Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honeywell Sensing and Control 225mm Linear SMART Position Sensor

Superior Measurement. Accurate. Reliable. Thinking.

The SMART Position Sensor 225 mm Linear Configuration is Honeywell Sesning and Control's second non-contacting linear position sensor, joining the SMART Position Sensor 75 mm Configuration that was introduced in December 2009. They sense the position of a magnet relative to a sensor in the following sensing ranges:
  • 225 mm configuration: 0 to 225 mm [0 to 8.86 in]
  • 75 mm configuration: 0 to 75 mm [0 to 3.0 in]

Honeywell's SMART Position Sensors are one of the most durable, adaptable and lightweight linear position devices available in the industry today. Their simple, non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reduces wear and tear, improves reliability and durability, enhances operation efficiency and safety, and minimizes downtime.


Potentiometers said...

Yeah most of linear position sensor are used like some sort of voltage divider..I think. It is like the pot or the potentiometer. it was derive from there.

Charisma Combestra said...

SMART means that this is a sensor that can essentially think for itself. The SMART Position Sensor has the ability to self-calibrate because it uses a patented combination of an ASIC and an array of magnetoresistive (MR) sensors to accurately and reliably determine the position of a magnet attached to a moving object so that the object’s position can be determined..see also,,potentiometers.

digital potentiometer said...

Honeywell Sensing and Control is part of Honeywell's Automation and Control Solutions group, a global leader in providing product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes, buildings and industry.

Anonymous said...

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