Friday, July 6, 2018

Banner Engineering iVu Vision Sensors Add Color Inspection Capabilities

Banner's iVu Series Vision Sensors are now available in models capable of color inspections. iVu Color Sensors build on the inspection capabilities offered by iVu Vision Sensors by enabling inspections based on color or variations in color, as well as by type, size, orientation, or position. They offer the same ease-of-use, features, and compact design as other iVu Vision Sensors, and are available in models with an integrated or remote touch screen.


Application Flexibility: In addition to the Match, Area, Blemish, and Sort sensor types standard to iVu Series Vision Sensors, iVu Color Sensors feature three new sensor types:
  • Average Color allows you to monitor objects for color or variations in color
  • Color Area verifies that a feature, or multiple features, are present and are the correct color
  • Color Compare can be used to verify that an object matches a reference color
Sensor types can be used alone or together to solve more applications and more complex applications. 

Increased Uptime: iVu Series Vision Sensors can store up to 30 inspections. Inspection parameters can be changed while inspections are in progress without stopping and restarting processes. 

Ease of Use: iVu Color Sensors feature touch screen operation, have a graphical user interface, and menu-driven tools that make it easy to setup, manage, and monitor inspections without a PC 

Banner Engineering iVu Series Color Sensors Press Release

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