Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Honeywell Sensing and Control MICRO SWITCH Premium Large Snap-Action Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ premium large snap-action series are designed for repeatability and enhanced life. These series of precision switches feature application-specific characteristics. From double-break circuitry to handling very high loads, MICRO SWITCH™ premium large snap-action series are suitable for a variety of applications.

DT Series switches consist of two independent single-pole double throw circuits in one housing actuated by one actuator. The terminals are separated by a non-conductive shield to reduce shorting.

MT Series magnetic blow-out switches are designed to switch high-capacity (125 Vdc/250 Vdc) systems. An integral magnet around the contact gap protects the contacts by deflecting the arc. Vents between the cover and housing allow the hot gas to escape.

Easy to gang mount, MN Series twin-break circuit type switches are for use with limit or control mechanisms on machine tools, presses, or other industrial equipment.

MICRO SWITCH™ TB Series miniature double-break basic switches are basic double-break units that offer a means of controlling isolated circuits. Each circuit may be driven by an independent voltage source.

MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series are often used for precision on/off applications, as well as end of limit, presence/absence, and manual operator interface functions. Their engineering design meets most applications needs. Configuration options with BM, BA and BE switches give a broader range of operating and interface characteristics.

The MICRO SWITCH™ 6AS Series consists of two large premium BZ/BA/BM/BE snap-action switches ganged together and actuated by a single actuator. Field adjustable operating point is an option for one or both switches.

Honeywell Sensing and Control MICRO SWITCH Premium Large Snap-Action Switches

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Monday, June 28, 2010

CST / Crouzet Limit Switch Changes and Obsolescence

Effective immediately, Custom Sensors and Technologies is making the following changes to their limit switch series:
  • All manual reset limit switches have been made obsolete (part numbers beginning with 83854, 83855, 83856 and 83857).
  • Case color of the 83851, 83852, 83861 and 83862 series of limit switches will change from red to grey.
  • Many of the limit switches in the 83852, 83853 and 83862 series will be phased out, replacing the 1/2" NPT conduit fitting with the metric (PG13.5mm) fitting.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Phoenix Contact UM-PRO Profile Housings for Mounting PCBs

Phoenix Contact's UM-PRO profile housings, or PCB trays, enable short assembly times with greater design flexibility for engineers looking to protect their PCB designs. The new design represents advancements over two existing products, the standard UM profile and the UM Modular product. The UM-PRO combines the advantages of a halogen-free, polyamide construction for higher operating temperatures with a complete single profile cut to specific customer-required lengths. This limits the number of components needed to achieve a complete solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Snap-in assembly eliminates additional hardware and reduces assembly time
  • Ambient temperature rating up to 100 C, well in excess of UL’s 60 C requirement for devices mounted in standard, industrial enclosures
  • Profile supports three separate “slots” for mounting a PCB; the top slot allows for mounting components nearly on the edge of the PCB
  • Protection flexibility in a PCB cover that can be centered or can be positioned strategically over critical components
  • Optional communication between modules by means of standard Phoenix Contact connectors (Mini-COMBICON) facilitates networking of adjacent devices

Technical data:

  • Light gray, extrusion polyamide profile
  • Three tray widths: 72 mm, 108 mm, and 122 mm
  • End caps (side elements) in black and include the DIN rail foot
  • Additional foot elements available for support
  • Ground (PE) contacts incorporated into either or both end caps
  • Optional PCB supports for stability


  • Industrial controllers – drives, PLCs, etc.
  • Wiring interfaces, field termination assemblies (FTAs)

Phoenix Contact COMBICON power PCB Terminal Block with Lever

The new PLH 16 PCB terminal block from Phoenix Contact has a lever for connection and release of the conductor without use of tools. The soft touch lever comes in the open position, ready to accept the wire. Light finger pressure is all it takes to complete the connection. The spring cage creates a gastight wire termination, which self adjusts with temperature changes and vibration conditions. A conductor of 4 AWG provides current-carrying capacity up to 70 A. The housing size is compact as compared to other terminal blocks with similar current and voltage ratings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast wire connection saves time and money
  • Zigzag pinning of 10 mm size for increased voltage rating
  • Narrow design width creates more space on the PCB
  • Color coding of each position possible for ease of wire color matching
  • Wire strip instructions molded onto the housing end wall

