Friday, May 27, 2016

Turck FLC Field Logic Controller

Demonstrating their commitment to flexible, custom solutions, Turck has developed the next big thing for control: the field logic controller (FLC). Turck's FLC solutions are made possible by ARGEE (A Really Great Engineering Environment), a revolutionary web-based programming environment that allows users to set conditions and actions directly at the field level. By utilizing HTML5, Turck provides a complete engineering environment for you to write, run, simulate, debug, and monitor code, all without requiring the use of a PLC.

Using FLCs, Turck's multiprotocol block I/O products can act as simple I/O devices or as standalone logic controllers. While ARGEE programming is not designed to replace a PLC outright, it can be used to change the way we think about control, allowing FLC devices to:
  • Be used without a PLC in standalone applications
  • Perform arithmetic functions, use timers, counters, and even toggle bits
  • Share data with a PLC via assigned I/O variables

Using a simple "Condition" and "Action" principle that is integrated into a flow chart user interface, ARGEE allows users with little or no programming experience to easily configure and program their Turck FLC devices.

ARGEE challenges what an I/O device can do by creating a hybrid between simple block I/O and higher level PLCs. The result - Turck's FLC.

Turck FLC Field Logic Controller

Turck Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering DXM100 Wireless Controller

The Banner Engineering DXM100 Controller is an industrial wireless controller that facilitates Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. As a communications gateway, it interfaces local serial ports, local I/O ports, and local ISM radio devices to the internet using either a cellular connection or a wired Ethernet network connection.

  • Sure Cross® DX80 Wireless Gateway or MultiHop radio with 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz ISM bands available
  • Logic controller with action rules and ScriptBasic programming
  • Cellular radio Internet connectivity
  • Automation protocols include Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and EtherNet/IP™
  • Secure email and text Internet messaging for alarms, alerts, and data log files
  • Data logging with removable SD card
  • Interactive programmable user interface with LCD and LED indicators
  • Universal, on-board I/O with analog and discrete I/O
  • Industry standard RS-485, Ethernet, and USB communication ports
  • Multiple managed power options with battery backup

Schneider Electric OsiSense XMLP Electronic Low-Pressure Transmitters

Schneider Electric's OsiSense XMLP is the smallest low-pressure sensor available. It will help you optimize the design of machines for a wide range of applications, such as vacuum lifting, suction-pad material handling, water pumping, heating, and many others. Its compact size makes it easier to install even in the most confined spaces.

OsiSense XMLP offers maximized reliability thanks to its robust housing. Depending on the electrical connector, it boasts the IP65, IP67, or IP69K degree of protection.

The OsiSense XMLP range delivers top-level functionality thanks to its ceramic pressure-cell technology for low-pressure [< -14.5 psi] measurement, including combined pressure ranges. It can be mounted through a remote connection or directly on the compatible OsiSense ZMLP pressure switch with display, offering an easy and economical solution for low-pressure management.

  • High overpressure withstand (up to x4 nominal pressure)
  • High resistance to corrosion (stainless steel 316L housing)
  • IP65, IP67, or IP69K degrees of protection (depending on the connector)
  • Standard and combined pressure ranges, in bar and psi
  • Various analog output types: 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V, or 0.5 - 4.5 V
  • Different electrical connectors: M12 male 4-pin or EN 175301-803-A. Packard Metri-Pack 150 or 2m cable
  • The most common fluid entry types: G1/4 male, 1/4" - 18NPT male or 7/16-20UNF female

Schneider Electric Magelis HMIPSO Panel iPCs

Magelis HMIPSO Optimized S-Panel Industrial PCs are the entry level Panel PCs in the Magelis iPC range. These simple-in-design PCs with IntelTM Atom dual-core CPU cater for the performance requirements of most automaion applications in the field.

