Monday, February 23, 2015

Phoenix Contact Crimpfox 4-in-1 Tool

Phoenix Contact's newest addition to the TOOL fox product line offers an all-in-one solutions for cutting, stripping, twisting, and crimping.  The Crimpfox 4-in-1 crimping pliers is a multi-functional tool for processing conductors and ferrules from 20-14AWG, with minimal adjustment required.

The Crimpfox 4-in-1 will strip a wire, twist the loose strands caused by the stripping, then crimp a ferrule with a four-stage pressure lock system.  The complete process takes less than a minute, using strips of 50 ferrules in an interchangeable magazine system.  The tool is balanced, compact, and comfortable for small hands.  It is made of a strong, durable GF50 plastic and annealed metal and displays a pictogram for easy operating instructions.  The Crimpfox 4-in-1 can also be purchased in a set that includes two additional magazines, for easy AWG changeover, packaged in a small handy carrying case.

Phoenix Contact Crimpfox 4-in-1 Tool

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets

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