Friday, September 30, 2011

SMC Pneumatics MPC Multiposition Cylinder

Need an actuator that offers an infinite number of adjustable stroke positions for under $500? Previously, an electric actuator was your only option. Now SMC Pneumatics offers a pneumatic and lower cost alternative in their new MPC Series. The MPC (Multi Position Cylinder) uses a 4~20mA or 0~10VDC input signal to automatically adjust the actuator stroke. Once the MPC reaches the desired position, it is pneumatically locked until the input signal is changed.

How does the MPC do this? The MPC is a Cylinder + Solenoid Valve + Linear Sensor + Controller all in one unit. You need only to supply air and the appropriate input signal. This easy adjustment makes the MPC perfect for on the fly changes to your process.

SMC Pneumatics MPC Multiposition Cylinder

SMC Pneumatics Technical Datasheets

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