Magelis Optimized S-Panel PCs offer improved application and operator efficiency with:
  • 10"/15" wide TFT multi-touch screens, LED backlight, IP66 protection, and 7H hardness anti-scratch front
  • Maintenance-free non-rotating parts and operation up to +55 °C/131 °F (or up to +45 °C/113 °F for models with HDD or mini PCIe)
  • Integration of software applications such as HMI Vijeo XD software and third-party Windows software
  • Expansions with optional interfaces based on mini PCIe (Com, USB, audio, networks, etc.)
  • Available with WES 7, Windows 8.1, without an operating system, or with Windows 7 in Configured-To-Order offer 

Optimized Magelis HMIPSO, with 8 references, are equipped with:
  • Fanless Intel® Atom E3827 dual-core processor(1.75 GHz)
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM, default mounted
  • Connection ports: 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 2 COM (RS-232, RS-232/422/485), 2 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Expansion kit (depending on model): 1 optional/default kit allowing 1 SATA HDD/ SSD slot and 1 mini PCIe slot with its optional interface slot bb Power supply: 24 V c, AC power supply with external AC/DC power adapter 
Magelis S-Panel PCs are supported by Schneider Electric HMI software for automation. Vijeo XD Run Time is readily available and can be downloaded to PCs as a demo version. This can be upgraded to the unlimited version with an additional HMIRTMCZLSPAZZ license.

Schneider Electric HMIPSO Optimized S-Panel iPCs

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

Schneider Electric Magelis HMIPEP Performance S-Panel Industrial PCs

Schneider Electric's Magelis HMIPEP Enclosed Performance S-Panel PCs are fully enclosed PCs with IP66 protection on all sides. These 19" wide PCs can be directly mounted on a machine or automation system without any additional enclosure. The HD display and multi-touch features enhance the user experience.

Magelis Enclosed Performance S-Panel PCs offer increased application and operator efficiency with:
  • 19'' wide HD TFT multi-touch screens, LED backlight, and 7H hardness anti-scratch front
  • Ready to be VESA mounted with IP66 protection on all sides and M12 connections
  • Slim enclosed panels with 65 mm/2.56 in. depth
  • Maintenance-free non-rotating parts and operation up to +55 °C/131 °F
  • Available with Windows 8.1, without an operating system, or with Windows 7 in Configured-To-Order offer 
Magelis HMIPEP Enclosed Performance PCs, with 2 references, are equipped with:
  • Fanless Intel® i3-4010U dual-core processor (1.7 GHz)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM, default mounted
  • 5 x M12 Connection ports: 1 USB 2.0, 1 COM (RS-232), 2 Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x 24 V c power supply
  • Expansion slot: 1 full-size mini PCIe slot without external interface slot
These iPCs are available with or without an operating system (Windows 8.1 Industry SP1 64-bit Multi-language) and storage device (80 GB SSD with 5-year manufacturer warranty and 2 million hours MTBF).

Magelis HMIPEP PCs are supported by Schneider Electric HMI software for automation. Vijeo XD Run Time is readily available and can be downloaded to PCs as a demo version. This can be upgraded to the unlimited version with an additional HMIRTMCZLSPAZZ license. Vijeo Citect SCADA software can run on Magelis HMIPEP with an SSD disk drive. This can be installed from the Vijeo Citect DVD supplied with the Magelis HMIPEP product.

Schneider Electric Magelis HMIPEP Performance S-Panel Industrial PCs

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

Monday, May 9, 2016

Phoenix Contact Ethernet-Fiber Media Converters

Ethernet networks have a limitation that can be easily addressed using fiber to send data reliably.  Fiber provides the following benefits:
  • Increases Ethernet transmission distances from 300 feet to nearly 25 miles
  • Immune to surges caused by lightning and other power sources
  • Immune to noise created by VFDs and motors
Phoenix Contact introduces the new family of Ethernet-fiber media converters.  The FL MC 1000, 2000T and 2000E models provide a range of options for different industrial applications that need fiber technology.

  • 1300 nm wavelength
  • 10/100 Mbps
  • Connection monitoring with LFPT (link fault pass through)
  • Signal LEDs for activity, link status, 10/100 Mbps
  • Robust design in metal housing for high EMC requirements
  • Models available for basic requirements, realtime applications, and harsh requirements

Finder 78.2E Switching Power Supplies

Finder introduces two new switch mode, dual stage, high efficiency power supplies for electrical and electronic applications.  The 78.2E power supplies address the need for low voltage power within industrial automation systems, control and measurement systems, and LED lighting.

