Thursday, September 9, 2010

Turck Absolute Miniature Encoders

TURCK announces that the Kübler by TURCK 2450 shaft and 2470 hollow shaft miniature encoders are now available in absolute versions. The encoders boast a 24 mm diameter housing that makes them ideal for space-restricted areas, with a non-contact design that minimizes wear—delivering exceptional ruggedness in a compact package.

Rather than determining encoder position based upon the home position, as incremental varieties do, 2450 and 2470 absolute encoders assign a unique output for each position. With this design, the encoders retain specific position data, even if equipment power is turned off.

All 2450 and 2470 miniature encoders deliver a maximum speed rating of 12,000 RPM, plus an extensive temperature range of -20 to 85º C to suit diverse plant environments. With radial and axial cable outlet options, these compact encoders demonstrate even further applicability in tight spaces.

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