Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Nexen's 100% Zero-Backlash Air Champ Spring Engaged Brake

Nexen's new ZSE Brake Family offers high torque, high speed and zero backlash ideal for holding applications such as: Conveyor Systems, Positioning Indexing, Trunion Tables, and all other Standard Through Shaft Setups. Unlike brakes using leaf springs to transmit torque, the ZSE is zero-backlash up to 100% of its rated holding torque.

  • 4 different sizes (450, 600, 800, 1000) for a wide variety of applications
  • Compact housing
  • Bore sizes are available in 3 standard sizes and can be easily customized
  • Holding torque up to 300 Nm
  • Speeds up to 5000 RPM
  • Zero-Backlash up to 100% of rated holding torque
  • Zero-Backlash integral clamp collar
  • Cool operation 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

IDEC HS5L Series Solenoid Locking Safety Interlock Switch

When you need a small, economical safety interlock switch for equipment or machines requiring solenoid locking, IDEC's HS5L series provides a quick and effective solution. Up to 13 percent smaller than traditional switches of this kind, HS5L switches are designed to work in limited mounting spaces while still maintaining a 1400N locking strength. The HS5L series is suitable for small packing machines, food & beverage applications, machine tools, injection machines, small doors used in the semiconductor industry and more. 

  • Available with 2 or 4 contacts
  • Spring clamp terminals
  • Head removal detection circuitry
  • Two-conduit entry for wiring flexibility
  • Variety of actuators, including spring-loaded

Banner Engineering TL70 Easy Network Connectivity with Wireless Communication Segment

Banner's new TL70 wireless communication segment makes it easy and affordable to add network connectivity to any TL70 Tower Light with a standard base. The segment houses a Sure Cross® Node and antenna which enables two-way communication between a TL70 and other network devices. This eliminates the hassle and expense of running cable and altering infrastructure to connect devices in a wired network. 

  • Easy Installation and Setup: Turn and click the segment into position on a standard TL70 base, bind the Node to a DXM Wireless Controller or Sure Cross Gateway, and begin communicating. Machine inputs power the segment, eliminating the need for a constant source of power.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control: Segment sends and receives data to and from network-connected devices, allowing users to monitor and update status from any network-accessible location.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Based on data from the TL70, a DXM Wireless Controller can send SMS texts and/or email alerts to notify staff of any change in status that requires immediate attention.
  • Improve Performance and Efficiency: Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other productivity metrics using data collected by the DXM from the TL70.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Phoenix Contact DC Field Device Connectors FDX 20

Phoenix Contact's new splice boxes extend the Phoenix Contact fiber-optic range. The FDX 20 series splice boxes ensure continuously reliable data transmission in real time. The compact and uniform design offers generous interior space for the secure connection of fiber optics.

The new FDX 20 series splice boxes feature a compact design, flexible mounting on the DIN rail, and an attractive price level. The FDX 20 series splice boxes are ideally suited as a cross-selling product for media converters and FO switches, because they offer compact solutions for high-speed data transmission in a uniform design.

The series supports the system approach by enabling sales of our corresponding patch cables and legacy splicing options. All of this can be connected by utilizing our FO termination kits.

  • Compact, robust metal housing for reliable FO splicing
  • Up to 12 duplex-front connections and compact dimensions for more space in the control cabinet
  • Optimally dimensioned and patented pigtail holder for splicing and compact bending radii
  • Reduced assembly time, thanks to preconfigured splice box
  • Intuitive front operation and clear control cabinet layout
  • Connector options include LC, SC, ST, and E-2000® (LSH)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty LED Light Fixture for High-Temperature Environments

Banner’s WLH60 is a heavy-duty LED light fixture offering best-in-class brightness to illuminate applications in high-temperature environments. Its rugged construction and heat-resistant design will withstand continuous exposure to extreme heat and hazards common to these environments. Like other LED light fixtures from Banner Engineering, the WLH60 will provide years reliable service with no maintenance required.