Technical Data:

  • Positions: 2-8
  • Pitch: 10 mm or 15 mm
  • 18 – 4 AWG
  • 70A 600 V, UL for 15 mm
  • 66A 300 V, UL for 10 mm
  • 60A 600 V, UL for zigzag pinning 10 mm
  • Right angle PCB mount
  • Color: Green/orange latch


  • Power supply units
  • Frequency converters
  • Motors and drives
  • Power engineering
  • Frequency inverters
  • Solar inverters
  • Network devices

Phoenix Contact CAT6A Cables and Connectors

The Phoenix Contact VARIOSUB product family now includes CAT6A Ethernet cables and connectors. These products provide outstanding performance for demanding applications. Signal transmission speeds are up to 10 Gigabits per second across a maximum distance of 100 meters. Preassembled cabling is available with M12 Speedcon connectors, RJ45 connectors or open ends. In addition, there are M12 straight and angled Speedcon connectors and RJ45 connectors for cable assembly.

Phoenix Contact CAT6A Cables and Connectors

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

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SURGETRAB Plug-In Surge Protection

Screw in, connect and you’re done – Phoenix Contact’s SURGETRAB are arresters for all common standard signals connected directly to the sensor head by means of their connecting threads. This method of mounting saves time and costs and also eliminates the need for an additional connection box for surge protection installation.

Control Cabinet Solutions

Phoenix Contact’s complete range of control cabinet products encompasses modern components and systems solutions for industrial automation, power supply, equipment construction, in-building installations, and mechanical and plant engineering applications.

Wireless Ethernet Radio

Phoenix Contact’s Wireless Ethernet radio uses the IEEE 802.11 public standard for a high-speed connection that increases productivity, heightens safety, and lowers cabling costs. The 802.11 standard allows inter-operability between different manufacturers’ devices, while WPA2/801.11i and 802.1x authentication provide the highest security level for worldwide system communication via 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz license-free bands.

HEAVYCON Heavy-Duty Connectors

Heavy-duty connectors of Phoenix Contact’s HEAVYCON series can be used under extremely harsh conditions caused by dirt, water, vibrations and high mechanical loads. They are leak-proof up to the IP69k degree of protection.

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New Literature from IDEC

RF1V Force Guided Relays

IDEC Force Guided Relays are used in safety circuits to detect failures such as contact welding and damage to the contact spring. These relays are used in combination with interlock switches, light curtains, and emergency stop switches to control outputs. They can also be used to expand outputs for safety relay modules and safety controllers.

WindSRV KEPServerEX OPC Server

IDEC’s WindSRV, also known as KEPServerEX, is an OPC server that provides direct connectivity between client applications and IDEC PLCs. It’s a true plug-and-play OPC Server with effortless data management, acquisition, monitoring and control.

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New Literature from E-T-A

Safety for Man and Machine

E-T-A products in automation technology, chemical and machinery industries, process control and telecommunications equipment, demand uncompromising standards of performance and reliability. E-T-A’s wide variety of circuit protection devices, power distribution systems and solid state remote power controllers (SSRPCs) allow the best solution for your design.

Circuit Protection Guide

E-T-A’s range of circuit breakers offers a choice of effective products and solutions for overload and short circuit protection, and for electronic monitoring and protection of control, auxiliary and supply circuits. This selection guide offers a quick reference for E-T-A’s line of circuit protection devices.

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Danaher / Namco Snap-Lock Limit Switch Catalog

For decades, Namco’s Snap Lock limit switches have been the benchmark for reliability for steel mills, auto factories, foundries, power plants and machine shops. Snap Lock limit switches provide a huge range of operation, construction and practical flexibility. They have the ruggedness to operate under the most severe conditions and have the durability needed for a long, trouble-free lifespan.

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CST / Crouzet Millenium 3 Logic Controller Brochure

With Crouzet’s new Millenium 3, you can take advantage of all the most recent developments in the latest generation of logic controllers. Crouzet has expanded its Millenium 3 Standard logic controller with new software functions and accessories. Millenium 3 Custom logic controllers offer solutions for specific applications, or for use in severe environments.

