Friday, May 27, 2011

Phoenix Contact Quint Diode Modules

Reliability is key for robust power systems. The new Quint Diode modules are designed for redundant solutions that require isolation and N+1 redundancy. Two versions are available: one for 12-24 V DC operation and another for 48 V DC applications.

The power supplies’ housings are made of extruded aluminum. This gives them an excellent cooling characteristic and a longer service life.

To create a fully redundant wiring sequence, the Quint Diodes offer two “+” and “-” wiring terminals. It is now possible to wire both “+” and “-” from the power supply to the load distribution point.

Compared to typical diode bridges that use Schottky or Silicon diodes for redundant power supplies, the Quint Diodes use MOSFETs. These MOSFETs are up to 70 percent more efficient than standard diode components. This limits the effect of a diode module on the load of the power supplies.

These power supplies carry UL 508 Listing as well as Class I, Div. 2 approval, making them well suited for all industrial applications, including critical process industry installations.

Phoenix Contact Quint Diode Modules

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets


IDEC's LF1E LUMIFA LED Light Strips provide consistent illumination levels, regardless of cold operating conditions. These light strips are designed to be used in freezer or refrigerated display cases with ambient temperature as low as -40 degrees C, while maintaining a long service life.

LF1E LED light strips perform well in cold tem- peratures, providing uniform lighting for products while producing low levels of heat, saving energy since the refrigeration or freezer unit will not have to compensate for heat generated by the light.

The LF1E series of light strips are available in Cool White (Temp: 5000K) or Warm White (3000K) and offered in four lengths. Operating on 24V DC voltage, these light strips retain 70% of their initial illuminance at 40,000 hrs, making them a long-term, low-maintenance investment.

LF1E light strips are CE marked and UL listed for damp locations. They are perfect for food displays, freezer units in grocery stores, deli counters and ice cream displays. In addition, they can be used in testing chambers where the temperatures are below freezing.


IDEC Technical Datasheets

IDEC LF1D/LF2D LUMIFA LED Flush-Mount Light Strips

IDEC now offers LF1D LUMIFA light strips with diffused illumination to prevent glare and reflection, as well as a new line of LF2D LUMIFA light strips with all the features from the LF1D in a new, low-profile version!

The rugged construction of both LF1D and LF2D make them ideal for machine tools or food and beverage processing equipment. And it doesn’t hurt that LF1D and LF2D are the brightest in their class at 66.6 Lumen/Watt (Slim) and 67.2 Lumens/Watt (Wide). These light strips are durable enough for harsh environments, while also being designed to provide vibrant light at the center and edges of the units. Reinforced glass models bring to the table an impressive IP67f degree of protection against water, dust and oil. A polycarbonate plastic cover is available (IP67 degree of protection), perfect for anyone involved with food processing applications.

LF1D/2D light strips are Cool White (Temp: 5700K) and offered in a slim (10 x 1 LED array) or wide type (7 x 2 LED array) with 24V DC voltage, and retain 70% of their initial illuminance at 50,000 hrs, making them a smart long-term, low-maintenance investment. Side connection and back connection options are available. Plus a removable direct plug-in terminal block with spring clamp connections ensure high-quality connections, making it easy to install these LED illumination units. Manufactured with a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel front cover, LF1D/2D light strips are also RoHS compliant, mercury-free and UL listed.

Application examples include: Machine tools, food processing equipment, automatic manufacturing machines, printing machines, production system and test equipment.

IDEC LF1D/LF2D LUMIFA LED Flush-Mount Light Strips

IDEC Technical Datasheets

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Phoenix Contact Contactron Upgrade

The Contactron has received a short circuit current rating (SCCR) up to 100 kA (according to UL 508). This means it is suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than 5 kArms symmetrical amperes, 500 V maximum. It is also suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering up to 100 kArms symmetrical amperes, 500 V maximum when protected by a 30 A class J or CC fuse.

Phoenix Contact M12 Outdoor Signal and Data Plug Connectors

Phoenix Contact’s new line of signal and data plug connectors is designed for use outdoors. The M12 Outdoor product line guarantees dependable connections and a high level of reliability even at temperatures between - 40 and +105 degrees Celsius.

The product line offers simple and flexible installation. It not only withstands extreme temperatures, but also resists salts, acids, oils and chemicals. The material used is also highly resistant to UV radiation and ozone. The 4-position M12 connector features a stainless steel thread and coupling nut.

