Friday, June 26, 2015

Phoenix Contact PLD IP67 Machine Lights

Phoenix Contact introduces PLD, a family of IP67-rated industrial machine lights. These PLDs were not designed just to be another light, but to set the bar in the efficient, high-quality industrial illumination.

PLD achieves quality through the following key features:
  • Advanced LED technology with a minimum of 65,000 hours of service life
  • Homogenous and glare-free lighting with innovative optics constructed of shatter-proof laminated safety glass
  • High-color rendering index (CRI) providing unaltered reproduction of colors

  • 24VDC supply voltage
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • 4.2mm laminated safety glass
  • Color temperature: 5000 K
  • 50° or 100° emission angles
  • 200, 365, and 695 mm lengths
  • Mounting equipment included
  • M12 SPEEDCON interconnections
  • PWM inputs for dimming and flashing operation
  • Series-wireable
  • Protection against polarity reversal, excessively high voltage, and over-temperature
  • Early error indication via digital output

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Honeywell Sensing and Control Key and Ignition Switches

Honeywell Sensing and Control is proud to announce additions to its Key and Ignition Switch portfolio. We are now providing more combinations of connectors, circuitry, and key positions to better meet your needs. Please become familiar with the updated datasheet which provides product features and benefits.

Customization is standard with Honeywell’s Key and Ignition Switches. Honeywell’s broad range of options makes building the specific key switch for an application simple. Optional features of multiple unique key codes, momentary positions, terminal and integral connector types, UL-ratings, and various circuitry configurations are available to provide design flexibility. To maintain consistent branding, Honeywell also offers over-molded keys with custom logos. These options, coupled with the wide electrical rating and temperature range, come standard on every switch to meet your growing needs.

These rugged and reliable switches increase application reliability and facilitate seamless equipment operation. Their ability to keep dirt and moisture out of the contact chamber prolongs switch life. The two-, three-, and four-position key switch options easily integrate into specific application designs.

There are many options available in terms of packaging, connector type, positions, functions and terminal specifications.

  • Environmental protection: Designed and tested to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and contaminants: temperature cycling, chemical splashes, pressure wash, vibration, dust, humidity, and salt. O-rings protect the contact chamber from moisture and dust while weep holes in the key cylinder housing facilitate drainage.
  • Improved durability: Stainless steel keyhole shroud and keyhole dust shutter add durability and corrosion resistance to the key tumbler/cylinder assembly. The key cover (key boot) protects key cylinder from dust and ingress.
  • Robust construction: Polypropylene plastic housing (rear) improves durability and supports equipment weight reduction.
  • Wide range of configurations: Two-, three-, or four-position switches, maintained and momentary (recoil) key positions, and numerous circuitry configurations allow for customization of equipment operation and control. UL certification options available, as well. To maintain consistent branding, Honeywell also offers over molded keys with custom logos.
  • Multiple key options: Double-sided keys allow for easy key insertion and switches can be designed to allow for key removal in various key positions. Up to 300 unique key codes are available to provide increased security and compatibility with existing keys.
  • Connector choices: Integral connector (Metri-Pack, Sumitomo): Two-, three-, or four-position switches. Screw terminal is available as two- or three-position switches.
  • Fast assembly: Integral connectors facilitate quick assembly and minimize the potential for wiring errors.

Schneider Electric Becomes First Manufacturer to Receive AHRI Standard 1210 Certification for Variable Frequency Drives

Schneider Electric announces that their variable frequency drives (VFDs) have received AHRI Standard 1210 certification. Developed by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), this certification establishes stringent rating conditions for variable frequency drives. Schneider Electric is the first and only drives manufacturer to receive this designation.

The standard seeks to provide a uniform method of measuring and comparing VFD systems by defining testing and rating requirements for efficiency, power line harmonics and motor insulation stress. This certification will allow consulting engineers to better specify VFDs based on published third-party performance data and assures customers that our products meet these defined performance ratings. The AHRI Standard 1210 Certification is the first independent, nationally recognized performance standard in the industry. Certified products include the Altivar 212, Altivar 61, S-Flex and E-Flex drives.