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Phoenix Contact M12 Product Discontinuation

Phoenix Contact has announced that the standard thread flush-mount M12 connectors listed in the attached document will be discontinued. These connectors will be replaced with the existing Speedcon thread connectors, also listed in the attached document.

Phoenix Contact M8 Connector Changes

For the following Phoenix Contact SACC M8 connectors, the internal contact geometry will be changed in all 3 and 4 position plug connectors with screw connection, and numbers will be added to the contacts. The changes have no influence on the outer dimensions and electrical and mechanical characteristics will remain the same.


Type Description













Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pepperl+Fuchs Easy Panel Mount AS-Interface Module

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the VBA-4E4A-KE-ZE/R AS-Interface Module with Relay Outputs. The VBA-4E4A-KE-ZE/R extends Pepperl+Fuchs popular family of AS-Interface enclosure-mount KE I/O modules even further by delivering 4 inputs and 4 relay outputs with extended addressing in a single housing. As a result, up to 62 modules with 248 standard PNP inputs and 248 SPST relay outputs can now be on a single network.

“While most automation applications are using about twice as many inputs as outputs, making the previous solution with 4 inputs and 3 outputs a good fit, modules built to the latest AS-Interface are simply a better fit if a 1:1 ratio between inputs and outputs are needed. Certain valve control and conveyor applications come to mind,” says Helge Hornis, Ph D, Manager, Intelligent Systems Group.

Special sealed relays allow these AS-Interface modules to hold Class I Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D hazardous location approvals. Input power is switchable from internal mode where all inputs are powered from AS-Interface, to external mode where all inputs are powered externally. These AS-Interface modules feature removable, mechanical and color coded terminals, with inputs for 2- and 3-wire sensors. An M4 (3.0) master is required to use the VBA-4E4A-KE-ZE/R. “The good news is that all Gateways and PLC Scanner Cards offered by Pepperl+Fuchs satisfy this latest master specification,” explains Hornis.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710; fa-info@us.pepperl-fuchs.com; www.pepperl-fuchs.us.

Pepperl+Fuchs Interface Module with Relay Outputs

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IDEC SafetyOne FS1A SmartSafety Relay

When you want a straightforward system that’s safe, easy-to-install and won’t cost an arm and a leg, an IDEC SafetyOne FS1A is the answer! The new FS1A-C11S, offers 24 pre-programmed logic safety circuits. That means you can configure a system without any programming, just by selecting one logic from 8 (FS1A-C01S) or 24 (FS1A-C11S) to configure a safety system. This makes it possible for you to control more types of safety systems.

Unlike multiple safety relay systems, which require lots of cumbersome wiring and take up too much space, our entry-level safety controller makes it easy to consolidate basic safety circuits. At the same time they meet all safety standards, save space with minimal wiring and cost customers less money.

FS1A SafetyOne can easily replace two to three safety relay control modules with no programming required. Not only that, SafetyOne can be configured simply by selecting logic and flipping on a dip switch and one module can connect with various safety components such as Emergency Stop switches, light curtains, Interlock switches, two hand controls and auxiliary components such as muting lights, sensors and much more.

FS1A is UL listed, TUV rated and CE marked, as well as meets IEC 61508 integrity level 3, ISO 13849-1 performance level e and EN954-1 safety category 4.

IDEC SafetyOne FS1A SmartSafety Relay

IDEC Technical Datasheets

Tyco Electronics RZ Relays

Tyco Electronics presents the RZ relay, the next generation of the successful RT series product line, a relay delivering excellent performance.

The switching contacts of the RZ relay perform remarkably well. At 85°C ambient temperature and 16A switching current, 50,000 cycles are VDE approved and UL recognized. The RZ relay range is comprised of single-pole relays with normally open or changeover contacts, and it offers a choice of AgNi or AgSnO contact materials. Standard 85°C ambient temperature models are available, as are 105°C versions and models with transparent covers. The rated coil power is 400mW. The product fulfills the glow wire test according to IEC60335-1 and is RoHS compliant.

The RZ relay is suitable for a broad range of electronic applications in areas such as energy management systems, household appliances, boiler control, timers and garage door control.