The two models offer different auxiliary contact switching modes:
  • Positive logic - NO contact closes when power is applied to the unit and remains closed unless there is a serious fault preventing the power supply unit from delivering output current.
  • NO contact closes when an anomaly happens.

  • Adjustable output voltage with overload and short circuit protection
  • High efficiency - 93%
  • Dual stage with active Power Factor Corrector
  • Front panel replaceable fuse for input protection
  • Thermal protection with LED status indication
  • Auxiliary contact indication

Schneider Electric M580 Ethernet Modules

The Cyber Security capability of Schneider Electric's Modicon M580 ePAC extends to the new BME NOC Ethernet communication modules. The M580 BMENOC0301 and BMENOC0311 Ethernet modules utilize the M580’s Ethernet Backplane and provide increased security features and improved robustness. These new Ethernet modules integrate with the security features of the M580 PAC as part of a total system. Like the Modicon M580 ePAC, the BME NOC Ethernet modules are also Achilles Level 2 certified.

Achilles Level 2 is:  A certification by the Wurldtech company.  A detailed examination of the Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP implementations.  One of the most recognized standard today (similar to ISA Secure CRT).

Achilles Level 2 demonstrates device robustness against a pre-defined set of tests, and that high-rate and malformed traffic is not likely to stop it. These BMENOC Ethernet modules are confirmed to be robust under both extreme and common conditions.

Additional Cyber Security capabilities as part of the Modicon PAC offering:
  • Prevent unauthorized network device access using Access Control list (ACL) to restrict access to the Ethernet communication module in its role as either a Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP server. User specifies the IP addresses of these devices allowed to communicate with the module.
  • ACL Configuration done in Unity Pro programming software.
  • ACL Setting can be modified online (without the need to stop the PLC).
  • Any changes in PAC program or configuration can be password protected at PAC level. 
  • Remote PLC RUN/STOP setting can be controlled by an internal bit.
  • Memory Protect bit can be set to prevent any changes in the PAC.
  • For the Modicon M580 ePAC, the firmware is now encrypted using AES256 algorithm. The encryption verifies the integrity of the firmware before loading it.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Schneider Electric Magelis GTU HMI w/ WiFi

The Magelis GTU range of HMI from Schneider Electric was recently expanded to include a 12.1" Smart Display with integrated WiFi. This allows for easy access from wireless devices like laptops, tablets and smart-phones. It can also be used to keep mobile equipment connected to the network.

Easy Access
  • Wireless connection between the HMI and service PC – No need to open the enclosure or connect any cables.
  • Access Point functionality includes routing to any device connected via the HMI’s Ethernet ports.
  • No need for separate antenna or routers.
  • Up to 10M in range.
  • Direct connection to the HMI with VijeoDesign’Air and VijeoDesign’AirPlus mobile apps.
  • A great fit for mobile applications, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s).
Cost Effective
  • No additional cost for external access point, routers, or antennas.

Schneider Electric M221 Logic Controllers w/ Sink Outputs

Schneider Electric has announced that the Modicon M221 logic controller product offering now includes Sink Outputs (along with the Source Outputs that were already available), extending the range of products to suit various wiring habits.

The Modicon M221 Sink Outputs come in 6 different units, with options ranging from 16-40 I/O, and the option for Ethernet embedded. The models have 9 to 24 discrete inputs and 7 to 16 transistor outputs. All units have 2 analog inputs and 2 fast outputs. Furthermore, the 40 I/O model offers Pulse Train Outputs (PTOs) which allow for control of up to 4 axes in pulse direction mode and up to 2 axes in CW/CCW mode.

M221 Sink Outputs use SoMachine Basic 1.4 or higher. SoMachine Basic is available for free download on the Schneider Electric website.

Schneider Electric M221 Logic Controllers

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets