Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Redesigned CST EWS2 Phase Control Relay

The redesigned Crouzet 22.5 mm EWS2 replaces the existing EWS2 featuring a more compact housing, allowing modular installation.
  • Space savings, accurate measurement and optimized functions all improve the efficiency of your electrical installation
  • Control : You simply install your EWS2 phase control relay and without any adjustment you can monitor the loss or inversion of one of the phases
  • Safety : The EWS2 range enables you to choose the level of safety for your installation by using versions with 1, 2 or 3 output changeovers
  • Self-powered : Simple to install, EWS2 control relays use the controlled mains supply for their own power supply voltage
  • Direct replacement of existing EWS2
    • 2 X 8A changeover relays
    • Multi-voltage
    • Screw terminals
    • LED status indicators
CST Technical Datasheets

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