Tyco Electronics RZ Relay

Tyco Electronics Technical Datasheets

Tyco Electronics TUV Approved Low Profile Junction Box

A new four-rail compact medium junction box for terminating foils of a PV panel has recently been released by Tyco Electronics. Featuring an extremely low profile and a segmented solder area, this junction box saves potting material for the solar industry OEMs when connecting the foils on their solar panels. In addition to the low profile, overall dimensions have also been optimized to reduce necessary bonding material for mounting onto the back sheet.

Benefiting from its overmoulded low profile (only 13mm height), the compact medium junction box can easily be applied on the back sheet of solar panels with silicon glue or double-sided adhesive. The connecting pads are located in separate rectangular openings for defined and easy soldering of the cross connects on to the pads. The low-profile design has been achieved by using flat SMD diodes mounted on extremely wide inner rails to provide excellent thermal management capabilities. The overmoulded cables feature a standard length of 1m and are terminated with unique and proven Tyco Electronics SOLARLOK connectors.

The compact medium junction box meets IEC 61215 ed.2 (VDE V0126-5) specifications. A version featuring USE-2 cables is currently awaiting UL approval.

Tyco Electronics Low Profile Junction Box

Tyco Electronics Technical Datasheets

Tyco Electronics TUV Approved Two-Rail Decentralized Junction Box

With its new two-rail decentralized junction box, Tyco Electronics now offers a new way for locating junction boxes on a PV panel. Compared to the commonly used centralized junction boxes in the PV industry, the decentralized box requires 50% less jumper cable to connect to the next solar panel, as the junction boxes are located in the corner of the panels.

The decentralized junction box uses fewer cross-connects than standard centralized boxes, offers excellent thermal management capabilities and enables engineers to design new innovative solar panel layouts. The general design concept uses two small two-rail junction boxes separately located in the corners of the solar panels plus one small junction box in the middle (compared with the common standard layout of one bigger four-rail junction box with three diodes in the centre of the panel). Through the decentralization of the two-rail junction boxes, panel manufacturers are able to use fewer and shorter cross connects (saving labour and costs) because every string is protected by one junction box with 1 diode.

With this new design concept it is easy to enlarge solar panel layouts by just adding a junction box in the centre to protect additional strings. No complicated routing is required. The low profile design (only 18.5mm height) of the two-rail decentralized junction box enables the device to be easily terminated with the slim line connector system by Tyco Electronics. The new decentralized junction box meets IEC 61215 ed.2 (VDE V 0126-5) specifications.

Tyco Electronics Decentralized Junction Box

Tyco Electronics Technical Datasheets

IDEC Safety Light Curtains

When you need specific safety features and certification, SG light curtains are the answer! These compact (32 x 37mm profile) Type 2 and Type 4 light curtains offer finger protection, hand protection or presence control with an operating distance up to 19m and controlled heights from 150 to 1800mm. Integrated functions include Test/Restart, Auto/Manual Restart and EDM.

SG4 series is one of the best available Type 4 light curtains on the market. They are perfect for operating point protection on equipment, such as paper cutting machines or machine presses. SG4 light curtains can be aligned using the 7-segment display on either the emitter or receiver. Plus these light curtains are available in both hand or finger control.

SG2 series is perfect for automated warehouses, machine restart prevention and robotic manufacturing. Offered in two models, basic and extended, they can be installed quickly and easily for either hand or presence control.

Rotating mounting brackets and compact size of these light curtains make installation and alignment of the emitting and receiving units easy, even at long distances and in applications using mirrors. No connection is necessary between the two units as configuration can be accomplished without control units or supplementary cables.

Protective IP67/IP67K enclosures are available for more extreme conditions, as well as a protective guard or lens shield.

IDEC Safety Light Curtains

IDEC Technical Datasheets

IDEC SA1E-X Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Joining the popular and cost-effective miniature SA1E family of photoelectric sensors, we now have new SA1E-X models with advanced optic function for transparent or translucent object detection.

These transparent models were designed for accurate and reliable detection while offering an optimum response speed of 500μs. SA1E-X is one of the fastest miniature photoelectric sensors on the market and two times faster than other SA1E models. The SA1E-X transparent models feature a coaxial optic and narrow beam to ensure stable detection. They can reliably detect objects with irregular surfaces and are not affected by angle, inclination or shaking of the target object. Even objects as far as 2m can be detected.