Phoenix Contact offers a complete range of products to wire sensors/ actuators for outdoor use. These include pre-assembled cables, plug connectors that can be assembled in the field and sensor/actuator distribution boxes.

Phoenix Contact M12 Outdoor Signal and Data Plug Connectors

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rittal TopTherm Filter Fan Line

Rittal is excited to announce the launch of the new TopTherm Filter Fan Line. The product line has been designed to step up to 21st Century demands with the latest in technology and efficiency. And, it’s designed to make installation and upgrades fast and smooth without any tools and at the same competitive price!

Thanks to its well-known quick-fit mounting technology, TopTherm filter fans easily snap into prepared mounting cutouts. For an easy transition, the new filter fans are compatible with mounting cutouts of existing Rittal filter fans. Fan motors can be reversed just as easily to change the airflow direction. Power connections can be positioned as required for easy wiring, and spring clamp terminals make power installation a tool-less process. The louvered grill latches for easy access so filter mat replacement is quick and efficient and does not require any tools.

Sized and designed for today’s installations
The new lineup of filter fans is available in capacities from 12 to 424 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a full range of voltages. The unique diagonal fan motor design provides greater pressure stability, which results in a higher and more constant airflow, even if a filter mat is contaminated. Airflow spreads diagonally from the fan promoting a more even air distribution throughout an enclosure. The new design also enhances installation at reduced depths and helps to extend the life of the filter materials.

Protection and Environmental Rating
Thanks to the standard foam-in-place gasket, Rittal filter fans easily maintain the UL Type 12 or IP 54 integrity of an enclosure without additional screws. Most models can be upgraded to IP 55 with the use of an additional fine filter mat. And, newly designed rainproof shrouds provide an upgrade to a UL Type 3R/4/4X or IP 56 rating.

TopTherm Filter Fans feature:
  • Redesigned fan and outlet louvers
  • New diagonal fan technology (except 3237)
  • New and optimized hose-proof hoods
  • Tool-less snap-in mounting
  • Tool-less electrical connections
  • Tool-less reversal of airflow
  • Tool-less access for filter mat replacement

Friday, May 20, 2011

Phoenix Contact Variosub CAT6A Push-Pull RJ45 Connectors

The Variosub product family of 10 G data connectors has been expanded with the addition of our new CAT6
A Push-Pull RJ45 connectors and matching panel-mount 10 Gigabit female insert. This new-generation connector supports signal transmission speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second over a maximum distance of 100 meters. These IP67 connectors are suitable for all industrial Ethernet applications such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.

Phoenix Contact Industrial M12 Speedcon Mini-B USB Receptacle and Plug Cable Assemblies

Phoenix Contact’s new ruggedized industrial M12 Mini-B USB product line is suitable for harsh industrial applications that require secure and reliable connection between industrial devices and PC peripherals.

The M12 Mini-B USB receptacle and cables meet USB 2.0 with a transfer rate of 480 Mbit/s. These IP67 protected connectors use the Speedcon connection system – just a quarter turn ensures positive locking and high cable retention, and reduces connection time by 90 percent compared to standard connector threads.

Applications include:
  • Factory automation (USB gateway, controllers)
  • Factory and process control devices (motors, actuators, motion controllers)
  • Industrial computers, controllers, printers, barcode scanners
  • Measurement and test equipment
  • Security/industrial cameras
  • Industrial cameras (thermal imaging, security)
  • Municipal police speed radar to in-vehicle computer
  • Solar inverter data acquisition devices
  • Smart metering
  • USB sensors (torque, load cell sensors)
  • Audio, video, entertainment equipment

Phoenix Contact Heavycon Single Module Plastic Housing

The new Heavycon single module plastic housing from Phoenix Contact allows any single wide module from the HEAVYCON modular series to be mounted internally. The housing enclosure provides IP65 protection, strain relief and quick, snap-locking tabs for easy housing connection. The cutout for the panel-mounting base uses the same dimensions as the standard A10 series.

Additionally, coding pins are available to prevent the mis-mating of connectors when more than one connector solution is being used side-by-side. For high-current applications, the ground wire must be carried through the housing using the number 1 position of the module. To further indicate the application of a high-current connection, the housing marked PE (ground) should be used.

