Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rittal TS8 Flange Mount Disconnect Enclosure

Rittal's new TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect Enclosure is a standard enclosure designed to accept most commercially available operator handles. It’s flexible, modular design is listed UL Type 12 and allows for easy integration into any industrial system. New features like adapter plates for high and low amperage operator handles, simplified handle interfacing hardware, and a slimmer flange trim door make in-the-field build-out easier, maintenance simpler, and expanding installations a snap.

The TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect Enclosure offers:
  • Enhanced and greatly simplified hardware installation
  • A rigid flange door to accept a variety of high and low amperage operator handles
  • Optional high amperage adapter plate allowing future system upgrade without performing additional cutouts in the field while maintaining Type 12 rating
  • Blank adapter plate opton for non-disconnect conversions
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions for a variety of operator handle manufacturers
  • Reduced width flange door design for more usable panel mounting space
  • Hinged and side access behind the operator handle cutout to make mounting the operator handle and connecting hardware easier
  • Expandable and modular enclosure compatible with all standard TS 8 accessories

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Banner Engineering S18-2 Short-Range Diffuse Sensors

Banner Engineering introduces the new S18-2 series in the common 18 mm diameter barrel shape.  These sensors present enhanced features and are competitively priced to serve global factory automation markets requiring high volume, low cost sensors. 

The modular design of the optics and electronics will enable rapid development of new housings to meet specific industry requirements.

  • Greatly increased sensing range in all modes
  • Advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology is resistant to fluorescent light and offer higher level of crosstalk avoidance
  • Powerful and bright visible red emitter beam for easy alignment and set-up
  • Highly visible output and dual-function power and stability indicators
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +70° C
  • Robust 250° sensitivity potentiometer on some models
  • Cost-effective ABS plastic housing is well sealed against water ingress
  • The EJ emitters have beam inhibit to allow the sensing beam to be turned ON/OFF as needed
  • Short-range diffuse models now available offering high excess gain at short ranges and sharper on/off switching when compared to long-range diffuse models

Turck CRS High Pressure Cylinder Position Sensors

In response to a growing need for sensors that can withstand high pressure applications, TURCK is introducing an extension to their CRS series with a new offering of high pressure inductive sensors. This extension offers you an enhanced offering for applications regarding cylinders with a operating pressure rating of 3000 psi, whereas the previous offering allowed for only 1500 psi.

The new high operating pressure CRS series come with embedded LED’s, providing a easily visible indication of the sensor. The high operating pressure CRS offering comes equipped with a 7/8” male connector, measures 12.7 mm in diameter and comes in a stainless steel smooth barrel housing with a special high pressure sealing ceramic active face; this allows it to withstand high pressure and demanding applications. The new offering comes in 6 probe lengths varying from 23.2 mm to 95.9 mm with other lengths available upon request to allow you to choose the length that will fit your application needs.

“These additions to our CRS series are really about providing our customers with a solution they needed, but did not have before.” said Product Manager John Murphy. “This new offering provides a solution for cylinder applications we previously did not have an answer and furthers TURCK’s reputation as a automation solution provider.”

The high operating pressure CRS series is IP67 rated and has an operating range of -25° to 70° Celsius. Equipped with 2 wire AC/DC allows for easy adaptation to existing systems, a 3 wire PNP version is also available.

Turck CRS High Pressure Cylinder Position Sensors

Turck Technical Datasheets

Banner Engineering LE Series Dual Discrete Laser Sensors

Banner Engineering's LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete laser sensors are the latest additions to the L-Gage LE family. These sensors, which are designed with the same robust housing, intuitive user interface and linear array technology as earlier analog models, offer high performance across difficult targets from shiny metal and black rubber.

The LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete models provide value when you don’t want to incur the cost of an analog input card or the complexity sometimes associated with properly scaling an analog signal. The two, independently configurable, discrete outputs can be setup as single switch points or sensing windows for simple part detection and feedback on position. For example, by utilizing two overlapping windows, you can indicate if the target is correctly positioned, too close, too far, or not present.

The dual discrete versions of the LE250 and LE550 offer the same range, repeatability and spot size options as the analog versions. The LE550 provides a sensing range up to 1000 mm and a larger spot size, for better averaging across larger areas. The LE250’s optics have been optimized for improved performance over the 100 to 400 mm range. With a repeatability as small as 0.02 mm out to 250 mm, and 0.2 mm at 400 mm.


  • Ready to measure from 100mm up to 1000mm out of the box.
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets.
  • Easy to set up and use with a two-line, eight-character display.
  • Visible class 2 laser for small spot size and easy alignment.

Panduit IndustrialNet Cat 5e SF/UTP Copper Cable

Panduit's IndustrialNet Category 5e 2-pair SF/UTP copper cable meets or exceeds the IEC 61156-6, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 5e and ODVA EtherNet/IP standards up to 80 meters.  These cables include 24/7 AWG stranded copper conductors twisted in pairs with foamed polyethylene (PE) insulation and a metallic foil and braided shield.  The polyurethane (PUR) jacket is oil, ozone and abrasion resistant for enhanced chemical resistance and mechanical performance.  The flame retardant and halogen-free jacket supports high flex and torsion applications using industrial Ethernet protocol.

Panduit Cat 5e SF/UTP Cable

Panduit Technical Datasheets

Panduit Pre-Configured Industrial Distribution Frame

The Pre-Configured Industrial Distribution Frame (IDF) from Pandit is specifically engineered to deploy and protect rack mount Ethernet switches in industrial applications.  Extra-depth allows room for cable management, power management, and switch stack cables and accommodates up to 5 switches.  The innovative design provides consistent equipment deployment with faster installation and can significantly lower the risk of downtime due to switch overheating.

  • Built-in features such as cable management, power infrastructure and grounding deliver 25% faster installation.
  • Standardized pre-configured equipment and accessory layout assures consistency.
  • Optimized design provides 3x the cooling capacity over typical deployments for increased reliability.
  • Double hinges allow front and rear access to network switch equipment for quick and easy maintenance.
  • UL 508A Listed, UL Type 4/12 and IP66 rated to ensure safety and reliability.