockable test button that can verify operation without having to power up the panel
  • Up to 1/3HP UL motor load ratings, ideal for controlling small motors and pumps
  • 16mm total width
  • Available in 10A, 1 C/O and 5A, 2 C/O
  • Optional diode, RC and MOV indicator modules
  • Integrated ejector clip