  • Smaller housing than B series
  • No need for a retaining frame
  • Integrated cable gland
  • IP65 protection
  • Quick snap-lock tabs
  • Coding pins
  • Lower cost connector solution for applications requiring only a single modular insert
  • Fewer parts are needed to make the connector BOM, reducing both connector and inventory costs
  • Water and dust-tight connection with strain relief is ideal for both industrial and device connections
  • Coding pins prevent against the mis-mating of identical plugs mounted side-by-side
  • Offers an extremely small form factor for connecting up to 70 amps of power, 25 positions of signal, as well as D-sub, coax, and even pneumatics

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red Lion Controls Panel-Mounted Cellular Antenna

Red Lion announces the release of a panel-mounted cellular antenna for use with the embedded modems of the Data Station Plus, Modular Controller and G3 series HMIs. This new antenna can be mounted outside of the enclosure, providing stronger signal reception than a direct–mount antenna. The antenna mounts via a simple through-hole connection, forming a watertight seal at its base.

The antenna is ideally suited for applications in which the G3, Data Station or Modular Controller are mounted in metal enclosures, which can limit the devices’ ability to maintain a strong cellular connection. Mounting the antenna outside of the enclosure allows critical text messages and email notifications to be sent more reliably, and cover a wider geographic area.

Red Lion Controls SQL Sync for Crimson 3.0 Software

Red Lion announces the release of SQL Sync – an exciting new feature of Crimson 3.0. The SQL Sync service allows you to send your logged data directly to a Microsoft® SQL Server® database, without having to use third-party software or custom script.

Red Lion’s G3 series HMI has become the industry solution for machine data management, providing multiple protocol conversion, remote monitoring and control via the embedded web server, and the ability to log data, events and user activity. Now, with SQL Sync, users can have their logged data automatically synchronized with SQL Server, where it can be used for inventory control, production scheduling, quality improvement initiatives and more.

SQL Sync is available on the 8”, 10” and 15” G3 series HMI. These models offer dual Ethernet, reliably bridging the gap between automation and IT. The engineer can assign a fixed IP address to the port connected to his PLCs, drives, etc., while allowing the IT personnel to either pick their own IP address, or select DHCP, to configure the enterprise port.

Red Lion Controls Communications Driver for Omron STI G9SP

Red Lion announces the addition of a communication driver for the Omron STI G9SP safety controller. The Omron STI G9SP driver joins the list of over 200 protocols that Crimson 3.0 currently supports.

This new driver allows the G3 series HMI, Data Station Plus, and Modular Controller series to monitor and control one or more G9SPs. These products also add advanced protocol conversion, data logging, and web-based remote access to applications using Omron STI’s newest safety controller.

With drag and drop data-mapping, users can pass data between the G9SP and virtually any PLC or SCADA system within seconds – without a single rung of ladder logic. Both a serial and an Ethernet version of the driver are provided.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crydom DRA Solid State Contactors and Motor Reversing Contactors

Crydom, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) and global expert in Solid State Relay Technology, introduces its expanded offer of DRA Series compact DIN Rail Mounted Solid State Contactors. Complementing existing single channel and four channel AC and DC output DRA Series, the new models include 3 phase UL approved AC output ratings of either 1 or 2 horse power at 480 VAC in both contactor and motor reversing configurations, and UL approved DC output ratings of 1⁄4 horse power at 90 or 180 VDC. IEC 60947 ratings are available as well for both AC and DC output DRA Series.

DRA Series 3 Phase Contactors feature an SCR output all solid state design with 4000 VAC optical isolation, AC or logic compatible DC control inputs, both with input status indicator, UL approved motor and AC output resistive load ratings of either 2.4 or 4.2 amps per phase from 48 to 510 VAC. Motor reversing models also include a control interlock feature that allows only off, forward and reverse operation.

DRA Series DC Motor Reversing models feature a FET output all solid state design with 2500 VAC optical isolation, logic compatible DC control inputs with input status indicator, and UL approved motor and DC output resistive load ratings of either 6 A @ 180 V and 12 A @ 90 V.
Designed for easy mounting to standard 35 mm DIN Rail, the new DRA Series of 3 Phase AC and DC output Solid State Contactors and Motor Reversers are available in a variety of input and output ratings.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pepperl+Fuchs MLV41-8-HV Photoelectric Sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces MLV41-8-HV Photoelectric Sensors. The MLV41-8-HV features advanced optics that identifies paper dust build-up, forgiving mounting tolerances to accommodate imperfect sensor and paper alignment, and a robust metal housing that is immune to acids and alkalis. It also features integral foreground and background suppression functionality that optimizes detection of web breaks. The result is consistent, highly reliable web-break detection of various colored papers, reflective or glossy materials, adhesive films, and packaging media in printing, paper and converting applications.