Schneider Electric AHRI Standard 1210 Certification Press Release

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

Monday, June 22, 2015

Schneider Electric Modicon TMH2GDB Remote Graphic Display

Schneider Electric is pleased to introduce the new Modicon TMH2GDB Remote Graphic Display, the perfect compact display for use with solutions developed around the Modicon M221 PLC. The Modicon TMH2GDB Remote Graphic Display can be used for monitoring, operating, and maintenance activities for small machine control solutions, allowing users to easily visualize machine status without opening the control panel.

The Modicon TMH2 Remote Graphic Display provides:
  • Easy wiring/installation with the Serial Line RJ45 connection powered from the Modicon M221 PLC
  • Easy installation with 22mm "push-button" style mounting
  • Easy visualization with a Backlit STN LCD (241x160) with pre-configured screens for efficient machine status display without starting from scratch building HMI screens
  • Easy and free programming/configuration with SoMachine Basic software to effectively reduce engineering cost

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pro-face SP5660 Wireless LAN Display

Pro-face America announces the launch of the new SP5660 Enhanced HMI. This 12" Display unit is the newest member to the SP5000 family and offers built-in wireless LAN. The SP5660 is compatible with the Pro-face SP5B40 open box unit, adding even more options to this already flexible series.

In recent years, developments in wireless convenience and technology have resulted in an increased adoption of wireless solutions, even in production sites that were hesitant to adopt wireless capabilities due to concerns of reliability and security. Until now, building a wireless environment in manufacturing sites prone to high concentrations of dust and dirt resulted in constraints on wireless LAN router selection and installation location. In Pro-face’s new product, a wireless antenna is built into the bezel (frame) portion, which has obtained a variety of environmental standards, thus eliminating any effort in selecting and installing a wireless LAN router as well as any concerns about failures due to on-site dust and dirt. Use this one product in place of the industrial computers and HMIs usually used for configuring device operation settings and get the wireless environment suited for your site.

When installing a device to a manufacturing site, adjustment and verification at startup or when debugging are performed with connecting a laptop. However, with various components and devices in the factory, there’s no place to install the laptop, and it’s often the case that if the control panel is not open, connecting the cable to the PC can be difficult. To solve such problems, using this product means debugging can be performed anywhere, enabling the work to be carried out efficiently. Also, with a wireless environment, rearranging for factory lines and cell production is simple.

Pro-face’s specialized industrial remote monitoring application, Pro-Face Remote HMI, is designed for use on tablets and smartphones. By combining this application with the SP5000 Series wireless model, you can check production statuses and device statuses via tablet or smartphone anywhere and at any time, all without installing a router.

Pro-face SP5660 Wireless LAN Display

Pro-face Technical Datasheets 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Banner Engineering In-Line Work Light Motion Detector Switch

Banner Engineering's WLS28-2MQ motion detector switch was developed for use in applications that need an automated way to switch the light. The motion detector is ideal for locations that cannot use a physical switch or the placement of the switch isn't useful. The in-line module allows you to place the motion detection switch away from the light. Place this motion detection switch inside of an electrical enclosure to automatically turn the light on when the door is open, and automatically turn the light off when it is closed.

The built-in models make it easy to install in one place. The in-line unit is universal and can be used with any Banner DC voltage lights.

  • Built-in or in-line motion detector switch with M12 connectors
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Perfect for dc-powered task lights
  • Rated for 12 to 30 VDC

Friday, June 5, 2015

Turck Q4.7 Miniature Inductive Sensors

TURCK has added the Q4.7 series of rectangular inductive sensors to its range of miniature sensors. The miniature sensors in the new design (16 x 8 x 4.7 millimeters) have been specially developed for applications in which they have to be fully embedded in metal, such as in the stamping and metal forming industry. These kinds of applications not only require robust sensors with large switching distances, but also very small housing to reduce the amount of surrounding metal to be removed for the recesses.

The Q4.7 meets all the requirements mentioned with a two millimeter sensing range, a robust metal housing, a highly flexible two meter connection cable with an oil-resistant sheath and the capability of being fully flush mounted. TURCK has managed to house the status LED in the active face so that this, in contrast to side mounted LED sensors, stays visible even when fully flush mounted.

In order to meet a wide variety of application conditions, the Q4.7 has a temperature range from 0 to 85° Celsius and is IP67 rated.

Turck Q4.7 Miniature Inductive Sensors

Turck Technical Datasheets