Friday, January 6, 2017

Rittal LED Enclosure Light

With enormous intensity, from 900 to 1200 lumens, the innovative LED light from Rittal shines into every corner of industrial enclosures, from the roof to the floor. No other enclosure light on the market today delivers up to three times the luminous flux of the next closest competitor.

Rittal’s intelligent lighting is tailored to the geometry of the enclosure. A rotating Fresnal structured optical cover disperses light throughout the entire enclosure.

The LED system light simplifies with enormous intensity:
  • Optimum illumination of the entire enclosure
  • Fitted horizontally or vertically to existing rails; no loss of space
  • Motion detectors equipped with rotating LED board; adaptable light direction
  • Fast tool-free assembly
  • Optional clip, screw and magnetic attachment

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 6000 Purge System

Pepperl+Fuchs announces updates to their Bebco EPS 6000 Series Purge System. These updates include:
  • Modified control unit housing
    • Square housing with larger lid to provide a tighter gasket seal.
    • Manifold is now easier to access, remove and install.
    • Option to use metal cable glands for IS entries.
  • Redesigned EPV vent
    • Slotted vent cap allows for a more accurate flow rate.
    • New Type 4X/IP66, plunger style, EPV vent for bottled gas or low flow, capable of purging at 2 SCFM.
    • Improved connector end requires only one gasket to improve leakage.
  • Updated certification to the latest standards of ATEX, cUL and CSA.
The 6000 series consists of the control unit (EPCU) and user interface (UIC) mounted in a 316L stainless steel Type 4X (IP66) enclosure with the pneumatic solenoid valve mounted on the unit. The EPV-6000 relief vent is separate and is mounted to the enclosure.

The user interface allows programming of up to 4 switch inputs, temperature modules, enclosure power contacts, 2 auxiliary outputs, and various operational functions. Also, the user interface screen allows monitoring and easy configuration.

Among the additional features are inputs for system bypass, enclosure power on/off, temperature overload and activation of Rapid Exchange flow for cooling or auxiliary relay for separate cooling source, and delay power shutdown. Component kits are available for custom installations.

Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 6000 Purge System

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Schneider Electric TM5CSLC Safety Logic Controller

The Schneider Electric PacDrive family is growing with the introduction of the Safety PLC TM5CSLC, TM5 and TM7 Safety I/O and the Integrated Safety for the Lexium 62 and ILM Drives.

The Embedded safety PLC offer for PacDrive 3 is suitable for safety applications requiring distributed safety connected to physical input/output devices over Sercos common networks and is certified to EN ISO 13849-1 PLe Category 4, and EN/IEC 62061 SIL3.

The PacDrive 3 architecture is comprised of a PacDrive Master controller LMC. The Modicon TM5CSLC safety logic controller can be added to this architecture to manage the safety related parts of the architecture over the Sercos network. Sercos network can be created as a line, tree or ring topology.
  • Input/outputs are connected to the Sercos network with the use of Modicon TM5 Sercos Interface modules. The Ethernet cable between each Sercos interface module can be extended up to 100 meters (328.08 ft.).
  • Within the architecture, by using the TM5CSLC100FS safety logic controller, it is possible to manage a group of 20 safety nodes consisting of I/O islands (bus couplers), Lexium 62 safety servo drives or Lexium 62 ILM integrated drives with safety module. By using the TM5CSLC200FS safety logic controller it is possible to manage a group of up to 50 safety nodes consisting of I/O islands (bus couplers), Lexium 62 safety servo drives, or Lexium 62 ILM integrated drives with safety module. In both cases, within the I/O islands (bus couplers), it is possible to manage up to 100 Modicon TM5 safety I/O modules.
  • The Modicon TM5 Sercos interface module (bus coupler) can manage up to 50 Modicon TM5 / Modicon TM7 safety and non-safety I/O modules.
The safety system is programmed using SoSafe Programmable software. On installation of SoSafe Programmable, the software editor is embedded into the SoMachine Motion programming environment. Each hardware component is defined within the SoMachine Motion environment such as the PLC, the Modicon TM5 /Modicon TM7 safety I/O modules, the Lexium 62 safety servo drives, and the Lexium 62 ILM integrated with safety module. The application program and configuration of the safety hardware is managed within the SoSafe Programmable safety editor.

SoSafe Programmable is used to create complex logical conditions using logical functions and safety functions, such as muting, timer, counters, Emergency stop, light curtain etc. via a graphic configuration interface.

The software editor is an add-on software for SoMachine Motion.
  • Programming is possible with the combination of 3 languages:
    • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
    • The graphical language FBD is composed of functions and function blocks which are connected to each other or to variables using lines
    • Ladder Diagram (LD); Code programmed in the graphic language LD is composed of contacts and coils
    • Structured Text (ST); Code programmed in the textual language ST consists of statements and expressions
  • Online monitoring and diagnostics of I/O status
  • Project compare functionality to view changes between programs
  • Configuration validation
  • Hardware device scanner
  • Printable schematics and documentation
The application program is downloaded from the PC to the Modicon TM5CSLC safety logic controller via an Ethernet connection.

