Monday, August 29, 2011

IDEC 22mm Flush Mount Switches

As one of the top switch manufacterers in the world, IDEC has a reputation for making switches with the highest levels of quality, technology and safety. Their super bright 22mm CW switches are no exception!

Projecting only 2.5mm when mounted on a panel, these switches provide a sleek, updated look. In fact, the unique 3-across contact block design only protrudes 39.9mm behind the panel, the shortest depth behind the panel in their class.

Perfect for any application requiring a hygienic surface, the smooth design cuts down on surface area, preventing dust and other particles from accumulating and making regular cleaning and maintenance easier. Plus the low profile design even minimizes the potential for vandalism.

CW switches are also designed to perform in outdoor applications. Operators are made of a durable, industrial-grade resin that provides superior resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Available with black or metallic bezels, you can choose from illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and key selector switches in six colors (amber, green, white, red, blue and yellow). Plus, new LED/lens technology, means CW pilot lights and illuminated pushbuttons are the brightest from IDEC, providing even LED lighting for superior visibility whatever the application.

Offered at competitive prices, CW switches are perfect for instrumentation, medical equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, non-industrial applications (train cab, parking machines, audio/visual equipment), machine tools, panels, outdoor applications and more!

IP20 finger-safe contacts extend only 39.9mm behind the panel thereby saving space, while seven possible wave keys provide added security. CW switches are UL listed, TUV recognized and CE marked, as well as provide an IP65 degree of protection.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies with SIL3 Protection

Four new power supplies have been added to Pepperl+Fuchs' family of K- and H-System intrinsic safety solutions. Single-channel KCD2-STC-Ex.1ES and KFD2-STC4-Ex1.ES transmitter power supplies are assembled to the 35 mm DIN mounting rail with power rail. HiC2025ES and HiD2025ES transmitter power supplies are mounted on prewired termination boards. These modules provide internal diagnostics information using a single failure signal, and are designed for intrinsically safe applications up to SIL3 according to EN61508.

"The advantage of these power supplies is that only a single transmitter is required to construct an intrinsically safe signal circuit for SIL3. Historically, for SIL3 this was only possible using two separate inputs, both of which had to be monitored for redundancy. Internal diagnostic functions are also signaled via a single output and red LED. An additional advantage of the new power supply modules is that prescribed test intervals can be extended for SIL2 applications," says Robert Schosker, Product Manager.

KCD2-STC-Ex.1ES and KFD2-STC4-Ex1.ES modules supplement the company's K-System, a comprehensive family of approximately 150 intrinsically safe isolator modules and signal conditioners that solve a wide array of intrinsic safety application needs. They are just 12.5 and 20 mm wide, respectively, and offer active and passive 4...20 mA output signals as well as 1...5 V for the control level.

The HiC2025ES and HiD2025ES transmitter power supplies are part of the company's H- System intrinsic safety solutions. These two space-saving modules are 12.5 and 18 mm wide respectively and are both compatible with existing termination boards in the system.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K50L Sealed Audible Indicators

The EZ-LIGHT K50L Sealed Audible Indicators from Banner Engineering provide sealed versions of the popular K50 for use in harsh, washdown environments. This product will function efficiently in the food and beverage industry, processing lines, car washes, and areas prone to high levels of moisture.

  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install indicators with audible alarm
  • Fully sealed and rated IP67 or IP69K, depending on model
  • Compact devices are completely self-contained – no controller needed
  • Immune to EMI and RFI interference
  • Loud audible alarm with intensity adjustment on IP67 Models
  • 12 to 30V dc operation

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pro-face AGP4104 HMI with Ethernet Connectivity

Pro-face America, North American division of Digital Electronics, the global leader of Human Machine Interface (HMI), Operator Interfaces, and Industrial Computers, announces the release of the AGP4104. The AGP4104 is a 3.5” HMI with Ethernet connectivity, and represents an expansion to the existing serial communication series of compact operator interfaces.

The Ethernet connection simplifies the user’s option to connect to a vast selection of third party PLC’s, drives, bar code readers, and other devices. The AGP4104 is programmed using the free edition of the Pro-face development software allowing the programmer to select from a comprehensive list of communication drivers and protocols; which include Rockwell Automation, Omron, GE, and Mitsubishi.

  • Crisp, clear and bright, 200 x 80 resolution Monochrome LCD Display
  • No Grid Analog Touch Panel for improved visibility and precise part placement
  • Touch Panel operation with in a text panel replacement form factor
  • Energy efficient, maintenance free LED backlight
  • G1 models have a Green display supporting event based change to Orange/Red to alert operators
  • W1 models have a White display supporting event based change to Pink/Red to alert operators
  • 2 USB ports, plus one Ethernet Interface for device communication
  • Programs with the free Limited Edition of GP-Pro EX

Pro-face AGP4104 HMI

Pro-face Technical Datasheets

Friday, August 19, 2011

Phoenix Contact Quint DC-DC Power Converters

Phoenix Contact announces four new DC-DC converters in the QUINT power family. These new converters offer more voltage conversion options and include SFB technology and Power Boost.

DC-DC converters can solve many problems commonly associated with DC power systems. From voltage isolation to increasing or decreasing voltage levels, these new DC-DC converters make it easy to create the reliable power systems your application demands.

DC-DC converters are ideal for boosting voltage over long wire runs, regulating battery voltage output and isolating ground loops.

These DC-DC converters also feature selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology, just like the popular Quint SFB power supplies. Along with SFB technology, the units include Power Boost, providing up to 125 percent of their rated output for demanding loads.

