Friday, July 30, 2010

Turck Miniature Incremental Magnetic Encoders

TURCK introduces new incremental magnetic encoders designed with a miniature 24 mm diameter housing. The Kübler by TURCK 2430 shaft and 2440 hollow shaft encoders deliver the small footprint required for space restricted installations, while their non-contact technology ensures exceptional ruggedness.

These Kübler by TURCK encoders offer a wide temperature range, -20 to 85°C, and a maximum speed rating of 12,000 RPM. Though incredibly compact, the 2430 and 2440 models are available with radial and axial cable outlets—extending their applicability in space restricted areas.


  • Compact size, 24mm diameter
  • Non-contact measurement system
  • IP50 rated fl ange side (IP67 rating optional), IP64 rated housing side (IP67 optional)
  • -4 to 185°F (-20 to 85°C)
  • Radial or axial cable outlet

Product Specifications

  • Shaft or blind hollow shaft version maximum speed: 12,000 RPM
  • Shaft load capacity: radial 18 N, axial 20 N
  • Shock resistance: DIN-IEC 68-2-27 > 100 g (1000 m/s2), 6ms
  • Vibration resistance: DIN-IEC 68-2-27 > 10 g(100 m/s2), 55-2000 Hz
  • Available up to 256 ppr
  • Weight: approx. 0.2 lbs with 2 meter cable

Turck Miniature Incremental Magnetic Encoders

Turck Technical Datasheets

Monday, July 26, 2010

Schneider Electric OsiSense XMLK Pressure Sensors

Looking for a low cost pressure sensing solution but not willing to give up precision or dependability? Schneider Electric has the answer - the new OsiSense XML-K pressure transmitter is an economical and reliable alternative for your demanding pressure sensing applications.

The OsiSense XML-K pressure transmitter offers the perfect balance between price and performance. Its pressure-sensing helping pump is flexible and can lead to an increase in manufacturer profits.

Complete with a compact design, the easy-to-install range of OsiSense XMLK pressure sensors encompasses the proven ceramic cell technology which ensures quality. The product is comprised of eight sizes, four in psi and four in bar, providing quick and simple selection of the appropriate product. When used in conjunction with Altivar® variable speed drives, the sensor enables constant regulation of pressure in a network, regardless of flow rate. This combination helps ensure optimal motor efficiency, which in turn, helps minimize energy consumption.

Schneider Electric OsiSense XMLK Pressure Sensors

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

IDEC HS5D Interlock Safety Switches

HS5D safety switches are the first in their class to allow you to see if the head is separated or improperly mounted on the body. Some interlock switches on the market have configurable heads, but none except the HS5D have a contact that will allow easy identification of incorrect head installation, providing an extra safety measure.

The smallest in its class at just 30 x 30 x 91 (mm), IDEC now offers a compact interlock safety switch available with up to three contacts. HS5D Interlock switches provide a high-quality, spacesaving product at a competitive price.

HS5D Switches are available with metal or plastic heads. The metal head can prevent damage and can also be rotated eight different ways based on actuator entry, providing mounting flexibility for each unique situation.

IDEC HS5D Interlock Safety Switches

IDEC Technical Datasheets

Turck M12 Adapters for Round Connectors

TURCK introduces M12 adapters that may be used to connect incompatible round connectors quickly and easily. These space-saving connectors can be used instead of reordering cables or adding junction boxes.

The adapters may be used to connect two couplings, two plugs or a plug to a coupling. Available in straight and elbow tee versions, the adapters may be specified with A or B coding and custom configured pinouts.

Product Specifications
  • 4 Amps
  • 250 Volts
  • IEC IP69K; NEMA 6P
  • -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)

Phoenix Contact CAT6A RJ45 Quickon Connector

Phoenix Contact was the first to offer a quick-connect field wireable RJ45 connector that required no tools. We then refined the design to make it even easier to use. Now, with introduction of our new CAT6A RJ45 Quickon Connector, we have gone a step further.

This new-generation connector provides signal transmission speeds of up to 10 Gigabits across a maximum distance of 100 meters. The CAT6A IP20 Quickon Connector is suitable for all Industrial Ethernet applications such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP, as well as classic office applications.


  • CAT6A (10 Gigabit)

  • IP20-rated

  • Quickon connector technology allows quick and easy termination in the field (IDC)

  • Shielded connection

  • Strain relief

  • #26-24 AWG solid and stranded conductors

  • Cable OD 4.5 to 8.0 mm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Literature from Schneider Electric

Osisense XG Radio Frequency Identification System

Make the most of the openness with the Schneider Electric OsiSense XG Radio Frequency Identification System. Freely choose the tag you wish, and enjoy automatic adaptation to your network protocol.

Industrial Enclosures

Schneider Electric is among the world’s leaders in the field of industrial boxes, wall-mounting enclosures, and monobloc and suitable floor-standing enclosures, offered in all needed materials (steel, stainless steel, polyester and thermoplastic), and with an extensive range of accessories.

Altivar & Altistart Drives and Soft Starts

The Altivar family of variable speed AC drives and the Altistart family of soft starts presents the most advanced and user-friendly solutions in the marketplace. The complete line of Altivar and Altistart products feature proprietary motor control algorithms to achieve optimal reactions times and complete scalability to match your application requirements for speed, size and protection.

Altivar 61 Variable Speed Drive

The Altivar 61 AC drive defines ease of use for variable speed drives used in centrifugal pump and fan applications by offering the most advanced range of features, functions and flexibility. Its evolutionary design reduces installation, start-up and maintenance time while providing a user-friendly interface, exceptional connectivity and reliable operation in a wide range of applications.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Lion Controls Crimson 3 Software Video - Web Server Configuration

This Red Lion Controls video presentation demonstrates how easy it is to use Crimson 3.0 software to configure the web server feature that is built into each of their G3 operator interfaces, the SX and GT models of the Modular Controller Master, and the Data Station Plus. The web server is part of the internal hardware of these Red Lion products, so no additional software or modules are needed.

Red Lion devices with the web server feature enabled provide a means to access data log files and allow remote viewing and control of all connected devices, from anywhere in the world. You can use it to monitor a process only or enable full control of your system from a remote computer, a web-enabled phone, PDA or other web enabled device.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT TL50H High Brightness Tower Light

Banner Engineering has added a high brightness version of the existing TL50 Tower Light, improving visibility in areas with high levels of ambient light. Some application examples include placement on packaging machinery, automotive work cells, operator stations, and semiconductor equipment, or in retail environments such as cashier positions and kiosks.

  • More than 4 times brighter than the standard TL50 Tower Lights, improving visibility in areas with high levels of ambient light
  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install multi-segment indicators
  • Illuminated segments provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status
  • Displays up to 4 colors
  • Optional audible function with variable intensity
  • Compact devices are completely self-contained - no controller needed
  • 18 to 30V dc or 24V ac operation
  • No assembly required
  • Immune to EMI and RFI interference
  • Rated IP67 and Audible rated IP50

Friday, July 9, 2010

Turck M12 True Torque Connectors

TURCK introduces M12 true torque connectors that may be hand-tightened to a predefined torque to avoid over-tightening. Determining whether or not a connector is properly secured is easy with the true torque connector: Once the proper torque has been achieved, the nut rotates freely, indicated by a clear haptic and audible signal.

The true torque connector is compatible with all existing M12 products, and does not require a tool for connection. Because the connector cannot be overtightened, the integrity of the mechanics and the o-ring connection is maintained. These connectors are available with 3, 4 or 5 poles, both male and female versions in either straight or right-angle confi gurations.

Turck Technical Datasheets

Pepperl+Fuchs Long Range RFID Systems

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the MTT3000 and MTT6000 family of long-range RFID systems operating at 2.45 GHz, and providing up to six meters of read-range. This system is self-contained, with the reader and network interface integrated in a single industrial housing. These long range RFID readers feature built-in Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232 and RS485 ports, along with integrated Frequency Hopping to ensure maximum read-reliability. The IP65 housing with high visibility LED indicators allows for installation in most industrial environments.

“Long range RFID is indispensible when trying to track products that have a lot of position variability, which is pretty typical in large parts tracking, automotive assembly and access control applications,” says Helge Hornis, Ph D, Manager Intelligent Systems Group. “The MTT3000 and MTT6000 RFID reader family is an economical and robust long range solution ideally suited for flexible manufacturing systems where short-range read heads are impractical due to tag mounting or other mechanical limitations.”

The readers provide three digital inputs used to control the reading operations. Integrated outputs are used to indicate when tag data has been sent to the host. This simple digital interface makes these solutions ideal for PLCs with limited communications ability. Read-only tags feature a unique code number that never requires reprogramming. Read-write tags provide up to 71 bytes of read/write memory.

“Our long range readers come with firmware that facilitates full barcode emulation,” says. Dr. Hornis. “In older automation systems a person may have used a handheld reader to scan a barcode on a work order and then perform the desired action. MTT3000 and MTT6000 replace this process and make it far more efficient because tags are automatically read, and tests or control systems can be automatically controlled.”

Readers can be configured with 93 different frequency channels, or configured for conventional or adaptive frequency hopping, allowing several units to be mounted close together without any concerns for mutual interference. Readers are designed to work out of the box without any required software; for users who wish to customize termination and prefix characters, string length and/or other parameters, configuration software is available.

The low-cost tags that are completely sealed with integrated batteries, allowing them to be mounted in the harshest conditions. They are designed such that reading or writing the tag does not deplete the tag memory any quicker, with typical tag life spans of five to seven years. Tags have a low battery indicator for timely replacement, as necessary.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high quality factory and process automation products and services. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the development of proximity sensors 50 years ago, and has set the standard for innovation and quality ever since.

Pepperl+Fuchs, 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 486-0001; fax: (330) 405-4710;;

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

E-T-A PR60 and PR80 Power Relays

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce the PR60 and PR80 Power Relays as the latest addition to its products specifically designed for the commercial vehicle market. The PR60 is a monostable relay containing one coil and one resting position. The PR80 is a bistable relay containing two coils and two resting positions - it is switched ON through an impulse and remains in the ON position until it is switched OFF by an additional impulse. The PR60 and PR 80 are designed for continuous loads up to 300A and current peaks up to 2400A - making the products suitable for single-pole switching of large loads in military, construction and agricultural equipment. The relays can be operated from the driver's cabin and protect the circuit by means of physical isolation.

Specifications and Approvals:

The PR60 and PR80 are environmentally sealed with protection standards of IP67 which offers a high level of protection against water or dust access. Additionally, with a shock rating of 40 g and vibration rating of 6 g, the PR 60 and PR 80 are optimal for use in the most physically demanding applications. Main load connections are by means of M8 (100 A and 200A) or M10 (200A and 300A) stud terminals with an insulating barrier between the terminals to protect against accidental shorting when the cables are connected.


The PR60 and PR80 power relays are available in voltage ratings 12 V, 24 V and 48 V and are ideally suited for use as a battery disconnect relay or for switching other high current circuits in trucks, buses, construction machinery and special vehicles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Phoenix Contact STEP 2 Slim and Flat Power Supplies

Phoenix Contact introduces the newest additions to the STEP Generation 2 power supply product offering. These models include narrow versions as well as a flat variation for shallow control cabinets. The new variants are 24 V DC/0.5 A, 12 V DC/1 A and 12 V DC/1.5 A (with a smaller housing). These new power supplies fill needs in applications with low current requirements or in low-profile control cabinets. The 12 V DC/1.5A FL power supply is just 43 mm deep, an 18 mm reduction from the other STEP power supplies.


  • Worldwide input voltage range
  • 85-264 V AC
  • 95-250 V DC
  • Efficiency
  • Only 0.4 W consumption idling (12 V/1 A)
  • Only 0.4 W consumption idling (12 V/1.5 A)
  • Only 0.3 W consumption idling (24 V/0.5 A)
  • Local diagnostics
  • Indication of the DC output status

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Phoenix Contact Literature Available to Order

SUNCLIX Toolless Photovoltaic Connection System

Say goodbye to crimping pliers, shrink sleeves and other compromises. From now on, when installing photovoltaic systems, varying cable lengths can be wired from the module to the inverter more efficiently with Phoenix Contact’s SUNCLIX connection system.

Surge Protection for MCR Technology

As a system solution, Phoenix Contact’s LINETRAB surge protection and MINI Analog isolation amplifiers completely fulfill MCR technology requirements such as accurate measurement, reliable transmission and proper conversion of signals.

Wiring Channels and DIN Rails

Phoenix Contact’s wide range of DIN rails and wiring channels enables flexible and optimum use of the available space in your control cabinet. Wiring devices can be used to assemble DIN rails and wiring channels individually and cost-effectively.

VARIOSUB Industrial Ethernet Connectors

RJ45, M12 D-coded, or FO with SCRJ – whatever interface is being used, VARIOSUB from Phoenix Contact provides an extensive product range for structured, industrial Ethernet cabling in tough environments.

TOOL fox

Phoenix Contact offers the complete range of professional processing and measuring tools for all applications in electrical engineering. The TOOL fox line provides excellent quality tools for cutting, stripping, pressing, crimping, screwing and testing, along with automated cutting, stripping and crimping devices.

Miracle Electron Diet

Phoenix Contact extends the warranties offered on the MINI, STEP, QUINT, and TRIO power supplies to five years unconditional when using Phoenix Contact’s recommended surge protection solution.

Signal Connectors

Signal processing and transfer are critical to the smooth operation of automated processes. Additionally, space-saving design and easy handling are also important. Phoenix Contact provides the device manufacturer and the system manufacturer with an extremely wide range of innovative connectors with IP20 and IP767 rated protection.

Spring Force PCB Terminal Blocks

The growing LED-lighting sector has special needs for small connection solutions. Along with a height of only 5mm, the new PTSM print terminal block from Phoenix Contact offers a comfortable releasable spring force connection technology.

Thermomagnetic Circuit Breaker UT 6-TMC

The new thermomagnetic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact help put systems back into operation quickly Tripped circuit breakers are clearly indicated and can be easily switched on again with the press of a button.

PLUSCON Programming Ports

Programming ports are typically used on the side of a control panel, to allow software modifications without opening the control panel door. Phoenix Contact provides housings with a metal cover for IP65 rated protection, or a plastic cover for IP54 rated protection, which are suitable for most applications.


Phoenix Contact offers a new line of value-priced PVC sensor/actuator cordsets, now available for factory automation applications. The cordsets can be used to connect field devices such as sensors and actuators. The PVC cable gives good resistance to chemicals and performs well under normal mechanical stresses.

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Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

Turck IP20 I/O Stations for AS-interface Networks

TURCK introduces a family of IP20 rated, in-the-cabinet, block I/O stations for AS-interface (AS-i) networks. The FAS20 stations’ small size and DIN-rail mounting option makes it suitable for upgrading existing panels in batch processing, pharmaceutical and material handling applications.

The FAS20 stations are available with either four inputs or with four inputs and four outputs. All I/O ports are terminal blocks and are available in removable and non-removable versions. The AS-i bus and AUX power connections may be made via terminal blocks or an optional integrated M12 eurofast ® bulkhead receptacle for connection outside of an enclosure.

The full AS-i version 3.0 is available with these stations, allowing the AS-i network to double the maximum number of slaves under one master from 31 to 62.

Turck Technical Datasheets