“In printing, paper and converting markets, it is very important for web, and to some extent sheet-fed, printing machines to ensure that the web has not torn or broken. And when a web does tear or break, users need to be able to immediately identify and stop the web flow to minimize the amount of scrapped paper or other web material, and wasted ink,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager. “When users can immediately identify a break, downtime is absolutely minimized because the web can be spliced together so that it doesn’t have to be fed through the machine again. If the web break is not immediately identified users have to thread the web of paper through the entire machine again, at no small time and labor cost.”

One of the most significant features of the MLV41-8-HV web-break sensor is that it has integral foreground suppression and background suppression functionality. For the user, this promises highly consistent web break detection because it senses the web only where it should be, and not when it breaks and falls on the sensor face. Background suppression further benefits the user by enabling the sensor to detect multiple colors consistently, to within one percent of the same distance. Unlike competitive solutions that have difficulty seeing dark or matte finishes, variations in web color do not compromise MLV41-8-HV sensor performance.

The MLV41-8-HV has a patented, integral secondary optics system that detects the build-up of paper dust on the sensor face, so that the lens can be cleaned before it compromises sensor performance. Without this unique function, dust could accumulate on the sensor face, especially when facing upward, and keep the sensor latched ON, falsely indicating that the paper web is present even if it broke.

The MLV41-8-HV sensor features a durable metal housing with a top coated surface of DELTA®-SEAL that is highly resistant to the acids and alkalis commonly used for cleaning and leaching in printing and paper environments. And forgiving mounting tolerances means that the sensor continues to operate properly, even where the inclination angle of the sensor to the web varies by up to +/- 20 degrees.

The MLV41-8-HV sensor features Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive 4-in-1 output, which saves inventory and set-up costs because one sensor model automatically detects the connected load and selects the appropriate output type. The sensor is tamper-proof with a fixed sensing range, is highly immune to ambient light and cross-talk.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Pepperl+Fuchs DART Intrinsically Safe Power Supply and Control System

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination System (DART). DART is a dynamic power supply and control system for intrinsically safe fieldbus installations that dramatically increases the power available to field devices in explosion hazardous areas, while maintaining intrinsically safe energy levels in areas classified as Zone 1.

“The DART system supplies enough power to support nearly as many devices as is typically supplied in non-hazardous areas, and can also power field instruments that previously required more power than intrinsically safe solutions could offer,” says David Hohenstein, Department Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs. “What makes DART so unique is that it enables process users to fully benefit from the advantages of fieldbus technology in Zone 1 hazardous area applications such as ensuring system availability and lowering total cost of ownership.”

Early intrinsic safety solutions included the entity concept and FISCO. These enabled users to connect multiple devices to a single power supply on a fieldbus segment, but the low available power limited the number of devices per segment and reachable cable distance, forcing users to design complex bus topologies with many branches, making fieldbus more difficult to cost-justify. More recently, the High-Power Trunk Concept (HPTC) provided users with safe installation in explosive environments, with more power supplied to the fieldbus segment while maintaining intrinsic safety at the device connection. DART represents a revolutionary next step in the evolution of intrinsic safety.

“DART is an exciting and superior option because it eliminates the power problem of intrinsic safety with a completely new approach to energy limitation. It allows considerably higher direct power, while maintaining limitations on intrinsically safe energy via rapid disconnection,” explains Hohenstein. “Rather than taking a traditional approach to explosion prevention by limiting the available power to field devices, the DART system detects a fault condition by its characteristic rate of current change, and disconnects power before sparking can start.”

During normal operation, a DART power supply feeds full nominal power of 8 to 50 watts – exponentially more power than the approximately two watts that is normally permissible in intrinsic safety environments. Should a fault occur, the potential spark remains non-incendive, and DART detects the resulting change in current and immediately switches off the power supply. In microseconds, energy from the electrical system is reduced to a safe level, robbing a spark of the energy needed to ignite hazardous gases.

DART applied to fieldbus provides a much higher intrinsically safe power allowance to the trunk so that the segment can support up to about 32 devices per segment – the maximum permitted per segment. This reduces capital costs by eliminating excessive fieldbus infrastructure. Moreover, cable lengths as long as 1000 meters are possible, opening up many application areas to fieldbus technology while maintaining intrinsic safety requirements for all devices and cables, including the trunk line. The higher device count per segment eliminates the problem of having to design complex network topologies with many sub-segments, each requiring its own power supply, junction boxes, and barriers.

DART technology also offers advanced diagnostics to help users rectify problems quickly and ensure system availability. And because DART Fieldbus is designed as a fieldbus infrastructure for existing IS field devices and DCS systems, or for any installation in which an intrinsically safe fieldbus segment is required, it is suitable for both green- and brownfield sites.

Phoenix Contact VL BPC MINI Industrial PC

The VL BPC MINI from Phoenix Contact is a new line of configurable, small form factor, embedded IPCs in the Valueline family of products. The VL BPC MINI products are based upon specially selected Intel® Atom™ CPUs, designed to consume less energy and produce less heat. The VL BPC MINI products incorporate a fanless design, are compact and are DIN rail-mountable.

The VL BPC MINI product line is designed for embedded operating systems such as Windows® Embedded Standard, Windows CE and Linux installed on an industrial CompactFlash® card. The wide array of available Intel Atom CPUs allows the VL BPC MINI product line to include high-performance models and more rugged models for applications in harsh environments.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Banner Engineering EZ-BEAM TM18 Heavy-Duty Sensors

Banner Engineering's TM18 EZ-BEAM sensor line offer compact sensors in a rugged nickel-plated, die-cast zinc metal housing to withstand extremely harsh environments. The all-metal, mechanically robust construction is ideal for conveyors in heavy duty machine environments and IP69K (non food and beverage) applications, and is offered in four different sensing modes.

  • Heavy duty metal housing with 18mm threaded barrel mount and integral metal QD prevents sensor damage during machine assembly, transport, maintenance, and operation.
  • Right angle “T” mounting fits in tight places, prevents sensor damage, and avoids personnel catch points.
  • Models with 4-wire complementary NPN or PNP, or 3-wire I/O block compatible outputs available.
  • Featuring EZ Beam technology provides reliable sensing without adjustments.
  • Visible red LED models available in opposed, polarized retroreflective, and fixed-field (background suppression) modes.
  • Completely epoxy encapsulated electronics to provide superior durability, especially in harsh sensing environments.
  • Sensors rated IP69K for resistance to intermittent high pressure washdown.
  • Innovative dual indicator systems take the guess work out of sensor performance monitoring.
  • Fixed-field models are immune to fluorescent lights and false outputs from lights beyond the sensing point.

Panduit TDP43ME Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

The TDP43ME Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer from Panduit produces high quality printed labels to identify infrastructure components in data center, industrial automation, and connected building applications. With durable construction and compact size, the 300 dpi printer is designed for continued use in industrial and construction, and harsh environments.

Using the included Easy-Mark™ Labeling Software, the printer provides simple setup as well as easy operation and use with all Panduit thermal transfer ribbons and media. This solution provides network installers, electrical contractors, MRO groups, custom control panel builders, and wire and cable harness houses with the ability to create wire and cable markers, terminal block labels, equipment labels, marker plates, panel labels, network labels, and safety and facility labels.

Friday, May 6, 2011

SMC Pneumatics RHC-XC93 High Power Cylinder with Water Scraper

If you need a fast cylinder with high levels of water resistance then simply look no further than SMC Pneumatics' new Series RHC –XC93. Available in 32 and 40mm bore sizes, this powerful cylinder, which can move light loads at up to 3000mm/s, is fitted with a fluororubber scraper to prevent water entering the cylinder thereby extending the cylinder’s operational performance by five times when compared to standard RHC models.

Further design features include the introduction of a lube retainer which coats the piston rod with a light grease film for improved lubrication and the availability of a stainless steel rod and rod end nut type option – Series RHC-XC93S.

As with all high performance cylinders, smooth cushioning is an absolute must and SMC's Series RHC-XC93 models can absorb 10 to 20 times more energy than a general purpose cylinder.

