Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Newport Electronics ZW Series Wireless Sensor Transmitter System

Newport Electronics' new ZW wireless sensor transmitter system provides web-based monitoring of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The ZW-ED radio is an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transmitter operating at 2.4 GHz and is designed to transmit up to 1000m (3280') to a ZW-REC coordinator.

The ZW-REC connects directly to an Ethernet network to serve active web pages and display the data. You can monitor and record temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure over an Ethernet network with no special software—just your web browser. The ZW-REC can connect to up to 128† remote transmitters. The built-in web server supports encryption to protect your sensitive data. Email alarms can be sent using OMEGA Dashboard. The ZW-REC can also wirelessly update firmware for compatible devices.

ZW-ED Transmitter Features
  • 1000 m (3280') Range
  • Data Assurance
  • 2 Year Battery Life
  • NEMA 4 (IP65) Enclosure
  • Battery Backed Real Time Clock
ZW-REC Reciever Features
  • Built-In Web Server with SSL Encryption
  • 1000 m (3280') Range
  • Supports Up to 128 End Devices
  • Data Assurance
  • No Special Software Required
  • Compatible to Wide Range of Remote Transmitters
  • Support for OMEGA Dashboard

Phoenix Contact PTF LED Strip Lighting Connector Adapters

New PCB connector adapters from Phoenix Contact enable the quick, easy, and secure connection of flexible LED PCBs when combined with the PTF series of connectors. The PCB adapters can be used as an extension, as a corner connection, or as a T-distributor. The white PCB adapters are designed for 2- and 4-position applications with 8 or 10mm-wide LED strips. UL-approved materials ensure that they can be safely used in applications requiring UL approval.

  • Tool-free termination saves time and cost while reducing errors 
  • High-current capacity enables long LED strips to be connected without an additional power supply
  • Locking pin ensures secure connection to the PCB PTF connector family
  • Rated up to 5A and 60V UL
  • 8mm and 10mm versions available

Schmersal TESK Safety Hinge Switch

Schmersal announces the release of Schmersal’s next generation safety hinge switch, the TESK series.  These safety hinge switches are available with the following unique features:
  • Allows guard to open through 270° of rotation
  • Adjustable switching angle to allow the installer to set their own specific angle or factory preset switching angle for inside mounting (0°) or surface mounting (180°)
  • 3° rotation for switch actuation
  • Mounts to standard aluminum extruded profile frame sizes
  • Extended hinge half with an extra set of mounting holes for Plexiglas or plastic doors
  • M12 connector or pre-wired cable in 1, 3, 5 and 10m lengths, from top or bottom
  • 2, 3, or 4 contacts, in a variety of configurations
  • Metal housing and IP65 rating for use in industrial environments
  • Additional matching hinges (without switch) for both the standard and extended hinge types

SMC Pneumatics AS-FS Speed Controller

SMC Pneumatics introduces their new AS-FS in-line speed controller.  The AS-FS includes an indicator window for numerical verification of flow rate setting.   The large push-lock adjustment knob allows you to quickly and easily set the flow rate.

Using SMC speed controls with built in one-touch fittings minimizes installation time, reduces mounting height and enables a more compact machine design. These speed controls allow the body to be rotated to facilitate simple installation. Available in thread sizes from M5 to 1/2 in both inch (NPT) and metric R(PT) and with tube sizes from 3.2mm to 12mm OD (metric) and 1/8 to 1/2 OD (inch), as well as various mounting options, these speed controls are designed to meet most applications.

SMC Pneumatics AS-FS Speed Controller

SMC Pneumatics Technical Datasheets

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Leviton Lev-Lok Circuit Analyzer

The Lev-Lok Circuit Analyzer from Leviton helps in testing the circuit prior to installing Lev-Lok Receptacles. Simply insert the tester into a Leviton Lev-Lok receptacle wiring module and you will be able to confirm the status of the circuit right away.

  • Easy to read indicator lights reveal 5 common wiring issues:
    • Open hot
    • Open ground
    • Open neutral
    • Hot/ ground reverse
    • Hot/ neutral reverse
  • Compact ergonomic design includes comfort grip for an easy-to-use user experience
  • Convenient built-in keyhole for lanyard attachment
  • cCSAus Listed

Leviton Lev-Lock Circuit Analyzer

Leviton Technical Datasheets

Friday, August 5, 2016

Finder Relays 84 Series Smart Timer

Finder Relays introduces the newest addition to their control panel components line, the 84 Series SMARTimer offering NFC technology. This new multifunction Digital Timer with two (2) 10 A contacts and two (2) independent channels offers flexibility & easy installation. With a large backlit LCD display for easy viewing of operating parameters. Time range settings from 0.1 seconds through 9999 hours and high precision 4-digit time setting from 000.1 to 9999 units. Programming is smart, flexible, and secure with PIN lockout, while permitting the creation of application specific functionality from the combination of the 25 functions available for each channel. NFC (near field communication) programming is fast and can be accomplished without power supplied to the unit

Finder Relays 84 Series Smart Timer 

Finder Relays Technical Datasheets 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Banner Engineering DF-G3 Fiber Amplifier

Banner Engineering's DF-G3 fiber amplifiers, with their world-class long-range detection, are now available in models with visible red, infrared and long infrared LEDs to solve the broadest range of detection applications. Visible red LED can be used with glass or plastic fibers and allows for easy alignment of the light to the target. Infrared LEDs can only be used with glass fibers but provide twice the range and optical power of the visible red LED. The long wavelength infrared (1450 nm) must be used with glass fibers, but it provides a powerful and unique solution for detecting water based liquids. The 1450 nm light is strongly attenuated by water; this enables detection of transparent (water containing) liquids with high reliability.

  • World-class long-range sensing capability, more than 3 m (10 ft) with opposed mode fibers or 1 m (3 ft) with diffuse mode fibers 
  • Easy to read dual digital displays show both signal level and threshold simultaneously 
  • Simple user interface ensures easy sensor setup and programming via displays and switches/buttons or remote input teach wire 
  • Cross-talk avoidance function allows seven inspections in dense sensing point applications 
  • Energy efficient light resistance enables stable detection in industrial lighting environments 
  • High power amplifier with small core fibers enables precise positioning of small components 
  • Multi-function remote wire allows control of the LED, outputs, remote teach input, and cross-talk avoidance. 
  • Operator control of the sensitivity (hysteresis) provides additional detection sensitivity, or a stabilized output depending on the application details. 
  • Available with discrete or analog outputs.