  • Improved visibility in extreme environments:  Approved for use in areas with temperatures of up to 100 °C/212 °F, WLH60 LED lights can be installed in or near high-temperature areas that challenge other lighting solutions, eliminating glare from windows or machine surfaces that protect standard lights from the heat. The bright, cool white light improves light quality and intensity at the area of interest.
  • Increased operational uptime: WLH60 LED lights will never require a bulb or ballast replacement over a 36,000 hour (or more) operational life, eliminating the long downtimes necessary to access and service a light fixture in a high-temperature area.
  • Highly resistant to area hazards: Sealed to prevent liquid ingress and protected by a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure with an e-coat black finish, WLH60 LED lights resist high-pressure, high-temperature washdown, oils, and many chemicals.

E-T-A 4231-T Class I, Division 2 Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to the announce the new 4231-T Class I, Division 2 Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker specifically designed for oil & gas drilling and production, agricultural processing and storage, and saw mill / pulp & paper production.

  • Streamline control systems in hazardous locations: Eliminates the need for NEMA Enclosure and Purge Kits
  • Reduce space required for circuit protection: Space savings of almost 50% per pole compared to other 120VDC Class I, Division 2 circuit breakers on the market
  • Optimize supply chain: E-T-A now offers both 120VAC (4231-T) and 24VDC (ESX10) Class I, Division 2 circuit protection solutions.
Product Positioning:
  • The 4231-T is appropriate for 120VAC (or 50VDC) applications in hazardous locations where flammable liquids, gases, vapors, or combustible dust exists in sufficient quantities to produce an explosion or fire.
  • The 4231-T is an addition to E-T-A existing Class I, Division 2 product line - i.e. ESX10/ESX10-T, that are designed for 24VDC applications.
Product Benefits:
  • Streamline control systems in hazardous locations:
    • Class I, Division 2 approval on the 4231-T eliminates the need for NEMA Enclosure and Purge Kits traditionally used in the market today
  • Reduce space required for circuit protection:
    • Designed in the industry standard Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) footprint - 17.6 mm wide
    • Space savings of almost 50% per pole compared to other 120VDC Class I, Division 2 circuit breakers on the market
  • Optimize supply chain:
    • E-T-A now offers both 120VAC (4231-T) and 24VDC (ESX10) Class I, Division 2 circuit protection solutions

E-T-A 4231-T Class I, Division 2 Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker Press Release

E-T-A Datasheets

Friday, February 9, 2018

Carlo Gavazzi New DUB72 Series

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of DUB72, a double under voltage monitoring relay that is approved for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations. This relay can be used to help prevent brownouts in 24 VDC supplied systems in any kind of application, including hazardous environments.

The DUB72 features two independent set levels and outputs, which allow the use of one as a pre-alarm and the second one as an alarm. With a high powered electromechanical 20 amp relay, the second threshold / relay can be used to directly disconnect a battery or load. Its low-profile DIN housing can fit into electrical distribution panels as well as into industrial cabinets.

The Class I Div. 2 compliance, according to the ISA12.12.1 Norm, makes the DUB72 suitable for installation in potentially explosive environments rated Zone 2. The PCB tropicalization increases operational reliability in humid and dusty environments.

The DUB72 from Carlo Gavazzi provides crucial monitoring of low voltage/brownout conditions, to protect sensitive electronic equipment. DUB72 conforms to global standards such as UL 508, CSA C22.2 and EN 60947-5-1, as well as ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2010 for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. This makes it ideal for markets where flammable or explosive gases or dusts may occur, such as Oil and Gas and Agriculture markets.

  • Dual under voltage monitoring
  • 2 independent relay outputs
  • 1 x 3 A output + 1 x 20 amp output
  • 24 V self-supplied from measured voltage
  • Measured range from 16 VDC to 26 VDC
  • Class I Division 2 of the ISA12.12.1 hazardous location installation norm approved