Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Products from Tyco Electronics

SNR Slim Interface Plug-In Relay

Tyco Electronics introduces a new version of the SNR series slim interface relay which meets customer requirements for a more robust version suitable for panel plug-in applications in control cabinets. The SNR plug-in relay is compatible with the existing plug-in socket, which simplifies exchanging the relays in installed systems during maintenance processes.

Its compatibility with existing sockets allows users to avoid the time consuming re-wiring of existing panel boards and helps users minimize inventory costs as they do not need to stock several types of relays or sockets.

Single-pole contacts in either a changeover (CO) or normally-open (NO) arrangement are rated 6 A at a maximum ambient temperature of 85°C. This relay benefits from a narrow width of 5.0 mm permitting high packing density in applications. It has reinforced insulation with 6 / 8 mm coil-to-contact clearance/creepage distances for 4 kV dielectric strength.

Modular Barrier Strips Allow Interlocking Expansion
New modular barrier strips from Tyco Electronics feature dovetail interlocking to allow users to create different size strips while only stocking two part numbers. The barrier strips are available in two and three positions that can be interlocked to build blocks up to 16 positions without losing the 0.235-inch centerline spacing. The dual-barrier design allows access for wire from two sides to provide more flexible wiring options than tri-barrier designs.

Modularity allows customers to simplify procurement and inventory while maintaining flexibility in having different sizes of barrier blocks for signal and power wiring, says Russ Dzielak, product manager. Applications such as HVAC controls, security and alarms, and industrial controls will benefit from the modularity. Two modular strips allow users to build any size strip from two to 16 positions.

The UL recognized strips are rated for 15 amps and 300 volts. The thermoplastic housings carry a UL 94V-0 flammability rating. The single-row strips are through-hole solders and offer standoffs that allow flux and solvents to drain during cleaning.

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