Schneider Electric TM5CSLC Safety Logic Controller

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Schneider Electric Magelis HMIGK Advanced Panels

Magelis™ HMI GK graphic terminals from Schneider Electric are great for use on complex equipment where operators have repetitive tasks and make frequent data entry.  In dusty, dirty or grimy conditions, use of the function keys helps reduce the need to touch the screen with contaminated fingers or gloves.

The Magelis HMI GK shares technical characteristics with Magelis GTO to enhance the operator’s experience. Ultra-flexible, with two screen sizes (5.7" and 10.4"), these graphic terminals can be configured and controlled to precisely match your requirements.

Designed to operate in severe environments, the Magelis HMI GK offers you optimum control on the keypad, as well as on the touch screen. The latest design is consistent with the Magelis USB keypad (HMIZKB1), ideal for keypad control on small Magelis panels.

Easy Operation
In difficult, dusty, or dirty conditions, when the touch screen can’t be used, positive keypad action means you can still operate the terminal — even while wearing gloves.

Optimum Security for Operators
The keypad is designed with safety in mind, ensuring operators can access the command keys at any time with possible dual actions and lock keys during dangerous phases.

Ultra-flexible User Interface
Touch screen and keypad keys are configurable simultaneously or separately:
  • Industrial pointer to execute precise commands onscreen
  • Alphanumeric keypad using mobile phone keypad principle
  • 3-color LEDs associated with function keys to signal command status
  • Improved key sensitivity for visual machine control
Easy Maintenance
The Magelis HMI GK has enhanced features that enable easy maintenance, saving time and money, including:
  • Long-life LED backlight with low consumption that requires fewer replacements
  • Highly robust with operating temperatures up to 55 °C, lowering maintenance risk and time
  • An SD card slot included in the device means that a PC is not required in the field to upgrade the application; just use a standard SD media card
  • The removable battery is simple to replace
  • Easy installation using our tool-free mounting with spring clips
  • Remote diagnostics with Vijeo Air/Air+ apps means maintenance staff no longer need to be on-site to identify issues
Easy Substitution
Replacement of old Magelis XBT F or XBTGK keypads
  • Identical screen size and communication capacity
  • Same cut-out and keypad layout
  • Use of spring clips
  • Same configuration software with Vijeo Designer

Panduit BlackFin Installation Tools

Panduit® has launched a new line of power connector installation tools and software. Panduit® BlackFin™ tools are safe, effective and meet the strictest of standards as recognized by OSHA, EU and others.

With careful attention to ergonomics, these tools have been optimally designed with the end user in mind. Providing ease of operation, reduced fatigue factor and better handling. Each tool is ergonomically balanced so the load is better distributed, and includes a soft rubber inlay for comfortable grip, all while delivering large-scale crimping forces necessary to facilitate the installation of irreversible compression connectors.

Panduit BlackFin Installation Tools

Panduit Technical Datasheets

Monday, December 12, 2016

E-T-A EPR10 Power Relays

The electronic power relay EPR10 from E-T-A is a solid state relay for high continuous currents. It is suitable for use in utility vehicles and special vehicles where reliability and functional safety are at a premium. At 24VDC, the EPR10 allows a continuous load of up to 200A.

The EPR10 is available in two different versions: EPR10-N is a relay and has no protective function. Two performance classes are available (up to 100A and up to 200A). EPR10-P is a protective relay and monitors both the load current and the thermal load. In the event of a critical condition, the device will automatically interrupt the circuit and will issue a group fault signal.


  • Compact: 80% smaller package size than conventional solid state relays
  • Robust: Sealed circuitry (IP57 rated) protects the device from harmful environmental factors (dust, humidity) that reduces maintenance costs
  • Cost effective: Eliminate the need for heat sinks used in solid state relays and the protected version (EPR10-P) eliminates the need for blade fuses

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Banner Engineering LE Laser Measurement Sensors w/ IO-Link

Banner Engineering has added IO-Link communication to their easy-to-use L-GAGE® LE Series laser measurement sensors. IO-Link enables a point-to-point communication link between a master device and a sensor. It can be used to automatically parameterize sensors and transmit process data. This provides users with many benefits, including simplifying wiring, installation, preventative maintenance, and sensor backup.

The LE series linear array technology provides great performance and resolution regardless of detection objects color or sheen.

  • Ready to measure right out of the box
  • Easy adjustment with a two-line, eight-character intuitive display
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets
  • Visible laser for small spot size and easy alignment