Friday, July 13, 2018

Phoenix Contact IE Trabtech VAL-US NPL

Phoenix Contacts's VAL-US product line is a UL Listed series of pluggable surge protection devices that utilizes high-capacity varistors to provide high-quality protection. The VAL-US series off ers status indication contacts for remote monitoring, as well as hot-swappable plugs with integrated visual-status indication for easy maintenance and replacement. The VAL-US series includes a variety of circuit configurations based on U.S. power systems. 

As UL Open Type Listed devices, these products are integrated easily into existing systems and applications with no additional third-party safety testing. UL recently added the “Open Type” description to complement traditional hardwired SPDs. Open Type now allows for surge protection to be UL Listed as delivered with field wiring terminals. Now panel designers can implement surge protection according to our instructions without testing for every configuration. This is an important advance in our existing product approvals, and will greatly simplify the process for our 508A panel shops. The VAL-US family has been established with configurations specifically for our market and voltage configurations. There are products configured explicitly for split phase, delta, and high-leg delta, as well as up to 690Y.

  • They are the largest product line of UL Type 1 Open Type Listed SPDs on the market. 
  • Open Type Listing makes for easy integration to virtually any power application requiring surge protection.

Phoenix Contact DC Electronic Housings Designer Kits

Phoenix Contact now offers complete enclosure kits. The Designer Kits include a complete enclosure along with connectors and a breadboard PCB. 

The Designer Kit’s form factor offers a versatile base for prototype design activities. Design engineers can use the kits in their initial form or customize their enclosures to better meet their needs. CAD files, the kit BOM, and the online enclosure configuration tool on the designated product page gives you everything they could need to develop their own configuration for the enclosure. This allows you to personalize the Designer Kit to meet your application’s unique requirements. 

  • Starting point for a designer
  • Eliminates endless component options on partner websites
  • Complete components for prototyping / conceptualization
  • Online configuration tool for personalization

Banner Engineering T18-2 Series Sensor with All Plastic Housing

Banner's T18-2 Series, the next generation of the popular T18 Series, was designed for a higher level of performance in harsh, washdown environments. The new T18-2 photoelectric sensors have an FDA-grade shatterproof plastic housing and are IP69K rated and ECOLAB™ certified to protect against water ingress and chemical washdown. In thermal shock environments, the all-plastic, ultrasonically welded, and epoxy encapsulated housing of the T18-2 outperforms competitive sensors with metal housings.

  • IP69K and Epoxy Encapsulation for Wet Environments: The T18-2 Series sensor is designed to hold up to high-pressure, high-temperature washdown. The epoxy fill eliminates internal air cavities in the housing that can lead to condensation inside sensors during temperature cycling.

  • ECOLAB™ Certified FDA Grade Plastic: The sensors have been tested by Ecolab to certify that they resist damage when exposed to common cleaning chemicals. The plastic used throughout the T18-2 is made of FDA-approved shatterproof plastic for use on food production lines.

  • Improved Design for Easier Cleaning: Crevices have been minimized to eliminate debris buildup. The knurls have also been removed from the nut, and the light pipes have been over-molded for easy cleaning. All labels have been removed and replaced with permanent laser etching. Installing the nut, optional seal kit, and bracket will cover all exposed threads on the nose.

  • Durable Ultrasonic Weld for a Superior Seal: Ultrasonic welding is an advantage of using an all-plastic housing and creates a superior joint. Metal sensors contain plastic windows and other components that are joined mechanically or with adhesives. The joints are then subject to thermal shock because the metal and plastic components expand and contract at different rates, creating small gaps and allowing water inside the sensor. Ultrasonic welding fuses plastic components into one solid piece of durable plastic that is not affected by thermal shock.

Banner Engineering T18-2 Series Sensor with All Plastic Housing Press Release

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Red Lion Controls Expanding CR3000 HMI Platform

Red Lion Controls has expanded its CR3000 HMI capabilities with five new communication modules, offering support for some of today’s most popular industrial protocols. Designed for use with the CR3000 HMI platform, the plug-in modules provide the connectivity customers need to add powerful monitoring and control functionality to their automation systems.

