Friday, June 22, 2012

80/20 Black Anodize Profiles Now Stocked

HI-TECH, SOPHISTICATED, CLASSY... COOL! ...that's what people will think when they see your latest project made from black finished components from 80/20. What they won't know is that it only looks expensive! You saved a bundle and got the job done faster by using 80/20's new STOCK BLACK ANODIZE PROFILE offering! By stocking these materials and machining them AFTER the anodize process, 80/20 offers significant savings and faster turnaround times.
  • Significant savings on stock black extrusions!
  • No waiting 2 weeks or more on special orders!
  • No more minimum orders or batch costs for black anodize parts!
80/20 uses two different anodize processes for their black anodize line: organic anodize process for parts, and architectural anodize process for bars. Shade, sheen and UV resistance will vary slightly between parts and bars. Both processes meet Military Spec 8625.

80/20 Black Anodize Profiles

80/20 Technical Datasheets

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