SMC Pneumatics RHC-XC93 High Power Cylinder

SMC Pneumatics Technical Datasheets

Phoenix Contact 4 mm² Terminal Blocks with Push-In Technology

Phoenix Contact’s 4 mm² push-in technology terminal blocks allow easy and fast termination of ferruled and stripped, stranded wire from 24-10 AWG. Versions include single, twin, and Quattro feed-through, double-level, fuse, LED, diode, and function blocks. All are compatible with the Clipline Complete system of bridging, marking, test accessories, and plug in components.

Product features:

  • UL rated 600 V/30 A
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in push-in force compared to other push in type terminal blocks
  • Five times the IEC requirement for pull-out (retention) force
  • Direct insertion of ferruled wire and solid wire, easy termination of stripped stranded wire using the orange activation button
  • No special tool needed
  • Up to 35 percent faster termination than standard spring cage due to the short push button activation stroke
  • Completely touch-proof design
  • Synergistic with other Phoenix Contact Push-In Technology products

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Banner Engineering LH Laser Displacement Sensors

The LH series of precision laser displacement sensors were developed to add a high performance sensor to Banner Engineering’s triangulation displacement product offering. The LH series is a high speed, high precision, non-contact measurement sensor which provides accurate and stable displacement or thickness measurement on wood, metal, rubber, ceramic, and plastic parts.

The LH series of sensors incorporate a linear camera to overcome the application effects of color and surface texture experienced on position sensitive device (PSD) sensors such as the Banner LG5 and LG10.

  • Extremely accurate, robust and self-contained laser displacement using a 1024 pixel CMOS linear imager
  • Precise narrow laser spot for easy alignment to the target
  • Reliable and accurate measurement results on real world targets, such as machined metal, wood, ceramic, paper and painted targets
  • Target displacement or target thickness measurement with high resolution 4-20 mA or RS-485 serial communication outputs
  • Non-contact measurement for use on moving processes, hot parts, machined parts, and soft or sticky parts
  • Two sensors self-synchronize for thickness measurements and thickness calculation within the sensors; no external controller required

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SMC Pneumatics LESH_D Electric Slide Table/In-Line Motor Type

Machine builders using electric slide tables for positioning, aligning, transporting and pick and place applications now have a space saving option following the launch SMC Pneumatics' new Series LESH[ ]D.

Developed for general industry use, these slide tables are around 45% narrower than previous SMC models but still offer outstanding performance. With adjustable speed, thrust and positioning up to 64 points, these actuators can operate at speeds up to 400 mm/s, with positioning repeatability of ± 0.05 mm and thrust between 15N to 180N depending on the selected model.
  • Combines the repeatability and precision of an electric actuator with a high-precision slide table.
  • Same specifications as Series LESH, with motor mounting position in-line with cylinder bore.
  • Easy-to-use teaching box requires only 2 inputs: position and speed.
  • Programmable up to 64 positions.

New IDEC MicroSmart Pentra Products

As part of their Automation and Beyond strategy, IDEC is releasing three new products into the MicroSmart Pentra family.
  • Embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra CPU
  • PID control module
  • 4-pt analog output module
The new embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra with web server functions boasts powerful features that no competitor in the micro PLCs market can match. With an embedded 10/100Mbps RJ45 ethernet port and remote connectivity, communication can be done at a faster speed. These controllers not only support Modbus TCP, but also have the capability to send up to 255 email messages with dynamic data and have 1MB for a user web page. These PLCs can be configured to communicate with WindLDR software, IE/Firefox/Safari web browsers, WindSRV OPC software, HG operator interface, and Modbus TCP, all at the same time. Up to 14 simultaneous connections can be established! The new embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra is available in two CPU models with 12 I/O configurations (8 DC inputs and 4 transistor sink or source outputs). All existing FC4A and FC5A expansion modules and accessories are compatible. As standard on the MicroSmart Pentra slim CPU, up to fifteen expansion modules can be configured.

Two new PID modules are now available for more precise and complex PID controls. These new PID modules satisfy the most demanding applications for any type of temperature controls and are available in two configurations; with built-in 2-pt universal analog inputs and 2-pt analog or relay outputs. Up to 4 PID modules can be configured in the 24 I/O All-in-one FC5A CPU and up to 7 on the slim FC5A CPU.