SA1E-X transparent models are developed to solve challenging applications such as sensing of plastic, glass and other transparent bottles, transparent film for packaging, and wafer displacement.

A choice of NPN or PNP outputs is available, as well as a choice of Dark ON or Light ON operation modes. All SA1E sensors are IP67 rated, UL/c-UL listed and CE marked.

With the addition of this new transparent object sensor, the SA1E family now offers seven different sensing methods: throughbeam, polarized retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective for transparent objects, diffuse-reflective, small-beam reflective, convergent and background suppression.

IDEC SA1E-X Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

IDEC Technical Datasheets

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Banner Engineering High Intensity Linear Array Lights with Dual Intensity Control

A dimmable high intensity IP50 Linear Array Light designed primarily for the robotics industry where the working distance and target can change dynamically. Equipped with both a potentiometer and an analog input for changes in intensity during use, this light offers brighter lighting, longer effective range, and a very even light pattern (as close as 3 inches) when compared to previous generations of linear array lights.


  • Four high-intensity, visible wavelengths, plus IR
  • Available in 5 different lengths:
    • 290 mm (11.4")
    • 435 mm (17.7")
    • 580 mm (22.8")
    • 870 mm (34.2")
    • 1160 mm (45.6")
  • High-power, solid-state LED array; continuous or strobed operation is selectable via sensor software (P4 models) or via hookup
  • Optically isolated strobe signal
  • Active High or Active Low strobe models available
  • LEDs directly illuminate target
  • Lens angle of 6.5°
  • Three windows from which to choose: clear acrylic, clear glass, and clear diffusing acrylic
  • Dual intensity control: Potentiometer and Analog wire
  • Maintenance-free, rugged construction
  • Built-in constant current regulation

Fortress Interlocks DMSK Hygienic Safety Interlock

Fortress Interlocks' mGard DMSK is a robust, full stainless steel single door interlock intended for hygienic areas and suitable for use on all types of doors. The design of the DMSK reduces any areas for bacterial traps so is ideally suited to the food and drink sector or any other harsh application where a wash-down environment is present.

  • Minimal design to reduce dirt traps
  • No product handling issues:
    • 4 head rotation angles with an adjustment of 360° at 90° increments
    • Two actuator entry points
  • Full stainless steel assembly
  • Tamper resistant head mechanism
  • Choice of actuator

mGard is the ultimate range of robust mechanical trapped key products. Trapped key technology offers purely mechanical access locks (removing the need for expensive wiring). mGard offers an extensive variety of modular interlocking solutions. Suitable for use in applications up to SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061),Category 4 and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1), mGard is ideal for use in harsh environments and is tested to 1,000,000 operations.

Fortress Interlocks DMSK Hygienic Safety Interlock

Fortress Interlocks Technical Datasheets

Monday, June 21, 2010

Turck Dual Programmable Inclinometer

TURCK has enhanced its line of inclinometers with the introduction of a single axis device with dual programmable set points. Like all TURCK inclinometers, this device utilizes MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) technology to solve unique feedback requirements. This new offering replaces the traditional analog output with two discrete outputs and is programmable for settings such as on or off points, span and hysteresis. Users can simply program the inclinometer using a teach adapter. Single axis inclinometer sensors may be used in a wide variety of industries and incorporate an adjustable measuring range of 360 degrees.

TURCK inclinometers measures angular tilt in reference to gravity. At the heart of the TURCK inclinometer is a MEMS device that incorporates a micro-electromechanical capacitive element into the sensor that utilizes two parallel plate electrodes, one stationary and one attached to a spring-mass system. Movement causes acceleration that produces deflection in the non-stationary electrode. This results in a measurable change in the capacitance between the two plates that is proportional to the angle of deflection. These signals are conditioned to provide a single analog voltage output (0.1 to 4.9 VDC) or current output (4 to 20 mA).

The micro board design in the MEMS technology allows for a compact, precise inclinometer in a very robust, industrialized package. The inclinometer is IP68 rated, with a temperature range of -30 to 70 °C.

Turck Dual Programmable Inclinometer

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