Friday, June 19, 2009

Phoenix Contact FL mGuard Ethernet Security Devices

Phoenix Contact's FL mGuard line is an ideal solution for network security, NAT routing and remote connectivity applications. This powerful, versatile line of security devices includes stateful firewall protection, routing, and VPN connectivity in two industrialized form factors. The product line supports several IEEE protocols and features including DHCP, Relay Agent, VLAN, DNS, NTP, Syslog and QoS, making it interoperable with existing IT infrastructure.

RS form factors are DIN rail-mounted, industrially rated devices with redundant 24vDC power, alarm contact, wide temp range and increased immunity to EMI.

PCI form factors fit into standard PCI slots and are ideal for industrial PCs and robots. A driver is included Windows can see them as a regular network interface card or they can be administered independent of the OS.

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