Friday, July 29, 2016

Banner Engineering DF-G3 Fiber Amplifier

Banner Engineering's DF-G3 fiber amplifiers, with their world-class long-range detection, are now available in models with visible red, infrared and long infrared LEDs to solve the broadest range of detection applications. Visible red LED can be used with glass or plastic fibers and allows for easy alignment of the light to the target. Infrared LEDs can only be used with glass fibers but provide twice the range and optical power of the visible red LED. The long wavelength infrared (1450 nm) must be used with glass fibers, but it provides a powerful and unique solution for detecting water based liquids. The 1450 nm light is strongly attenuated by water; this enables detection of transparent (water containing) liquids with high reliability.

  • World-class long-range sensing capability, more than 3 m (10 ft) with opposed mode fibers or 1 m (3 ft) with diffuse mode fibers 
  • Easy to read dual digital displays show both signal level and threshold simultaneously 
  • Simple user interface ensures easy sensor setup and programming via displays and switches/buttons or remote input teach wire 
  • Cross-talk avoidance function allows seven inspections in dense sensing point applications 
  • Energy efficient light resistance enables stable detection in industrial lighting environments 
  • High power amplifier with small core fibers enables precise positioning of small components 
  • Multi-function remote wire allows control of the LED, outputs, remote teach input, and cross-talk avoidance. 
  • Operator control of the sensitivity (hysteresis) provides additional detection sensitivity, or a stabilized output depending on the application details. 
  • Available with discrete or analog outputs.

Banner Engineering QS18 Clear Object Sensor

Banner’s latest addition to the QS18 Series is a high-performance clear object detection sensor. It has a polarized coaxial optical design that ensures reliable detection of transparent, translucent, and opaque targets at any distance between the sensor and the reflector. It utilizes the universal QS18 housing with side or barrel mounting options and offers the same ease-of-use advantages offered by other sensors in the QS18 Series, including single push teach or remote teach setup. This cost-effective clear object sensor has a fast 400 microsecond response time, ideal for bottling or packaging applications. 

  • Reliably detects clear, translucent, or opaque objects — including PET, glass containers, and transparent films 
  • Coaxial optics enable reliable detection of targets to the face of the sensor with no dead zone 
  • The optional "Clear Tracking" automatic compensation algorithm provides long and reliable operation by compensating for dust buildup and ambient temperature changes 
  • Fast response speed with low jitter for high speed bottling and packaging applications 
  • Bright, visible red light spot makes alignment easy 
  • 3 user-selectable thresholds optimize performance to the type of clear object being detected 
  • Long-range operation from face of sensor to 3 m 
  • Easy configuration of sensor by remote teach input or tactile push button 
  • IP67 rated ABS housing

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K70 Indicators

EZ-LIGHT® indicators are now available in models with a 70 mm dome. This expands their offering of EZLIGHT indicators, providing you with an indicator option between our popular 50 mm and 90 mm models. Like other EZ-LIGHT indicators, K70 indicators are bright, rugged, colored indicators that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Additionally, K70 indicators are available in wirelessly-enabled models for increased communication possibilities and greater versatility in deployment.

  • 70 mm diameter with 30 mm mounting base 
  • Models are available with up to five colors in one device 
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing 
  • 12 to 30 V dc operation 
  • Flashing input control  
  • Same base form factor as TL70 Tower Lights 
  • Easy integration into any Sure Cross® wireless network 
  • Wireless node built into the 30 mm base 
  • One or more nodes bind easily to a Gateway 
  • 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz wireless options 
  • Input wires can be configured as auxiliary sourcing inputs from external devices or as a 20 Hz, 32-bit event counter

Banner Engineering Technical Datasheets 

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Relays with Blowout Magnets

Phoenix Contact's RIFLINE Complete family now includes relays with blowout magnets for arc suppression, enabling switching of higher current DC circuits. At low voltages, relays are designed with a contact/air gap sufficient enough to break the arc when the contacts open. When the same relay is used to switch greater DC loads, this same arc can destroy the relay contacts. In applications where circuits have higher current DC loads, relays with blowout magnets can be used to break the arc upon contact opening, “blowing out” the arc. These RIFLINE Complete relays with blowout magnets help extend the life of the relay contacts.

  • Limiting continuous current: 16 A
  • 1 normally open (N/O) contact
  • Max switching voltage: 250 V AC/DC
  • Used with RIF-4 base/socket

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Relays with Blowout Magnets  

Phoenix Technical Datasheets 

Phoenix Contact V8 System Cabling Adapter

Phoenix Contact's new system cabling adapter offers error-free connection of RIFLINE Complete relays to the control level. The product can be snapped onto a row of eight RIF-1 relay modules without the need for any tools. The adapter is equipped with a flat-ribbon connector, for easy connection to an I/O card. In the event of a service call, the relays can be replaced without disconnecting the wiring. 

  • Input voltage: 24 V DC
  • LED active status indicator for each relay module 
  • Fast error-free connection with plug-in components 

Phoenix Contact V8 System Cabling Adapter 

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets 

Phoenix Contact Raspberry Pi Housing

Phoenix Contact's RPI-BC is a functional, design-oriented housing for accommodating Raspberry Pi models A+, B+, B2, and B3. It features tool-free installation and is DIN rail-mountable. The RPI housing also features multiple accessories that fit within the housing, making this single-board computer a simple solution for industrial applications. 

  • DIN rail or panel mount  
  • Overall width: 107.66 mm 
  • Backplane communication 
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, B2, B3 
  • GPIO strip can be used with PTSM product line
  • Tool-free mounting 
  • Plenty of space for additional circuitry via additional boards 
  • Easy module-to-module connection via bus connector 
  • Can be converted to field-wireable PTSM connectors

Friday, July 1, 2016

Banner Engineering WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar

The WLB32 is now available with a built-in motion detector and an eye shield window option in both AC and DC models. 

The passive infrared (PIR) motion detector was developed for use in applications that need an automated way to turn the light on and off. It is ideal for locations that cannot use a physical switch or where the placement of the switch is not useful. While LED lighting provides dramatic energy savings over traditional light sources, further savings can be derived by switching lights off when not in use. 

New models of the WLB32 featuring an eye shield window block direct line of sight to the domed window to increase eye comfort. These models are ideal for use on workstations or machines where lights are mounted at eye level. 

  • PIR motion detector with 60 second off timer and 12 meter range 
  • Highly energy efficient for overall cost savings 
  • High/Low/Off switch 
  • Available in four lengths 
  • Daisy chain power to multiple lights. Each light can be turned to High/Low/Off independently of the other lights 
  • Metal housing, shatterproof window 
  • Easy installation with snap clips, or choice of magnetic or angle brackets

Banner Engineering LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensors

Banner Engineering's high-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material or sheen from up to 12 m away, straight-on or at an angle. 

  • Analog and Discrete outputs for measuring and detection applications
  • Best in class combination of range, repeatability and accuracy enable highly reliable target detection and precise distance measurement 
  • Two-line, eight-character display and pushbutton programming for easy setup, troubleshooting and real-time distance measuring 
  • Durable IP67 housing, high ambient light immunity and stable performance across temperatures provide reliable performance in challenging environments 
  • Advanced options, including delay timers, advanced triggered measurement modes and cross-talk avoidance