Red Lion’s new modules support the rising demand for device interoperability, allowing customers to leverage Red Lion’s CR3000 HMIs – with built-in protocol conversion and 300+ communications drivers – to support virtually any automation equipment. 

  • HSPA+ » Provides cost-effective monitoring and control of remote equipment
  • PROFIBUS DP » Adds PROFIBUS slave support
  • DeviceNet » Allows HMI to perform as a DeviceNet Group 2 Server
  • CAN and J1939 » Removes need for external communication gateways
Red Lion Controls Expanding CR3000 HMI Platform Press Release

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Red Lion IP67 Model to Popular RAM Industrial Router Series

Red Lion Controls introduces the new RAM-6021M12 industrial router, purpose-built to withstand extreme conditions from the factory floor to transportation and hazardous locations. The RAM-6021M12 offers an IP67 dustproof and water-resistant enclosure, -40 to 80°C operating temperature, 50G vibration/200G shock tolerances, and is tested to hazardous locations, marine and rail standards.

Red Lion’s rugged industrial routers deliver the security required to prevent unwanted intrusion in both the connected factory and remote locations. With WAN-to-LAN and LAN-to-LAN connectivity, the RAM-6021 and RAM-6021M12 provide simple configuration to seamlessly connect, monitor and control machinery and equipment. They deliver a powerful all-in-one solution with quick network setup to existing Ethernet infrastructures, including networks with Modbus and DNP3 enabled devices.

The robust feature set in both RAM-6021 models includes RAMQTT for cloud connectivity and an easy-to-use event engine that can locally trigger I/O or send email messages based on real-time operational data. 

Red Lion IP67 Model to Popular RAM Industrial Router Series Press Release

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Phoenix Contact IMA IPC/HMI VL2 EX

Phoenix Contact's new VL2 EX series industrial PC platform expands the VL2 family with triple hazardous locations (HazLoc)-approved IPCs. 

The VL2 EX BPC models feature Class I, Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, and IECex Zone 2 HazLoc approvals. The PPC models have Class I, Div. 2, ATEX Zone2/22, and IECex Zone2/22 HazLoc approvals. 

The VL2 EX family is available in five performance classes (1000/2000/3000/7000/9000) as a blind-node box IPC or as an all-in-one panel IPC with screen sizes ranging from 7-inch to 21.5-inch (16:9 aspect ratio with capacitive multi touch screen.) 

The VL2 EX series has a unique set of part numbers to easily distinguish them from the standard VL2 products. 

Available operating systems include Windows 7 and the latest Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system, which is designed with the unique requirements of industrial applications in mind. As opposed to the home or office-grade versions, this “industrialized” version of Windows 10 gives users full control over O/S upgrades and features a reduced installation footprint to fit on smaller, more cost-efficient mass storage media. 

Like all industrial PCs from Phoenix Contact, the new VL2 EX series can be configured on the public website and/or the Extranet.

Phoenix Contact IP67 Model to Popular RAM Router Series Press Release

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Banner Engineering Muting Kits for LS Safety Light Curtains

Banner's mute arm kits for LS safety light curtains are now available. These kits are designed to make it easy to add muting capabilities to any safeguarding application requiring arm, hand, or finger detection. To create a complete solution, you can combine the mute arm kits with LS Series safety light curtains, SC26 or XS26 safety controllers, Banner indicator lights, and plug-and-play cables. Together, these products create an intuitive safety system that is easy to deploy and manage.


Easy Installation: Mute arm kits eliminate the hassle and complication of installing multiple muting sensors individually. They include pre-mounted hardware, Q20 retroreflective sensors, reflectors, and plug-and-play mechanical and electrical connections.

Quick Configuration: The intuitive programming environment, graphical user interface, and drag-and-drop operation provided by SC26 and XS26 Series safety controllers make it easy to configure mute functions and manage safety systems.

Simplify Inventory: These mute arm kits can be used with LS Series safety light curtains (additional hardware kit required) and SGS Series safety grid systems with integral muting.

Versatility: Muting arm kits adjust easily to accommodate line changes. 

Banner Engineering Muting Kits for LS Safety Light Curtains  Press Release

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