A 4-pt analog output (0-10VDC, 4/20mA) module is also now available. This new module is compatible with all current FC5A CPUs. With this new module, applications that require up to 28 analog outputs can be solved.

To utilize the new functions of the embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra, PID modules and 4-pt analog module, a new Automation Organizer v1.51 with WindLDR v6.41 is available. Please visit our website for free upgrades.

IDEC HG3G Operator Interface Touchscreen Update

IDEC has made some big changes to their HG3G OI Touchscreens, their 8.4- and 10.4-inch TFT color displays, in response to customer demand! And to implement them, you don’t even need to buy an additional hardware or software tool! That’s right, just upgrade the touchscreen’s firmware to A.O. software version 1.51 and just like that, new features and enhancements to all HG3G OITs in minutes! What are these great changes?

Remote Monitor and Control
In addition to the remote access capability of IDEC OI Touchscreens and PLCs to upload, download and use Pass through programming via the Ethernet, you can now remotely monitor and control IDEC HG3G Touchscreens from your computer, PDA or Smartphone using a web browser. This will allow you to remotely see the same information shown on the touchscreen. You can monitor the same values and statuses, as well as control them by clicking the pushbuttons to change statuses/operations, print, switch screens or change values as if you were right in front of your touchscreen.

This is an efficient way to troubleshoot, test and do maintenance regardless of location. Whether on vacation or at an office thousands of miles away, less time and money spent on travel is savings in your pocket.
  • No additional software tool or module required
  • Up to 5 clients can remotely monitor and control at the same time using a web browser (IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera)
  • Simple configuration to enable remote monitoring and control - it’s easy as checking a box to enable the function in WindOI-NV2 software

IDEC PS3X Switching Power Supplies

When you need to save space while keeping costs low, IDEC PS3X Switching Power Supplies are the answer! With sizes up to 70% smaller than conventional power supplies, the PS3X family of power supplies can fit into the most compact spots. Just 50.8mm x 28mm x 62mm for the 15W model all the way to 95mm x 38mm x 159mm for the 100W model.

The PS3X is available in five output wattages (15W, 25W, 50W, 75W and 100W) with 5, 12, and 24VDC outputs. A variety of mounting options including direct or DIN rail mounting also provide needed flexibility. Like all IDEC switching power supplies, the PS3X series is easy to install.

The PS3X series is UL/c-UL recognized and CE marked, as well as EMC and EN55022 Class B compliant.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon

The EZ-LIGHT K50 indicator from Banner Engineering was developed for areas where high brightness is needed with viewing from all directions. They are intended for indoor and outdoor for general status indication including areas with high levels of ambient light that would normally wash out a standard indicator light.

  • Intense levels of light output for outdoor applications
  • Perimeter and top view models available
  • Rugged, sealed thermoplastic housing rated for IP67 and IP69K
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect models available
  • 12 to 30V dc or 85 -130V ac (75 to 120V dc) operation, depending on model
  • 12V dc allows for use in just about any battery powered mobile application

SMC Pneumatics LEY_D Electric Actuator/Rod Type with In-Line Motor

If you need an electric actuator and space is an issue, why not checkout our new Series LEY[ ]D. Designed for use in the narrowest of spaces, the cylinder’s electric motor has been placed at the end thereby dramatically reducing the actuators overall height.

Available in three sizes with maximum stroke lengths of 300mm, 400mm and 500mm and with maximum thrust of 141N, 452N and 707N respectively, Series LEY[ ]D can operate at speeds up to 500mm/s and offer positioning repeatability of ± 0.02 mm.

Adjustable up to a maximum of 64 points, this series of compact electric actuators are suitable for a range of applications including positioning and pushing control.

SMC Pneumatics LEY_D Electric Actuator/Rod Type w/ Inline Motor

SMC Pneumatics Technical Datasheets

Monday, May 2, 2011

SMC Pneumatics LECP1 Programless Controller

Set up an electrical actuator without using a PC or a teaching box with SMC Pneumatics' LECP1 Programless Controller. The LECP1 controller is compatible with the following SMC electric actuators:
  • LEH Electric Gripper
  • LES Electric Slide Table
  • LEY Electric Actuator, Rod Type
  • LEF Electric Actuator, Slider-Type
  • Applicable to 14 points of positioning
  • Speed/acceleration 16-level adjustment
  • Compatible with actuators with locks
  • Setting 3-level pushing force