Friday, January 6, 2017

Rittal LED Enclosure Light

With enormous intensity, from 900 to 1200 lumens, the innovative LED light from Rittal shines into every corner of industrial enclosures, from the roof to the floor. No other enclosure light on the market today delivers up to three times the luminous flux of the next closest competitor.

Rittal’s intelligent lighting is tailored to the geometry of the enclosure. A rotating Fresnal structured optical cover disperses light throughout the entire enclosure.

The LED system light simplifies with enormous intensity:
  • Optimum illumination of the entire enclosure
  • Fitted horizontally or vertically to existing rails; no loss of space
  • Motion detectors equipped with rotating LED board; adaptable light direction
  • Fast tool-free assembly
  • Optional clip, screw and magnetic attachment

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 6000 Purge System

Pepperl+Fuchs announces updates to their Bebco EPS 6000 Series Purge System. These updates include:
  • Modified control unit housing
    • Square housing with larger lid to provide a tighter gasket seal.
    • Manifold is now easier to access, remove and install.
    • Option to use metal cable glands for IS entries.
  • Redesigned EPV vent
    • Slotted vent cap allows for a more accurate flow rate.
    • New Type 4X/IP66, plunger style, EPV vent for bottled gas or low flow, capable of purging at 2 SCFM.
    • Improved connector end requires only one gasket to improve leakage.
  • Updated certification to the latest standards of ATEX, cUL and CSA.
The 6000 series consists of the control unit (EPCU) and user interface (UIC) mounted in a 316L stainless steel Type 4X (IP66) enclosure with the pneumatic solenoid valve mounted on the unit. The EPV-6000 relief vent is separate and is mounted to the enclosure.

The user interface allows programming of up to 4 switch inputs, temperature modules, enclosure power contacts, 2 auxiliary outputs, and various operational functions. Also, the user interface screen allows monitoring and easy configuration.

Among the additional features are inputs for system bypass, enclosure power on/off, temperature overload and activation of Rapid Exchange flow for cooling or auxiliary relay for separate cooling source, and delay power shutdown. Component kits are available for custom installations.

Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 6000 Purge System

Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets