Friday, June 11, 2010

Phoenix Contact CMS-P1-Plotter Ink Discontinuance Notice

The current version of Phoenix Contact's RO ink for the CMS-P1-Plotter is being discontinued. This will affect the refillable pens as well as the disposable pens. See part numbers and replacement part numbers below.

The replacement articles have been tested thoroughly over a long period of time and released by Phoenix Contact and selected customers. Improvements have been made with respect to the drying behavior, the print quality, the wipe resistance, and environmental compatibility.

Estimated obsolete date is July 12, 2010, but may occur sooner depending upon orders. Those who wish to begin ordering the new product before then may do so after June 21, 2010 using the part numbers below. There will be no pricing changes.

OLD: 0811480 -- CMS-INK-RO-C5
NEW: 5146600 -- CMS-INK-EK-C5

OLD: 5145232 -- CMS-DISPOSABLE-PEN 0.25 RO
NEW: 5146601 -- CMS-DISPOSABLE-PEN 0.25 EK

OLD: 5145245 -- CMS-DISPOSABLE-PEN 0.35 RO
NEW: 5146602 -- CMS-DISPOSABLE-PEN 0.35 EK

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets


Vani said...

In which file formats can we ask this plotter to print lets say an electrical drawing?

Steven Engineering said...

Thanks for your interest! The CMS-P1 plotter is not designed to print drawings of any type. It's used to label individual terminal markers.