With additional diagnostics such as DC OK and Power Boost, the status of the DC system is always known.

These new DC-DC converters carry UL 508 Listing. Class I, Div. 2 approval is pending, making these DC-DC converters well suited for all industrial applications, including critical process industry installations.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs AS-Interface Handheld with Programming Cables

The new Pepperl+Fuchs AS-Interface handheld programmer is 3.0 compatible, with additional functionality for safety modules, and includes semiautomatic addressing. To make your life easier, it's now available as a kit that includes a power supply and four programming cables.

The programmer, cables, and power supply are neatly packed into a convenient carrying case. You'll never need to go on a hunt for an AS-Interface programming cable again, as these four cables will handle most AS-Interface modules or devices.

Programming cables in the kit are:
  • Cable with addressing jack - Used to program all AS-Interface modules with a programming jack including KE style for enclosure mounting, G11, G12, and G2 styles for field mounting with M12 quick disconnects
  • Flat cable adapter - Used to program all G10 style AS-Interface modules for a highly distributed network with M12 pigtails
  • M12 extension cable - This cable will program all G11-V1 AS-Interface modules with M12 quick disconnects and G16 modules with M8 quick disconnects
  • Cable with crimped flying leads - This cable has bare leads and is great for programming all CB1 junction box modules or any third-party device that only has AS-Interface + and - terminals

Pepperl+Fuchs RFID Read Head

RFID read head IQT-F116-R4M-V1 from Pepperl+Fuchs conforms to the popular and open 13.56MHz ISO 15693 standard. This new RFID read head for stand-alone or multi-drop applications offers a new simplified protocol. Up to 30 RFID read heads can be tied together on one network and brought back to your PC or PLC. The low-profile design is great for AGVs (Automated Guided vehicles) or mounting under shallow conveyor sections.

Product highlights include:
  • Continuous read option for point-to-point applications
  • 30 read heads can be connected in multi-drop applications
  • 200 mm M12 pigtail for easy connection and removal
  • 130 mm maximum read/write range
  • 2-wire RS485 connection

Schneider Electric XUK8 Photoelectric Sensor

Schneider Electric’s OsiSense™ XUK8 photoelectric sensors are ideal for your conveying applications. It is the first AC/DC diffuse with adjustable background suppression (BGS) photoelectric sensor with relay output in a small compact housing.

  • With 0.75 meter sensing distance in BGS applications, the XUK8 is Best In Class for such a modest size.
  • In addition to relay output, multiple timing functions (one shot and on/off delay) are standard features.
  • The DC version adds additional sensing distance for precise detection up to 1 meter.
  • The set up is done with one teach on the background for less than 5% error at 0.55 m.
  • UL listed, CSA certified, CE marked and CCC marked.

Schneider Electric XUK8 Photoelectric Sensor

Schneider Electric XUE-AA Photoelectric Laser Sensor

In the hoisting and material handling industry, precise measuring is an indispensable feature for protecting your installations.

The OsiSense XUE photo-electric sensor by Schneider Electric enables very precise positioning of movements in an automated warehouse. It also enables detection of the proximity of another overhead traveling crane and immediately stops it if there is a risk of collision. This sensor can also monitor the radius of paper or metal strip rolls.

The measuring repeat accuracy is to within a few millimetres throughout its sensing distance. The sensing distance is 6 or 30 metres, depending on the detection mode selected.

  • Detection of objects with background suppression at a distance of 6m.
  • Monitoring and measuring (at 30m or 6m) using a single product due to its 3 programmable outputs (2 digital outputs and 1 analog output).
  • Usage without risk due to laser class 1 transmission in operation
  • Assured operation in difficult environments with an IP67 product.
  • Simple selection between 2 references, depending on your application (Monitoring distance of object or monitoring distance of reflector).
  • Simplified alignment using visible red laser pointer for viewing the measuring point.
  • Intuitive adjustment interface, integrated in product, for configuring your application using 2 “teach” buttons.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mersen USBB UltraSafe Bus Bar System

Mersen USBB UltraSafe bus bar systems are intended for use with UltraSafe Class CC (USCC) and Midget (USM) fuse holders. The USBB delivers safe and reliable combination of circuits in a compact design. Bus bar systems reduce installation time when compared to wire solutions, offer space savings and deliver touch-safe, shock resistant solutions to panel builders and designers.

  • Decrease installation when compared to wire solutions
  • Save panel space with compact design and footprint
  • Reduce shock hazards with touchsafe cover (included)
  • Eliminate excess costs associated with terminal blocks and labor for wire installation
  • Increase design flexibility
  • Environmentally conscious, RoHS compliant and lead free
  • Protective covers available for unused poles

  • UL 508 panels
  • Solar string combiner boxes
  • Control panels
  • Power distribution panels

Thursday, August 4, 2011

SMC Pneumatics ZB Compact Vacuum Unit

The ZB Series Compact Vacuum Unit from SMC Pneumatics is an All-In-One solution to your vacuum needs. The unit includes a vacuum ejector, supply valve, release valve, vacuum break flow adjustment needle, suction filter and silencer in a single unit. The ZB has an energy saving design with reduced air consumption and reaches vacuum pressure set point quicker than previous models. The ZB can be used as a single unit or mounted to a manifold of up to 12 stations.

  • Very quick 5ms valve response time
  • Vacuum response time of 28ms
  • Energy savings with a 17% reduction in air consumption over previous models
  • Compact and lightweight with a single unit weight of 46g
  • Easy maintenance of filter element and silencer
  • Fine vacuum break adjustment
  • Ideal for pick and place of small workpieces requiring quick vacuum response time, and quick workpiece release time