Thursday, July 21, 2016

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Relays with Blowout Magnets

Phoenix Contact's RIFLINE Complete family now includes relays with blowout magnets for arc suppression, enabling switching of higher current DC circuits. At low voltages, relays are designed with a contact/air gap sufficient enough to break the arc when the contacts open. When the same relay is used to switch greater DC loads, this same arc can destroy the relay contacts. In applications where circuits have higher current DC loads, relays with blowout magnets can be used to break the arc upon contact opening, “blowing out” the arc. These RIFLINE Complete relays with blowout magnets help extend the life of the relay contacts.

  • Limiting continuous current: 16 A
  • 1 normally open (N/O) contact
  • Max switching voltage: 250 V AC/DC
  • Used with RIF-4 base/socket

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Relays with Blowout Magnets  

Phoenix Technical Datasheets 

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